Friday, January 14, 2011

Toxic 'Green' Light Bulbs Pollute Our Landfills

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  1. Well, it is at least nice to have good instructions to follow.

    I have just had a look at one of these lightbulbs, there are no instructions on the outside or inside of the box with any safety guidelines...Nothing.

    He is right, they are made in China. Mine say made in P.R.C - People's Republic of China.

    There are many pros and cons to using this lightbulb, it does seem to last for about a year or more, they are cheap (in the UK), for now, but apparently the price will rise sharply.

    I remember actually paying something like £5-£7 for one of these bulbs a few years ago, only to see them in a shop for about 50p last year, I must say that really pissed me off big time.

    I had alwys thought of them as fluorescent light bulbs and they have to be recycled or disposed of in a certain way. I think the man is exagerrating a bit when he says that you have to evacuate the room, turn off power etc. I have broken a few fluorescent lightbulbs over the years and usually get some plastic gloves and maybe a face mask to clear it all up.

    I remember we broke a thermometer once in my Physics class, when I was at college, and our techaer made such a big deal about it, but mercury is very poisonous, so I can understand this man's long-term fears about these bulbs.

    Also, USA keeps complaining that their economy is going to dip and China is going to take over their spot, but it doesn't stop them exploiting the cheap Labour and prices to be found in China. They will have themselves to blame, in the long-term.


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