Saturday, July 17, 2010

Viral Internet Video: Woman Arrested at G20 for 'Assaulting' Cop with Bubbles

Parliament Square Peace Protesters Lose Eviction Battle

The demonstrators in the makeshift camp known as Democracy Village failed in an attempt to overturn an eviction notice at the Court of Appeal.

Last month, High Court judge Mr Justice Griffith Williams granted orders sought by Mayor Boris Johnson, but their enforcement was delayed pending an appeal to Master of the Rolls, Lord Neuberger, Lady Justice Arden and Lord Justice Stanley Burnton.

Counsel Jan Luba QC argued that the mayor had no right to evict the demonstrators because he did not own the land, which belongs to the Queen, and had failed to prove any legal title to it.

Even if Mr Johnson could bring the proceedings, a court could not order possession because it would be incompatible with laws relating to rights to free speech and assembly, said counsel.

But the mayor's QC, Ashley Underwood, said Parliament Square Gardens is an open space which the public has a right to use, and that the judge reached a reasoned decision.


Parents of Obese Children May be Guilty of Neglect

Parents who fail to help an obese child eat and exercise properly, ignoring all advice and guidance, could be guilty of neglect, child health experts say today.

Dr Russell Viner and colleagues from the UCL Institute of Child Health in London say that the weight of a child by itself is not a reason for child protection staff to get involved.

But in an article on what they accept is a potentially contentious issue, published online today by the British Medical Journal, they suggest that it may be appropriate to consider the child protection register if the parents consistently fail to change the family's lifestyle and will not engage with outside help.'


The EU’s Monstrous UN Power Grab

Baroness Ashton, the EU foreign minister or “High Representative”, will be given a special seat alongside a new European UN ambassador with “the right to speak in a timely manner, the right of reply, the right to circulate documents, the right to make proposals and submit amendments (and) the right to raise points of order”.

This is without doubt the biggest EU power grab since the introduction of the Lisbon Treaty, and combined with the formation of the EU diplomatic corps (European External Action Service, as it is officially known) represents a further giant step towards the building of a European superstate at the expense of the nation state. These developments should be of immense concern to anyone who cares about the erosion of British sovereignty within Europe and maintaining an independent foreign policy.'


Racing Down The Road To Transhumanism !

This page was compiled as a guide to the many varying types of Morgellons fiber specimens that I have found thus far. More detailed information is presented on some of the specimens in the Photo Journal and at other headings at the Morgellons Exposed website. Other researchers may have additional specimens to those I have discovered. This disease has variations from person to person. There are many different kinds of fibers involved with Morgellons disease. Each type has it's own specific purpose. This is why I have come to the conclusion that a complex system of wiring is taking place in human beings. The chemtrails, tainted food, inoculations, and clothing fibers are an attempt to transhumanize us or to simply reduce our life span. I believe it is both. Take a good look at all of the different manifestations that are happening in the human body and consider the frightening possibilities.'


British Army 'Involved in Torture Mission With US Troops'

Claims that British soldiers used water torture on a badly beaten Iraqi man before unlawfully handing him over to US interrogators are being investigated by the Ministry of Defence. The troubling case includes the first evidence before a UK court of British soldiers being directly involved in a joint torture operation with US forces.

Ali Lafteh Eedan, 37, says that for three hours British and US soldiers attempted to drown him by pushing his head into a bucket of water in August 2008. His case is the latest of 100 allegations being investigated by the Ministry of Defence's Iraqi historic abuse team.

Today High Court judges are to clear the way for a court case to force the Government to open a judicial inquiry into all allegations of abuse and torture.'


Is Oil Leaking From the Sea Floor Around the BP Well?

Obama-Dodd-Frank FinReg Monstrosity Delays Derivatives Curbs until 2022!

The Obama-Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill, a miserable excuse for real Wall Street reform, is now about to gain final approval in the Senate. This wretched bill is now supported by the New England liberal (meaning Wall Street) Republican clique including Olympia Snow, Susan Collins, and Scott Brown, who are joined by the notoriously corrupt reactionary Democrat, Ben Nelson of Nebraska. This bill will create a multitude of new regulations and a number of large new bureaucracies, but it is utterly devoid of any bright-line prohibitions against the causes of the financial panic which struck the United States in 2008, and which continues to the present day in the form of a world economic depression.'


Psychopaths in the Gulf

We have never faced anything like what we are facing today. Most of us have planned our lives in terms of a world that is quickly disappearing and we have not set new sails based on the prevailing winds that will blow across our future bows. What will surprise most people is the fact that our true enemies are not terrorists in far away countries but psychopaths that walk among us and populate corporate boardrooms, banks and government chambers.

We have not learned what to do about the world's psychopaths so we will see our civilization ripped asunder. Psychopaths and sociopaths have little choice but to hurt others as well as the environment because it is in their very nature to do so. These vicious individuals and the institutions they manage are at war with the peoples of the world and there is little defense against them. The very nature of our civilization encourages these people to seek the pinnacles of power and they certainly found just that inside the oil companies.'


The Second Victims of the Holocaust

Rockefeller Study Outlines 'Doom Decade': Life For All But The Super Wealthy Will Be Hell On Earth

In our leading article today we provide an overview of the nightmare future envisaged by a recent Rockefeller Foundation study which describes a global dictatorship tightly controlled by the world’s elite and super rich.

The Rockefeller blueprint for a new world order entitled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” predicts four future narratives.'


Tony Blair : A Bright Shining Lie. When Mass Murder is Upheld as a Peace-making Endeavor....

Blair certainly did what he "thought was right" for Tony Blair. As Peter Oborne pointed out in March : "We now know that the wretched Blair has multiplied his personal fortune many times over by trading off the connections he made while in Downing Street. Shockingly, he fought a long battle to conceal the source of his new-found wealth, and only this month did it finally become public that one of his largest clients was a South Korean oil company, the UI Energy Corporation, with extensive interests in Iraq ... he has also made £1million from advising the Kuwaiti royal family.

It can be fairly claimed that Blair has profiteered as a result of the Iraq War in which so many hundreds of thousands of people died ... in the league of shame, Tony Blair is arguably the worst of them all".'


Nailed, Miliband and Six Lies on Torture

All five candidates for the Labour Party leadership have been scuttling to distance themselves from the record of Gordon Brown in power.

But the odds-on favourite to win the leadership contest, former Foreign Secretary David Miliband, is finding it very hard indeed to disentangle himself from the most sordid and shameful aspect of New Labour rule - British involvement in the torture of numerous terror suspects overseas.

Today, a special Mail investigation can reveal the depths of Miliband's embroilment in the torture scandal - and shows that Labour's latest golden boy is in complete denial about New Labour's record in sanctioning and then covering up British involvement in torture over the past decade.'


Goldman Sachs Mafia Pays Hush Money to the S.E.C. Police

The New York Times reported yesterday that the criminal gang at Goldman Sachs is paying a $550 million "fine" to the Securities and Exchange Commission to "settle" their fraud case. If approved, the settlement would "represent only a small financial dent for Goldman, which reported $13.38 billion in profit last year."

Meanwhile, Goldman Sach's shares rose 5% in after-hours trading alone on the news adding about $3.5 billion in value to their market cap. Ah, life is good for the banksters at the top of the pyramid, especially when the media is on your side too.'


Video: U-Haul Price Gouging Floridians

EU to Subject Britons to Chilling New 'Big Brother' Surveillance and Investigation Powers

British citizens face being subjected to chilling new EU 'Big Brother' surveillance and investigation powers.

Bureaucrats want foreign officials to be able to travel to the UK and immediately assume the powers of our own police.

They would be able to order undercover-spying missions, demand DNA and even pursue people for 'crimes' which are not recognised in UK law - such as criminal defamation.'


Collapse in Living Standards in America: More Poverty By Any Measure

More than 15 million Americans are unemployed, homelessness has increased by 50 percent in some cities, and 38 million people are receiving food stamps, more than at any time in the program’s almost 50-year history.

Evidence of rising economic hardship is ample. There’s one commonly used standard for measuring it: the U.S. Census Bureau’s poverty rate. It guides much of federal and state spending aimed at helping those unable to make a decent living.'


BP Dispersant Likened to 'Agent Orange'

BP's use of chemicals to disperse the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill has become a source of concern for the US, with lawmakers warning of another "Agent Orange" scandal.

Agent Orange is the codename for one of the herbicides and defoliants used by the US military in its herbicidal warfare program during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971.

According to Vietnam Red Cross as many as 3 million Vietnamese people have been affected by Agent Orange including at least 150,000 children born with birth defects.'


US, NATO Behind Iran Bombings: MP

An Iranian lawmaker slams the recent bombings in the country's southeast as a plot by Western military forces in the Middle East to spread terror on Iran's borders.

On Thursday July 15, two bomb explosions in quick succession took place outside the Zahedan Grand Mosque. At least 27 people lost their lives and more than 100 others were injured in the terrorist attack, which has been widely blamed on extremist Wahabis and Salafis trained by US intelligence in Pakistan.

Member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mohammad Karami-Rad blamed the deadly attack on American and NATO agents in the region.'


Israel to Get Mega US Military Handout

The United States plans to provide Israel with its most extensive military aid package in history.

The US Assistant Secretary of State, Andrew J. Shapiro claims that the increased US military assistance should help Tel Aviv reach tough decisions in peace talks with the Palestinians.

He said that there is "hope that the administration's expanded commitment to Israel's security will advance the process by helping the Israeli people seize this opportunity and take the tough decisions necessary for a comprehensive peace," Haaretz reported.'


'Iran to Hit Back in Seconds if Attacked'

Former Cuban leader has declared that any military action against Iran will trigger a full-scale war, saying that the Islamic Republic will respond to any invasion "in seconds."

Cuba's 1959 revolution leader also warned of a looming nuclear conflict in the world during an appearance at the country's Foreign Ministry on Friday, Reuters reported.

He argued that a devastating war would begin if the United States and Israel attempt "to enforce international sanctions against Iran for its nuclear program".'


Friday, July 16, 2010

URGENT: Loving Mother Arrested By Portsmouth Police For Taking Her Daughter Abroad

Her name is Cheryl Stannard and she is being persecuted - she is now in a cell at Portsmouth Central Police Station while they decide what to do with her after she was arrested this afternoon.

This is the number if you wish to call the station and ask about her welfare: 0845 045 45 45

This is the email:

Please let her know she has our support ... a loving woman being persecuted by the State.

PLEASE NOTE: There have apparently been orders given that no calls are put through to Portsmouth police in connection with Cheryl Stannard. How brave of them.

So please email as well.


Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: Entry via the Stargate

We’ve heard a lot of talk recently about entering the Fifth Dimension. Not exactly mainstream media, but you know what I mean: it’s been in the visionary blogs, the music, the crop circles. They, most visually, are our guides to this next rung on the spiritual ladder. This is our Stargate, the next stop on the celestial tour: our starmap imprint sent to guide us across the Rainbow Bridge.'


'Do I Have Your Permission to Say Something Sexual?' – Scotland’s New Law Against 'Indecent Communication'

Scotland, sex and decency. The combination of the three has long been known to generate weird and authoritarian outcomes. The scottish law against “Outraging Public Decency” appears to potentially criminalise anything that people might find a bit icky, and not long ago was used to convict somebody for having sex with his bicycle in the privacy of his own hotel room (don’t ask me about the logistics). The poor man ended up on the sexual offenders register.

In October Scotland’s new Sexual Offences Act will come into force. Unlike the 2003 Act that was written for England and Wales, the Scottish act contains a clause outlawing “indecent communication”. It will soon be illegal to communicate with someone sexually – either in writing or in speech – without obtaining their consent, or without the ‘reasonable belief’ that they do consent to it. Quite simply they have taken the standard traditionally applied to rape – to the actual penetration of another person’s body – and applied it to what people say.'


Positive Energy of Pyramids Used to Curb Traffic Accidents in India

They have been credited with supernatural or paranormal properties since the days of ancient Egypt. Now the putative power of pyramids is to be harnessed by Indian police to cut road accidents.

Traffic officers in Nagpur, 540 miles (870 kilometres) west of Mumbai, have agreed to allow small pyramids to be placed at 10 accident-prone sites in the city to see if their claimed positive energy can reduce crashes.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Sahebrao Patil said the road safety initiative came about after a meeting with an expert in Vastu, an ancient Hindu system of construction which is similar to Chinese Feng Shui.'


Upcoming False Flag? Put Options Placed On Energy Companies

Just as the three days before 9/11 there was unusual amounts of trading going on with American Airlines (goldmansucks) we are seeing the same type of action this time with power companies. This as Obama suporters say an act of terrorism is the only thing that will save him.'


De-classified Vietnam-era Transcripts Show Senators Knew Gulf Of Tonkin Was A Staged False Flag Event

Over 1,100 pages of previously classified Vietnam-era transcripts released this week by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee highlight the fact that several Senators knew that the White House and the Pentagon had deceived the American people over the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident.

The latest releases, which document skepticism over the pretext for entry into the Vietnam war, date from 1968.

Four years into the war, senators were at loggerheads with Lyndon B. Johnson. At the time Foreign Relations Committee meetings were held behind closed doors.

It would take over thirty years for the truth to emerge that the Aug. 4, 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident, where US warships were apparently attacked by North Vietnamese PT Boats – an incident that kicked off US involvement in the Vietnam war – was a staged event that never actually took place.

However, the records now show that at the time senators knew this was the case.'


Carlyle Group Buys Up Vitamin Firm in $3.5 Billion Deal

NBTY Inc. (NTY) agreed to be acquired by private-equity firm Carlyle Group in a deal valued at $3.5 billion in one of the largest transactions to take a public company private since the credit bubble burst.

Carlyle and Blackstone Group LP (BX), two of the world’s largest buyout firms, had been eyeing the vitamin and nutritional-supplement maker, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday night.

NBTY was formerly known as Nature’s Bounty and sells products under a variety of brands including Solgar, Rexall and MET-Rx. The company has roughly $450 million in debt, a figure that will rise in the wake of the buyout.'


Kyrgyzstan, America and the Global Drug Trade: Deep Forces, Coups d'Etat, Narcotics and Terror

The pattern of events unfolding in Kyrgyzstan is ominously reminiscent of how America became involved in Laos in the 1960s, and later in Afghanistan in the 1980s. American covert involvement in those countries soon led to civil wars producing numerous casualties and refugees. It will take strenuous leadership from both Obama in Washington and Medvedev in Moscow to prevent a third major conflict from breaking out in Kyrgyzstan.

I call the pattern I refer to “a Laotian syndrome” of coups, drugs, and terror, since it was first clearly illustrated by American interventions in Laos in the late 1950s and 1960s. The syndrome involves a number of independent but interactive elements whose interconnection in the past has not generally been recognized. What it reflects is not a single agenda, but a predictable symbiosis of divergent groups, responding to the powerful forces that the drug traffic creates.'


MSNBC July 15: Matt Simmons Still Says BP Covering Up MASSIVE HOLE Miles Away, Cap Test is 'Absurd'

Is Communism the New Capitalism? Six Fortune 500 Companies Move HQ to China

The boat is leaving for China. Disney, Kraft Foods, and four more Fortune 500 companies are on board to move their Headquarters to Shanghai.

The mass exodus of American companies which will surely take thousands of jobs with them, is now commencing with mind-twisting irony. Apparently, America is no longer good enough to invest in, even for U.S-based companies.

The globalists love to quote free-market capitalistic principles, except when it comes to small things like competition and having your headquarters in a Communist quasi-enemy nation. A CNTV press release and accompanying video gloated.'


USA is Funding Armageddon

US Renews 'Full Commitment' to Israel

While playing the mediating role between the Israelis and the Palestinians, Washington reassures that it is "fully and firmly committed" to Tel Aviv.

American Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice reiterated the US' carte blanche support for Israel during a ceremony held by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations in New York on Thursday.

Rice said Washington's commitment was not and will never be negotiable.'


The U.S. Economy Is A Dead Horse And The American People Are Starting To Get Really Pissed Off And Frustrated

The economic frustration of the American people is reaching a fever pitch. Millions of Americans can't seem to get a good job no matter what they do. Millions of others are working as hard as they can but find that they keep coming up short at the end of the month. Record numbers of Americans are still going bankrupt. Record numbers of Americans are still losing their homes. Meanwhile, the U.S. economy is a dead horse at this point. It just doesn't have any more to give. At this point the U.S. economy is like an aging rock star that requires larger and larger doses of drugs each night just to be able to perform. The U.S. economy is addicted to "drugs" such as debt and government stimulus, and years ago those things really supercharged the U.S. economic system, but at this point they aren't provoking much of a response at all. In fact, the things that once "stimulated" the economy are now slowly killing it. But the vast majority of the American people do not understand this. All they know is that the economy is broken and they want someone to "fix" it.'


Lieberman’s Model For America: Purging The Internet of Dissent

When Senator Joe Lieberman attempted to justify draconian legislation that would provide President Obama with a figurative kill switch to shut down parts of the Internet, he cited the Chinese system of Internet policing as model which America should move towards.

Given the fact that Lieberman seeks to mimic the Chinese system as the goal of his Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, should it concern us that the Chinese government routinely orders Twitter and Facebook-like services to “purge sites of politically “sensitive” words and expressions,” as the Financial Times reports today?

“Right now China, the government, can disconnect parts of its Internet in case of war and we need to have that here too,” Lieberman told CNN’s Candy Crowley last month.

However, China’s “war” is not against foreign terrorists or hackers, it’s against people who dare to use the Internet to express dissent against government atrocities or corruption. China’s system of Internet policing is about crushing freedom of speech and has nothing to do with legitimate security concerns as Lieberman well knows.

It’s a system concentrated around state oppression of any individual or group that seeks to use the Internet to draw attention to political causes frowned upon by the authorities.'


US & British Intel Agencies Are Working On A Fake Video To Lead To War With Iran

JPMorgan Profit Leaps Nearly 80%

US banking giant JPMorgan Chase on Thursday announced a net profit of 4.8 billion dollars in the second quarter, up nearly 80 percent from the same period last year.

Reporting solid performance across most business areas, the New York-based bank's profits included 1.5 billion dollars that had been set aside to cover bad loans.'


How the Sneaky Hands of the Big Banks Are Working Overtime to Rip You Off

After living through the Great Financial Crash of 2008, just about everybody recognizes that megabanks screwed the economy hard and were rewarded with big bailouts, which further screwed over, well, everybody, in the name of banker bonuses. But Big Finance has been waging its war on the middle class for decades, and many of its most destructive practices don't actually put the financial system in jeopardy. These tactics work because they are so effectively predatory. Banks gouge consumers and get rich—they don't create risks for the financial system, because they result in pure, risk-free profit, converting hard-earned middle-class wages into quick and easy bonuses.

One of the most pernicious of these predatory practices is the overdraft fee. It's one of the biggest revenue streams for banking behemoths today. In 2009, banks reaped over $38 billion in overdraft fees from their own customers, while posting a total combined profit of just $12.5 billion. Without overdrafts, many banks would have scored massive losses last year, and possibly gone under. Instead, they booked epic bonuses.'


Big Pharma Nanotechnology Encodes Pills With Tracking Data That You Swallow

The emerging field of nanotechnology is currently gaining a lot of attention across many industries. Nanotechnology allows scientists to manipulate individual atoms and molecules to create unique materials and even micro-scale devices, and this is leading to a wide range of applications in clothing, textiles, electronics and even food and medicine.

Sounds great, right? Except for the fact that, like genetic modification of food crops, nanotechnology tampers with Mother Nature in a way that's largely untested for safety. And here's something really bizarre: The pharmaceutical industry may soon begin using nanotechnology to encode drug tablets and capsules with brand and tracking data that you swallow as part of the pill.'


Israeli Soldiers Cross Lebanese Border

Lebanon says an Israeli patrol has violated its border, crossing into its territory in the disputed area of Kfar Shuba.

"A patrol of eight enemy (Israeli) soldiers crossed the line of withdrawal at the town of Kfar Shuba in an attempt to abduct a shepherd," AFP quoted Neeraj Singh, a Lebanese army spokesman, on Thursday.

Neeraj said the shepherd managed to escape the attempt but the Israeli soldiers crossed 20 meters (22 yards) into the UN-drawn Blue Line border.'


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tracie Washington: This Crime Was a Symptom of a Wider Sickness in the Police

These charges have been a long time coming. I was in New Orleans throughout the floods and in the days after, and I still remember the sense that something had gone amiss when we first heard of the incident on Danziger Bridge, the way our anger grew.

Since that terrible day back in September 2005, the community – and most particularly the African American community – has been petitioning, marching, following lawsuits, begging, and pleading for justice to be done over these premeditated, murderous acts.'


Christopher Booker: Science Fail + Media Hype = Global Scare

America Stands On The Precipice Of Total Collapse

There can be little doubt that America, along with the west as a whole, is being set up for a total collapse in which life as we know it will be fundamentally altered and rebuilt around a collectivist model managed and controlled by the same criminals who engineered the crisis in the first place.

America has been targeted for an economic, military, and social coup d’état by globalists who know that to get people to accept a new way of life under the heel of the new world order requires that the pillars of everything they knew before are completely pulverized. Freedom, prosperity, and community have no place in a “post-industrial revolution,” and every assault on the living standards of American citizens is designed to infect and wither these ideals.'


Why BP is Readying a 'Super Weapon' to Avert Escalating Gulf Nightmare

In a desperate attempt to stop a huge area of the Gulf ocean floor from possibly rupturing due to subterranean methane gas (leading to a calamity no human has ever seen) BP has ripped a page from science fiction books.

The giant oil company is now quietly preparing to test a small nuclear device in a frenzied rush against time to quell a cascading catastrophe. If successful they will have the capability to detonate a controlled fusion generated pulse.'


Busted by YouTube: Video Seen by Two Million Proves Police Officer Who Claimed Cyclist Ran Into Him Was LYING

A former police officer faces jail after an internet video exposed his bid to prosecute a cycling protester for running into him as a lie.

Patrick Pogan claimed activist Christopher Long steered into him and knocked him down during a demonstration in New York. But a YouTube video seen by two million people so far has exposed him as a liar.'


EU 'Clears the Way to Fast-Track GM Crops'

Brussels is planning to allow each member state to decide whether to grow GM foods or to ban them.

The European Commission today published proposals that it said were designed to give countries more freedom and flexibility over the cultivation of genetically modified crops.

But opponents of 'Frankenstein foods' warned that the changes would speed up the approval regime for the controversial crops and ensure that efforts by some states to block them will be side-stepped.'


Rothschild Zionist Blair 'Plotted to Send UK Citizens to Guantánamo'

Evidence that the British government plotted to have a number of UK citizens sent from Afghanistan to Guantánamo Bay after the al-Qaida attacks of September 2001 has emerged in previously classified documents handed to lawyers representing victims of extraordinary rendition.

The documents show that Tony Blair's office intervened to thwart Foreign Office efforts to secure the release of a British Muslim detained in Zambia, with the result that he too was sent unlawfully to the American detention centre on Cuba.

While a number of senior figures in the last Labour government publicly criticised the use of Guantánamo and called for its closure, the documents show that in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 a decision had been taken at the highest level to use it to incarcerate British nationals.'


EU Approves New Wave Of Migrants

Brussels officials are to simplify entry rules for workers heading to Europe to take up temporary ­seasonal jobs in farming, tourism and other industries.

EU home affairs commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said: “We need immigrant workers in order to secure our economic survival.”

She claimed more were needed to fill “labour shortages”.

But her remarks are bound to provoke new concerns that Eurocrats are determined to press for ever higher levels of immigration.'


Evelyn Towry, 8-Year-Old Autistic Girl, Arrested and Handcuffed for Throwing Tantrum

This wasn't cool with Evelyn. She tried to leave the room but staffers blocked her path. And it was then that her parents say their daughter -- who has Asperger's, a high-functioning form of autism -- freaked out.

According to the staffers, Evelyn spit on and "inappropriately touched" her two guards. Probably the kind of behavior that happens every day in schools all across the country. And likely not to leave a mark unless the kid happens to be the daughter of an NFL lineman which, based on these pictures, she is not.

But the panicked flailing of a scared little girl was apparently too much for the grown-ups to handle on this day. As the school's principal called police and asked to have Evelyn arrested on suspicion of battery.'


MSNBC: RELIEF WELLS SUSPENDED, Not Just the Cap Test; 'Raises a Lot of Questions'

Mobile Phones 'Causing Memory Loss'

Psychologist Dr Glenn Wilson added: "As technology gets more sophisticated, our own memories are on the decline as we increasingly rely on information stored on phones and online."

"While this reliance can be problematic if people are totally dependent on an external memory store that is lost or becomes temporarily unavailable, it can also affect an individual's mental agility later in life. Like many other skills, memory needs exercising if the capacity is not to be lost," he continued.'


Bill Kristol's 'Emergency Committee?' Give Me a Break

The ironies here are remarkable. For starters, you have some of the same geniuses who dreamed up and sold the Iraq War -- one of the dumbest blunders in the annals of U.S. foreign policy -- joining forces with someone who thinks U.S. Middle East policy ought to be based on his interpretation of Old Testament prophecy. They're going after a retired three-star admiral in the U.S. Navy, who also happens to have a Ph.D. in political economy and international affairs from Harvard. Given their track record over the past decade, this is actually a stunning endorsement of Sestak's candidacy. Criticism from these folks is like having Lindsay Lohan complain about your lifestyle choices, or having BP president Tony Hayward offer advice on environmental safety and public relations.

What is even more ironic is the group's paranoid name: the "Emergency Committee." Its members must think Israel is in real trouble, but what they don't seem to realize is that it is their advice that has helped lead to its current difficulties. Israel has been following the Likudnik/neoconservative/Christian Zionist program for several decades now, with vocal backing from the likes of Kristol, Pollak and Bauer, and the United States has been providing it with unconditional support for this self-destructive course.'


Backlash Grows vs. Full-Body Scanners

Opposition to new full-body imaging machines to screen passengers and the government's deployment of them at most major airports is growing.

Many frequent fliers complain they're time-consuming or invade their privacy. The world's airlines say they shouldn't be used for primary security screening. And questions are being raised about possible effects on passengers' health.

"The system takes three to five times as long as walking through a metal detector," says Phil Bush of Atlanta, one of many fliers on USA TODAY's Road Warriors panel who oppose the machines. "This looks to be yet another disaster waiting to happen".'


Tarpley: 'Obama, the Wall St. Puppet'

Top Clinton Official: Only A Terror Attack Can Save Obama

A former senior advisor to President Bill Clinton says that the only thing which can rescue Barack Obama's increasingly tenuous grip on power as his approval figures continue to plunge is a terror attack on the scale of Oklahoma City or 9/11, another startling reminder that such events only ever serve to benefit those in authority.

Buried in a Financial Times article about Obama's "growing credibility crisis" and fears on behalf of Democrats that they could lose not only the White House but also the Senate to Republicans, Robert Shapiro makes it clear that Obama is relying on an October surprise in the form of a terror attack to rescue his presidency.'


G-20 Arrests a 'Dry Run' -- Sinn Fein Veteran

Tommy Taylor's account "Arrested and Abused at the G-20" is frightening. Will it make any great difference to public perceptions? I doubt it ! However, it is great that there is a coherent, cogent account of what happened.

I was involved with Sinn Fein here all the way from a street protest party excluded from power right through to seeing our party share Regional Government in the Northern part of Ireland and having a significant presence in the Southern Irish Parliament. I was also on the Party National Executive for most of a decade and have seen and made politics from the inside-out and top-down as well as street level up. Because of this, perhaps these comments may carry a little more weight.

1) While this mass citizen arrest took place during the summit meeting protests, it is obvious that far more is involved here than the mere optics of justifying costs. Anyone familiar with accounts of the round-up of citizens in Chile after the overthrow of the Allende Government there, and the imposition of a military dictatorship, can identify the parallels in the detention procedures.

2) The police cars abandoned for burning etc, the presence of large numbers of specially equipped forces apparently tasked for specific purposes, the transport, the prepared cages etc. indicates more than a reaction to a protest situation. Rather it points to a 'dry run' training exercise using the cover of the summit protest.'


Israel Paves the Way for Killing by Remote Control

Spot and Shoot, as it is called by the Israeli military, may look like a video game but the figures on the screen are real people – Palestinians in Gaza – who can be killed with the press of a button on the joystick.

The female soldiers, located far away in an operations room, are responsible for aiming and firing remote-controlled machine-guns mounted on watch-towers every few hundred metres along an electronic fence that surrounds Gaza.

The system is one of the latest “remote killing” devices developed by Israel’s Rafael armaments company, the former weapons research division of the Israeli army and now a separate governmental firm.'


Holbrooke: War Cannot be Won Militarily

Before a July 20th donors conference in Kabul US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, announces the Afghan war cannot be won militarily.

"As you said, Mr Chairman, there is no military solution here, so as General Petraeus and General McChrystal said, you cannot win this war by killing every member of Taliban," Holbrooke, told US senators on Wednesday, Press TV reported.'


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why did Tony Blair Receive a Hero’s Welcome in Kosovo? He Should Have Been Arrested as a War Criminal

You will all get to understand the true face of Tony Blair when you get to read the War Crimes Complaint that has been lodged against him in Kuala Lumpur. The man went to war illegally and with his partner in crime George Bush they both carried out an atrocious war on innocent people. These two men between them have now been responsible for death of millions of innocent Iraqi’s and Afghans as well as the death and sickness of their own troops by using weapons of mass destruction. How can these two evil men face the people they have tried to eliminate? How can the world allow these two men to walk free from a campaign of mass genocide?

Tony Blair, as we all know, paid a visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia no so long ago and at one point almost got arrested… was only the skills of his own security that stopped this event taking place…… is the only country in the world that is currently running a War Crimes Campaign to bring these two to justice.

Perhaps readers are confused as to how I have arrived at this conclusion? Let me enlighten you on the facts behind the wars in the Middle East.'


Taxes Squandered On Nagging People Out Of Driving Cars

Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money has been spent on sending council snoopers into people’s homes to hector motorists into giving up their cars.

Under the Scottish Government’s latest initiative to drive cars off the road, tens of thousands have been lectured on their own doorsteps about public transport and climate change.

Four local authorities, Dundee, Dumfries and Galloway, East Renfrewshire, and Falkirk, have lavished £10million on a string of “insulting” green projects, which included sending officials on door-to-door visits.'


CNN Host Calls Deadly Terror Bombings 'Helpful' To NWO Agenda

CNN host Rick Sanchez let slip a telling admission in response to the deadly bombings in Uganda during his show yesterday, the fact that such attacks are “helpful” for the military-industrial complex agenda to take over and occupy third world countries under AFRICOM, the United States African Command.

Speaking with a former CIA agent, Sanchez stated, “You know what’s interesting about this, in a strange way the event is helpful to the cause of those of us who know how sadistic these fundamental radical Islamic terrorists are and if it helps get the message out there that these are not the good guys then so be it”.'


There is No Plan For Permanently Housing the 1.9 Million Haitians Who Lost Their Homes in the Quake

We are in one of the hottest parts of this whole side of Haiti. I was here today at high noon and the crushed white gravel that is underfoot in this camp is just blinding and the heat is shocking. And this is where about 10,000 people have been relocated after they were sent away from another camp in Port-au-Prince. About one in seven has been left homeless and displaced from the January 12th earthquake, and most of them have created temporary housing.

Now, six months later, in the middle of earthquake season, the government’s response, that is, the Haitian government and the U.S. government as well as the United Nations, has been this—has been to move people from one set of temporary housing, plastic tarps that are damaged in the wind and the rains, to another set of temporary housing. And there is absolutely no plan anywhere in the country for permanent housing for the 1.9 million people who are left victims.'