Saturday, March 20, 2010

Warrington Guardian: Appleton Man's Fight to Get Justice for Hollie

AN Appleton man is caught up in the centre of a storm concerning the alleged sexual abuse of a girl with Down’s Syndrome by a paedophile ring.

Robert Green, aged 63, is campaigning on behalf of Hollie Greig who claims to have been abused by paedophiles in Aberdeen for 14 years, since the age of six.

The case was taken to police when Hollie’s claims first came to light in 2000, but the investigation failed because it lacked ‘credible evidence’ even though, the family claims,Hollie pinpointed her attackers, which included people in positions of trust.

Grampian Police have been asked to re-start the investigation on various occasions by Anne Greig, Hollie’s mum.

Mr Green believes that key facts in the case are being covered up as senior figures are implicated in the case.'


Health Care: Obama Approves Sabotaging The Constitution

On Thursday, Robert Gibbs, Obama’s press secretary, responded to a question about the so-called “Slaughter Rule” (named after Rep. Slaughter, who sits on the rules committee) that will be used by Democrats to force through Obama’s totalitarian care bill, probably over the weekend.


Dem Congressman On Health Bill: Insurance Companies Are “Holding Hostages”

A Democratic Congressman has stated that he will refuse to vote yes on the pending health care reform bill, declaring that the legislation represents a vastly bloated giveaway to insurance companies and big pharma.

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) asserts that the Senate bill bankrolls the very companies that president Obama says are taking advantage of the American people.

“We’ve paid the ransom, but at the end of the day the insurance companies are still holding the hostages,’’ Lynch said in an interview with The Boston Globe yesterday.'


TSA Thug On A Power Trip Threatens to Bar Travel

Our recent trip through Baltimore BWI Airport was a disturbing example of the authoritative behavior of TSA agents.

A TSA thug explains to a slave that while the government assumes the authority to look at your naked body, that you have no right to film them doing so.

The airport, likely many others in the U.S., had begun implementing now-notorious Body Scanners months before the Christmas Day Underwear Bomber episode that the powers-that-be have seized upon as a justification for implementing the invasive technology (though it has come out that the alleged terrorist Abdulmutallab never went through security and was allowed onto the plane via intelligence connections without even a passport).

Fellow cameraman Rob Dew and I have already refused to go through TSA scanners at Baltimore back in the fall and were prepared to do so again. However, we were not “randomly” selected to go through them this time. The suspects du jour were middle-aged women with make-up in their purses and well-dressed, but frumpy looking businessmen.

We decided to film people going through the scanners, as well as being wanded and frisked at great inconvenience—with no basis for suspicion and no real justification for their actions.'


Inhofe: Al Gore, Global Warming Alarmists Running for Cover After Climategate

Wachovia Pays $160 Million to Stop Drugs Probe

Wachovia has agreed to pay US prosecutors 160 million dollars for its failure to stop drug money being laundered to Mexican affiliates, the DEA said Wednesday.

The embattled bank admitted it failed to stop an estimated 110 million dollars from being sent from the US to Mexico by wire transfer that was used to buy cocaine-transporting aircraft.'


Did The Exodus Really Happen?

US Says Base Needed to Defend Japan

Hiroshima, Now who was it dropped that bomb??

'The United States has said that it needs to maintain a base on the Japanese island of Okinawa to defend the region, as the new government in Tokyo considers scrapping a previous plan.

Senior US officials told Congress that while they respected the decisions of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama's six-month-old government, they hoped to go ahead with a plan to move the Futenma air base within Okinawa.

Michael Schiffer, a senior Pentagon official, told a congressional panel that troops in Okinawa were the only ground forces "between Hawaii and India" which the United States could quickly deploy.'


Federal Reserve Must Disclose Bank Bailout Records

The Federal Reserve Board must disclose documents identifying financial firms that might have collapsed without the largest U.S. government bailout ever, a federal appeals court said.

The U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan ruled today that the Fed must release records of the unprecedented $2 trillion U.S. loan program launched primarily after the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. The ruling upholds a decision of a lower-court judge, who in August ordered that the information be released.

The Fed had argued that disclosure of the documents threatens to stigmatize borrowers and cause them “severe and irreparable competitive injury,” discouraging banks in distress from seeking help. A three-judge panel of the appeals court rejected that argument in a unanimous decision.'


Blair's Fight to Keep His Oil Cash Secret: Former PM's Deals Are Revealed as His Earnings Since 2007 Reach £20 Million

Tony Blair waged an extraordinary two-year battle to keep secret a lucrative deal with a multinational oil giant which has extensive interests in Iraq.
The former Prime Minister tried to keep the public in the dark over his dealings with South Korean oil firm UI Energy Corporation.
Mr Blair - who has made at least £20million since leaving Downing Street in June 2007 - also went to great efforts to keep hidden a £1million deal advising the ruling royal family in Iraq's neighbour Kuwait.
In an unprecedented move, he persuaded the committee which vets the jobs of former ministers to keep details of both deals from the public for 20 months, claiming it was commercially sensitive. The deals emerged yesterday when the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments finally lost patience with Mr Blair and decided to ignore his objections and publish the details.'


Rebellion in America Heats Up as Fifth State Exempts Guns

A fifth state – South Dakota – has decided that guns made, sold and used within its borders no longer are subject to the whims of the federal government through its rule-making arm in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and two supporters of the growing groundswell say they hope Washington soon will be taking note.

South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds has signed into law his state’s version of a Firearms Freedom Act that first was launched in Montana. It already is law there, in Tennessee, Utah and Wyoming, which took the unusual step of specifying criminal penalties – including both fines and jail time – for federal agents attempting to enforce a federal law on a “personal firearm” in the Cowboy State.'


Nothing Outside the State

A popular slogan of the Italian Fascists under Mussolini was, “Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato” (everything for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state). I recall this expression frequently as I observe the state’s far-reaching penetration of my own society.

What of any consequence remains beyond the state’s reach in the United States today? Not wages, working conditions, or labor-management relations; not health care; not money, banking, or financial services; not personal privacy; not transportation or communication; not education or scientific research; not farming or food supply; not nutrition or food quality; not marriage or divorce; not child care; not provision for retirement; not recreation; not insurance of any kind; not smoking or drinking; not gambling; not political campaign funding or publicity; not real estate development, house construction, or housing finance; not international travel, trade, or finance; not a thousand other areas and aspects of social life.

One might affirm that the state still keeps its hands off religion, but it actually does not. It certifies certain religious organizations as legitimate and condemns others, as many young men discovered to their sorrow when they attempted to claim the status of conscientious objector during the Vietnam War. It assigns members of certain religions, but not members of others, as chaplains in its armed services.


The American Military Now KNOWS Mossad Carried Out 9/11 Attacks

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former director of studies at the US Army War College says that the military brass now know that Israel and those traitors within our nation committed the 911 attack

Medicating the Military

At least one in six service members is on some form of psychiatric drug.

And many troops are taking more than one kind, mixing several pills in daily “cocktails” — for example, an antidepressant with an antipsychotic to prevent nightmares, plus an anti-epileptic to reduce headaches — despite minimal clinical research testing such combinations.

The drugs come with serious side effects: They can impair motor skills, reduce reaction times and generally make a war fighter less effective. Some double the risk for suicide, prompting doctors — and Congress — to question whether these drugs are connected to the rising rate of military suicides.

“It’s really a large-scale experiment. We are experimenting with changing people’s cognition and behavior,” said Dr. Grace Jackson, a former Navy psychiatrist.'


Health Care Reform Would Give IRS Broad New Powers to Collect Premiums From Taxpayers

House Ways and Means Republicans on Thursday assailed a provision in the proposed health care reform bill under consideration this week.

Subcommittee on Oversight ranking member Charles Boustany (R-La.) said the IRS provision in the bill "dangerously expands, in an ominous way the tentacles of the IRS and it's reach into every American family," he said today during a press conference.

"This is a vast expanse of power," he said.

Boustany said the bill would allow the IRS to confiscate refunds if there are penalties for not buying health care.'


Was 9/11 an "Inside Job"?

There is a growing number of Americans who believe 9/11 was an inside job. 9/11 truthers, as they are known, attended a two day conference that was called Treason in America, in the hopes of bringing awareness to their cause. Is this a signal that the movement is gaining traction.

Powel: Sanctions Against Iran Ineffective

Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell says sanctions against Iran will be to no avail as Tehran is “determined to have a nuclear program” not a “nuclear weapon.”

"I don't see a set of sanctions coming along that would be so detrimental to the Iranians that they are going to stop that program,” Powell said in an interview with Bloomberg TV broadcast today.

The retired Army general reiterated that the West's standoff with Iran over its nuclear program should be resolved through diplomatic means and negotiations. “So ultimately, the solution has to be a negotiated one".'


Antiwar Coalition Fined by US Government

A US antiwar organization says it has been targeted by the government because it wants US troops to immediately return from Afghanistan and Iraq.

The ANSWER Coalition, which stands for "Act Now to Stop War and End Racism," has been a staunch critic of the Bush and Obama administrations for their role in the Iraqi and Afghan war.

"The government is increasingly trying to limit or eviscerate or criminalize grassroots organizing itself", said Brian Becker from the ANSWER Coalition, Reported Press TV's Colin Campbell.'


Ceasefire, What Ceasefire?: Israeli Jets Hit Seven Gaza Sites, Injure 14

Fourteen Palestinians have been wounded after Israeli warplanes struck seven sites including a disused airport in southern Gaza Strip, Palestinian medics say.

Medical sources and eyewitnesses said the aircraft hit the airport on Friday night, AFP reported.

Among the targets were a metal foundry near Gaza City and a number of tunnels across the border with Egypt which Palestinians use to enter their basic needs into the blockaded coastal sliver.'


Friday, March 19, 2010

EU Meddling With Health Food Stores Puts 4,000 Jobs at Risk

Campaigners say the EU Commission’s plans will hit hundreds of their best-selling supplements, including vitamins A, C, and D, folic acid, calcium and iron.

Many of these products could fall foul of changes to EU laws because their vitamin or mineral content would be illegally high, according to the Consumers For Health Choice campaign.

It warns that the loss of these key products would force up to 700 health food stores to close.

Roger Craddock, legal director of health food chain Holland & Barrett, which supports the campaign, said: “We do not believe this legislation is necessary in the UK, as our food supplements market is radically different from other EU member states.”

The EU is expected to make an announcement within weeks detailing its new permitted levels for vitamins and minerals in food supplements. Other products affected will be vitamins E, K, and B, magnesium and zinc.'


Glaxo Funded Backers of 'Danger' Drug

More than nine out of 10 scientists who backed a drug at the centre of a safety scare had financial links to the pharmaceutical industry, a study has found.

The disclosure will renew concern about the influence of the multinational companies on patient safety, where a warning about a drug can wipe billions from their balance sheets.

The pharmaceutical industry has become adept at manipulating results and selectively withholding unfavourable data that could expose patients to harm. Now it is accused of skewing the debate over one drug, Avandia, prescribed to millions of people around the world with Type 2 diabetes. Avandia, made by the British multinational GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), which helps diabetics control their blood sugar levels, was linked with an increased risk of heart attacks in research published in 2007.'


Wake Up And Smell The Evil

David Icke explanation how wars are created. It explains the concept of Problem reaction solution also known as Thesis, synthesis, antithesis developed by philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. This concept has been used in many wars including WWII. Hitler also used this phenomenon to control the minds of the Germans.

Berlusconi Caught Out Trying to Gag the Media

Wiretaps of Silvio Berlusconi haranguing a broadcasting official over what he saw as politically hostile programming have prompted new criticism of the Italian premier for attempting to stifle the media.

The new transcripts, published in Italy for the first time yesterday, suggest that Mr Berlusconi telephoned a commissioner on the country's independent broadcast regulator, Agcom, after he learned that a show examining corruption cases against him was due to go out on state broadcaster Rai.

"What the fuck are you doing with all this?" the irate Prime Minister shouted at the commissioner, Giancarlo Innocenzi. In another call Mr Berlusconi demands that a show looking at his alleged mafia links be muzzled.'


Call for Civil Disobedience - A Worldwide Strike by the Oppressed

The blogosphere and meeting places have been alight with anger, outrage, frustration. And questions about how to defeat our tyrannical 'masters' that make our lives a living hell.

Gandhi found non-compliance to be an effective tool to defeat his masters. And he was just one man.

Imagine what we could achieve, if we made a concerted effort, for a given number of days.

The fact is, the corporations want our money. The government needs our money. The 'mainstream' media are the mouthpieces of these monsters. And all of them are the cause of our misery.

If we starve them of it for a spell, how would that affect them?

We've lost the ability to think for ourselves because we've been programmed not to. If we cease to tune into their propaganda and instead, explore the alternative media, we see a different picture from the one they want us to see. We think for ourselves and join up the dots.

We have been little short of terrorised by their scare stories, their unwarranted use of and threat of force, their fines, their toxic products, their lies - to do their dirty bidding. They enrich themselves at our expense. Every time.

The Greeks and the Icelanders have woken up and taken action. The tyranny we face is on a par with theirs, if not greater, and yet we do bugger all about it. Our MPs don't give a jot - they're not listening to us. They're listening to their party whips, as they eye that juicy job within their grasp if they ignore us. So they do.

So let's learn from the Greeks, the Icelanders, Gandhi - and make our 'strike' international. After all, the entire civilised world is facing tyranny simultaneously.

And as Old Holborn says, we outnumber them. They cannot afford non-compliance on such a massive scale. Success frequently starts from small beginnings, as American patriots will tell you. As Gandhi demonstrated.'


Max Keiser Takes Offense to Goldman Sachs Story

'Israeli Spy Planes Flew Over Budapest'

Two Israeli aircraft appearing to be spy planes flew near Budapest's international airport last week but did not land there, Hungarian media reported Thursday.

According to the reports, the planes were on a "spy mission" that may be connected to the assassination of a Syrian national in his vehicle Wednesday in the Hungarian capital.'


CLIMATEGATE - Carbon Market Chaos Strikes Again

The Hungarian Government, the cheeky sods, figured out that if CERs were issued by the UN (and not the EU), they could use them to write off the obligations of some Hungarian companies, and then, apparently, sell them again, so others could use them to write off their obligations, too.

It’s like reselling a three-course meal after it’s been eaten.

When confronted, the Hungarian Government claimed the used CERs were only sold to non-European investors. (So that makes it alright then? Someone outside Europe wasted money?)

Except that, as things do in a “free” market, the used CERs turned up in the EU market anyway, and eventually someone noticed.'


Roberts: Expect a False Flag Terror Attack To Precede Invasion Of Iran

According to news reports, the U.S. military is shipping “bunker-buster” bombs to the U.S. Air Force base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. The Herald Scotland reports that experts say the bombs are being assembled for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The newspaper quotes Dan Piesch, director of the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy at the University of London: “They are gearing up totally for the destruction of Iran.”

The next step will be a staged “terrorist attack,” a “false flag” operation as per Operation Northwoods, for which Iran will be blamed. As Iran and its leadership have already been demonized, the “false flag” attack will suffice to obtain US and European public support for bombing Iran. The bombing will include more than the nuclear facilities and will continue until the Iranians agree to regime change and the installation of a puppet government. The corrupt American media will present the new puppet as “freedom and democracy".'


Look Your Victims in the Eyes: This is Iran, These are Iranians to be Killed in the Next US War

If you don’t already know that claims for war with Iran are all provable and absolute lies, start here.

If you don’t know that US political and media “leaders” lie by omission that the US overthrew Iran’s democracy from 1953 to 1979 to install an oil-friendly dictator, and that the US supplied and directly aided the invasion of Iran from 1980 to 1988 to reinstall an oil-friendly dictator, continue here. These acts killed up to a million Iranians. This history is the proper context to consider lying US rhetoric for war with Iran. And if you’re not absolutely comfortable that “lying US rhetoric for war with Iran” is what is happening, go back to the link in the first paragraph.

If you care to prevent a treasonous act of American mass-murder, consider how to communicate this information to your networks. You’re asking for the reasonable: that our military and government act under the US Constitution we pay them to actualize and they’ve sworn to support and defend.'


Govt Rewarded Incompetent Bank Auditors With Big Bonuses

As banks gambled on the risky mortgages that helped create the worst financial crisis in generations, the U.S. government handed out millions of dollars in bonuses to regulators at agencies that missed or ignored warning signs that the system was on the verge of a meltdown.

The bonuses, detailed in payroll data released to The Associated Press, are the latest evidence of the government's false sense of security during the go-go days of the financial boom. Just as bank executives got bonuses despite taking on dangerous amounts of risk, regulators got taxpayer-funded bonuses for doing "superior" work monitoring the banks.'


National Worker ID Card Freedom Watch - Judge Napolitano

Repo 105 - How Lehman Brothers Destroyed Themselves.

Repo 105 from Marketplace on Vimeo.

It's Time to Throw the Golems out with the Bathwater

Now I’m hearing about some kind of national protest for mid-April. That hits right around tax time so I suppose it has something to do with taxes. I don’t know who is arranging this and I don’t know what the intention is but I do know very well that if this protest does not include certain things then it’s a big waste of time.

You want to protest? Do not elect another Zionist to any political office; cut off all funds to Rothschildlandia. Make every lobby connected to ‘chosen people’ interests have to register as agents of a foreign power. Do not elect or allow to be elected, anyone... anyone who is representative of ‘chosen people’ mentality to any government office. Do not pay your taxes at all. Throw a monkey wrench into the system if you are employed in a position to do so. Do not fucking salute. Do not bend over. Do not vote for the new guy who sounds like Chuckie Schumer and who is being pushed on all the sold out alternative news sites as if he were some kind of answer. He works for the same people. He sounds like the same duck that walks like a duck and you had better duck. What’s his name? Peter something. He’s the same garbage acting like the answers. Obama was no different.'


Total Sellout: American Academy of Family Physicians Lets Coca-Cola Sponsor Health Advice

The American Academy of Family Physicians has come under fire for a controversial decision to partner with the Coca-Cola Company in a new public outreach campaign about the health risks of soda consumption.

"Coca-Cola, like other sodas, causes enormous suffering and premature death by increasing the risks of obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, gout, and cavities," said Walter Willett of Harvard University. "[The academy] should be a loud critic of these products and practices, but by signing with Coke their voice has almost surely been muzzled".'


Car Dealers Can Remotely Disable Your Vehicles if You're Late on Payments

More than 100 drivers in Austin, Texas found their cars disabled or the horns honking out of control, after an intruder ran amok in a web-based vehicle-immobilization system normally used to get the attention of consumers delinquent in their auto payments.

The dealership used a system called Webtech Plus as an alternative to repossessing vehicles that haven’t been paid for. Operated by Cleveland-based Pay Technologies, the system lets car dealers install a small black box under vehicle dashboards that responds to commands issued through a central website, and relayed over a wireless pager network. The dealer can disable a car’s ignition system, or trigger the horn to begin honking, as a reminder that a payment is due. The system will not stop a running vehicle.'


Obama Slams Palestinian Protests, Rejects Israeli Row

US President Barack Obama condemns Palestinian protests in Jerusalem al-Quds over Israeli provocations near al-Aqsa Mosque as 'destructive to peace' while downplaying reported row with the Israeli regime over Tel Aviv's continued settlement expansions, denying reports that US-Israeli ties are in a state of crisis.

In a quick turn of face, under reportedly intense pressure from the wealthy Israeli lobby in the US, Obama, whose top administration officials described Israeli settlement expansion plans as 'insulting and destructive to peace efforts,' rejected tensions with Tel Aviv as 'friendly disagreements' and, instead, denounced the Palestinians for reacting against intimidating Israeli moves to Judaize al-Quds.'


Israeli Soldiers Arrest Five Palestinian Children

An Israeli soldier stands guard next to three Palestinian children arrested on stone-throwing charges in Hebron (al-Khalil) on March 18

Israeli soldiers detain five Palestinian children in the West Bank city of Hebron (al-Khalil) after clashes break out.

The soldiers claim that the children were pelting stones at a building inside the Beit Romano settlement on Thursday during clashes in the West Bank city of al-Khalil.

But the parents of the arrested children complain that "the children were playing football in front of their house when suddenly the soldiers came and arrested them".'


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Robert Green Speaking at Truthjuice Llangollen, March 24th at 7pm

Wednesday 24th March 2010 at 7pm

Reporter Robert Green was arrested in Aberdeen for the crime of seeking justice and an investigation into the case of Down's Syndrome girl, Hollie Greig, who says she was serially-raped over a decade by an establishment paedophile ring operating in Scotland.

Robert is now out on bail and with a gagging order against him in an effort to stop him naming the people that Hollie says were involved.

Come and here Robert speak out against the injustices heaped out upon Hollie and her mum Anne at the hands of the Scottish establishment and the complicity of the mainstream media and especially the BBC in conspiring to cover up these atrocious crimes.

See the Truthjuice website here...

English Freemen Standing In Court - Council Tax Hearing - The Takedown Begins!

English Freemen Standing In Court - Council Tax Hearing - The Takedown Begins! from Rebel Leader on Vimeo.

Scottish Government Cover-up of Hollie Greig, Part 3 – The Death of Robert Greig

In my previous article I discussed the initial notification to the Grampian Police and their response in regard to Hollies allegations. Before moving on into the final part of this terrible story we must look at another family tragedy when Anne lost her Brother Robert under very suspicious circumstances.

Anne was preparing for Hollies 18th Birthday and Robert came around for a visit. Anne eventually had to nip out and told Robert. That was the last time that Anne saw her brother. On the 17th of November 1997 long before any of this had erupted Robert was found dead in his burnt out car on the outskirts of Aberdeen.'


Justice for Hollie

£1,000 Fine For Using Wrong Bin: Families Face New Crackdown Over Household Waste

Householders could be fined up to £1,000 if they fail to comply with complex new rules on refuse sorting.
Food scraps, tea bags and vegetable peelings thrown into the wrong dustbin could land them with hefty penalties under government plans to be unveiled today.
Families could end up with five different bins and receptacles - including compulsory slop buckets for food waste - and be forced to sift through rubbish for anything that can be recycled, reused or converted into electricity.


France Panic In Web Blunder Over 'Disaster'

People logging on to the website of the SNCF, the French state railway, got a shock this morning. It announced that an explosion had torn through a high-speed express in Burgundy, killing more than 100 people and injuring nearly 400.

For more than 40 minutes, panicked members of the public called the disaster helpline that accompanied the announcement and word of the catastrophe flashed around Twitter and other social networks. Then the SNCF realised that an internal disaster exercise had reached the public site.

Embarrassed managers were at a loss to explain how the drill in public information had gone live. "We often carry out crisis exercises and send information messages to the public and press communiqu├ęs," a spokeswoman said. "There was an error today which meant that the message ended up on".'


The Mainstream, Corporate Media Is A Propaganda Mill

The Twentieth Century Fox Corporation is not unique in spreading propaganda, but they are rare in admitting it. Rupert Murdoch, himself in 2003, admitted that his Fox company helped to sell George W. Bush's Iraqi-Afghani wars to the American public.

What a guy! Murdoch helped to sell wars that have made America a psychotic outlaw in the family of civilized nations, and destroyed her economy in the process.

Fox, also, promoted the man-made global warming scam with its popular TV shows the Simpsons, Family Guy, King of the Hill, and Prison Break.

Dana Walden, Fox chairman said, "The most powerful way we could communicate the commitment on behalf of our company, was to change the practices within production, as well as work in a message about global warming, about environmental changes, about empowering people to take responsibilities."

"Empowering people to take responsibilities" is Walden's double-speak for weakening people with new carbon taxes, all going to the International Banking Cartel's World Bank, supposedly in order to save and clean up our environment.'


ClimateGate: What Will Television Do With All Their Scare-Programming?

A funny thing happened on the way to a global conspiracy. Reality killed it. Funny how that happens.

Not long ago people like Al Gore were jetting around the globe taking in vast speaking fees, winning awards, telling everyone that they must give up the things they enjoy to save the planet. These doomsayers all told us we were stupid if we doubted them. They knew better, you see. These people claimed all “real” scientists agreed that mankind was destroying the planet with global warming. That we humans were at fault and the only way to save ourselves is bow down to a world government, pay lots of taxes and give up our cars, our electricity, air travel, light bulbs, blah blah blah.

But two things happened last year that shot an arrow in the heart of the beast; one of the worst winters on record and Climategate. And the hits keep on coming. Now it turns out that NASA, who claimed for years that their data proves Global Warming is real, was actually just using CRU data all along. And the CRU couldn’t back up any of its data. In fact, they “lost the records” when they were forced to produce them. Oops!

So now these news channels who’ve been trumpeting the story as fact, all those cable networks who spent millions on documentaries hyping it, all those TV shows hawking green as the in color; they all look like fools. Or worse, they look like they were in on what will go down as one of the biggest scams in human history.'


We, The People, Call For Total National Strike April 15-18

The spark of Freedom is igniting within the hearts and minds of the people in America, as well as globally, and we all have the moral obligation to fan the flames. The time for taking our freedom for granted has passed.

It is now time to stand for freedom individually and collectively, and make the sacrifices necessary in order to reclaim it. But it is easier than most of us know.

There are only 3 things we need in order to ensure success. We must be Pro-Active, Non Violent, and Massive in numbers. There are over 300 million of us, here, in this country, trying to survive under corporate fascism. It is time to stop the so-called "Wheels of Progress" from crushing our lives and our planet.'


Lords Pass Controversial Internet Piracy Bill

Legislation to tackle internet piracy, including bans for illegal file-sharers, has been passed by the Lords.

The Digital Economy Bill is now expected to be rushed through the Commons before the general election.

Peers had earlier rejected a bid by ministers to include wide-ranging powers over future online piracy law.

But despite criticism, the government said it was still committed to giving courts the power to block websites which are infringing copyright.

The bill, put forward by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, has been welcomed by the music industry because it includes plans to suspend the internet accounts of people who persistently download material illegally.'


Was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Involved in Providing Wage and Tax Breaks to American Samoa?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's home district includes San Francisco.

Star-Kist Tuna's headquarters are in San Francisco, Pelosi's home district.

Star-Kist is owned by Del Monte Foods and is a major contributor to Pelosi.

Star-Kist is the major employer in American Samoa employing 75% of the Samoan workforce.

Paul Pelosi, Nancy's husband, owns $17 million dollars of Star-Kist stock.

In January, 2007 when the minimum wage was increased from $5.15 to $7.25, Pelosi had American Samoa exempted from the increase so Del Monte would not have to pay the higher wage. This would make Del Monte products less expensive than their competition's.'


A Few Choice Words For Dennis Kucinich

Dennis took a plane ride with Obama and sold us out. Threw us right the fuck under the bus. He sold us out after talking to Obama and Pelosi. He sold us out because he was told that without his support other progressives would also hold out and Pelosi would have to use the “deem and pass” trick to force Obamacare on the American people. That action would harm her rep and Obama’s rep. So he flipped his vote without getting a goddamn thing in exchange.'


Thimerosal : Beware of The Allergy Symptoms

Thimerosal is a light-colored crystalline powder (trade name Merthiolate) that is primarily used as a surgical antiseptic. It is a mercury based compound which can also be found in your personal care products, make up, and childhood vaccines. Because this is found in childhood vaccines, doctors have recommended that autistic children and their siblings not get vaccinated because Thimerosal can yield bad reactions.

Yet, with Thimerosal also being found in numerous personal care products that you find in your local stores, you must stop to wonder what is this product doing to adults? First, it is important to understand that Thimerosal's only role within these products is to serve as a preservative. Your child also has contact with these products. For this reason, parents of children who have Autistm, AD(H)D or any other disability, really need to know more information about Thimerosal and I plan on sharing with you all that I know. '


Standing Your Ground Against Police

This is as good of an example as you can get of asserting your rights. Pete is no stranger to filming police and this is the second video of his used by Cop Block. The first was confronting Arlington police officers about parking their cruiser illegally, which Cop Block is still waiting to hear the outcome of that investigation. Pete’s decisions to go to his girlfriends aid, film the police, open carry a firearm, refuse to produce ID and to walk away from the police,without satisfying their request, were all perfectly legal acts.


Hundreds Of Americans File Complaints Over Naked Body Scanners

Despite establishment media spin that naked body scanners are being meekly accepted by a compliant public, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that there have been more than 600 formal complaints about the devices in the last year.

Furthermore, the documents reveal anger at TSA officials for refusing to offer passengers a pat-down alternative, as well as forcing children to go through machines which provide crisp images of genitalia, a particularly outrageous scenario in light of last week's story concerning a TSA worker who was charged with multiple child sex crimes having raped an underage girl.'


Celente on 2010: Wave of Terror, Internet revolt & War on Migration

What does the new year and new decade have in store for the World? Is the financial crisis over? Will Afghanistan be won and terrorism be beaten at home? Are people fed up of America's politics and media? To answer these questions and more, RT spoke to the renowned Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente.

Netanyahu Warns Biden With ‘Broken Glass’

“I have nothing to offer you but broken glass.” Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed US Vice President Biden during an after-dinner ceremony in Jerusalem on March 9, 2010.

Netanyahu had prepared a symbolic gift for visiting Vice President Joe Biden: a framed document announcing that several trees were planted in Jerusalem in memory of Biden’s mother, a loyal supporter of Israel.

But with Biden’s mission to persuade the Israeli government to begin shrinking Greater Israel back to its pre-1967 borders, Netanyahu leaned on the present and shattered the glass frame.

Then came Netanyahu’s cyptic warning and by way of indirection, a threat to Obama: “I have one thing to offer you right now, and it’s broken glass".'


GM Crops Cause Liver and Kidney Damage

A report published in the International Journal of Microbiology has verified once again that Monsanto's genetically modified (GM) crops are causing severe health problems. A legal challenge issued against Monsanto forced the multi-national agriculture giant to release raw data revealing that animals fed its patented GM corn suffered liver and kidney damage within just three months.

Adding to the mounting evidence that GM crops are dangerous all around, this information provides a damning indictment against Monsanto which continually insists that its GM products are safe. Not only are GM crops proving disastrous for the environment, but study after study, including those conducted by Monsanto itself, is showing that GM foods are detrimental to health.'


Georgia: Simulating War Or Provoking It?

On the evening of March 13 Georgia’s Imedi television channel ran a 30-minute prime time “simulated” newscast about a Russian invasion of the South Caucasus nation complete with a report that the country’s mercurial (if not megalomaniacal) president – Mikheil Saakashvili – had been assassinated.

The show was aired “by the Imedi TV’s weekly program Special Report, which started just a couple of minutes before 8pm – the time when Imedi TV runs its usual news bulletin Kronika.” (Unless otherwise indicated, all quotes are from Civil Georgia reports of March 14, 2010.)

The Special Report’s regular news anchor, Natia Koberidze, opened the program with the words: “Have you ever thought about the end of Georgian statehood? Probably yes, because we have already seen this threat in the summer of 2008".'


Financial Crisis: The Next Big Bank Bailout is on the Way

Housing is on the rocks and prices are headed lower. That's not the consensus view, but it's a reasonably safe assumption. Master illusionist Ben Bernanke managed to engineer a modest 7-month uptick in sales, but the fairydust will wear off later this month when the Fed stops purchasing mortgage-backed securities and long-term interest rates begin to creep higher. The objective of Bernanke's $1.25 trillion program, which is called quantitative easing, was to transfer the banks "unsellable" MBS onto the Fed's balance sheet. Having achieved that goal, Bernanke will now have to unload those same toxic assets onto Freddie and Fannie. (as soon as the public is no longer paying attention)

Bernanke's cash giveaway has helped to buoy stock prices and stabilize housing, but market fundamentals are still weak. There's just too much inventory and too few buyers. Now that the Fed is withdrawing its support, matters will only get worse.'


US Lawmakers Furious Over Criticizing Israel

US congressmen have rebuked President Barack Obama's administration for its criticism of Israel over its illegal settlement expansions.

Eric Cantor, the number two Republican in the House of Representatives, claimed on Tuesday that the government's criticism of Israel threatened US national security.

"To say that I am deeply concerned with the irresponsible comments that the White House, vice president and the secretary of state have made against Israel is an understatement," Cantor said in a fiery tone.

He also blamed the Obama administration of trying to gain favor from the Arab world by damaging its allies and friends.

The lawmaker meanwhile stressed that any peace talks facilitated by the United States in the Middle East should be based solely on Israeli terms.'


Israel Plans Massive Settlement Expansion

Reports say Israel planned to build hundreds of new housing units in occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds as tensions mount in the city over the regime's settlement works.

Citing the Israeli media, Ma'an news agency reported Wednesday that the Israeli housing ministry plans to build 1,300 new buildings across the Pisgat Ze'ev, Nabi Yakov and Har Homa neighborhoods in East Jerusalem al-Quds.'


'9/11 Panel Was Warned Not to Probe Too Deeply'

Leaked confidential documents have revealed that senior officials from the former US administration had warned a 9/11 investigation panel against probing too deeply into the terrorist attacks.

In a letter obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the 9/11 Commission was refused permission to question terror suspects, with the Bush administration arguing that by doing so the panel would "cross" a "line" and obstruct the administration's efforts to protect the nation.

Citing the need to "Safeguard the national security, including protection of Americans from future terrorist attacks," the government officials demanded the Commission not make further attempts at conducting a deeper probe into the September 11 terror attacks.'


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pharma Backed Australian of the Year Psychiatrist Wants Millions in Government Funding for Brave New World of 'Pre-Drugging' Kids

Drugs, Big Pharma criminals

Who is Patrick McGorry and what does he promote? He’s a psychiatrist just named Australian of the Year for his work in “youth mental health reform.” What does that reform consist of? What he calls a “new form of climate change.” It sure is.

[See TIME Magazine Article "Drugs Before Diagnosis?"]

He not only promotes youths being put on antipsychotics and antidepressants, cited by international drug regulatory agencies as causing hallucinations, hostility, personality change, life-threatening diabetes, strokes, suicide and death, McGorry goes a giant step further—drug them before they’ve even developed a “psychiatric” disorder.'


Shameful Anti-Free Speech Lobby Labels Questioning Government 'Hate'

Shameful Zionist propaganda lobby group The Simon Wiesenthal Center has issued a report which smears people who question government as racists and terrorists, labeling conspiracy theories “hate” in the latest crusade against free speech on the Internet.

In an article entitled, Terrorists Targeting Children Via Facebook, Twitter, Fox News affords sympathetic coverage to the 2010 Digital Terrorism and Hate report, which lumps in “conspiracy theories” with “lone wolf extremists,” “bomb making instructions” and “hate games,” implying that dissemination of “conspiracy theories” also amounts to some form of child abuse.

The intention is clear – to smear anyone upset at the mass financial raping they have been subject to, anyone expressing dissent and suspicion towards the federal government, as a racist, extremist, a child abuser, or even a terrorist.'


Euro Crisis - Latvia And The PIGS

Down on the Euro Animal Farm, some animals are more equal than others, finds Eric Walberg...

Two million people took to the streets of Athens last week in the country's second general strike this month, protesting the austerity measures proposed by their socialist government. All of Greece came to a 24-hour standstill and the airport was closed as a result of the action. The only public transport was the commuter train so that protesters could reach the demonstration.

The crisis broke last autumn after Prime Minister George Papandreous took office and discovered the country was bankrupt. The conservative government had cheated to get into the European Union euro zone in 2001, cooking the books. What on paper -- creative accounting courtesy of Goldman Sachs -- was a budget deficit of 3 per cent and public debt 60 per cent of GDP, by 2009 had ballooned to 13 per cent and 125 per cent.

Initially, the EU tried to finesse the issue, declaring solidarity with Greece. But the financial sharks are sharpening their teeth, smelling blood. Their response to the Greek problem is naturally to rush to profit from it. Greece's "credit rating" has already been lowered, meaning any new bonds will carry a much higher price tag for the government (read: people). That of course makes it all the harder for Greece (read: the people) to actually pay the bankers. And when the country defaults, the EU will be forced to cough up in any case. Win, win for the fat cats. What EU leaders meant by solidarity was not that they were going to pour public money into Greece, as they have been pouring into their banks over the past year and a half, but that they intended to squeeze the money "owed" the banks out of the Greek people, relying on IMF oracles.'


Schoolchildren 'Routinely Monitored' by CCTV

Surveillance cameras are now installed in most UK schools, despite little warning given to parents or pupils, it was claimed.

As many as 85 per cent of teachers have reported the use of CCTV in their schools and one-in-10 said cameras had even been placed in toilets.

According to the study, some schools are also using other techniques such as fingerprinting, metal detectors, electronic identity cards, eye scanners and facial recognition systems.

Research funded by Salford University said that schools were increasingly becoming a “hotbed for surveillance practices” in the UK as children were subjected to checks for often mundane reasons such as borrowing a book from a library or paying for lunch.'


Fluoride Risks for Kidney Patients

Part of an ongoing series of "Professional Perspectives" on the risks and benefits of fluoride. This video looks at the effects of fluoride on people with kidney disease.

Opus Dei -- Catholic Church Embraces Satanic Cult

The last century saw many changes in the Catholic Church. One such change was the granting of Personal Prelature status on Opus Dei, which is a sect within the Catholic Institutional structure, created by Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer in 1928.

"In 1982, Opus Dei was established as a 'Personal Prelature' by Pope John Paul II. The term 'Personal' means that membership of Opus Dei is not linked to territory (as is the case in a diocese, for instance.) 'Prelature' means that the head of Opus Dei is a 'Prelate' appointed by the Pope.'


EU Money Spent on Skiing Trips and 'TV Propaganda'

In a report, MEPs raised questions about the assembly budget, including concerns about a £72,000 fund for parliament staff which was used to pay for a trip to the Italian Alps for the children of MEPs and officials.

It also attacked the annual £8 million budget for EuroparlTV, Parliament's own dedicated online TV channel. It broadcasts live Parliamentary events, including plenary and committee meetings but has been condemned by some MEPs as "glorified propaganda."

UK Independence Party MEP Marta Andreasen branded the channel as a "joke." She said: "It is farcical that British taxpayers are expected to foot the bill for other to watch hours and hours of interminable debates that amounts to no more than propaganda".'


CIA's European Secrets: Clandestine Prisons Investigated

Protests Against The Wall in Palestine Will No Longer be Allowed

One week after the head of the Israeli Shin Bet threatened to aggravate the repression of the Palestinian popular struggle, a large military force raided the villages of Bil’in and Ni’ilin at 3:30AM tonight. The sole purpose of the raids was to post decrees designating the lands between the Wall and the built up area of the villages as closed military zones between 8AM to 8PM every Friday for a period of half a year. The decrees, which came into effect already on February 17th, are signed by the recently appointed commander of the Israeli Centarl Command, Avi Mizrahi, himself. Closed military zone orders are usually signed by a brigade commander, a much lower rank.'


The 911 Cat is Out of the Bag

The lid is blowing off a story broadcast by American TV on September 11, 2001. The question now is whether or not owners and managers of America's mainline media will be able to continue burying facts, questions, controversy, speculations, and conclusions contradicting that day's professionally crafted narrative. When will the American people be given access to documented facts unearthed over the years since that tragic and exceptional day?

We were told repeatedly, even while the towers in New York were still standing, that a man in a cave in Afghanistan was responsible. We were led to believe that he managed a group of Arab terrorists who flew our commercial airliners on 911. As proof, his picture was repeatedly flashed across major TV networks with the smoking buildings in the background. Today, our own FBI claims they lack any evidence linking that man to 9/11.

We are still repeatedly shown, in newspapers and on TV, photos of 19 "Arab terrorists" supposedly on the planes, with no other proof of their even being there. Poorly produced and obviously faked videos of the big boogyman have been trotted out periodically. Where were they produced? The "flying Arabs" keep turning up alive and well. Who stole, forged, and assumed their identities? Other Arabs? Why?

There is evidence that the boogyman was seriously ill with kidney disease requiring dialysis, and that he died late in December, 2001. The CIA knew this because he was one of their assets right up until 911. What an ideal patsy, if there ever was one! Dead men tell no tales and they can never be captured.'


In Bizarre, Soviet-Style Move, White House Threatens to Veto Intelligence Budget Unless FBI’s Anthrax Frame Up Is Accepted

In a bizarre, Soviet-style move, the White House has threatened to veto the intelligence budget unless everyone accepts the FBI frame up of Dr. Bruce Ivins.

As Bloomberg writes:

President Barack Obama probably would veto legislation authorizing the next budget for U.S. intelligence agencies if it calls for a new investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks, an administration official said.

A proposed probe by the intelligence agencies’ inspector general “would undermine public confidence” in an FBI probe of the attacks “and unfairly cast doubt on its conclusions,” Peter Orszag, director of the Office of Management and Budget, wrote in a letter to leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence committees.'


Britain’s Policy on Palestine is Hypocritical, Duplicitous and Mendacious

Last week, a few Palestinian journalists and I had the opportunity to meet with Martin Day, a spokesman of the British government. The meeting, which was hosted by the Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN), took place in Ramallah. In his introductory remarks, Day gave the impression that the imminent renewal of peace talks between the almost completely helpless Palestinian Authority (PA) and a brazenly insolent Israel, ruled by the most hawkish government in the Jewish states history, will eventually achieve peace and lead to the establishment of a viable Palestinian state. He also lauded the Obama administration, underscoring its towards resolving the enduring Palestinian cause. Day's remarks were received with disbelief and dismay by the small audience of journalists, writers and cameramen who thought that Day either didn't know what he was talking about, or he did know what he was saying but was detached not only from truth but from reality as well.'


Full El Al Flight Took Off On 9/11 From JFK to Tel Aviv

WMR has learned from two El Al sources who worked for the Israeli airline at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport that on 9/11, hours after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grounded all civilian domestic and international incoming and outgoing flights to and from the United States, a full El Al Boeing 747 took off from JFK bound for Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport.

The two El Al employee sources are not Israeli nationals but legal immigrants from Ecuador who were working in the United States for the airline.

The flight departed JFK at 4:11 pm and its departure was, according to the El Al sources, authorized by the direct intervention of the U.S. Department of Defense. U.S. military officials were on the scene at JFK and were personally involved with the airport and air traffic control authorities to clear the flight for take-off.'


Total Sham: Cancer Treatments (Which Don't Work) Soar to $90 Billion a Year in Costs For Patients

The cost of cancer treatment is "skyrocketing" — both for individual patients and the nation, a new analysis shows.
From 1990 to 2008, spending on cancer care soared to more than $90 billion from $27 billion. The increase was driven by the rising costs of sophisticated new drugs, robotic surgeries and radiation techniques, as well as the growing number of patients who are eligible to take them, says Peter Bach of New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, co-author of an analysis in today's Journal of the American Medical Association.'


'Fingerprint' of Germs Unique to Each Individual

They were able to map a unique bacterial genetic signature left by nine different people, and said this germy DNA lasted though day-to-day temperature changes, humidity and sunlight.

"Each one of us leaves a unique trail of bugs behind as we travel through our daily lives," Noah Fierer, a researcher at the University of Colorado at Boulder who led the study, said in a statement.

"While this project is still in its preliminary stages, we think the technique could eventually become a valuable new item in the toolbox of forensic scientists," he said.

Researchers have been learning that people are colonized with billions of microbes, both inside and on the body. And studies have shown that these colonies are unique to the individual and even to the place on the body.'


Pfizer Hid Evidence That HRT Causes Cancer

A Philadelphia jury has found drug giant Pfizer Inc. guilty of deliberately ignoring evidence that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) drug Prempro increased women's risk of breast cancer, ordering it to pay unspecified damages to defendant Connie Barton.

Millions of women used Prempro and other HRT drugs up until 2002, when the groundbreaking Women's Health Initiative study found that taking the drugs significantly increased women's risk of breast cancer and death from cardiovascular disease. The risk was so striking that researchers called an early halt to the study out of concern for participants' lives. The drugs were -- and still are -- marketed to relieve the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats.

More recent research suggests that HRT drugs also increase women's risk of dying from lung cancer.'


49 Palestinians Injured by Israelis in al-Quds Clashes

Nearly 50 Palestinians have been reported wounded in Jerusalem al-Quds in clashes with Israeli forces.

The Red Crescent in al-Quds reports that 49 Palestinians were wounded by noon in the Old City on Tuesday.

Among the wounded were 14 that incurred injures from rubber bullets while 16 suffered from tear gas inhalation. The rest of the injured were beaten by Israeli forces, Ynet reported.

Israeli police said its forces fired rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse the crowd which gathered in differed neighborhoods in East al-Quds to protest the inauguration of a rebuilt synagogue in the Old City near the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.'


Israel Has Nukes, But Iran is Pressured: Erdogan

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Iran's nuclear rights should be respected and it is only a rumor that Iran is trying to produce nuclear weapons.

Speaking before meeting British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in London on Tuesday, Erdogan also questioned why countries like Israel did not face calls from the international community to disarm, while Iran did.'


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

UK Taxpayer ‘WILL Pay Tens of Billions of Euros for Greek Rescue’

The UK taxpayer could still end up forking out for the bailout of debt-stricken Greece despite Treasury assurances, politicians warned last night. The fears come as eurozone finance ministers are today expected to discuss a package of aid worth tens of billions of euros for the ailing country. Philip Davies, Tory MP for Shipley, last night said it would be 'unacceptable' for UK taxpayers to be asked to pay any money to help Athens.

And he urged Gordon Brown to give a cast-iron guarantee that it would not happen.

He said: 'We always fear the worst with this Government. 'Perhaps the Prime Minister should give a categoric assurance that not one penny piece of UK taxpayers' money will go towards bailing out Greece.
'We've got enough financial problems of our own without having to bail out another irresponsible country.'