Friday, March 25, 2011

Japan PM: N-Situation Could Deteriorate

Japan nuclear safety officials suspect that high-level radiation may be leaking from a reactor core at the Fukushima nuclear plant, with the country's premier warning that the situation could deteriorate.

"The situation at the Fukushima Daiichi plant is nowhere near the point where we can become complacent. We are making efforts to prevent it from getting worse, but it is my understanding that we cannot become complacent. We must continue to be on our guard,” said Japanese prime minister Naoto Kan on Friday.

High-level radiation is suspected to be leaking from the number three reactor core, which holds 170 tons of radioactive fuel, raising fears of a major nuclear contamination.


Pervasive Brutality Engulfs Bahrain

The Bahraini royal government has issued a virtual hunting license to occupying Saudi and GCC troops, Bahraini soldiers and security police as they invade homes, mosques and villages, assaulting civilians at funerals mourning the dead and in the homes of those gathered to grieve for daily victims.

Doctors and surgeons who survived the round-ups and assaults in the streets have switched off their mobile phones and gone into hiding with families and friends in the villages and interior. Many seized in the hospitals have disappeared, to the despair of those closest to them.'


Yellow Rain Falls In Tokyo? Pollen Excuse Exact Same As Chernobyl Yellow Rain Lie

“We all jumped in the puddles with the yellow stuff. … You don’t see (it in) the air, it doesn’t materialize. But when you see the yellow dust, you see radiation,” Antonina Sergieff said.

The accident was originally caused by a small testing error that resulted in a chain reaction in which highly pressurized steam literally blew the top off of a nuclear reactor.

The result was the release of 100 more times radiation than the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, according to the United Nations issue brief on Chernobyl.

Among the unstable elements released were iodine-131, caesium-137, strontium-90 and plutonium-239. Scientists say that exposure to such elements, especially in such high doses, impairs critical cellular functions and damages DNA.

When these elements first reached Sergieff 20 years ago, they came in the form of yellow rain.

It was not long after that residents in her hometown knew it wasn’t simply “pollen” – which is what government officials assured them, she said.'


Big Agriculture Wants To Make It a Crime to Expose Animal Abuse at Factory Farms

What do Florida and Iowa have in common when it comes to animal agriculture? They've both been hot spots, past and present, for the movement to combat some of the worst abuses in industrial agribusiness. And now the factory farming industry is fighting back in both states—and their latest methods represent their biggest overreach yet.

They are trying to make it a crime to photograph or videotape farm animals. They don't want to criminalize animal cruelty, but they do want to make criminals of people trying to document abuse and to put an end to the cruelty. Lawmakers have introduced bills in both states to establish criminal penalties for going undercover at agricultural facilities and simply taking pictures.'


Obama Takes ‘Unprecedented’ Aim at Leakers

Elected on a promise of a more transparent government, President Barack Obama has taken "unprecedented" aim at leakers who divulge classified information to journalists, critics say.

"We've seen the current president bringing five prosecutions so far... against people for whistleblowing, for leaks of classified information," said Daniel Ellsberg, famous for his 1971 leak of the "Pentagon Papers," which helped turn the tide of public opinion against the Vietnam War.

"All previous presidents put together brought three prosecutions... We see a campaign here against whistleblowing that is highly unprecedented in legal terms".'


Thousands Rally in Australia Against Carbon Tax

A concerted Australian grassroots campaign holds rallies in six major cities to protest the imposition of climate change taxes and demand new election.

Thousands of protestors are challenging Prime Minister, Julia Gillard's, “undemocratic” climate policies demanding either an immediate election or that her government drops all such proposals. They say imposing the taxes would be a betrayal of democratic principles because Gillard was elected with no mandate to raise any such taxes.'


Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy

Two years ago, George Soros said he wanted to reorganize the entire global economic system. In two short weeks, he is going to start - and no one seems to have noticed.

On April 8, a group he's funded with $50 million is holding a major economic conference and Soros's goal for such an event is to "establish new international rules" and "reform the currency system." It's all according to a plan laid out in a Nov. 4, 2009, Soros op-ed calling for "a grand bargain that rearranges the entire financial order."

The event is bringing together "more than 200 academic, business and government policy thought leaders' to repeat the famed 1944 Bretton Woods gathering that helped create the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Soros wants a new 'multilateral system," or an economic system where America isn't so dominant.'


Banking Reform Bribery Exposed in European Parliament

On the front page of the Sunday Times this morning you will see the headline ‘Euro MPs exposed in ‘cash-for-laws’ scandal’ (£). Journalists from the respected Insight investigative team have posed as financial lobbyists and have approached MEPs offering them large sums of money in return for watering down banking reform legislation.

Three MEPs took the bait and were employed by the fake lobbying company on a yearly salary of €100,000. One of those was 56 year old former Romanian deputy prime minister, Adrian Severin, who apparently emailed the journalists posing as lobbyists writing “Just to let you know that the amendment desired by you has been tabled in due time”. He then sent an invoice for €12,000.

The other two MEPs caught up in the scandal was Slovenian foreign minister Zoran Thaler, and former Austrian interior minister Ernst Strasser. It is said that Ernst additionally boasted about serving at least five commercial clients who each paid him €100,000 per year.'


Can a Four Star General Talk Like a Truther?

Radioactive Fallout from Fukushima Approaching Same Levels as Chernobyl

Because Fukushima continues to leak radiation into the environment, its total radioactive output may yet exceed that of Chernobyl. There's certainly a lot more fuel at Fukushima than there ever was at Chernobyl: 1,760 tons of nuclear fuel versus just 180 tons at Chernobyl.

So Fukushima has ten times the amount of fresh and spent fuel as Chernobyl. And it's still spewing radiation every second. The food and water in Japan is already contaminated, the oceans are radioactive, the air is radioactive, neutron beams are jetting out of the nuclear facility, it's raining yellow water, workers are being hospitalized with radiation burns, and still the nuclear industry says stop worrying... it's all safe!'


Billionaire Curtis Johnson Charged with Sexual Assault of a Child in Racine County

SC Johnson heir, who lives in Caledonia, admitted to having inappropriate contact with a child, according to a criminal complaint.

Samuel Curtis Johnson III was formally charged today, March 24, with repeated sexual assault of a child. A judge released him on a $500,000 cash bond and Johnson was ordered to have no contact with the child or any other minor female child.'


Lack of Data from Japan Distresses Nuclear Experts

How did Japanese workers at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant jury-rig fire hoses to cool damaged reactors? Is contaminated water from waste pools overflowing into the Pacific Ocean? Exactly who is the national incident commander?

The answers to these and many other questions are unclear to U.S. nuclear scientists and policy experts, who say the quality and quantity of information coming out of Japan has left gaping holes in their understanding of the disaster nearly two weeks after it began.'


NATO Aggression on Yugoslavia: Challenging an Illegal War

Depleted Uranium: A Strange Way To Protect Libyan Civilians

In the first 24 hours of the Libyan attack, US B-2s dropped forty-five 2,000-pound bombs. These massive bombs, along with the Cruise missiles launched from British and French planes and ships, all contained depleted uranium (DU) warheads.

DU is the waste product from the process of enriching uranium ore. It is used in nuclear weapons and reactors. Because it is a very heavy substance, 1.7 times denser than lead, it is highly valued by the military for its ability to punch through armored vehicles and buildings. When a weapon made with a DU tip strikes a solid object like the side of a tank, it goes straight through it, then erupts in a burning cloud of vapor. The vapor settles as dust, which is not only poisonous, but also radioactive.'


The CIA’s Libya Rebels: The Same Terrorists who Killed US, NATO Troops in Iraq

It turns out that there is, in the form of a December 2007 West Point study examining the background of foreign guerrilla fighters — jihadis or mujahedin, including suicide bombers — crossing the Syrian border into Iraq during the 2006-2007 timeframe, under the auspices of the international terrorist organization Al Qaeda. This study is based on a mass of about 600 Al Qaeda personnel files which were captured by US forces in the fall of 2007, and analyzed at West Point using a methodology which we will discuss after having presented the main findings. The resulting study1 permits us to make important findings about the mentality and belief structures of the northeastern Libyan population that is furnishing the basis for the rebellion, permitting important conclusions about the political nature of the anti-Qaddafi revolt in these areas.'


Nato Takes Over Libya No-Fly Zone (another stepping stone to the world army)

Nato has agreed to take command of enforcing the no-fly zone over Libya from the US.

But Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen made clear that other aspects of the operation would remain in the hands of the current coalition for now.

Nato has been locked in dispute about whether to take charge of the mission to enforce a UN resolution.'


Over 60 Killed in Myanmar's 6.8 Earthquake

A Myanmarese official says the death toll in affected areas, including Tarlay, Mine Lin and Tachileik townships has increased to more than 60.

"About 90 people were injured from those areas. Rescuers are still trying to reach some more affected areas. There are some places they cannot reach yet," the official added.

Over 240 buildings have been destroyed by the tremor as officials warn of many more casualties.'


Japan Fears Nuclear Reactor Core Breach

Japanese nuclear safety officials raised the possibility of more severe environmental contamination on Friday with their latest announcement on the country's nuclear crisis.

“It is possible that somewhere at the reactor may have been damaged,'' AP quoted Hidehiko Nishiyama, a spokesman for the nuclear safety agency, as saying.

He added, however, “Our data suggest the reactor retains certain containment functions,'' implying that limited damage could have occurred in Fukushima's Unit 3 reactor core.'


Egypt Braces for 'Cleansing Friday' Rally

The 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition, which led the 18-day revolution against the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said "The Friday of Cleansing" protest will be held outside the Egyptian Radio and Television Union in Cairo to urge the government to repeal the ban on public protests and strikes, the Al-Masry Al-Youm daily reported on Thursday.

The Egyptian Cabinet on Wednesday ordered a law criminalizing protests and strikes, according to which anyone inciting, organizing, promoting, or calling for a protest will be sentenced to jail or be fined for LE500,000 ($84,000).

The new law, which has not yet been approved by the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is "a serious indicator of a political direction that will act as a barrier against any real democracy, which the people have the right to practice,” the movement said in a statement.'


Israeli Warplanes Strike Four Gaza Targets

Israeli fighter jets have struck four targets in the Gaza Strip, injuring several Palestinians, security sources and witnesses said.

The four strikes were launched on Gaza on Thursday evening and injured three Palestinians, AFP reported.

It follows three airstrikes carried out on Gaza early Thursday morning, targeting the city as well as a tunnel near the Egyptian border at Rafah.

On Tuesday, at least 10 Palestinians, including four children, were killed and dozens injured after an Israeli tank fired shots at a home in the Gaza Strip.'


US Lawmakers to Act Against Libya Move

American lawmakers are studying legislation to cut off funding for the US military operations in Libya, arguing the effort lacks congressional authorization.

Leading the Congressional measure is Republican Tim Johnson, who argues that US President Barak Obama should have consulted Congress before launching the military campaign.

In an interview with The Huffington Post on Wednesday, he described Obama as the "new war-mongering president” and said the decision to launch a strike on Libya “elevates hatred toward America".'


White House: Libya fight Is Not War, It's 'Kinetic Military Action'

In the last few days, Obama administration officials have frequently faced the question: Is the fighting in Libya a war? From military officers to White House spokesmen up to the president himself, the answer is no. But that leaves the question: What is it?

In a briefing on board Air Force One Wednesday, deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes took a crack at an answer. "I think what we are doing is enforcing a resolution that has a very clear set of goals, which is protecting the Libyan people, averting a humanitarian crisis, and setting up a no-fly zone," Rhodes said. "Obviously that involves kinetic military action, particularly on the front end."


Scientists' Research Warns Humanity May be Facing 'Vortex of Death'

Professor Raymond Wheeler, from the University of Kansas, at first almost stumbled into the frightening data. The connection was initially discovered by noted Russian scientist Alexander Chizhevsky during 1915: solar storms trigger conflict, wars and death. A vortex of death.

Chizhevsky found after intense research that the rise and fall of solar activity—interacting with the earth's magnetic field—causes mass changes in human's perspective's, moods, emotions and behavioral patterns. All are affected by sunspots and solar flares.


Egyptian Women Protesters Forced to Take ‘Virginity Tests’

Amnesty International has today called on the Egyptian authorities to investigate serious allegations of torture, including forced 'virginity tests’, inflicted by the army on women protesters arrested in Tahrir Square earlier this month.

After army officers violently cleared the square of protesters on 9 March, at least 18 women were held in military detention. Amnesty International has been told by women protesters that they were beaten, given electric shocks, subjected to strip searches while being photographed by male soldiers, then forced to submit to 'virginity checks’ and threatened with prostitution charges.


Russia Bans Japan Food import

Russia has prohibited imports of food from Japan, while concerns intensify over radioactive leak from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, endangering lives of many in the region.

The head of Russia's consumer protection agency said food imports from four regions in Japan have been banned due to the life-threatening crisis that is spreading in the Asian nation, AFP reported Thursday.

"We have given orders to fully ban the use of food products which have been brought into Russia after March 11 from Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi and Gunma," he said, adding that the foods from those four provinces would even be stopped at the border without radiation inspections.


Bahrainis to Hold Day of Rage on Friday

Bahraini opposition activists have announced plans for another "Day of Rage" on Friday in defiance of the martial law imposed since last week.

Nine demonstrations -- whose plans were circulated by email and internet -- are arranged to be held across crisis-hit Bahrain on Friday.One of the rallies is expected to be heading toward the airport and another aims for Manama's Salmaniya hospital.

Government crackdown on peaceful demonstrations in Bahrain has recently been aided by troops from Saudi Arabia.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

First Pictures Emerge of the Fukushima Fifty as Steam Starts Pouring From all Four Reactors at the Stricken Nuclear Power Plant

The darkness is broken only by the flashing torchlight of the heroes who stayed behind.

These first images of inside the stricken Fukushima Dai-Ichi power plant reveal the terrifying conditions under which the brave men work to save their nation from full nuclear meltdown.

The Fukushima Fifty - an anonymous band of lower and mid-level managers - have battled around the clock to cool overheating reactors and spent fuel rods since the disaster on March 11.


Britain Faces a £3 Billion Bill to Save Portugal in Another EU Bailout

British taxpayers could be forced to pay £3billion to rescue the Portuguese economy after the collapse of austerity talks in Lisbon last night.

A massive bail-out from the European Union now looks like the only option – with the UK unable to abstain despite not being in the eurozone, according to the Open Europe think-tank.

The warning comes after a vote in the Portuguese parliament rejected a proposed package of tax increases and spending cuts, leading to the resignation of the prime minister Jose Socrates.'


Younger Staff Will work to 80 Under Pension Link to Rising Lifespans

Mr Osborne said it would no longer be “affordable” to provide an adequate state pension when most people could retire at the relatively young age of 65 or earlier.

In future, he said, regular, independent reviews should establish longevity rates, which would then be used to decide the state pension age.

Retirement for millions of public sector employees is due to be linked to the state pension age by the end of the current parliament, so the move will affect a significant proportion of the workforce. Longevity is rising at a rate of seven months every year, meaning that, under the proposal, employees in their twenties, thirties and forties could find themselves working beyond their 75th or even 80th birthday.'


26th March, Census Rebellion, 1pm North Side of Trafalgar Square. You Will See Us with Megaphones! Follow the Census Rebellion Flyers if You Can’t Find Us!

The day before the Census is due, you are due in Central London. We hope for sun and we will congregate in what could be the biggest protest this country has ever seen.

2011 is the year of the people’s uprising, and this is entirely about total resistance. You refuse to deal any information or energy to a group of criminals who have sacrificed humanity at greed’s altar. The Census could very well be used in peace time, when benevolence ruled the waves, but not by this lot. If their leadership has fallen short, then so does our support. It goes even more deeply than this. Ultimately, in this age of awakening, it’s the people who demand information from the state.'


Could Obama be Impeached over Libya? Let's ask Biden

The Ongoing Plot To Create 'Greater Israel'

The author of the following point wrote about these things in 1968. Since then, to make things worse, warring Israel has amassed billions of dollars of US-supplied state of the art weaponry including a huge nuclear arsenal--all while screaming about its neighbors being the threat. Typical.

By guile, treachery and bloodletting, the Zionists plot to annex all of Jordan, virtually all of Syria, half of Iraq and a large part of Saudi Arabia and all of the rich cotton lands of the Nile Valley. It would be a simpler matter then to grab Yemen, Aden, Muscat, Qatar and Oman with their rich oil development. Israel is already well advanced in the development of its first nuclear warhead.'


Senator Lindsey Graham Uses Lie About 9/11 Hijackers To Push Biometric ID Cards

Lindsey Graham openly promotes a biometric Nazi ID Card. Then lies about the 9/11 hijackers and how they entered the country.

The Unreported Facts About Libya

Top EU Official Defends Bahrain Crackdown

A senior advisor to EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton has defended Bahrain's security forces after they opened fire on protesters with live ammunition last week.

Speaking to MEPs in the foreign affairs committee in Brussels on Tuesday (22 March) after visiting Bahrain, Robert Cooper, Ashton's top advisor on the western Balkans and the Middle East, said the island is normally "a rather pleasant, peaceful place."

He went on: "I'm not sure if the police have had to deal with these public order questions before. It's not easy dealing with large demonstrations in which there may be violence. It's a difficult task for policemen. It's not something that we always get right in the best Western countries and accidents happen".'


If You Don't Think Libya Is About Oil, Read This

The US Treasury just put out a statement concerning various companies owned by Libya's National Oil Corporation that are subject to sanctions. Most intriguing is this part of the statement:

'Treasury will continue monitoring the National Oil Corporation’s operations in Libya. Should National Oil Corporation subsidiaries or facilities come under different ownership and control, Treasury may consider authorizing dealings with such entities.'


Will Jerusalem Fall in 2012?

A cursory examination of the propaganda purposes of Kingdom of Heaven is not easy to discern. The pro Islam nature of this big budget film would seem to fly in the face of the idea that Hollywood is run by pro-Israeli forces. Why would they fund a film that not only shows the Arabs conquering Israel and Jerusalem but making the crusading Christians into the bad guys? What purpose would this piece of propaganda serve?

It is well known that one of the main tenets of Freemasonry is the desire to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. Freemasons also convey a desire that all three western religions be able to worship in Jerusalem. Therefore, the film Kingdom of Heaven accurately touts the Freemasonic line about Jerusalem. This also echoes the international community's desire for Jerusalem as well. The two forces that do not wish Jerusalem to become an international city are the present occupiers of Israel and the fundamentalist Christian supporters in the US.'


Knesset Passes Bill Prohibiting Nakba Commemoration

The Israeli legislature has passed a bill that will require the state to fine local authorities or state funded bodies that commemorate the Palestinian Nakba Day.

The bill has been reworked since its proposal in May 2009; originally the bill authorized a three-year prison sentence for anyone seen commemorating the Nakba. Now it imposes a fine on any group or authority that hosts an event acknowledging the Palestinian Nakba.

Any such state-funded body will be forced to pay three times its cost in fines for violating the new bill.'


Obama Filmed Lying

Fukushima Smoking Gun Emerges: Founding Engineer Says Reactor 4 Has Always Been A 'Time Bomb', Exposes Criminal Cover Up

It was only a matter of time before someone grew a conscience, and disclosed to the world that in addition to the massive cover up currently going on with respect to the true extent of the Fukushima catastrophe, the actual plant itself, in borrowing from the BP playbook, was built in a hurried way, using cost and labor-cutting shortcuts, and the end result was a true "time bomb."

Bloomberg has just released a report that if and when confirmed should lead to the prompt engagement of harakiri by the Hitachi executives responsible for this unprecedented act of treason against Japan's citizens.

Quote Bloomberg: "One of the reactors in the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant may have been relying on flawed steel to hold the radiation in its core, according to an engineer who helped build its containment vessel four decades ago. Mitsuhiko Tanaka says he helped conceal a manufacturing defect in the $250 million steel vessel installed at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi No. 4 reactor while working for a unit of Hitachi Ltd. in 1974.'


Rothschild Zionist Obama the War Monger Defends his Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama defended his Nobel Peace Prize on Tuesday, saying that Americans “don’t see any contradiction” in him ordering an attack on Libya to make sure “people aren’t butchered because of a dictator who wants to cling to power.”

“When I received that award, I specifically said there was an irony because I was already dealing with two wars,” Obama said in an interview with CNN from El Salvador. “So I am accustomed to this contradiction of being both a commander-in-chief but also someone who aspires to peace.”

Saying he is focused on ensuring that Libyans can “live out their own aspirations,” Obama defended America’s involvement in Libya, saying, “we’re not invading a country, we’re not acting alone – we’re acting under a mandate issued by the United Nations Security Council in an unprecedented fashion and with unprecedented speed".'


Tokyo Citizens in Panic to Buy Bottled Water as Tap Faucets Spew Radiation

In the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear power plant catastrophe, radiation levels are now rising in Tokyo's water supply, leading to near-panic among citizens there who have stripped the shelves bare of virtually all bottled water supplies. This was all set in motion by Tokyo officials finally admitting that radiation levels had risen in the water supply beyond the point of safe consumption by infants and toddlers.'


More Than 2,000 Vaccinated Babies Died: The Cost of Doing Business

Earlier this month (March 2011), Japanese authorities ordered doctors to stop using pneumococcal and Hib vaccines because four children died after receiving the shots. However, the real news was never reported: more than 2,000 babies died in the United States after receiving vaccines for these very same diseases, yet authorities refuse to warn parents and halt production. A safety review is vital to determine whether a recall of the dangerous shots may be necessary to protect additional American babies from disability and death.'


The World's Super-Rich

The bailouts of banks, speculators and manufacturers served their real purposes: the multi-millionaires became billionaires and the later became multi-billionaires. According to the annual report of the business magazine Forbes there are 1,210 individuals – and in many cases family clans – with a net value of $1 billion dollars (or more). There total net worth is $4 trillion, 500 billion dollars, greater than the combined worth of 4 billion people in the world. The current concentration of wealth exceeds any previous period in history; from King Midas, the Maharajahs, and the Robber Barons to the recent Silicon Valley – Wall Street moguls of the present decade

An analysis of the source of wealth of the super-rich, the distribution in the world economy and the methods of accumulation highlights several important differences with major political consequences. We will proceed to identify these specific features of the super-rich, starting with the United States and follow with an analysis of the rest of the world.'


Darlington Nuclear Hearings Shut Down by Protesters

Knesset Passes Segregation Law

The Knesset passed a segregation bill today. Palestinian Israelis are not allowed to live in Jewish localities built on land confiscated from them. Government policy also makes sure they cannot build on the little private land that was left in their ownership. How long can Jewish Israelis continue pretending that Palestinians do not exist?'


Bus Stop Bomb Kills One in Jerusalem

A bomb has struck a crowded bus stop in West Jerusalem, killing at least one person and wounding 30 in what authorities said was the first major attack in the city in several years.

Scores of ambulances converged on the area near the central bus station as rescuers removed bloodied people from the area on stretchers on Wednesday.

Al Jazeera's Nisreen El-Shamayleh, reporting from Jerusalem, said that one person, a 60-year-old woman, died following the explosion.

"There was no immediate claim of responsibility. The normal reaction is for people to blame Palestinian groups when there is an explosion in Jerusalem, but the police are carrying out an investigation and aren't ruling out any possibility," our correspondent said.'


Israel Admits Kidnapping Operations Manager of Gaza's Only Power Plant

Israel admitted this week that it was behind the abduction of the operations manager of Gaza's only power plant, who disappeared more than a month ago while travelling on a train in Ukraine.

Israeli officials confirmed in a statement that Mr Dirar Abu Sisi, 42, was being held in Israel's Shikma prison, near Ashkelon, after a judge partially lifted reporting restrictions late on Sunday. However, the explanation for Mr Abu Sisi's abduction and detention are still covered by the gag order, which has been extended by a judge for 30 days.

The whereabouts of Mr Abu Sisi, an engineer, had been the subject of intense speculation since he disappeared on February 18 travelling on a train to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.'


Portuguese Prime Minister Steps Down

Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates has stepped down after the parliament voted against the latest package of austerity measures offered by his minority government.

Socrates announced his resignation on Wednesday as EU members are expected to hold a key summit on the eurozone debt crisis on Thursday.

"The opposition removed from the government the conditions to govern. As a result I have presented my resignation to the president," he said after his meeting with President Anibal Cavaco Silva, AFP reported.'


Reign of Terror, Torture in Bahrain

There is only one approach on the part of American imperialism and that is to subjugate these peoples, deny their sovereignty and to impose a semi-colonial regime; specifically with respect to Bahrain where the Al Khalifa is maintained not only by the British, but by the US and for a very long time.

I'd like to point out that a correspondent with the Irish Times, with whom I'm in touch with daily, has been documenting and writing about the manner in which Bahrain has been a center of torture operated by Sir Ian Henderson and the British over the past decades.

The most fiendish torture -- I'm talking about dismemberment and sexual abuse, torment of family members and the children of those detained on a regular and ongoing basis.'


British Police Threaten Strike Action

British police in Warwickshire have announced that their forces may go on strike in protest at the coalition government's massive cuts program.

The announcement comes at a time when the biggest protest gathering is on the offing in the UK with at least 100,000 people scheduled to participate in a demonstration organized by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in London on March 26.

In a joint statement, Warwickshire Police Federation and West Midlands Unison voiced their strong opposition to the coalition government cuts.'


US-led Strikes Target Libyan City

The US-led military alliance escalates its aerial attacks on several strategically-important cities across Libya, killing many civilians, reports say.

Residents in Misratah say Western forces have hit the city's air bases where Gaddafi's brigades are based. Water and electricity has been cut off to the city.

Medical personnel say at least 90 people have died in Misratah in the past five days.'


Mouse-Pig & Super-Fish Seek Approval for Human Consumption

Enter Enviropig! And his trusty side-kick Super Fish! Genetically mutated plants and animals always start out as some sort of trial – “Oh we would never allow this on the dinner plate,” is always the beginning line. Blink and you’ll miss the critters crawling onto the grocers’ shelves. Most of us are unaware of our consumption of GM vegetation. The push and final release of GM salmon will be the precedent that allows Enviropig on the market.


8 Out of 18 EPA Air Radiation Monitors May Not Be Working

CIA Psychologist's Notes Reveal True Purpose Behind Bush's Torture Program

Dr. Bruce Jessen's notes reveal torture techniques that were used to "exploit" "war on terror" detainees in custody of the CIA and Department of Defense. Bush administration officials have long asserted that the torture techniques used on "war on terror" detainees were utilized as a last resort....But the handwritten notes obtained exclusively by Truthout drafted two decades ago by Dr. John Bruce Jessen, the psychologist who was under contract to the CIA and credited as being one of the architects of the government's top-secret torture program, tell a dramatically different story about the reasons detainees were brutalized and it was not just about obtaining intelligence.


Japan's Premier Halts Farm Shipments

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has ordered halting shipment of a range of farm products as radiation has been detected in vegetables from Fukushima prefecture.Japan's health ministry said on Wednesday the higher-than-standard radiation was found in 11 types of vegetables,

The vegetables include broccoli, spinach, cabbage and cauliflower in Fukushima prefecture, where engineers are struggling to contain a tsunami-ravaged nuclear plant, Reuters reported.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thousands of Gulf Oil Spill Clean-up Crew are Dying

'You won't see this in national headlines. Jennifer Rexford, a BP-hired oil spill cleanup worker, has been documenting her condition that is getting worse by the day. BP is not taking responsibility.'

What They’re Covering Up at Fukushima

For example, yesterday. Around Fukushima Daiichi Station they measured 400 millisieverts – that’s per hour. With this measurement (Chief Cabinet Secretary) Edano admitted for the first time that there was a danger to health, but he didn’t explain what this means. All of the information media are at fault here I think. They are saying stupid things like, why, we are exposed to radiation all the time in our daily life, we get radiation from outer space. But that’s one millisievert per year. A year has 365 days, a day has 24 hours; multiply 365 by 24, you get 8760. Multiply the 400 millisieverts by that, you get 3,500,000 the normal dose. You call that safe? And what media have reported this? None.'



Why The Rothschilds Do It - Exterminating Moslems With DU

US troops opened fire on Libyan villagers in an operation to rescue two jet fighter crew after their warplane crashed in the east of the country, according to a British report.

World power is being devided among China, India, Brazil and Israel
-- and the US president has been in Brazil with his family during critical periods of the deadly release of radio active particles over the Pacific and the beginning of bombing operations putting tons of depleted uranium in Libya.

Why the Rothschilds Do It.'


Corporations Contaminating Agriculture

While Homeland Security continues to claim that we must not centralize agricultural production because some terrorist might then poison vast quantities of our food supply, the USDA and FDA continue to rig the system in favor of corporate agricultural producers who are doing that very thing. Maybe they get away with this because what these global corporations are producing can’t really be classified as food, or at least not as food we would recognize as fit for human consumption.

Let me make this perfectly clear: there is no unnamed terrorist in a cave on the other side of the world salivating over the idea of contaminating a corn field in Iowa. We know who the terrorists are, and they all have the word, “Corporation” attached to their names. And they aren’t in caves either; many have very nice and spacious offices right inside the USDA and FDA.'