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Der Spiegel 1974 – New Ice Age Approaching. Odds Of A Warm Future 'At Best 1 in 10,000'

In that issue Der Spiegel described a series of ”weather extremes” occurring all over the world, claiming they were unmistakable signs of a climate change to cooling: deluges of rain in West Germany, severe thunderstorms that uprooted trees and blew off roofs in Berlin, the worst storm in 100 years devastating much of Lower Saxony, hurricane Agnes inflicting 3 billion dollars in damage, floods in Japan and Peru, temperatures in Argentina, India and South Africa dropping to their lowest levels in 300 years.

Back in 1974, in its introduction, Der Spiegel wrote:

Is a new ice age coming? Not right away, but the rainy summers in northern Europe, scientists fear, were only a part of the worldwide shift in weather — a preview of cooler and wetter times ahead.'


9-11 WTC Biggest Gold Heist in History: $300 Billion in Bars

Los Alamos Scientist: TSA Scanners Shred Human DNA

In layman's terms what Alexandrov and his team discovered is that the resonant effects of the THz waves bombarding humans unzips the double-stranded DNA molecule. This ripping apart of the twisted chain of DNA creates bubbles between the genes that can interfere with the processes of life itself: normal DNA replication and critical gene expression.

Other studies have not discovered this deadly effect on the DNA because the research only investigated ordinary resonant effects.'


US To End 2010 With $13.9 Trillion In Debt, Total Debt Incurred Since Great Financial Crash: $4.4 Trillion

Now that all recent bond auctions have settled, and with no further bond auctions scheduled until the rest of the year, we can look at the final tally of US total debt: the number - $13,879,785,000,000. This represents a $1.568 trillion increase in total US debt held by the public for 2010, and $4.388 trillion since the collapse of Lehman. This is in essence the cost to US taxpayers to keep the financial system solvent, as the US has become the biggest marginal leveraging actor in the world, with everyone else, notably US consumers, and Europe, doing all they can to strip as much debt as they possible can. Of course, since this money does not have to be repaid any time soon, or ever, nobody seems to mind, especially not the politicians in Washington. As we have said before, and pro forma for the Obama tax deal, we expect total debt issuance in 2011 to accelerate once again, and to hit just under $2 trillion, putting total US debt at the end of next year at around $16 trillion. We also fully expect the Fed to monetize the bulk of that issuance. We can't wait to hear the positive spin on this one.'


The False Illusion Of Facebook

Gates: Public Opinion Can’t Stop Afghan War

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton played the usual appeal to fear card in trying to bolster public support for the Afghan War, even as polls show the American public overwhelmingly opposed to continuing the occupation, already in its tenth year. Her comments urged Americans to see the war as “protecting their families.”

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates had a somewhat more frank piece of advice for Americans – the government really doesn’t care what you think and isn’t going to end the war no matter how unpopular it gets.

Gates insisted that the government was more interested in the “long-term” implications of the war than its massive unpopularity.'


War On Terror - War of Words?

Japan Drinks Fascist Kool-aid, Tranfers Tax Burden to Citizens, Adds Carbon Tax.

The government approved tax reform plans Thursday for fiscal 2011 that include a cut of 5 percentage points in the corporate tax and a hike worth about ¥500 billion for individuals, especially high income earners.

The tax reform plans, proposed by the Tax Commission and adopted by Cabinet, include an environment tax on carbon emissions to fight global warming, as well as a cut in the aviation fuel tax.

The package is aimed at creating a more business-friendly environment through cutting the 40.69 percent corporate income tax, relatively high compared with international standards of around 25 to 30 percent. The government hopes the 5-point cut will strengthen companies' competitiveness overseas, attract foreign companies and create more jobs.'


Goldman Sachs Pay Out $111 Million in Bonuses Despite Taking Billions in Bailout Money

Goldman Sachs bosses are to pick up $111million in bonuses in an 'outrageous' pay deal that flies in the face of the worst recession for 80 years.

The investment banks' chief executive Lloyd Blankfein and president Gary Cohn will get $24million each under the bumper agreement that will see thousands of others get huge rewards.

The bonuses were agreed in 2008 months before Goldman took $10billion of U.S. bailout money, but due to technicalities there is no way to stop the bank from paying them out.'


Soaring Prices and Restricted Deliveries Could Leave Thousands of Homes Without Heating Oil

Thousands of rural homes could be left without heating this winter as the worsening weather hits deliveries of oil.

Even if they get the oil they need to heat their homes and cook, many will have to cut back on how much they use because the price of the fuel has almost doubled in a month.

Some may have to wait up to four weeks for supplies over the Christmas period.

In the last month, prices have jumped from under 40p a litre to as much as 79p. The Office of Fair Trading has been instructed to look for evidence of price fixing. One MP accused suppliers of ‘utter exploitation’, while another pointed out that the price of heating oil had risen nearly 70 per cent in the past few months while crude oil had risen by 17 per cent.'


Waiting to Exhale: Climate Criminals Want to Tax Every Breath you Take

Governments around the world have stripped away at not only the rights of its citizenry, their inheritance by right of birth and any lingering dignity. They levy taxes on everything imaginable and even the intangible. Previous generations would be up in arms literally if their governments tried taxing rainwater and private water wells. There are new tax 'schemes’ being discussed every day such as the 'fat’ tax and the robin hood tax and many others. Now these blood sucking parasites want to tax the very air we breath!

“Like oil, oxygen is a fuel. Our fuel. The only difference between oxygen and oil is that you can see oil, as Alaskans will testify. But, as any foreigner in Mexico City will also testify, you can certainly feel the lack of oxygen. As such, it can be argued that its producers may have a right to join the markets for coffee, grains, oil and metals--on the commodity exchanges. That's how we should treat it. As a commodity.” --Bill Manson, Tax the Air to Save the Amazon'


Please Take Your Gold: New ATM Spits out 24-Carat Bars, Coins

10,000 Child Porn Images Found On Ex-TSA Worker’s Computer

Yet another TSA worker has been exposed as a pedophile to add the the epidemic of cases that prove those who are inclined to work in jobs that allow them to sexually molest children via invasive groping measures at airports are the most unprofessional, perverted and criminally-minded individuals imaginable.

“A former TSA employee was arraigned on child pornography charges, Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone said Thursday,” reports WCVB-TV Boston.

“On Oct. 15, a search warrant was executed at Cheever’s home, where the suspected computer was registered, Leone said. As a result of the search warrant, multiple computers, hard drives and multiple pieces of external digital media were confiscated from the home, Leone said. An onsite preview of the computer and two external hard drives confirmed that Cheever was storing more than 10,000 child porn videos and images, Leone said".'


UN Mulls Internet Regulation Options

The United Nations is considering whether to set up an inter-governmental working group to harmonise global efforts by policy makers to regulate the internet.

Establishment of such a group has the backing of several countries, spearheaded by Brazil.

At a meeting in New York on Wednesday, representatives from Brazil called for an international body made up of Government representatives that would attempt to create global standards for policing the internet - specifically in reaction to challenges such as WikiLeaks.'


Latest Nixon Tape Buries Kissinger’s Reputation

Chatting eagerly with his famously racist and foul-mouthed boss in March 1973, following an appeal from Golda Meir to press Moscow to allow the emigration of Soviet Jewry, Kissinger is heard on the tapes to say:

“The emigration of Jews from the Soviet Union is not an objective of American foreign policy. And if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern. Maybe a humanitarian concern.”

(One has to love that uneasy afterthought….)

In the past, Kissinger has defended his role as enabler to Nixon’s psychopathic bigotry, saying that he acted as a restraining influence on his boss by playing along and making soothing remarks. This can now go straight into the lavatory pan, along with his other hysterical lies. Obsessed as he was with the Jews, Nixon never came close to saying that he’d be indifferent to a replay of Auschwitz. For this, Kissinger deserves sole recognition.'


More Than a Million Europeans Sign Petition to Stop GMO Approvals

The European Union (EU) has typically been far slower than the U.S. to approve the plantings and use of genetically-modified organisms (GMO). But even the few crops that it has sanctioned have been met with opposition from many concerned Europeans. According to a recent Reuters report, a group of European campaigners has presented a petition to the European Commission with over a million signatures opposing the approval of any more GM crops.

Back in March, the commission approved the GM "Amflora" potato for planting, which was its first GM approval in 12 years. But concerned citizens have been gathering signatures to oppose its approval and any future approvals on the basis that GMOs have not been proven safe for consumption or for the environment.'


Metro to Start Random Bag Searches

Metro plans to begin random searches of its riders' bags in the coming days, the transit agency said Thursday, revisiting a plan first announced two years ago.

Metro Police Chief Michael Taborn said the coordinated effort with the Transportation Security Administration was not in response to a specific threat but was part of a continuing effort to keep the system safe from explosives. Boston, New York and New Jersey transit officials do similar searches, according to the agency.'


TSA Too Busy Groping, Perving, Playing God To Notice Guns And Bombs

TSA agents at a Houston airport failed to stop an Iranian-American with a loaded handgun passing through security and boarding a plane, yet they did stop a woman directly behind him who was carrying liquids in her hand luggage.

Businessman Farid Seif relates his story to ABC News, noting that he only realised he had forgotten to remove a loaded snub nose “baby” Glock pistol from his bag after he had landed at his international destination and unpacked in his hotel room.

“It’s just impossible to miss it, you know. I mean, this is not a small gun,” Seif told ABC News. “How can you miss it? You cannot miss it".'


FBI Now Spying on Your Garbage

Reports say 100 Waste Management employees have already gone through a training program called Waste Watch, CBS 6 Albany/WRGB reported on Friday.

"Because our job is collecting trash from local neighborhoods and businesses, we are a useful resource to identify illegal activity, or to help prevent a minor mishap from turning into a dangerous situation," said Ken Bevis, district manager of Waste Management in Albany, New York.

Bevis added that all Waste Management drivers, helpers, and repair technicians have been trained to look out for suspicious activities and respond in the event of an emergency.'


CIA Top Spy Flees Pakistan Over Lawsuit

The US central intelligence agency (CIA) has been forced to call back its top spy in Pakistan after he was accused of killing civilians in unauthorized drone attacks.

This comes days after a Pakistani lawsuit designated the CIA station chief by name, accusing him of killing civilians in missile strikes.

Kareem Kahn, a resident of the North Waziristan tribal district, filed an official complaint with Islamabad police against CIA station chief Jonathan Bank at the US Embassy in Islamabad on Monday.

The lawsuit has also named CIA Director Leon Panetta and US Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

This is the first such case filed against a CIA official for the use of non-UN-sanctioned drone attacks in Pakistan.'


US Arrests Over 135 Anti-War Protesters

A Missouri-based veterans group organized the protesters, who marched up to the White House gates on Thursday and refused to disperse.

Among those arrested was a famous whistleblower of the Vietnam-era war, Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers as an act of protest in 1971.

Although the arrests were appropriately peaceful, some protesters went limp, forcing police to carry them to the loaned Metrobuses waiting to take them to a booking facility. A protester attached himself to the gate with a bicycle lock.

All were charged with failure to obey lawful order, a misdemeanor, said Park Police spokesman David Schlosser.

Schlosser said the protesters would be released after either forfeiting USD 100 or accepting an assigned court date.'


Friday, December 17, 2010

Student Fee 'Savings' Will Fund Windmills in Africa

The cause of the major political story of last week – the row over tuition fees, students rioting and all – was, as we all know, “public spending cuts”. But how much money does the Government actually hope to save on tuition fees? If the immediate problem is our massive state deficit, it seems odd that the Government should risk such unpopularity, not for any immediate saving, but in the hope that it will get the money back over the next 30 years, as students can afford to repay it.

In the short term, the Government’s own projection as to how much it will save is that the funding of university tuition will be cut by £2.9 billion by 2014. As it happens, £2.9 billion is the sum ring-fenced, by the same public spending review, to be given to developing countries to help them fight global warming with windmills and solar panels. It is also slightly less than the £3 billion by which our public debt is rising every week. These much-vaunted “cuts” are not all we are led to believe.'


Insider Reveals Diabolical Secrets Of The Rand Corporation

Cuban-born journalist and author Alex Abella was allowed exclusive access inside the RAND Corporation to view their archives. What he discovered was a plot driven by mad scientists, behaviorists, and generals who were intent on starting world war three and fleecing the American people in the process. Once he was a skeptic on the subject of conspiracy theories and the new world order, but after his work with the RAND Corporation he is now convinced that this top secret think tank has been pulling the strings of American government for at least 60 years.

“We’re all the bastard children of RAND and we don’t even know it,” remarks Abella, as he charts how RAND started off as an organization centered around building new weapons for the military but ultimately expanded into politics, science, history and economics and was closely allied with the Ford, Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations. RAND’s decision in the 50′s to re-model the globe towards a new world order changed everything, with the development of “rational choice theory,” which turned people from being citizens into consumers, as rights and responsibilities were replaced with choices and people’s lives slowly came to be dominated not by integrity or what they stood for, but by what they spent their money on.

RAND’s ultimate goal was to have technocrats running every aspect of society in pursuit of a one world government that would be administered under “the rule of reason,” a ruthless world where efficiency was king and men were little more than machines, which is why RAND studied the social sciences because they were at a loss to work out how to deal with people and how human beings did not always act in their own predictable self-interests. There is no place for love, empathy or selflessness in the new world order that RAND and the Ford Foundation are working to create, and patriotism and altruism are adversarial to their aims.


DHS Implementing No Work List: Citizens Must Get Government Approval to Work in Private Sector Jobs

You’ve heard of no fly and no buy lists – get ready for no work lists. Millions of workers now must apply to the DHS and prove they are not terrorists in order to be granted permission by the government to work.'


Canadian PM: I Will Defend Israel 'Whatever the Cost'

Mark Steel: A Clear Case of Attack by Wheelchair

The police like to set their public relations department a special Christmas challenge, don't they? Because that's the only explanation for them being filmed on the anti-fees demonstration, chucking a disabled man out of his wheelchair and shoving him along the road, unless it was to enjoy telling their PR team, "Stick a positive spin on that for us, could you?"

Ben Brown of the BBC tried his best, when he interviewed Jody McIntyre, the man who was dislodged, and said aggressively: "There's a suggestion that you were rolling in the direction of the police." Now, let's suppose this was the case (which I can't help but doubt), how much force is needed, I wonder, to stop a man with cerebral palsy who keeps rolling, even when asked to stop?

Presumably the police turned to each other in shock, spluttering: "Oh my God, he's rolling straight for us. These riot shields and helmets with visors offer woefully inadequate protection against such a persistent rolling machine. If we're lucky our batons can buy us some time, but his momentum is terrifying, it's like a cerebral palsy tsunami."

Maybe this is how to win in Afghanistan. We recruit a multiple sclerosis battalion to roll mercilessly through Helmand province and the Taliban will run away shrieking in fear.'


Henry Kissinger was a 'Soviet' (Rothschild) Agent

'Kissinger did many favours for the heirs of Stalin and Mao: telling president Gerald Ford not to invite Alexander Solzhenitsyn to the White House, for example, and making lavish excuses for the massacre in Tienanmen Square. He is that rare and foul beast, a man whose record shows sympathy for communism and fascism.

It comes from a natural hatred of the democratic process, which he has done so much to subvert and undermine at home and abroad, and an instinctive affection for totalitarians of all stripes ... Let this character at last be treated like the reeking piece of ordure that he is.'

Christopher Hitchens, Dec. 12. 2010

Read more ...

AIPAC Official States Passing US Secrets to Israel is Routine for the Israeli Lobby

Rosen claimed somewhat ominously that passing classified information obtained from government contacts was business as usual in Washington.

He asked that high level witnesses including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley, former Defense Department officials Paul D. Wolfowitz and Douglas J. Feith, and Richard L. Armitage, the former deputy secretary of state all be called on to testify that confidential information was frequently given to AIPAC for discreet passage to the Israeli Embassy.'


Crime Minister? US, EU in on Kosovo PM's 'Mafia Plot'

Young People: Get Ready to Grab Your Ankles

If you’re reading this and under 30, let me be absolutely clear about one indubitable point: your government is going to sacrifice your future in order to pay for its own mistakes from the past.

To give you an example, students in London came out to the streets in droves last Friday to protest the British parliament’s most recent austerity measures which tripled the cap on their university tuition to $15,000.

Sure, Britain is imposing all sorts of austerity measures on its citizens… and while I won’t get into a discussion about the absurdity of government controlled education, I will point out that students are having their benefits cut far more drastically than any other segment of the population.'


Radiological Terrorism

In A Letter Send To Turkish PM; Likud MK Says Israel Should Have Killed All Marmara Passengers

Danny Dalon, one more for the list!

Israeli sources reported Wednesday that Israeli Member of Knesset of the Likud Party, Dani Dannon, sent a sarcastic letter to Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, telling him that Israeli soldiers should have killed all of the passengers of the Marmara Ship that was heading to Gaza to deliver humanitarian supplies.'


Bank of America to Pay $137 Million in State Fraud Cases

Bank of America will pay $137.3 million to settle allegations that it defrauded schools, hospitals and dozens of other state and local government organizations, federal officials said Tuesday. The settlement stems from a long-running investigation into misconduct in the municipal bond business that raises money for localities to pay for public services.

Bank of America is accused of depriving local organizations of millions of dollars by engaging in illegal behavior when investing the proceeds of municipal bond sales.'


EU Regulator Slams Drug Companies for Putting Profit Before Public Health

The continued emergence of drug-resistant "superbugs" has created an urgent need for either better antibiotics or an entirely new approach to dealing with infectious diseases. But drug companies hardly seem concerned about investigating any solutions to the problem because they can make more money by devoting their time to creating other, more lucrative drugs, says the head of a prominent medical agency.

Thomas Lonngren, soon-retiring chief of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), recently announced that his organization may need to step up and act as "watchdog" for the pharmaceutical industry to prod it to better meet public health needs. According to Lonngren, there is little incentive for drug companies to work towards creating better antibiotics at this time because the sales of such drugs will only be a fraction of what other potential "blockbuster" drugs will likely be.'


Documents Confirm US Plans to Destabilize Venezuela

A substantial portion of the more than 1600 State Department documents Wikileaks has published during the past two weeks refer to the ongoing efforts of US diplomacy to isolate and counter the Venezuelan government.

Since Hugo Chavez won the presidency for the first time in 1998, Washington has engaged in numerous efforts to overthrow him, including a failed coup d'etat in April 2002, an oil industry strike that same year, worldwide media campaigns and varios electoral interventions. The State Department has also used its funding agencies, USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), to channel millions of dollars annually to anti-Chavez NGOs, political parties, journalists and media organizations in Venezuela, who have been working to undermine the Chavez administration and force him from power.

When these interventionist policies have been denounced by the Chavez government and others, Washington has repeatedly denied any efforts to isolate or act against the Venezuelan head of state.

Nonetheless, the State Department cables published by Wikileaks clearly evidence that not only has Washington been actively funding anti-Chavez groups in Venezuela, but it also has engaged in serious efforts during the past few years to convince governments worldwide to assume an adversarial position against President Hugo Chavez.'


US Collusion with Kosovo's Mafia

The United States of War Criminals

More than half (53.3%) of US tax dollars go to a criminal enterprise known as the US Department of Defense (sic), a.k.a. the worst polluter on the planet. We hear about tax cuts this and budget that and all kinds of other bullshit from the US government and the corporations that own it…but the reality remains: Roughly one million tax dollars per minute are spent to fund the largest military machine (read: global terrorist operation) the world has ever known.

What do we get for all that money? To follow, is but one tiny example that mostly slipped through the cracks earlier this year.'


Israel's Jerusalem Master Plan 2020

A November 10 Qatar News Agency article headlined, "Israel Plans to Rebuild Old Jerusalem - Palestinian Official," saying:

Attorney Ahmed Al-Ruwaidi, "responsible for the Jerusalem unit in the Palestinian Authority (PA), said Israel plan(s) to build new settlement homes in old Jerusalem where the ancient walls of the city will be overshadowed by modern bridges, synagogues and gardens spreading from the Arab neighborhoods of Sheikh Jarrah to Wdi Al Joze and Suwaneh."

The scheme involves home demolitions, dispossessions, and new settlement construction to solidify "the capital and spiritual center of Israel and the Jewish people (by creating) a world city which attracts the souls of millions of believers across the globe".'


Zionist Lobby’s New Orders for Obama

After his appointment as Chairman of the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs, California’s representative Howard Berman told The Forward, "Even before I was a Democrat, I was a Zionist." This is the man, one of the Zionist lobby’s most influential stooges in Congress, who introduced House Resolution 1734 which gives President Obama his new orders.

Thoroughly disingenuous, the resolution, which was drafted by AIPAC and in my view is an indication of panic on its part, was approved unanimously by the House of Representatives on 15 December.'


'Afghan War Progress Claim Not Credible'

On Thursday, the United States declared progress in its war in Afghanistan despite the fact that US-led troops had the highest fatality rate in the Asian country in 2010.

“The idea that this report should be reassuring or show that progress is being made, that the people should continue to rally behind the expenditure in lives and the expenditure in resources for a war that has now gone on for nine years… there is no credibility to that whatsoever,” San Francisco-based Richard Becker from ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition said in an interview with Press TV on Friday.

Releasing the war strategy review in Afghanistan, US President Barack Obama claimed Washington was "on track" in achieving its goals in the war-ravaged country.'


'Palestinian Authority Blasts America's Pro-Israel Bias'

The PA repeated its sharp criticism of America's partiality in the US foreign policy dealings after American lawmakers passed a resolution recently, calling on President Barack Obama's administration to “deny recognition to any unilaterally declared Palestinian state,” Israeli media reported on Thursday.

The comments come after a Wednesday meeting of the Arab League foreign ministers in Cairo, Egypt, in which the bloc of nations called for a UN Security Council resolution “that would oblige Israel to stop” the illegal settlement activities.

The US House declared its opposition to the recognition of an independent Palestinian state, urging Palestinians to stop their efforts to push for such a move.'


EU Sets Up Permanent Debt Crisis Fund

Leaders of the 27 European Union countries, who held their record seventh summit so far this year in the Belgium capital Brussels on Thursday, approved a two-sentence amendment to the EU treaty at Germany's request to pave the way for creation of a European Stability Mechanism (ESM) in an effort to tackle financial crises effective June 2013, Reuters reported, quoting European Council President Van Rompuy.

The ESM, which replaces a temporary European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) crafted in May, will require changes to EU's Lisbon Treaty, and has stipulated a string of strict measures for granting loans to debt-laden member states, with private sector bondholders sharing the cost of any write-downs.

However, the leaders brushed aside growing concerns that the existing rescue fund needs an increase in order to financially buttress countries such as Spain and Portugal if they plunge into a Greece-style economic bankruptcy.'


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Project Blue Beam - The Potential For Holograms To Manipulate Reaity

Bomb Blasts Pave Way for Surveillance as Swedes React to Terror

Sweden’s brush with terror after a suicide bomber on Dec. 11 detonated himself before executing a planned strike in central Stockholm has eroded lawmaker resistance to pushing through tougher surveillance laws.

The opposition Social Democrats will no longer block a government proposal to let the Swedish Security Service use information from the National Defense Radio Establishment, said Morgan Johansson, chairman of parliament’s justice committee. The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, which entered parliament for the first time in September elections, want lawmakers to address “violent Islamist extremism” in an extraordinary session, party spokesman Martin Kinnunen said.

“Routines will be sharpened and that’s something we will all have to accept,” said Bo Huldt, a professor in security policy at the Stockholm-based National Defense College, in a Dec. 13 interview. “It may mean restrictions for us all regarding where we can move around, how many people can attend meetings or gatherings and more police presence at meetings".'


The Age Of Rage: Europe Is Exploding

Riots are sweeping Europe and the age of rage continues to intensify as the financial terrorists who caused the economic collapse now meter out the punishment for their own wrongdoing. Britain, Italy, Russia, and Greece are all gripped with unrest as 2011 shapes up to be the year of civil disobedience.

- The fallout from last week’s violent student fees demonstrations in London continues to reverberate as authorities prepare to introduce water cannons as a means of forcibly subduing protesters and banning protests altogether.


Canadian Government Advances Codex Alimentarius with New Laws

This evening, December 13, 2010, a piece of draconian legislation was passed into law by the Canadian senate. I refer to Bill C36, which is just one piece in the wider global plan called Codex Alimentarius. The bill controls consumer products and is widely understood to be the precursor for another bill that will give Health Canada the power to take some 75% of natural health products off the shelves.

At least as important as this is the part of the bill that removes the law of trespass. Until tonight, a police officer needed a warrant to enter private property in Canada. No longer. Under the new law, police can enter and seize private property at any time, for any reason, even if the person in question is not suspected of any crime.

We have to look at this with a wide lens. The same policies regarding consumer products, natural health products, and organic farming are coming in at dizzying speed around the world. At the same time, legislation is passing that gives police unprecedented powers to oppress the people in total disregard to human rights and the constitution of any nation.'


Europe Tells Britain to Justify Itself over Fingerprinting Children in Schools

The commissioner is also concerned that parents are not allowed legal redress after one man was told he could not challenge the compulsory fingerprinting, without his permission, of his daughter for a "unique pupil number".

In many schools, when using the canteen or library, children, as young as four, place their thumbs on a scanner and lunch money is deducted from their account or they are registered as borrowing a book.

Research carried out by Dr Emmeline Taylor, at Salford University, found earlier this year that 3,500 schools in the UK – one in seven – are using fingerprint technology.

EU data protection rules, Brussels legislation that overrides British law, requires that the gathering of information such as biometric fingerprints, must be "proportionate" and must allow judicial challenges.'


Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid

Yet another study has been released proving that watching Fox News is detrimental to your intelligence. World Public Opinion, a project managed by the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland, conducted a survey of American voters that shows that Fox News viewers are significantly more misinformed than consumers of news from other sources. What’s more, the study shows that greater exposure to Fox News increases misinformation.

So the more you watch, the less you know. Or to be precise, the more you think you know that is actually false. This study corroborates a previous PIPA study that focused on the Iraq war with similar results. And there was an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that demonstrated the break with reality on the part of Fox viewers with regard to health care. The body of evidence that Fox News is nothing but a propaganda machine dedicated to lies is growing by the day.'


Cameron Tells the EU 'We Want Faster Integration'

'David Cameron’s true position on Europe is now clear – he’s an integrationist. His administration has written to the European Commission asking it to invoke a provision in the Lisbon Treaty called “enhanced cooperation”. This allows groups of EU countries to push forward with speedier integration, without every member taking part, and the Government wants to use it to create a single European patent system.'


Hidden History of Pollio Vaccine

The story of the lessening of specific diseases is not cut and dry at all; there are variables and multiple factors--not merely vaccinations--to take into account when analyzing the record.

For example, paralytic polio was a scourge prior to the 1950's (polio vaccine first arrived in 1955) and probably everyone in my generation can remember the March of Dimes campaigns with Eleanor Roosevelt leading the way. Well, today the scourge of "natural paralytic polio" has vanished due to unknown factors, but perhaps due to what molecular biologists today call "mutations due to gene drift" in the virus.

Epidemiological studies show that polio mortality declined by 82% prior to 1956 in England and Wales. The same pattern emerged in France. The vaccine had nothing to do with any of it. After 10 years of polio vaccine availability (1966), the overall statistics indicated that polio had returned to where it had been in the 1920's. And today, it is argued that the only source of paralytic polio are the polio vaccines.'


UK Energy Bills Could Double to Pay for Green Power as Ministers Plan Minimum Carbon Price

Energy bills are set to rocket to pay for wind turbines and wave power as the Government announces a shake-up of ­electricity prices today.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne is paving the way for a minimum price for carbon generated by coal-fired and gas-fuelled power stations.

Energy firms will have to stump up for the cost of the carbon they use – but they are set to pass the burden on to consumers.

Proponents of the scheme insist the carbon ‘floor price’ is meant to reflect pollution caused by fossil fuels, and will encourage investors to pour their money into ‘green’ energy instead.

But experts warned it could lead to a doubling of energy bills, hitting the poor and elderly the hardest.'


Ireland Passes Bailout Package Despite Opposition

Ireland's parliament approved a multi-billion euro EU/IMF bailout package on Wednesday in the face of opposition threats to renegotiate the deal to force losses on some senior bondholders in Irish banks.

Brian Lenihan pushed through the 85 billion euros (£72.5 billion) package with the support of independent MPs and told the centre-right Fine Gael party that its proposals to lean on senior bondholders would fail because of opposition from the European Central Bank.

"Those who think we can unilaterally renege on senior bondholders against the wishes of the ECB are living in fantasy land," he said.

Under the EU/IMF deal, Irish people face years of cutbacks and tax increases in return for fresh capital to shore up the banks, preserving full repayment of their senior bonds -- those first in line to be repaid in the event of any default.'


Boeing 'In Massive Safety Cover-Up'

YouTube Gives Users Ability To Flag Content That Promotes Terrorism

In response to concerns it's become a means of radical promotion, YouTube has now added an option for flagging content that is terrorist in nature.

When you flag a video as inappropriate, "promotes terrorism" now appears as an option under the "violent or repulsive content" category on the Google-owned website.

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) called the new terrorism flag a "good first step toward scrubbing mainstream Internet sites of terrorist propaganda".'


Action Video of Greek Riots as Fire Bombs, Stones Fly in Athens

NYC to Start Billing Residents when Ambulances Show up to Treat your Injuries

The City of New York is considering a new proposal that would directly charge its residents for using emergency services like ambulances and fire trucks that respond to vehicle accidents. New Yorkers already pay for these services with their taxes, of course, but the city wants to implement the new "crash tax" anyway in order to garner some extra cash.

According to a recent CBS New York report, the new system would charge residents $490 to receive emergency services for a car fire or accident that involves an injury. Without an injury, the cost would be $415. For any other type of vehicle accident without injury, the city would charge $365. And the worst part of all is that it makes no difference whether or not the person is at fault: he or she would still be obligated to pay the fee.'


Yugoslavia: How Holbrooke Lied His Way into a War

Shortly before the bombing of Yugoslavia began in late March 1999, Richard Holbrooke met with Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. By his own account, Holbrooke delivered the final ultimatum to Milosevic -- that if Yugoslavia didn't agree to the Rambouillet text, NATO would begin bombing.

The Rambouillet text called for a de facto occupation of Yugoslavia. On major U.S. media, after the bombing of Yugoslavia began, Holbrooke claimed that what was called for in the Rambouillet text, despite Serbian protests, "isn't an occupation". Several weeks later, when confronted by a journalist familiar with the Rambouillet text, Holbrooke claimed: "I never said that". This was a lie, it was also a tacit admission that the Rambouillet text did call for an occupation (why else would Holbrooke deny saying it when he had?) So the U.S. demanded that Yugoslavia submit to occupation or be bombed -- and Holbrooke lied about this crucial fact when questioned about the cause of the war.'


US House Against Palestinian State

The House unanimously approved a resolution opposing unilateral declaration of Palestinian state on Thursday, Ha'aretz reported.

Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Rep. Howard Berman, who introduced the resolution, criticized Palestinian efforts to push the international community to recognize a Palestinian state.

The remarks came after Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay recognized the Palestinian state to support the rights of Palestinian people, whose land has been occupied by Israel.

The Latin American states announced that they recognize a free and independent Palestinian state within the 1967 borders.'


'Israel Involved in Kosovo Organ Trade'

A European Union prosecutor who says Israel has been trading with an elaborate organ trafficking network in Kosovo has brought the case to Pristina District Court, a report says.

Jonathan Ratel, who serves in Kosovo as part of the EU's rule of law mission, has announced that the seven suspected Kosovons working as physicians for a clinic called Medicus in the capital, Pristina, belong to an international network that trades in the organs of people suffering from extreme poverty, the Associated Press reported.

The donors were from Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey and were enticed with the false promise of payments as much as 20 thousand dollars. However, they never got any money.'


US Sues BP over Gulf Oil Disaster

The US has filed a lawsuit against oil giant BP and 8 other oil firms to seek compensation for damages caused by this year's disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The lawsuit, filed by the Justice Department with a federal court in New Orleans, charges the companies under the US Clean Water Act and Oil Pollution Act.

The move came as thousands of individuals and small businesses have already sued the oil giant.

The companies will face trial for "violations of safety and operational regulations" in the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig on April 20, Attorney General Eric Holder said on Wednesday.'


Police Mull Banning All UK Protests

The British police chief says he is weighing up an option to ask the Home Secretary to enforce a ban on any future protest gatherings altogether across the UK.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson referred to the level of violence in recent student protests against the rise in tuition fees, saying that he does not rule out banning all future student protests across the country, the daily Independent reported.

Tens of thousands of student protesters from universities, colleges and schools have been marching across England in protests against the huge hikes in tuition fees, together with the scrapping of Educational Maintenance Allowance and proposed cuts in college funding.'


Israel Eying Free US F-35 Fighter Jets

Despite rejecting US calls for extending a partial settlement freeze on the occupied Palestinian territories, Israel is still looking to acquire another 20 US-built F-35 fighter jets free of charge.

Earlier in November, the United States offered Israel a package of incentives in return for stopping the expansion of Jewish settlements for 90 days in the occupied West Bank.

The offer included providing Israel with another 20 radar-evading Joint Strike Fighter jets worth USD 3 billion, vetoing or opposing any initiatives at the UN Security Council critical of Israel, and signing a comprehensive security agreement with Israel.

It was aimed at saving the new round of direct negotiations between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israel.

Despite speculations that Israel's refusal to renew its partial settlement freeze has effectively taken the package of incentives offered by the US off the table, media reports suggest that Tel Aviv is still exploring ways to acquire an extra 20 stealth fighters.'


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gilad Atzmon on Zionism and Jewish Identity

Gilad Atzmon on Zionism and Jewish Identity from Jason Bosch on Vimeo.

Bank of England Boss Mervyn King, not Gordon Brown, 'Was Bank Bailout Mastermind'

Mervyn King plotted a secret bailout of the banking system six months before Gordon Brown decided to take action.

The Bank of England governor told U.S. officials in March 2008 that ‘a co-ordinated effort to possibly recapitalise the global banking system’ was needed to save it from collapse, according to documents released by WikiLeaks.

Mr Brown did not come up with his master plan to tackle the financial crisis until September 2008 following the collapse of U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers.

The delay raises a major question over his claims that he was the brains behind the bailout and had ‘saved the world’.'


EU Says No Referendum Needed for Permanent Rescue Fund Amendment

EU leaders are poised this week to agree an amendment to the Lisbon Treaty to create a permanent rescue fund for euro countries, a step they believe they can take without prompting another Irish referendum.

At a summit here on Thursday and Friday, the leaders of the 27 member states will agree to insert a paragraph into the treaty to empower euro zone countries to bail out any distressed member of the single currency.

The move comes amid disunity over the necessity for any new measures to boost confidence in the euro after Ireland’s rescue failed to calm financial markets.'


Remote ‘Kill Switch’ Added to Intel’s Newest Processor

Lauded as a security feature, Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processor can be remotely disabled by a hardware/software combination known at Anti-Theft 3.0. Systems can be disabled over 3G networks, even while the OS is not running. Even when the hard drive is replaced, the critical systems will still be terminated.

At first this sounds great: if an owner loses a laptop it can be remotely disabled to ensure no sensitive data is compromised. But essentially we are giving up control of our computers and putting that control in another’s hands.'


Germany Admits Enslaving and Abusing a Generation of Children

Youths digging turf at Diakonie Freistatt, one of the church institutions, near Hannover, in the 1960s

Germany has owned up to one of the most disturbing examples of mass child and youth abuse in its post-war history, some 60 years after the first teenagers started being locked away and mistreated by supposedly "caring" foster homes.

The country agreed yesterday to provide a €120m (£101m) compensation fund for the estimated 30,000 victims who were among the 800,000 children in German foster homes in the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies.

Institutions that for decades meted out inhuman treatment – including ritual beatings, periods of solitary confinement, forced labour and sexual assaults – were not youth remand centres or borstals as might be expected, but homes run by nuns and priests in former West Germany's Catholic and Protestant churches, as well as state-run homes.'