Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mother Stopped From Homeschooling Handicapped Daughter Due to Child Neglect Law

Grace Robertson removed her daughter Elysha, seven, who has an illness so rare it has no name, from Newman Special School in Rotherham because she did not think she was making progress.

Rotherham Council's social services department, backed by the school, say that Elysha could be suffering isolation and missing the company of children by being kept at home.

Now they have ordered a case conference, using a law relating to child abuse and neglect to review Elysha's future education at a special hearing.


Gaza's Gas - Destined for Israeli Nightclubs or Palestinian Refugee Camps?

The Palestinian Authority’s economic plan announced in Sharm El-Sheikh in early March hoped for accelerated development of the Gaza Marine Gas Field, 30 kms off the coast of the Gaza Strip in Occupied Palestine. However, the issue of who receives the revenues, consumes the gas and controls the supply remains highly problematic.


Status QuObama: A Hundred Days of Fake-Progressive BS and Liberal-Left Surrender

The nation's first Black president proceeds unmolested by the Left as he moves mountains of money in a crusade to save the investment banking class. Anti-war forces dissolve into nothingness as Barack Obama extends the U.S. occupation of Iraq indefinitely. A new theater of war called Af-Pak coagulates in South Asia, yet benumbed "progressives" praise their president as the consummate man of peace.

"By demanding nothing of Obama and the Democrats except that they not technically be Republicans, our so-called "progressive" organizations effectively grant advance approval to whatever corporate and imperial policies the new president and the Democrats execute."


The Corporation

You'd think that things like disasters, or the purity of childhood, or even milk, let alone water or air, would be sacred. But no. Corporations have no built-in limits on what, who, or how much they can exploit for profit. In the fifteenth century, the enclosure movement began to put fences around public grazing lands so that they might be privately owned and exploited.

Today, every molecule on the planet is up for grabs. In a bid to own it all, corporations are patenting animals, plants, even your DNA. Around things too precious, vulnerable, sacred or important to the public interest, governments have, in the past, drawn protective boundaries against corporate exploitation. Today, governments are inviting corporations into domains from which they were previously barred

Israel: The Kingdom of Lies

Racism is common to most and probably all societies. Laws never seem entirely to eliminate it. It was the essential tool in the creation of modern settler states. The United States could not have come into existence without the obliteration of North American Indian cultures and of large numbers of the people themselves. They had to die so the US could be born. In Australia the indigenous people of Tasmania were wiped out to the last man, woman and child, while on the mainland the tribes were massacred, confined, stripped of their ancestral land and eventually turned into fringe dwellers. Until recently Australia had a prime minister who could deny that aboriginal children of mixed ‘blood’ were taken from their parents up to the 1930s and refused to issue any expression of remorse for their mistreatment. More recent targets of racism have been Lebanese and Vietnamese immigrants, while the Howard federal government’s racist treatment of Iraqi and Afghan refugees and asylum seekers remains one of the most shameful chapters of Australia’s history.


China Cancels America's Credit Card

China, wary of the troubled US economy, has 'canceled America's credit card' by cutting down purchases of debt, a US congressman says.

China has the world's largest foreign reserves, believed to be mostly in dollars, along with around 800 billion dollars in US Treasury bonds, more than any other country.


Australians Told to Stockpile Food and Water but Not to Panic!

AUSTRALIANS have been advised to stockpile food and water after the World Health Organisation raised its swine flu alert to phase five yesterday, indicating an imminent pandemic.

The Federal Government's pandemic plan, a 132-page manual issued to medics, media and the public, insists that once the world reaches phase five, Australians should stock their pantries with food and bottled water to last 14 days, check on elderly neighbours and put emergency numbers by the phone.

But yesterday a spokesman for the Department of Health and Ageing called for calm, saying the Government did not want to spark panic buying - ignoring its own plan, already issued to hospitals across the nation.


May Day Turns Violent in Turkey and Germany

May Day protesters clashed with riot police in Germany, Turkey and Greece on Friday while thousands angry at the governments' responses to the global financial crisis took to the streets in France and Spain.


Chrysler Declares Itself Bankrupt

America's third-largest car manufacturer, Chrysler, has declared itself bankrupt after a handful of creditors withstood pressure from the Obama administration to forgive billions of dollars in debt, casting a cloud of uncertainty over tens of thousands of jobs at factories, suppliers and dealers.


One £285m Mortgage Rescue scheme. One Family Helped

It was announced with much fanfare in September at the height of the banking crisis - the government's big idea to stop vulnerable people being thrown out of their homes. But yesterday it emerged that the mortgage protection scheme has so far helped just one family across the whole of the UK.

US Government to Drop Espionage Charges Against Aipac Officials

The US government is to drop espionage charges against two officials of America's most powerful pro-Israel lobby group accused of spying for the Jewish state because court rulings had made the case unwinnable and the trial would disclose classified information.


Cap-And-Trade: Al Gore's Cash Cow

At the cap-and-trade hearings, it was revealed that not everyone will suffer from this growth-killing energy tax. A congresswoman wanted to know why sea levels aren't rising but Gore's bank account is.

When Gore left office in January 2001, he was said to have a net worth in the neighborhood of $2 million. A mere eight years later, estimates are that he is now worth about $100 million. It seems it's easy being green, at least for some.


Friday, May 01, 2009

Couples With Children Outside Wedlock 'Should be Married by the State'

Prof Julian Le Grand, the architect of a clutch of New Labour policies such as baby bonds, is calling for marriage to be the legal "default" setting for new parents.

Without having to undergo a public ceremony or take any vows, they should simply be regarded as married in law as soon as the child's birth is registered, Prof Le Grand, Tony Blair's former Downing Street health adviser, said.

Those who later decide to separate would have to go to court to seek a divorce in exactly the same way as a couple who had married formally in church or a register office.


Now They are Pushing Adding the Psychotropic Drug Lithium to Water Supplies

The study has prompted calls for further research into the possibility of adding lithium to drinking supplies – like water fluoridation to improve dental health.

Researchers at Oita University in Japan measured natural lithium levels in tap water in 18 communities in the surrounding region of southern Japan.

Writing in the British Journal of Psychiatry, the researchers said: "Our study suggests that very low levels of lithium in drinking water can lower the risk of suicide. Very low levels may possess an anti-suicidal effect."


For information on the drug Lithium and it's side effects see here...

Baby Was Put in Care Even Though Mother ‘Posed No Risk’

A baby was placed into care and is facing adoption after a psychologist misdiagnosed the mother’s mental state.

The child has been in foster care for six months even though experts have said that the mother posed no immediate risk.

A psychologist told Ipswich County Court this week that she had inaccurately assessed the mother as having factitious illness, formerly known as Munchausen’s by proxy. That assessment resulted in Suffolk County Council putting the baby on the childcare protection register.

The diagnosis was based on accusations that the mother had made up illnesses for her son from another relationship, which she denied. The diagnosis was changed after a psychiatrist said that there was no evidence that the mother had fabricated anything about her son.


Swine Flu Alert Clears Old Stock of Tamiflu

It is almost three years since we faced the hysteria of an avian flu epidemic, when governments bought billions of dollars of Tamiflu – the same anti-viral now being promoted to combat a supposed swine flu pandemic. The shelf life of Tamiflu also happens to be three years.

The World Health Organization has, at the time of writing, increased its threat level to five, which means governments can activate their pandemic plans – and start handing out Tamiflu drugs.

This is extremely convenient for governments that would have very soon have to dispose of billions of dollars of Tamiflu stock, which they bought to counter avian flu, or H5N1. The US government ordered 20 million doses, costing $2bn, in October, 2005, and around that time the UK government ordered 14.6 million doses. Tamiflu’s manufacturer, Roche, has confirmed that the shelf life of its anti-viral is three years.

England’s chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson has said that the UK is “well prepared” to counter swine flu – but only because it was well prepared to counter an avian flu pandemic that never happened.

The other worry is when, or if, medicine comes up with a specific anti-viral for swine flu. The last time they did – when we had the last swine flu scare in 1976 - health officials rushed through a vaccination programme that resulted in 1 out of 100,000 vaccinated Americans developing Guillain-Barre paralysis. The US government paid out $93 million in compensation.

Those of us who quaked in fear from the expected SARS epidemic and shook from the anticipated avian flu pandemic may feel they’ve been here before. Despite the dire warnings, at the time of writing just 2,600 cases of swine flu have been confirmed or suspected around the world , and there have been 160 deaths, and not all of these may turn out to be caused by swine flu. More people die on UK roads every month.

Meanwhile, while we’re blaming the Mexicans for starting the anticipated global pandemic of swine flu, who are the Mexicans blaming?

Several of their newspapers are pointing the finger at local plants of Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork packer and hog producer. Mexican journalists report on concerns from locals in Perote, Santa Cruz, Mexico – where the outbreak was believed to have started – that the pig breeding farm polluted the atmosphere and local water supplies.

A municipal health official seems to support the locals’ concerns, and says the outbreak may have been started by flies that reproduced in the pig waste.

See original article here...

Police Accused of Abusing Powers as Anti-terrorism Stop and Searches Treble

Officers were last night accused of abusing their powers after it emerged just one per cent of around 124,000 "suspects" targeted in 2007/08 were arrested - and only a fraction of those were for terrorism related offences.

Nearly 90 per cent of the searches were carried out in London by the Metropolitan Police, which saw a 266 per cent increase, with the aftermath of the attempted nightclub bombing in the Haymarket in the summer of 2007 blamed for the rise.


Four Killed In Unsuccessful Attack On Dutch Royal Family

Zionist Leaders - Modern Portraits Of Evil

THE ZIONIST THREAT TO WESTERN CIVILIZATION with its attending “Jewification” of every sphere of Western society’s infrastructure, continues to grow at an alarming rate every year.

Not a single aspect of Western society’s social components has been left untouched by Zionist-Jewish leaders in their quest to install an Anti-Christian/Pro-Jewish agenda into the prevailing culture of the Western world.

Whether it’s in the field of politics, banking, finance, academia, education, religion, public events, the press & the media, Zionist Jewish leaders are at the helm - steering the course of their agenda headlong into global hegemony. The final sphere of attack by the Zionists is the last bastion of free speech: the Internet.


Swine Fear Grips Humanity

Lucifer's Rebellion Gains Momentum

Little by little, the Illuminati bankers are dropping their mask and revealing the evil agenda behind current events. What is called "progressive" and "liberal" is in fact satanic. What is called "revolution" is aimed at overthrowing God --the natural and spiritual (moral) order-- and replacing Him with dictates of devil worshipers, the Rothschilds and their lackeys.

When we read about "Hate Laws" that protect pedophiles, sex education for five-year-olds, the promotion of homosexuality to heterosexuals, we must see them in spiritual context, as the Luciferian overthrow of all that is natural, healthy, true and good, turning the world upside down, i.e. "revolution."

When we hear about pig flu, let's keep our focus on the big picture. We are infected by a more serious and widespread cancer, satanism, under the guises of communism, liberalism, socialism, zionism, fascism, feminism and globalism. Luciferianism permeates society in the form of materialism, naturalism, occultism, obscenity, sadism, violence, pornography and promiscuity.

No coincidence that Obama asks that Christian symbolism be covered when he speaks. Can you imagine him making the same request at a Jewish or homosexual venue? Obama's own symbolism is Illuminati, reminiscent of the Lucis (Lucifer)Trust. All our leaders covertly signal their true loyalty to Lucifer.


Swine Flu Martial Law Bill Passes Massachusetts Senate

It took corporate media swine flu hysteria to ram through a martial law bill in Massachusetts. S18 gives the Governor the power to authorize the deployment and use of force to distribute supplies and materials and local authorities will be allowed to enter private residences for investigation and to quarantine individuals.


Swine Flu - Profits from Pandemics

The fear factor is what drives the media to sell the story to the public. The latest threat to mankind MAY or MAY not kill millions, but just to be on the safe side they tell us all to get our flu shot "Just in case".

How exactly can we justify that this latest flu scare is actually a hoax?


ADL's Abraham Foxman Pushed UC-Santa Barbara to Investigate Professor

Anti-Defamation League National Director Abraham Foxman held a confidential meeting in early March with University of California officials on campus to pressure them to investigate charges of “anti-Semitism” against sociology professor William I. Robinson.

The meeting included Dean of Students Michael Young, a second dean, and at least seven faculty members.
Some of the meeting participants told Robinson that Foxman, who was in Santa Barbara to meet with local funders, requested the meeting at UCSB for the sole purpose of demanding that university officials investigate Robinson for introducing materials critical of Israeli state policies in a course on globalization in January.


Israel Warns EU to Tone Down its Criticism

Israel warned the European Union on Thursday to tone down its criticism of the new Israeli government or risk forfeiting the bloc's role as broker in Mideast peace efforts.

The warning came after EU's commissioner for external relations, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, this week criticized Israel's refusal to endorse a Palestinian state. She said an upgrade in Israeli-EU relations would depend on Israel's commitment to the "two-state solution."

It also came ahead of a planned trip to Europe next week by Israel's foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman - his first official trip abroad. The ultranationalist Lieberman's comments about Arabs and Mideast peace have raised international concerns about the new Israeli Cabinet's intentions.


The Jewish Media Insists Dr. Fredrick Toben Has Apologized for His Views on the Holocaust. Per Usual They're Lying

Dr. Fredrick Toben, perhaps the best known historical revisionist outside of prison walls today was convicted last week of "contempt of court," enabling the Australian JEWdicial system to make him another martyr for the cause, but not before the Jewish media attempt to destroy Dr. Toben's hard fought for credibility among the world's truth seekers. For those familiar with how the Jewish media works this comes as no surprise, they did the exact same thing with Bishop Williamson last month, insisting that he had apologized for his views on the holocaust, when in fact nothing of the kind ever happened, he apologized to the Catholic Church and the Pope for bringing them the negative attention of the Jewish media and nothing more.


Hate Crime 101

Is this really a job for our Federal Government? Talk about an all enslaving big brother attitude. This bill will leave the door open for the FBI to investigate every traffic accident, every fist fight behind the bar, every domestic dispute and every quarrel in public between any individuals so that our loving, from cradle to grave protectors, can determine if there MAY have been some form of "hate" involved.


Tamiflu Linked to Abnormal Behaviour

Influenza patients between 10 and 17 who took Tamiflu were 54 per cent more likely to exhibit serious abnormal behaviour than those who did not take the antiflu drug, a final report from a Japanese Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry research team, said.

The team, led by Yoshio Hirota, a professor at Osaka City University, studied the cases of about 10,000 children under 18 who had been diagnosed with influenza since 2006.

It will soon submit the report to a safety research committee of the ministry's Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council.

"The link with Tamiflu can't be ruled out," the report said. "New research should be carried out, focusing on serious abnormal behaviour."

The ministry suspended the use, in principle, of the drug by 10- to 19-year-olds in 2007 after a number of children behaved abnormally after taking it. Examples of such behaviour include one child who started to hop after taking the drug and another who tried to jump from a balcony. The new findings make it unlikely the ministry will lift the ban.


A.I.P.A.C. Meets Next Week to Determine U.S. Foreign Policy.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), America’s pro-Zionist Israeli lobby group, will meet from Sunday 3 May through to 5 May to determine the Obama administration’s foreign policy for the coming year. America’s foreign policy chief for the Middle East, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will be speaking to the conference via satellite. Netanyahu will be flying in to Washington to meet with Obama on 18 May to discuss the outcome of the AIPAC conference .


Gates Pushes for 'Supplemental' Afghan, Iraq Funding

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates urges Congress to quickly approve funds for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as military aid for Pakistan.

The Pentagon has asked for an 83.4 billion dollar request for the remainder of fiscal 2009 that includes 76 billion dollars covering costs related to the two wars and about 400 million to assist Pakistan in a counter-insurgency campaign against the Taliban.


Your Conversations Are Being Intercepted: The Truth About Project ECHELON

In a sleepy suburb on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Margaret Newsham is attempting to lead a normal life away from the days where she worked at a giant listening station at RAF base Menwith Hill in Yorkshire, England. Despite this, she is unable to escape her past.

She sleeps with a loaded gun under her bed and is protected by her 120-pound German shepherd, who is trained to guard and attack. At any time, certain factions in the NSA and the CIA may attempt to silence her for her role in the most extensive espionage network on earth, capable of tapping into millions of phone calls an hour: project ECHELON.


Pandemic Nonsense: Flying Pig Flu

Are globalist fear-mongers driving the media to panic the public into universal healthcare solutions? Or federally-mandated vaccinations?

By definition, a "pandemic" is an epidemic that is geographically widespread. Fear-mongers are always careful to add the innuendo that millions of people could and probably will die, as in the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 that killed between 20 and 100 million people worldwide.

Excuse me, but how does the death of even a few hundred equate to 20 million?


Mixing With Malthusians

Now I know what Greg Dyke, former boss of the BBC, meant by the phrase ‘hideously white’. At the Optimum Population Trust’s invitation-only conference at the end of last week, ‘Environmentally Sustainable Populations’, there was a sea of white faces, grey hair, purple-tinted rinses and blue blazers, as men and women of a certain hue, age and class gathered to discuss the ‘problem’ of population growth. In plummy voices – and in between House-of-Lords-style catnaps, perhaps taken to re-energise their prejudicial streaks – the attendees spoke darkly of ‘decimation’, ‘apocalypse’ and ‘tipping points’ (which is enviro-speak for apocalypse) in a world plagued by ‘too many people’.


Thought Police Muscle up in Britain

BRITAIN appears to be evolving into the first modern soft totalitarian state. As a sometime teacher of political science and international law, I do not use the term totalitarian loosely.

There are no concentration camps or gulags but there are thought police with unprecedented powers to dictate ways of thinking and sniff out heresy, and there can be harsh punishments for dissent.

Nikolai Bukharin claimed one of the Bolshevik Revolution's principal tasks was "to alter people's actual psychology". Britain is not Bolshevik, but a campaign to alter people's psychology and create a new Homo britannicus is under way without even a fig leaf of disguise.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu Was Cultured In a Laboratory', Dr. John Carlo, Dallas Co. Medical Director Says

We Need to be Inoculated Against Outbreaks of Panic

Mostly, however, it's yet another dreary confirmation of how media organisations love to turn concern into panic into audiences into profit, and how governments, when they see a big running story, want to position themselves flatteringly and busily at the heart of it, when the people at the heart of it really ought to be health professionals.

You wouldn't know it from the already feverish speculation, but there is no reason to imagine that this flu – and 36,000 people a year die of flu on average – is any more dangerous than any other flu. For Britons, in the short-to-medium term, this means a different winter flu shot to the one that vulnerable people already get, and a few other simple precautions. As Michael O'Leary of Ryanair so robustly put it, "the slum-dwellers" are the people at real risk.


Rogue Clamping Company to Help Set Code on Fair Parking

A rogue clamping company that overcharges drivers and rejects legitimate appeals has been appointed to a Government-backed body that aims to ensure fairness in parking enforcement.

Parking Control Management (PCM) is one of a group of companies entrusted with creating and enforcing a new code of conduct for the parking industry. Yet it has repeatedly breached the existing code by double-charging drivers. It forced an elderly couple to pay £375 to retrieve their car after they had parked on the forecourt of a boarded-up office for 30 minutes.


Malaysia Massacre 'Under Review'

Government lawyers have written to survivors asking for evidence and testimony about the killing of 24 villagers in Batang Kali.

The Scots Guards raid, near the capital Kuala Lumpur, was meant to target communist insurgents.

In January, the UK rejected activists' call for an inquiry into the massacre.

Most of the evidence to be examined is testimony from villagers and soldiers who witnessed the killings.


Bend Over, America and Get Ready for the Largest Tax Increase in History... the Cap and Trade Scheme.

The Weekly Standard has done yeoman’s work exposing the insane logic of an MIT professor, the St. Petersburg Times, and the Center for American Progress.

The controversy centers around a study by MIT professor John Reilly that shows a carbon cap and trade would cost the average American household $3,9000 a year. $800 of that figure comes from, according to Reilly, “the cost to the economy [that] involves all those actions people have to take to reduce their use of fossil fuels or find ways to use them without releasing [Green House Gases].” No one disputes that $800 a year cost. It’s the other $3,100 that Reilly, the St.Pete Times, and CAP want to disappear.


'Extraordinary' £1m Salary of the Man We Pay to Fight Poverty

The head of a Government-owned firm set up to eliminate world poverty has been criticised after earning almost £1million in a year.

MPs yesterday attacked the 'extraordinary' salary of Richard Laing, the chief executive of the former Commonwealth Development Corporation now known as CDC.
He took £970,000 in pay and bonuses in 2007, while other senior executives earned an average of £435,000.

CDC, which is wholly owned by the Department For International Development, uses private equity funds to plough money into poorer countries, mainly in Africa and Asia.

But MPs on the public accounts committee said there was only 'limited evidence' that CDC had made any impact on reducing Third World poverty.


As Swine Flu Spreads, Conspiracy Theories of Laboratory Origins Abound

Perhaps due to the genetic makeup of the fast-spreading H1N1 strain of influenza -- which includes genetic elements from bird flu, swine flu and human flu spanning three continents -- there is considerable speculation that the origins of this virus are man-made.

It's not an unreasonable question to ask: Could world governments, spooked by the prospect of radical climate change caused by over-population of the planet, have assembled a super-secret task force to engineer and distribute a super virulent strain of influenza designed to "correct" the human population (and institute global Martial Law)?


Brett Dennen - Ain't No Reason

Only Seven Swine Flu Deaths, not 152, says WHO

A member of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has dismissed claims that more than 150 people have died from swine flu, saying it has officially recorded only seven deaths around the world.

Vivienne Allan, from WHO’s patient safety program, said the body had confirmed that worldwide there had been just seven deaths - all in Mexico - and 79 confirmed cases of the disease.

“Unfortunately that [150-plus deaths] is incorrect information and it does happen, but that’s not information that’s come from the World Health Organisation,” Ms Allan told ABC Radio today.


Pope Apologizes for Abuse at Native Schools

Pope Benedict has said he is sorry for the physical and sexual abuse and "deplorable" conduct at Catholic church-run Canadian residential schools.

The Vatican says the pontiff expressed his sorrow and emphasized that "acts of abuse cannot be tolerated" at a meeting Wednesday with representatives of native Canadians.

"Given the sufferings that some indigenous children experienced in the Canadian residential school system, the Holy Father expressed his sorrow at the anguish caused by the deplorable conduct of some members of the church and he offered his sympathy and prayerful solidarity," a statement from the Vatican said.


Global Warming Alarmists Out in the Cold

IT'S snowing in April. Ice is spreading in Antarctica. The Great Barrier Reef is as healthy as ever.

And that's just the news of the past week. Truly, it never rains but it pours - and all over our global warming alarmists.

Time's up for this absurd scaremongering. The fears are being contradicted by the facts, and more so by the week.


Crown Dependancy of Forvik - Vehicle Licenses

On 29th April 2008 I put an old Landrover car on the Shetland roads. It has a Forvik numberplate, Forvik tax disc and an FK sticker for country of registration. On the vehicle is a notice:

Tax Free Vehicle


This vehicle is not subject to UK statutes
No consent is given for any clamping, towing, confiscation, or impounding,
The owner reserves the right to charge
£1,000 plus expenses
for any infringement of this notice.
By carrying out any of the above actions you
enter into a contract agreeing to these terms.

See here...

Billboards Criticizing US Aid to Israel Taken Down Under Pressure

A few week ago we posted about ten billboards going up around Albuquerque, NM calling for congress to cut off aid to Israel. They were put up by The Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel, a multi-ethnic, multi-religious coalition working to "end to the ten year commitment of $30 billion in U.S. taxpayer-funded military aid pledged to Israel in 2007 by the Bush administration." Today, the coalition sent out a press release saying that although Lamar Outdoor Advertising had signed a contract to run the billboards for eight weeks, they care coming down after three.

According to information from Lamar, it appears groups claiming to be pro-Israel have conducted a campaign to pressure Lamar to remove the billboards. The Coalition believes this is a deliberate attempt to silence its right to free speech because the humanitarian message of the billboards supports equal rights for the Palestinian people, thereby necessitating criticism of Israel.


House Passes Hate Crime Bill - Jewish Groups Rejoice

Jewish groups are hailing House passage of hate-crimes legislation.

The House passed the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act by a vote of 249-175 on Wednesday. The legislation would permit greater federal involvement in investigating hate crimes and expand the federal definition of such crimes to include those motivated by gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability.

The Anti-Defamation League, Jewish Council for Public Affairs and Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism all lauded the vote. In a statement, ADL national director Abraham Foxman and national chair Glen Lewy said it was an "essential and necessary step forward in the national effort to counter hate crimes."


Swine Flu? A Panic Stoked in Order to Posture and Spend

We have gone demented. Two Britons are or were (not very) ill from flu. "This could really explode," intones a reporter for BBC News. "London warned: it's here," cries the Evening Standard. Fear is said to be spreading "like a Mexican wave". It "could affect" three-quarters of a million Britons. It "could cost" three trillion dollars. The "danger", according to the radio, is that workers who are not ill will be "worried" (perhaps by the reporter) and fail to turn up at power stations and hospitals.

Appropriately panicked, on Monday ministers plunged into their Cobra bunker beneath Whitehall to prepare for the worst. Had Tony Blair been about they would have worn germ warfare suits. British government is barking mad.


It has now been confirmed that there have only been 6 deaths in Mexico directly attributable to this H1N1 strain of the flu!

Don't Panic Captain Mannering!!!

Obama’s First 100 Days: The Madmen Did Well

It is 100 days since Barack Obama was elected president of the United States. The "Obama brand" has since been named Advertising Age’s "marketer of the year for 2008," easily beating Apple. David Fenton of describes Obama’s election campaign "an institutionalized, mass-level, automated technological community organizing that has never existed before and is a very, very powerful force." Deploying the Internet and a slogan plagiarized from the Latino union organizer Caesar Chavez – Si se puede! – "yes, we can," the "mass-level, automated technological community" marketed its brand to victory in a country desperate to be rid of George W. Bush.

No one knew what the new brand actually stood for. So accomplished was the advertising – a record $75 million was spent on TV commercials alone – that many Americans actually believed Obama shared their opposition to Bush’s wars. In fact, he had repeatedly backed Bush’s warmongering and its congressional funding. Many Americans also believed he was the heir to Martin Luther King’s legacy of anti-colonialism.

Yet if Obama had a theme at all, apart from the vacuous "change you can believe in," it was the renewal of America as a dominant, avaricious bully. "We will be the most powerful!" he declared.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Family Courts System Accused of Hiding Evidence From Parents

Parents fighting in the family courts for contact with their children are being denied access to their personal files by a corrupt system, a leading parental rights campaigner has said.

Alison Stevens, head of Parents Against Injustice, has called for Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, to force social services and individual courts to comply with the Data Protection Act.

She said: “Local authorities have to send the requested files within 40 days . . . but they are often not following public law guidelines. It’s corruption within the system. They are playing God, and there must be some reason why — perhaps to hide things they have got wrong in the cases.”


U.S. Air Force Study Proposed 2009 Influenza Pandemic in 1996

On June 17, 1996, the U.S. Air Force released Air Force 2025, “a study designed to comply with a directive from the chief of staff of the Air Force to examine the concepts, capabilities, and technologies the United States will require to remain the dominant air and space force in the future.” In the unclassified study, the College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research, and Education at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama posed several “fictional representations of future situations/scenarios” likely to arise.

In Chapter 5, the authors present a timeline figure representing “plausible history.” In 2009, according to the figure, influenza will kill 30 million people. “A similar influenza pandemic occurred in the past,” a footnote explains, making a reference to the influenza epidemic of 1918 and 1919, described as “one of the worst human catastrophes on record. It has been estimated that more than 20 million people around the world died during the epidemic, and of the 20 million people who suffered from the illness in the United States, approximately 850,000 died.”


FDA Approves Emergency Measures For “Mass Dosing” Of U.S. Citizens

The FDA has approved “emergency measures” to carry out “mass dosings” of U.S. citizens with antiviral drugs in the event of a widespread swine flu pandemic.

An Associated Press report states that the new powers would allow the drugs to be distributed to a “broader range of the population” than present measures allow.

The drugs, primarily Tamiflu and Relenza, would be “distributed to larger segments of the population without complying with the approved label requirements,” according to the report.

The announcement follows a similar directive issued last night, which would allow Tamiflu to be used to treat children under the age of 1 and to provide doses higher than originally approved for children over the age of 1.


Was The "Spanish Flu" Epidemic Man-made? (Flashback)

In 1948 Heinrich Mueller, the former head of the Gestapo, told his CIA Interrogator that the most devastating plague in human history was man-made.

He was referring to the influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 that infected 20% of the world's population and killed between 60 and 100 million people. This is roughly three times as many as were killed and wounded in World War One, and is comparable to WWII losses, yet this modern plague has slipped down the memory hole.

Mueller said the flu started as a US army bacteriological warfare weapon that somehow infected US army ranks at Camp Riley KS in March 1918, and spread around the world. He says that it "got out of control" but we cannot discount the horrible possibility that the "Spanish Flu" was a deliberate elite depopulation measure, and that it could be used again. Researchers have found connections between it and the "Bird Flu."


Pumping the Propaganda Yet Again

Time Magazine Preps Americans for Mandatory Vaccinations

Time Magazine’s coverage of the swine flu scare has a noticeable subplot - preparing Americans for draconian measures to combat a future pandemic as well as forcing them to accept the idea of mandatory vaccinations.

In an article entitled How to Deal with Swine Flu: Heeding the Mistakes of 1976, the piece discusses how dozens died and hundreds were injured from vaccines as a result of the 1976 swine flu fiasco, when the Ford administration attempted to use the infection of soldiers at Fort Dix as a pretext for a mass vaccination of the entire country.

Despite acknowledging that the 1976 farce was an example of “how not to handle a flu outbreak,” the article still introduces the notion that officials “may soon have to consider whether to institute draconian measures to combat the disease.”


Italy Seizes Millions in Assets From Four Banks

With municipal bond investigations spreading to Europe from the United States, Italian authorities have seized about $300 million in assets of four global banks — JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, UBS and Depfa — whose officials have been accused of fraud.


Three Cleared of Helping 7/7 Bombers - Another Frame up Collapses

The three men, all from Beeston in Leeds, who have been acquitted by a jury, were the only people ever to be charged in relation to the bombings of July 2005.

They had been accused of conducting a "hostile reconnaissance" mission for the bombers seven months before the attacks.


Humanitarian Intervention Challenged - Exposing the Truth on NATO-US Agression Against Yugoslavia

Austrian Holocaust Denier Faces Five Years in Jail

Austrian writer Gerd Honsik has been found guilty by a court in Australia of "denying the Holocaust and spreading Nazi ideas".

The court in Vienna sentenced the ultra-rightist author to five years in jail on Monday.


AIPAC Pushing for New Iran Sanctions Bill?

Influential Israeli lobby group in the US, AIPAC is to push for a newly crafted resolution designed to choke off Iranian gas imports.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which is scheduled to hold its annual conference next week, said the introduction of a new bill against Iran's gasoline trade on Tuesday is no coincidence.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Senior Cabinet Ministers 'Discussing Dropping ID Card Scheme’

They believe that “sacred cows”, including the controversial ID card scheme, may have to be sacrificed in order to reduce Britain's huge debt burden, according to The Independent.
The Cabinet is under pressure to reduce Whitehall spending by more than the £9 billion in “efficiency savings” promised in the Budget last week.


The Effects of Fluoride on the Thyroid Gland

It has been known since the latter part of the 19th century that certain communities, notably in Argentina, India and Turkey were chronically ill, with premature ageing, arthritis, mental retardation, and infertility; and high levels of natural fluorides in the water were responsible. Not only was it clear that the fluoride was having a general effect on the health of the community, but in the early 1920s Goldemberg, working in Argentina showed that fluoride was displacing iodine; thus compounding the damage and rendering the community also hypothyroid from iodine deficiency.


The Teleprompter in Chief Cocks up Again

Is Swine Flu a Biological Weapon?

There are some factors that suggest the swine flu killing people in Mexico may be a biological weapon, but obviously no such conclusion can be drawn at this time. The World Health Organization and the U.S. government have been quick to deny such claims.
The swine flu virus is described as a completely new strain, an intercontinental mixture of human, avian and swine viruses. Tellingly, there have been no reported A-H1N1 infections of pigs.

Flu Pandemic Hype: Another Pretext for World Government

During the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Summit in Montebello, Canada in 2005, the “three amigos” (Bush, Harper and Calderon) released “North American Plan for Avian and Pandemic Influenza,” described as a “collaborative North American approach that recognizes that controlling the spread of avian influenza or a novel strain of human influenza, with minimal economic disruption, is in the best interest of all three countries.” The plan outlines how “Canada, Mexico and the United States intend to work together to prepare for and manage avian and pandemic influenza.”


Fear Flu Kills... Er, Costs Millions

Harman Wiretap Highlights Suspicions

Leaks of wiretap transcripts involving a member of Congress and a “suspected Israeli agent” have shone a rare light on the scope of suspicion the American intelligence establishment harbors toward Israel and its supporters.

Investigators wiretapping the alleged Israeli agent were so concerned about remarks by Democratic Rep. Jane Harman of California during his conversation with her that the investigators subsequently sought a so-called FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrant — reserved for sensitive intelligence cases — to wiretap Harman, as well, according to a detailed story published April 19 by Congressional Quarterly. But then-attorney general Alberto Gonzales, the article claims, halted the investigation because he thought he would need Harman’s support in an upcoming clash over the administration’s warrantless wiretapping program, about to be exposed by The New York Times.


The Power of the Purse, The Power of the Sword

The rot and corruption that has been oozing out of Washington, DC for decades continues as Americans scramble to keep their heads above water, a roof over their heads and food on the table. 401(k)s will continue to bleed and the shock factor will multiply as Americans see the fruits of their labor and dreams turn to dust. Congress continues the march towards complete totalitarian, world government. The Constitution is merely a prop; neither we the people nor the sovereignty of these united States of America matter to the 534 (excluding Ron Paul) cowards and crooks who serve their special interests money machines and global masters.

Radioactive Leaks From Naval Base

Nuclear discharges, safety fears and concerns over poor maintenance at the Faslane naval base in Scotland were so acute experts say it should have been closed down, a Channel 4 News investigation has found. Details of the nuclear breaches at the base, part of Her Majesty's Naval Base Clyde, were unearthed via a series of Freedom of Information (FoI) requests by this programme.


Mexican Authorities Accused of Initial Cover up Over Swine Flu

Dr Antonio Chavez, a specialist in respiratory diseases at the Mexico National Institute of Health, said there was panic as medical staff in Mexico City struggled to deal with the problem.
Another doctor claimed that in the early stages, staff were asked not to place the reason for dying on the death certificates.


Afghan Girls School Feared Hit by Airborne Poison

Five Afghan teachers and 40 of their pupils, most of them girls, have been admitted to hospital with severe headaches after a suspected airborne poison attack, the Public Health Ministry said on Monday.
They fell ill on Sunday afternoon during a ceremony at a school in the Sadiqi district of Parwan province, some 70 km (40 miles) north of the Afghan capital, Kabul.


Baxter To Develop Swine Flu Vaccine Despite Bird Flu Scandal

A U.S. based pharmaceutical company that just weeks ago was involved in a scandal involving vaccines tainted with deadly avian flu virus has been chosen to head up efforts to produce a vaccine for the Mexican swine flu that has seemingly migrated into the U.S. and Europe.
Baxter confirmed over the weekend that it is working with the World Health Organization on a potential vaccine to curb the deadly swine flu virus that is blamed for scores of deaths in Mexico and has emerged as a threat in the U.S.


The LOBBY's 1962 Blueprint For Taking Over America

"We have castrated society through fear and intimidation. Its manhood exists only in combination with a feminine outward appearance. Being so neutered, the populace has become docile and easily ruled. As all geldings in nature, their thoughts are not involved with the concerns of the future and their posterity, but only with the present toil and the next meal."

45+ years of lies, subterfuges, bribes, threats, assassinations, spying on the USA, false-flags, infiltrating Christian groups, intimidating colleges and brainwashing their students and control of the MSM have helped install Israel as the de facto head of the USA.

If one was paranoid, one might think these guidelines for taking over America were straight out of the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion."


Obama Demands Right to Recruit Minors For Military

Humboldt County, California voters passed measures F and J last November prohibiting military recruiters from initiating contact with minors. Now the Obama administration is demanding that the law be overturned.
A court hearing is scheduled for June 9 in Oakland, California. The measures which passed by a large margin allow recruitment to occur if the minor initiates contact. Federal government lawyers claim "irreparable harm" if the laws stand.
The cities of Eureka and Arcata cite international treaties which prohibit recruitment of children under 17. If the Cities prevail over the Obama administration in court, the legislation could likely be brought before voters in communities across the nation. Enforcement of the laws is on hold pending the court action.

Monday, April 27, 2009

MPs to Get Up to £5,000 Summer Recess Payment

MPS would be given a one-off payment of up to £5,000 to maintain their second homes this summer as part of Gordon Brown's controversial overhaul of their expenses system.
The Prime Minister is desperately looking for ways of averting a Commons defeat this week over his plans to introduce a flat-rate daily payment of about £150 to MPs for attending the Commons. David Cameron, the Conservative leader, yesterday claimed the "clocking-in" proposal – designed to replace the discredited second homes allowance – was "dead", while a Cabinet Minister privately conceded that Mr Brown's proposals in their present form would be rejected in Thursday's vote.


Iran's President 'Would Support Two-state Solution' for Israel

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has recognised Israel's right to exist for the first time, saying it would be "fine with us" if the Palestinians reached a two-state solution.


Fined Motorists to be Hit With £15 Victims' Surcharge

'Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, is considering extending a £15 surcharge for victims to those handed on-the-spot fines and fixed penalties.

Currently the extra payment is only added on to fines handed out by the courts, but any extension to fixed penalties would pave the way for millions of people including speeding drivers to be hit as well.'


What is the Difference Between Zionism and Racism?

Egyptian Media: Israel Bombed Iranian Arms Ship Allegedly Headed for Gaza

According to a report in the Egyptian newspaper El-Aosboa on Sunday, a recent attack on an Iranian ship off the coast of Sudan was carried out by the Israeli navy, with possible U.S. involvement.After January's Israeli invasion of Gaza, there have been several incidents of Israeli attacks on what they claimed were arms shipments from Iran bound for Gaza. No Palestinian group has ever claimed a connection with Iran, and the homemade shells fired by Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza are mainly made of homemade materials, lacking any sophistication that would imply Iranian involvement.


Repost from August 2008 - Potential Bioterrorism Fals Flag incident

Dear Friends

I am a Truth activist and researcher here in the UK. I specialise in connecting the dots to see the whole picture

I have been doing some research into what i believe is a potential False Flag Bio terrorism incident probably in the US and possibly at The Democratic Convention in Denver in August.

A bio terrorism incident would make a lot of sense to the New World Order Masters

1. Blame it on Iran, Al Queda

2. Reason to implement Martial Law

3. Fema Camps

4. Potential large scale depopulation

5. Rationale if Iran implicated for war on Iran

Please get this important information out to as many people as ou can

I feel very strongly about this and just want to see the information out in the public domain.

Kind regards


I have already sent this info out to
whatreally happened
David Icke
Alex Jones


2002 Bioterrorism exercise in Oklahoma city NOTE the names SAM NUNN and JAMES R WOOLSEY for future reference



It was just a drill, but play-acting of a germ warfare attack this summer showed how many ways the nation (the USA) is not ready. The enactment went as follows:
Patients with a mysterious illness began appearing at Oklahoma City hospitals in early December of 2002, with fever, weakness, malaise, and an aggressive rash which in two or three days developed pus. Except for the other symptoms they could have been severe cases of acne.
Soon the small number of initial patients grew to 20; others sprouted across the state as well as in Georgia and Pennsylvania. Most living practicing physicians have never treated a clinical case of this mysterious disease, which fit no current pattern of development, defying differential diagnosis. Days later the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made the diagnosis: smallpox.
It is a disease not seen in the United States since 1949…and not in the world since 1980. It is an extinct malady. Its only vestiges are two small cultures held in labs in the United States and Russia. This is certainly an intentional, engineered outbreak of the disease…bioterrorism!
By the end of the month there were projected to be 30,000 cases nationwide.
In the weeks before the outbreak, tensions were rising between China and Taiwan. An outbreak of foot and mouth disease on Taiwan was devastating the swine industry; some blamed China. Iraq had begun moving troops toward the Kuwaiti border, claiming its action to be routine exercises.
So began Dark Winter, a bioterrorist exercise that played out over two days this summer at Andrews Air Force Base in Washington, DC. Sam Nunn, former Democratic senator from Georgia, played the president; David Gergen portrayed the national security adviser. R. James Woolsey replayed his one-time real-life post as CIA director. Frank Keating, the governor of Oklahoma, played himself.
The exercise was sponsored by several think tanks, including the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies. It was designed to simulate what many experts say is highly likely: a biological weapon attack upon the United States.
The exercise exposed numerous shortcomings in how government and the nation's health care system are equipped to deal with such a crisis.
Hospitals don't have the beds or staff to care for the sick in the event of a "surge" of bio-terrorism victims. There is not enough smallpox vaccine - or any other vaccine - to immunize the nation. Finally, the exercise exposes "fault lines" and "disconnects" among local, state and federal officials, leaving many of them to ask: Who's in charge? Dark Winter pinpointed the serious lack of smallpox vaccine. There are 12 million doses of smallpox vaccine for 275 million Americans. Sam Nunn told lawmakers afterward that "That's enough for one out of ever 23 Americans…. Who do we decide to vaccinate?"
Certain moral issues were raised by it as well. In his role as president, Sam Nunn refused a request from the governor of Oklahoma for enough vaccine to inoculate everyone in the state. His function, he said, was to conserve the supply and look
after the interests of the entire nation. Of course, as Governor Keating pointed out, "Vaccination cannot stop the spread if you don't have enough of it."
Other concerns include police, firefighters and other local emergency personnel who lack the necessary training and equipment to handle a bioterrorist attack. Emergency management personnel don't have the tools to determine that there has actually been such an attack. "We have a fragmented and under-funded public health system - at the local, state and federal level - that does not allow us to effectively detect and track disease outbreaks in real time" Keating said.
This is not the first such simulation that has been practiced. Last year the Department of Justice and other federal agencies simulated chemical and biological attacks in Washington, DC, Denver and Portsmouth, NH. In Denver, bubonic plague was the chosen biological weapon. The hospitals quickly became overwhelmed and antibiotics and ventilators were soon in short supply.
There is increasing likelihood that the catastrophes portrayed in such exercises will become reality. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has said the bioterrorist threat is "quite high," with nations such as Iraq, Iran, China and North Korea building the weapons. The US renounced such weapons in 1969 and started destroying stockpiles.
There has been some progress against such possible attacks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) has contracted with a Maryland firm to produce 40 million doses of smallpox vaccine. A senior adviser on bioterrorism has been appointed to Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health and Human Services.
But Sam Nunn asserts that more has to be done - and quickly. "In the evolution of warfare, arrows were countered by shields; swords with armor; guns with tanks; and now biological weapons must be countered with medicines, vaccines and surveillance systems." [End]

This next link is to a table top exercise hosted by the Center for Biosecurity at the University of Pittsburgh in 2005. It is called Atlantic storm and features Madeleine Albright and Sir Nigel Broomfield

Sir Nigel Broomfield KCMG is Chairman of the Leonard Cheshire Foundation

He was a director of the Ditchley foundation from 1999 to 2004 and is still a member of both the uk arm and also the American Ditchley foundation

He was also a director of Smiths group PLC specialising in biological, chemical. nuclear and explosive detection amongst other things.

So here are the details of the 2005 scenario Atlantic Storm

Another notable person involved with Atlantic Storm is Colonel Randall Larsen member of the Council on Foreign Relations

Full list of participants is below

Atlantic Storm was sponsored by

The Alfred P Sloan Foundation

Notable Board members are

Michael S. Teitelbaum links to Carnegie Foundation

Jesse H. Ausubel of the Carnegie Commission and Council on Foreign Relations

Kathleen E. Christensen- Rockerfeller Fellow

Paula J. Olsiewski- Bioterrorism and Biodefense expert

Doron Weber Director of the Rockerfeller University 1991-1995 and Council on Foreign relations member

The other sponsors are The Nuclear Threat Initiative

This organisation is like a who's who of the Council on Foreign relations, Trilateral commission, Club of Rome, Carnegie Foundation.

Most notably

Sam Nunn Co Chairman and Chairman of CSIS (

(This think tank , CSIS, has on its board Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft, Ex US Secretary of defense William Cohen.)

Charles Curtis member of the Council on Foreign Relations

HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan- President of the Club of Rome

Pierre Lellouche- Vice chair of the Atlantic Partnership (Details after) Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations

Dr. Jessica Tuchman Mathews- President of the Carnegie Endowment for Intenational Peace and past senior fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations.

William J Perry- Hoover institute and past Sec of Defense

Nafis Sadiq- Special advisor to the UN sec. general

Shirley Williams-Council on Foreign relations.

A right neoconservative bunch i am sure you will agree!!!!

Now to the Atlantic Partnership which i mentioned before linked to Sam Nunn and Pierre Lellouche

This has to be one of the Premier organisations in terms of NWO/Neoconservative involvement

So why are all these key players in the NWO and neoconservative movement sponsoring exercises in Biological terrorism?

In 2005 the USAF released a paper on Quarantine during a Bioterrorism attack

Quarantine procedures

In 2006 the WHO released a Bioterrorism paper focussing on smallpox

Late in 2006 another exercise was carried out and named Black Ice (Bioterrorism International Coordination Excersise)

Jointly run by Henry A Crumpton,com_csis_events/task,view/id,1471/

The last link was to the CSIS again!!!

Here is the link to the Exercise

Black Ice was again funded by the Alfred P Sloan Foundation and the NTI

In Mid 2007 The National Center for Disaster Preparedness conducted a poll within the Framework of 'The American Preparedness Project' titled 'Where the US Public Stands in 2007 on Terrorism, Security and Disaster Preparedness'

Executive summary link below

To me the most interesting bit is the Confidence in government part which may indicate how such a Bioterrorism attack may be roled out to the public

'Confidence and Trust in Government

Americans trust the CDC to give them accurate and reliable information (84%), and that doesn’t vary much by race, gender, region, or politics (nor has it varied much over the years). In contrast, only 63% of Americans polled trust FEMA to provide reliable and accurate information, less than a mayor (75%) or the sheriff or police commissioner (82%).

The least trusted source of information is the president at 49%, with more Americans trusting a TV medical correspondent (71%) to give them reliable information.

Confidence in President Bush has declined steadily, from 65% in 2003 to 49% in 2007. By comparison, confidence in the CDC ranged from 82 – 84% over the same time period.

Most Americans would be persuaded to prepare for a public health emergency if instructed to do so by the CDC (86%) or their regular doctor (87%). Other less influential sources include the sheriff or police commissioner (83%), the mayor (78%), FEMA (75%), and a TV medical correspondent (69%)'.

In October 2007 Department of Homeland Security conducted TOPOFF 4

Another similar exercise Interpol in Dec 2007--Exercise Black Death

In January 2008 the Los Alamos magazine produced a paper named ' To Kill a Killer-Targetting Anthrax'

The Los Alamos Laboratory has also developed a system called BASIS which has been rolled out accross the country

It would be interesting to know if these have been deployed in Denver either as part of the US roll out of this system or specifically for the Democratic convention.

In March 2008 the US Government was accused of making biological weapons from bird flu samples

On March 7th 2008Los Alamos released a 'Statement on Avian Flu Research'

On the 23rd of July 2008 the HSS and DHS released the following information

Here are some other pointers and players

2002 article titled 'Pentagon plans for a smallpox oubreak';msg763#msg763

City Bankers Scoop Huge Pay Increases

City bankers and financiers are scooping bumper pay rises to compensate for losing multimillion pound bonuses in a controversial development that will trigger fresh "reward for failure" rows.

The Observer has learnt that UBS, the stricken bank that last year received a £40bn Swiss government bailout, is paying London staff increases of between 15% and 20% at a time when many workers in Britain are forced to take wage freezes.

Though it is understood some equity traders at UBS have even enjoyed a doubling of salary to over £250,000, bank sources indicate these were "exceptional cases rather than the rule". But senior City headhunters confirmed that basic pay rises for senior bank staff were rising sharply, with US banks seeing big hikes.


US Says Not Testing Travelers From Mexico for Flu

The United States is not testing airplane travelers from Mexico for the swine flu virus that has heightened fears of a possible pandemic, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said on Sunday.

"Right now we don't think the facts warrant more active testing or screening of passengers coming in from Mexico," she said at a White House briefing.

See here...

How crazy is this?? They havent got the mass of infections they were hoping for yet so...

Iran Discovers New Oil, Gas Fields

Iran has discovered a new oil layer and a gas field in locations in the center and southwest of the country, says the Iranian Oil Minister.
The new oil layer forms part of the Band-e-Karkheh oil field northwest of Ahvaz, capital of Iran’s oil-rich southwestern province of Khuzestan, said Gholam-Hossein Nozari on Saturday, on the sidelines of the International Oil, Gas and Petrochemistry Exhibition in Tehran. Nozari said that the oil field’s estimated reserves increased to 4.5 billion barrels with the discovery of the new layer.

US Homeland Security Announces Public Health Emergency - Over 20 Cases of Flu

Responding to what some health officials feared could be the leading edge of a global pandemic emerging from Mexico, American health officials declared a public health emergency on Sunday as 20 cases of swine flu were confirmed in this country, including eight in New York City.


Flu Bug

By 2005, we lost 40 micro-biologists in less than 4 years, all under suspicious circumstances, and during this time someone discovered that they were all working for the government, or government contractors, on projects related to bio-terrorism, flu pandemics, or anthrax. Obviously they weren’t trying to find a cure for anything, or there would be no need to silence them.

Then it was discovered that our government was involved in strange experiments that involve exhuming bodies of people that were killed by the 1918 Spanish flu, and genetically engineered flu viruses, all the while the media is preparing the public with stories of bird flu wiping out thousands of chickens (acid test?) and even a few people here and there.


(Al Gore’s) Venture Capital Firm Set to Reap Rewards on Swine Flu (Along With Donald Rumsfeld)

Another payday in the making for Al Gore. His venture capital firm is heavily invested in swine flu vaccines as well as Global warming money making schemes. Wow, what a week for Al, huh? And look who he’s connected with this time; Donald Rumsfeld.


The Missing Sunspots: Is This the Big Chill?

Could the Sun play a greater role in recent climate change than has been believed? Climatologists had dismissed the idea and some solar scientists have been reticent about it because of its connections with those who those who deny climate change. But now the speculation has grown louder because of what is happening to our Sun. No living scientist has seen it behave this way. There are no sunspots.

The disappearance of sunspots happens every few years, but this time it’s gone on far longer than anyone expected – and there is no sign of the Sun waking up.


The Wrenching Transformation of America

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve come a long way to get here and I have such a short time to be with you. So, let’s just get everything out on the table right now, shall we?

I believe the American people, and their every action, are being ruled, regulated, restricted, licensed, registered, directed, checked, inspected, measured, numbered, counted, rated, stamped, censured, authorized, admonished, refused, prevented, drilled, indoctrinated, monopolized, extorted, robbed, hoaxed, fined, harassed, disarmed, dishonored, fleeced, exploited, assessed, and taxed to the point of suffocation and desperation.

America is drowning in a sea of rules and regulations, particularly under the guise of “saving the environment.”

We all know something is very wrong and we are trying to fix it.


Roots of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

In my book over the Bavarian Illuminati it was established that the Gold- und Rosenkreutz [Golden and Rosy Cross] were the enemies of the Illuminati and vice versa. Why? 1) They were competitors for initiates; 2) Illuminati were rationalists and outright worshippers of reason, while the Rosicrucians pursued mysticism and theosophy and indulged in all manner of practical occultism (séances, theurgy, thaumaturgy, astrology, sorcery, kabbalistic magic and alchemy), which the Illuminati frowned upon, to say the least; 3) and the fact that the Rosicrucians were also aligned with the obscurantists of religious orthodoxy, the Jesuits, and recruited members from among its ranks.

A short overview of the “esoteric transmission” from the Golden and Rosy Cross can be had here. The Golden Dawn’s grade system is identical to that of the earlier 18th century secret society, and they benefited from “the entire esoteric corpus of this essential Rosicrucian order.”


Iran Arrests Group Planning Pre-vote Bombings

Iran has arrested a group of people linked to Israel who were planning bombings ahead of the Islamic Republic's June presidential election, the intelligence minister was quoted as saying on Sunday.
State radio, citing Intelligence Minister Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei, did not say how many people had been arrested or give any other details.
Iran often accuses Israel and the United States, its two arch foes, of seeking to undermine the Islamic state. Last year, an Iranian businessman was hanged after he was convicted of spying on the military for the Jewish state.


Waiting Outside the Theater For the Curtain to Go Up

Thank you to those who pointed out to me that it is “still April’ and we have our first signs of coming events for the year. We have a nasty selective virus that is doing one thing on one side of a border and another on the other side. It makes some people wonder. You don’t have to go too far to wonder some more. It makes sense that the next thing that the people who have been hard at work on the majority of the bad things we have seen so far and are due to see more of… it makes sense that they would target the populations with something certain to strike fear far and wide; something that would make travel very undesirable.

Yes… biological attacks would put a real crimp into all sorts of things and trot out the usual solutions that turn out to be worse than the thing itself and which pour profits into the pockets of some of the worst people on the planet. It takes no great stretch of the imagination to see how something would play very well into the government publicized ‘summer of rage’ and make the different population groups immediately paranoid of the other population groups.


Israel Defies Global Demand Over Settlements

An Israeli interior ministry committee has called for the expansion of one of the largest settlements in the occupied West Bank, Israel's army radio reported.

The committee has declared in a report that the small settlement of Qedar should be integrated into the giant colony of Maale Adumim, along with the lands that lie between the two, AFP reported. The plan if implemented would add another 1,200 hectares (3,000 acres) to Maale Adumim and add another 800 people to its current 34,500 residents.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Deathday England, Love ZanuLabour

Today England awoke to a thumping headache, a nation teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and economic collapse, after a budget that could only really be described as having been farted directly from the bowels of Satan himself. Well, if only he could have taken the time to tune his sphincter before billowing forth such an unholy collection of cacophonous garbage, because as far as I can tell, the entire shambolic mess does not stack up to the harsh scrutiny expected from a particularly learning impaired five year old.

That is not to even mention the fact that the national debt that we have now been saddled with, and are being forced to pay for, is illegal and illegitimate. Words that this regime are becoming quite comfortable with by all accounts, well after all, if the shoe fits, eh?

It’s nice to know that whilst those of us brave enough to still be proud of this country (after everything these criminals have done to it over the last 10 years) are busy attempting, via their best imitation of “stiff up a lip”, “muck in and get on with it” stoicism, to celebrate our national patron saints day, we are smacked rudely in the face yet again by the Vogonesque inter-planetary demolition squad that is New Labour.

Oh, but don’t worry folks, good old Auntie Beeb is on hand to help “reframe” any misguided patriotic impulses we may have into something more obscure and politically correct for the times. After all, there once was a nation called England, according to some bizarre myth that nobody really believes any more. No Common Purpose there then, no Siree.'

So where are the dambusters when you need them? Somebody should just drop a few well placed bouncing bombs on the whole stinking lot of these scurrilously treasonous ratbags. Well, let me give you all a small clue :

The clock is ticking. It is 5 minutes to midnight. Either we remove these inept, evil and rapacious tyrants from power and take our country back, or there will be nothing left to argue about, or indeed anyone to argue about it with, in a few years from now.

What better way to celebrate St George’s day?