Friday, February 04, 2011

Egypt Crisis: Mohamed ElBaradei Says He Will Run for Presidency

Mr ElBaradei, who had previously proposed himself only as an interim leader, told The Daily Telegraph in an interview that he would stand "if people want me to" in elections in September or before. He said that the dramatic violence in central Cairo had shown he was right not to negotiate with Hosni Mubarak's regime.

Speaking in the garden of his home in an exclusive villa compound on the western outskirts of Cairo, Mr ElBaradei made clear the part he thought he would play in the continuing upheavals in Egypt. He said he wanted to set Egypt on track to a "new democratic future" as an agent of change and described Mr Mubarak's regime as "a bunch of thugs".'


Most Of Northern Hemisphere Is Covered Under Snow, Ice

At first glance it looks like a graphic from a Discovery Channel programme about a distant ice age. But this astonishing picture shows the world as it is today - with half the Northern Hemisphere covered with snow and ice.

The image was released by the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Association (NOAA) on the day half of North America was in the grip of a severe winter storm.'


David Icke speaking on the Alex Jones Show about the Egypt and the Middle East Agenda - the complete version

How Banks and Investors Are Starving The Third World

'Underlying the sudden, volatile uprising in Egypt and Tunisia is a growing global crisis sparked by soaring food prices and unemployment. The Associated Press reports that roughly 40 percent of Egyptians struggle along at the World Bank-set poverty level of under $2 per day.

Analysts estimate that food price inflation in Egypt is currently at an unsustainable 17 percent yearly. In poorer countries, as much as 60 to 80 percent of people's incomes go for food, compared to just 10 to 20 percent in industrial countries.

An increase of a dollar or so in the cost of a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread for Americans can mean starvation for people in Egypt and other poor countries.'


Alert: CBS Outlet Calls for Chemtrail Pics--Fire Away!

OK, they want photos. So, let's send them photos! The following article from an Atlanta CBS affiliate (I know..) ran a piece and is claiming to want to know more. So, let's give it to them.'


Pentagon Reports Billions of Dollars in Contractor Fraud

The Pentagon paid hundreds of billions of dollars to defense contractors engaged in criminal or civil fraud -- in some cases paying the companies after they were convicted, according to a new Defense Department report.

At least 91 contractors holding contracts worth $270 billion were the subjects of civil fraud judgments -- and in some cases criminal fraud convictions as well, many of which resulted in fines, suspensions or debarments. Even so, Defense Department contracting officers still assigned $4.9 billion worth of work with these companies after the fraud was uncovered, the report said.'


Wal-Mart Destroys Local Economies

Wal-Mart's lengthy struggle to open in New York City has hit fresh problems -- a controversial report that said America's biggest discounter does not just sell cheap, it makes neighborhoods poorer.

The report concludes that Wal-Mart, the biggest U.S. private employer, kills jobs rather than creates them, drives down wages and is a tax burden because it does not give health and other benefits to many part-time employees, leaving a burden on Medicaid and other public programs.

The New York City Council will hold a public hearing on Thursday on the impact a Wal-Mart would have but the retailer has declined to attend.'


Bernanke's Blatant Lies: Q&A From Today's Speech

Pissed Off!: 67 Percent Of Americans Are Dissatisfied With The Size And Influence Of Major Corporations

The American people are becoming increasingly angry about the extraordinary amount of power and influence that corporations have in the United States today. A new Gallup poll found that 67 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the size and influence of major corporations in the United States today. Not only that, the most recent Chicago Booth/Kellogg School Financial Trust Index found that only 26 percent of Americans trust our financial system at this point.

The mainstream media is acting as if this is a new phenomenon, but the truth is that a dislike of giant corporations goes all the way back to the founding of this nation. Our founders held a deep distrust for all big concentrations of power, and they intended to set up a nation where no one person or no one institution could become too powerful.'


Google Under Fire for 'Secret' Relationship with US Government and National Security Agency

In a letter sent Monday, Consumer Watchdog asked Representative Darrell Issa, the new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, to investigate the relationship between Google and several government agencies.

The group asked Issa to investigate contracts at several U.S. agencies for Google technology and services, the "secretive" relationship between Google and the U.S. National Security Agency, and the company's use of a U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration airfield in California.'


Even Donald Trump Is Warning That An Economic Collapse Is Coming

In a shocking new interview, Donald Trump has gone farther than he ever has before in discussing a potential economic collapse in America. Using phrases such as "you’re going to pay $25 for a loaf of bread pretty soon" and "we could end up being another Egypt", Trump explained to Newsmax that he is incredibly concerned about the direction our economy is headed.'


Police Brutality Increases in US

Codex Alimentarius Loves Toxic Fluoride, Part 1

In the previous article, I wrote about the global implications of Codex Alimentarius. I discussed in some detail the oppressive standards recommended by BfR, which have largely been included in the Codex Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements. However, there is one more provision included in the risk assessment process that even many critics of Codex are unaware of. This is the goal to not only treat nutrients as toxins, but treat toxins as nutrients.

At first, this is not readily apparent. A closer look at the risk assessment provided by BfR provides one with a glimmer of what might one day be a completely Orwellian policy toward vitamins, minerals, and toxins.


Internet Restored in Cairo After Revolt Blackout

Internet services were at least partially restored in Cairo on Wednesday after a five-day cut aimed at stymieing protests against President Hosni Mubarak's regime, Internet users said.

Egypt's four main Internet service providers cut off access to their customers in a near simultaneous move overnight last Thursday, two days after anti-Mubarak protests -- many coordinated via the Internet -- began.'


WikiLeaks: US and China in Military Standoff Over Space Missiles

The United States threatened to take military action against China during a secret "star wars" arms race within the past few years, according to leaked documents obtained by The Daily Telegraph.'


Christians Protecting Muslims During Their Prayers in Egypt

'US Offering Illuminati Plan for Mubarak to Quit'

The US is reportedly negotiating with Egyptian officials over a proposal for embattled President Hosni Mubarak to cede power immediately.

The Obama administration has offered the proposal for the 82-year-old Mubarak to step down in order to pave the way for formation of a transitional government headed by Vice President Omar Suleiman with the support of the Egyptian military, The New York Times reported on Thursday.

Citing US administration officials and Arab diplomats, the report further stated that the transitional government will have the backing of Egypt's armed forces chief of staff Sami Enan and Defense Minister Mohamed Hussein Tantawi.'


Thursday, February 03, 2011

One War Criminal to Another: Tony Blair: Mubarak is 'Immensely Courageous and a Force for Good'

Tony Blair has described Hosni Mubarak, the beleaguered Egyptian leader, as "immensely courageous and a force for good" and warned against a rush to elections that could bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power.

The former prime minister, now an envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, praised Mubarak over his role in the negotiations and said the west was right to back him despite his authoritarian regime because he had maintained peace with Israel.

But that view is likely to anger many Egyptians who believe they have had to endure decades of dictatorship because the US put Israel's interests ahead of their freedom.'


U.S., U.K. Companies Help Egyptian Regime Shut Down Telecommunications and Identify Dissidents

Doing the regime’s bidding, British-based Vodafone shut down Egypt’s phone and internet service. The American company called Narus — owned by Boeing — sold Egypt the surveillance technology that helped identify dissident voices.'


Banked Into Submission

Georgia Republican’s Bill Would Do Away With Driver’s Licenses

A Republican in Georgia's House of Representatives has introduced a bill to eliminate driver's licenses, arguing that the documents are an unnecessary infringement on personal freedom.

Rep. Bobby Franklin, who represents the Atlanta suburb of Marietta, defended the bill to skeptical reporters on Monday, who questioned whether it would be a good idea to eliminate oversight of Georgia's drivers.

"One of your inalienable rights is the right to travel, the right to move about without needing your papers," Franklin told WSB in Atlanta. "You shouldn't have to have permission from the state to exercise a right that has been inalienably given to you from your creator".'


Reporter Faces Criminal Charges For Asking Questions

The Shelby County Sheriff has prepared a criminal complaint against a newspaper reporter for asking him questions.

Embattled Sheriff Dean Kimpel, who was already under fire for allegations of sexual assault, is now accusing a writer from the Sidney Daily News of telecommunications harassment.'


Finnish Researchers Link Swine Flu Shot to Narcolepsy Risk

Finnish researchers have found an increased risk of narcolepsy among 4 to 19-year-olds who were given swine flu shots, a government health agency said Tuesday.

A preliminary study by the National Narcolepsy Task Force indicates that children vaccinated with Pandemrix "contributed to the observed increase in incidence of narcolepsy" compared to those who were not vaccinated in the same age group, it said.'


More Speed Cameras to be Switched Off

More than 300 devices across the whole of the West Midlands will become inactive on April 1.

With a recent survey revealing that around half the country’s cameras are turned off, the number of motorists receiving points on their licence and a £60 fine is likely to plummet.

The safety camera programme has been in retreat since the election of the Coalition after the new Government announced that it would no longer provide money to pay for new devices.'


Bill Gates and the Pansexual Agenda

It seems one of the requirements for being an elite globalist is throwing your moral compass to the dogs.

But no one notices. The elite have their exclusive clubs and playgrounds to revel in while the media tells us how righteous and good they are.

Only the elites know how corrupt and vile they really are. But that's Luciferianism. Ultimately there are no morals to the "truly enlightened". Those of us who draw the line between good and evil, and good and bad behavior are considered dumb cattle. Their only creed is ultimately greed for power, and it's fueled by lust.'


UK Forest Sell-Off Expected To Make Loss

Cameron suggested that the Forestry Commission was compromised by being both the regulator, as well as the major producer of wood in England – an argument put forward by the environment secretary, Caroline Spelman, on Monday. "We want a system which is better for access and habitat and for natural England," he said.

But the government was embarrassed after its own documents showed that the coalition is expected to lose money by selling off hundreds of thousands of acres of English woodland.'


Third Video Of Jerusalem Dome Of The Rock UFO

Somebody Please Hand Abbas the Revolver on the Silver Tray

Stuart Littlewood views Mahmoud Abbas’s despicable record since he became chairman of the Palestinian Authority in suspect elections: in addition to his illegitimacy, there is his collaboration with Israel, his role as Israel’s thug in the occupied territories and his lying on oath, to name but a few.'


Gore: Global Warming Causing Record Cold, Snow

The record-setting snow and cold afflicting much of the nation in recent weeks doesn’t seem to jibe with Al Gore’s dire warnings about global warming. But Gore has an explanation for what’s causing the wintry conditions: global warming.

The former Vice President on Monday responded to Fox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly’s on-air question last week: “Why has southern New York turned into the tundra?” O’Reilly then said he needed to call Gore.

“I appreciate the question,” Gore wrote on his website.

“As it turns out, the scientific community has been addressing this particular question for some time now and they say that increased heavy snowfalls are completely consistent with what they have been predicting as a consequence of man-made global warming".'


Rolling Blackouts in Texas Ordered By the State WIth Near Freezing Temperatures

I wonder if the New EPA regulations that kicked in January 2nd are responsible for the rolling blackouts in Southeast Texas. The State of Texas will be experiencing winter weather conditions all week with snow in the forecast later this week. Where is the global warming?

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has ordered Power plants to do rolling blackouts through the day to compensate the use of power. I wonder if these new EPA regulations and the US government now taking over issuing plant permits for power plants and oil refineries had anything to do with it. I am getting really suspicious.'


Israel Raise Security Concerns - Al Jazeera

Fight Back Against Obama's Deregulation of GM Alfalfa

On January 27, 2011, the Obama Administration caved to Monsanto and decided to fully deregulate its genetically-modified (GM) alfalfa, a horrendous move that threatens to destroy not only the entire organic industry, but also the integrity of the whole of agriculture. And according to reports, the Obama White House pressured U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) chief Tom Vilsack to approve it based on its own political agenda, rather than on evidence proving its safety, none of which actually exists.

When Monsanto first convinced the USDA back in 2007 to approve GM alfalfa without having to provide a shred of evidence that it was safe, lawsuits immediately emerged against the agency for its flagrant violation of the law. A federal district judge agreed, ruling that GM alfalfa could not legally be planted until the USDA completed a proper environmental impact statement.'


The Occult Symbolism of the Los Angeles Central Library

Throughout the history of Western Civilization, libraries have been the repositories of nations’ accumulated knowledge and the epicenters of their culture. Central libraries, more than being big buildings containing books, are important landmarks designed with impressive architecture and filled with symbolic art. The Los Angeles Central Library is certainly no exception. An in-depth look at the art found at the Library is quite a revealing one: It describes the occult philosophy of those in power. We will look at the Central Library’s history and the hidden meaning of its architecture.'


Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Israeli Death Squads to Infiltrate Egyptian Protests

The office of israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered their counterpart in the Egyptian government, Omar Suleiman, also head of Egyptian intelligence, to send death squad units, the groups of militant zionist murderers who wear Arab civilian clothes also known as “mistaaravim”, to infiltrate the protesters in Egypt in order to assassinate the leaders of the opposition and the revolutionary movement who take part in the protests against the dictatorial regime of Hosni Mubarak and his thugs.'


Six Ideas For Those Needing Defensive Technology to Protect Free Speech from Authoritarian Regimes and Four Ways the Rest of Us Can Help

The Internet remains one of the most powerful means ever created to give voice to repressed people around the world.

Unfortunately, new technologies have also given authoritarian regimes new means to identify and retaliate against those who speak out despite censorship and surveillance. Below are six basic ideas for those attempting to speak without falling victim to authoritarian surveillance and censorship, and four ideas for the rest of us who want to help support them...'


Why is Joe Biden's Son Helping to Cover-up the Murder of a US Government Official?

Attorney General Beau Biden's office, along with police investigators, have sought to keep information about the case from the public. Biden's office asked a judge to seal a search warrant for Wheeler's home, and three search warrants for Wheeler's cell phone and his 1993 Oldsmobile were sealed at the request of Newark police.'


Arizona City Plans to Fingerprint Pharmacy Customers

An Arizona city's proposed law requiring people buying certain drugs to be fingerprinted has civil liberties advocates concerned about what they say is an unwarranted intrusion on privacy rights.

Facing a growing problem with prescription fraud, the Phoenix suburb of Peoria is considering an ordinance that would require people picking up prescriptions for commonly abused drugs to be fingerprinted.'


Two Million Protesters Converge in Cairo

IMF Says Ready to Help Egypt, Others in Trouble

The IMF Tuesday said it was ready to help riot-torn Egypt and other nations stricken by chronic unemployment, but told governments to tackle economic strains or risk instability and even "war".

International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn also said rising food prices could have "potentially devastating consequences" for poorer nations, and warned that Asia's fast-growing economies risked a "hard landing".'


TSA Invades Roads & Highways With VIPR Checkpoints

The TSA has announced its intention to expand the VIPR program to include roadside inspections of commercial vehicles, setting up a network of internal checkpoints and rolling out security procedures already active in airports, bus terminals and subway stations to roads and highways across the United States.

Up until now, commercial trucks and other vehicles only were subject to warrantless searches and radiation scans at specially designated “state-owned inspection stations” traditionally set up at rest stops next to highways. These internal checkpoints, run by Homeland Security, the Department of Transportation, and the TSA, involve trucks being scanned with backscatter x-ray devices in the name of “safety” and “counter terrorism”.'


Mubarak's Deputy Linked to Secret CIA Program

The man named by President Hosni Mubarak as his first ever deputy, Egyptian spy chief Omar Suleiman, reportedly orchestrated the brutal interrogation of terror suspects abducted by the CIA in a secret program condemned by rights groups.

His role in the shadows of the "war on terror" illustrates the ties that bind the United States and the Egyptian regime, as an unprecedented wave of protests against Mubarak present Washington with a difficult dilemma.

With Mubarak's rule in jeopardy, Suleiman was anointed vice president last week and is now offering wide ranging talks with the opposition in a bid to defuse the crisis.'


Obama Administration Issues Hundreds of Health Care Exemption Waivers to Friends

If Obamacare is everything the administration claims it to be, then why are government officials secretly handing out exemption waivers to friends and insiders? A Washington Times report explains that since the health care bill was passed last year, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued at 733 exemptions-and-counting to friends of the White House in order to shelter them from the massive insurance rate hikes that the rest of America will get stuck paying, that is if the bill is not overturned or declared unconstitutional.'


Remember the Children the Vaccine Industry Has Left Behind

U.S. Confirms Cairo Meetings Include Their Puppet ElBaradei

The United States on Tuesday decided to come out in the open with support for the ongoing pro-democracy demonstrations in Egypt.

The spokesman for the Department of State in a tweet message disclosed that the American diplomats in Cairo are in touch with Mohammed ElBaradei, the de facto leader of the demonstrators.

"As part of our public outreach to convey support for orderly transition in Egypt, Ambassador [Margaret] Scobey spoke today with Mohammed ElBaradei," said a tweet from P.J. Crowley.'


Syrian Protesters Plan 'Day of Rage'

Syrians are organising campaigns on Facebook and Twitter that call for a "day of rage" in the capital Damascus this week, taking inspiration from Egypt and Tunisia in using social networking sites to rally their followers for sweeping political reforms.

Like Egypt and Tunisia, Syria suffers from corruption, poverty and unemployment. All three nations have seen subsidy cuts on staples like bread and oil.

Syria's auhoritarian president has resisted calls for political freedoms and jailed critics of his regime.'


Monster Storm Engulfs Huge Parts of US ( Right on Cue)

The colossal storm is covering an area of more than 3,000 kilometers, stretching from the southern Plains to the upper Midwest.

According to NASA, the storm is one of the largest to hit the United States since the 1950s. It is expected to affect as much as a third of the US population, while paralyzing grain and livestock operations.

On Tuesday, US President Barak Obama was briefed on the storm and emergency relief operations.'


Mubarak: I Will Not Leave Egypt

As millions in Egypt demand the immediate end of President Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule, Mubarak pledges that he won't leave Egypt, accusing the opposition of having a secret agenda.

The Egyptian long-time president has defied the widespread calls for his resignation.

"This is my country. This is where I lived, I fought and defended its land, sovereignty and interests, and I will die on its soil," Mubarak said.

Instead, he has accused the opposition of carrying out a secret agenda by turning what he called once peaceful protests violent.'



Human Rights Watch: Mubarak Officers Commit Violence

Human Rights Watch has accused elements loyal to Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak of committing acts of violence and looting in an attempt to undermine the Egyptian revolution.

The group has confirmed several cases where undercover police loyal to Mubarak instigated raids and hostility during demonstrations in the North African country.

According to Peter Bouckaert, emergency director for Human Rights Watch, there are reports of injured looters with police ID cards getting treatment in hospitals.

In addition, Bouckaert confirms cases of looters and vandals in the Egyptian cities of Cairo and Alexandria with police identification cards.


Ireland Expels Russian Diplomat

The Republic of Ireland is expelling a Russian diplomat after an investigation found the identities of six Irish citizens had been used for providing fake passports for Russian spies.'


Israel Arms Egypt Against Protesters

The International Network for Rights and Development said that three Israeli planes landed at Cairo's Mina International Airport on Saturday, carrying equipment for use in dispersing and suppressing large crowds, a Press TV correspondent reported.

According to the report, Egyptian security forces received the cargo on three Israeli planes, which were allegedly carrying a large supply of internationally proscribed gas to disperse crowds.

Egyptians have taken to the streets across the country for eight days running, demanding that Mubarak step down.'


Five Million Hold Protests in Egypt

Over five million Egyptians have taken to the streets across the country to pressure President Hosni Mubarak and his government to step down.

Large crowds have massed in capital Cairo for the biggest anti-government protest in Egypt's recent history.

The demonstrators have flooded Cairo's Tahrir square, calling on President Hosni Mubarak to step down.'


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

US Army to Send Aerial Backup to Sinai

Connecticut National Guard Detachment 2, Company I, 185th Aviation Regiment of Groton left Connecticut on January 15 for Fort Benning, for further training and validation, a Press TV correspondent reported on Monday.

Fort Benning is a United States Army base located southeast of the city of Columbus in Alabama.
The unit, which has been deployed to the Middle East three times in the past seven years, has provided support for US and international forces stationed in war-torn Iraq and Afghanistan.'


Detroit Cuts Funding for Homeless Warming Centers

Budget cuts carried out on the quiet have prevented emergency warming centers in Detroit from opening their doors all winter, leaving thousands of homeless and poor residents in the bitter cold. Homeless advocates were given little notice that the city had eliminated all funding to operate the single remaining warming center, Operation Get Down, on Detroit’s east side.'


But hey! We still got loads of money to give IsraHell $3 Billion a year!!!

Wake the fuck up!

Spoof on US State Departments Position on Egypt

Clinton Ambassador Meeting: Unprecedented Mass Meeting Of Top Envoys

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is convening an unprecedented mass meeting of U.S. ambassadors.

The top envoys from nearly all of America's 260 embassies, consulates and other posts in more than 180 countries will be gathering at the State Department beginning on Monday. Officials say it's the first such global conference.'


'Mubarak May Ask Israel For Help'

A Former CIA Analyst says it is very much possible that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will ask Israel to help him out of the mess he is in. In an interview with Press TV's U.S. Desk on Sunday, Ray McGovern said "I would not exclude the possibility that Mubarak enlist Israeli help to assist him to hang on to power."

McGovern says Israel could help Mubarak with the newly appointed Vice President Omar Suleiman's takeover and "repress the protests in the country."

Egypt's Hosni Mubarak appointed Omar Suleiman, the country's spy chief as the next vice-president on Saturday.

The former CIA analyst called Suleiman "poison to the people who are demanding their rights".'


Talking New World, New Age System Blues

Here’s what needs to be changed, regardless of any and all secondary needs; the construct of central banks, Federal Reserves, must end and laws made against their return. Corporations must be taxed and controlled to the degree needed. Public servants must adhere to things they say as opposed to what they actually do under severe penalties to the contrary of serving the very interests they were elected to protect the public from in the first place. Laws can’t be laws if they are so easily compromised by the ability of money to provide the lawyers to do so. This is all very general and the reader will not be satisfied with my vague embrace of what needs a tighter specification and interpretation. That’s not my job. That’s someone else’s job.'


Raw Footage of Battle Egyptian Police vs Protesters - Warning: Some Shocking Images

Totalitarian Collectivism: Davos Elites Enjoy the Global Depression

When Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum started the yearly pilgrimage to the inner sanctums of the Swiss Gnomes, he could hardly conceive that the ritual would turn into a celebrity bash of the super rich. The Davos venue is appropriate. Only rarified air is suitable for the global Mattoids. Billed as an assembly of business moguls, it really is more of an audition of well-heeled speculators vying for inclusion into the real power elites who make or break governments, economies and political destinies.

Using a combination of a Hollywood press agent, Madison Avenue ad firm and a media business channel the CNBC cheerleaders, the Davos clan relishes in their ill-gotten privilege and influence. The too big to fail mantra fits into the nihilism of their cult devotion of manipulated markets.'


Visible Light Communication (VLC) Systems

'Such systems use modulated light wavelengths emitted (and received) by a variety of suitably adapted standard sources, such as indoor and outdoor lighting, displays, illuminated signs, televisions, computer screens, digital cameras and digital cameras on mobile phones for communication purposes, primarily through the use of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

Their use may help provide both partial and full solutions to a number of technological problems: increasingly limited availability of conventional bandwidths for electronic equipment; possible communications interference with sensitive electrical equipment; data security;and perceived [very real] negative health consequences when exposed to raised radiofrequency and microwave levels.'

Read more ...

You Can't be There if You're Not Here!

US Empire on Haiti: Dictatorship and Genocide

The version that the earthquake on Haiti on January 12, 2010 was artificial came up on the first days after the disaster.Then 250,000 Haitians died, about 300,000 were wounded and more than two million people (2% of the population) became homeless. Thousands of buildings including the Presidential palace, the parliamentary building, the UN peacekeeping mission’s headquarters, trade centers, schools and hospitals were destroyed.

According to some analytical articles published on the Internet, Pentagon stood behind the disaster: Haiti became a training area for a test of a seismic weapon (the earthquake machine). A strike of seven points on the Richter scale hit the targeted zone. That “earthquake” had no consequences in the neighboring Dominican Republic.'


Why Do We Just Accept Things?

But when it comes to our social environment, over-acceptingness can be a major point of weakness, and even a fatal flaw. “Doormat” is a pretty apt metaphor for one who consistently accepts too much. “Sheep” is another. Vast numbers of people have knowingly been led to horrible fates simply because they nodded their heads and submitted at the wrong moment. Those same people didn’t have much to contribute to the human gene pool.

Even for lesser situations than life-or-death, many people lack some mechanism that allows them to say “No” and to alter things when circumstances become unacceptable. So many times in our lives, especially for those of us in the lower socioeconomic tiers, we just say “Okay” and put up with whatever obstacle or injustice is put in our path.

Higher taxes? “Okay.” Big rent increase? “Okay.” Kicked out of one’s own home? “Okay.” That magic word okay lets us continue on the path of least resistance, even if it leads somewhere worse than the other path, where we’d have to say “No” and maybe fight our way through. Being obedient reduces conflict.'


The Global Awakening vs. The Internet Kill Switch

Washington's Plan B: Why Obama Fears Democracy in Egypt

Raising Lazarus from the dead would be easier than reviving the Egyptian President. So Obama is on to plan B. And as it turns out, plan B looks a lot like the status-quo, minus a change of face. The new face is a man handpicked by the U.S., Mohamed ElBaradei, a UN bureaucrat who hasn't lived in Egypt in decades and is virtually unknown by the Egyptian people. Placing ElBaradei in power will take behind the scenes political maneuvering combined with military repression, a plan that will collide with the revolutionary demands of the people.'


Egypt's Army Rules Out Using Force

The Egyptian Army has pledged not to open fire on peaceful demonstrators as thousands of people insist on their campaign to oust President Hosni Mubarak.

The army, which put Mubarak into power in 1981, seemed to be weighing whether to shift its loyalties as the former general's opponents planned to get a million people onto the streets on Tuesday to mark a week since the unprecedented protests began.

The military has reportedly announced that it considers the people's demands as legitimate.'


Palestinian Authority Cracks Down on Anti-Mubarak Rally

An international human rights group has criticized the Palestinian Authority (PA) for dispersing a demonstration in support of anti-government protests in Egypt.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Monday that the organizers of the rally have been harassed by PA police.

The police also dispersed the photographers, who were trying to cover the event, HRW said.

Police pushed away 50 young protesters who gathered outside the Egyptian Embassy in Ramallah on Sunday afternoon to support the protests against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, AFP reported.'