Saturday, November 20, 2010

Obama to Give Serial Paedophile, Child Killer and Mass Murderer the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Anyone still think there is any difference between 'Democrat' and 'Republican'?

They come from the same cess pit.

How the Rothschild Banksters Destroyed the United States

Satanic Psychopaths will be Satanic Psychopaths. It isn't about greed as much as it is about power. The United States has been under the Rothschild's thumb since its inception. The Bank of England took a minority interest in the first two "Banks of the United States". After a brief battle with Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln, they destroyed any hope of a free currency and established the Federal Reserve Bank and began to charge us for the privilege of using their worthless paper as our National currency.

Woodrow Wilson probably felt a twinge of remorse and ended up being "incapacitated" for the remainder of his term while his wife took over his duties as President. Who knows if he planned on turning over a new leaf. Enemies of "The Crown" often end up dead or incapacitated.

Then the Satanic Psychopaths wiped out the competition and rebuilt the Federal Reserve under Mormon Illuminatis Extraordinaire, Marriner Eccles. Eccles stole America's gold and forced citizens to exchange their bullion for Federal Reserve Notes. He then helped organize the World Bank to enslave every other country in the world to the Rothschilds, "The Crown", and the "Bank of England". The sun never sets on the Satanic Psychopathic Empire.'


Illuminati Rap - GHOST1 AND DR.G

Sarkozy Urged to Testify to Inquiry into Pakistan Arms Sale Kickbacks

Nicolas Sarkozy was today urged to break his silence over the most potentially damaging corruption scandal of his career: an inquiry into whether he authorised illegal kickbacks from arms sales to Pakistan to fund a political campaign.

L'affaire Karachi is the most explosive corruption investigation in recent French history and the biggest scandal to personally threaten Sarkozy.

The potent saga of suspect submarine sales and illegal kickbacks centres around a bomb attack in Karachi in 2002, when 15 people, including 11 French engineers, were killed in what judges believe was a retaliation attack over unpaid government bribes.'


Insanity Grows - NYC Cops Bust Unauthorized Chess Game

Drop that bishop and come out with your hands up!

A squad of cops in bulletproof vests swooped into an upper Manhattan park and charged seven men with the "crime" of playing chess in an area off-limits to adults unaccompanied by kids -- even though no youngsters were there.

"Is chess really something that should be considered a threat to the neighborhood?" Inwood resident and mom Joanne Johnson wrote Mayor Bloomberg, the City Council and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly after the raid.

"This incident is an embarrassment to the officers from the 34th Precinct who felt that it was necessary to use their badge and authority to issue such a random summons".'


Climategate is Still the Issue

Real IRA Threatens to Blow Up Bankers

I've been predicting that Ireland would be the real ground zero for bank bailout rage. They bailed out all the banks and bondholders, instituted a crash program of fiscal austerity, and the people are catching on and getting violent. The Irish papers even have editorials about whacking the bondholders. ( O si sic omnes! ) But I never thought that bank bailout rage in Ireland would come to involve Semtex and detonating cord.

In one of the most bizarre bank bailout developments to date, the Real IRA has put British bankers on notice, threatening bombing attacks on banks and bankers, including London's financial district. Given the sorry state of the economy on both sides of the border, the Real IRA may have found what turns out to be its best recruiting tactic yet: combine nationalist, anti-colonial rhetoric with the population's already seething anger at banks, bankers and the governments that bail them out.'


Jim Rogers: 'Punish The Irish Banks & Their Reckless Bondholders, Let Ireland's Banks Go Bankrupt!'

Per usual, Jimmy Rogers tells the undeniable truth...

Even better, Rogers never mucks around with airtime. This is a solid 2 minutes of pain for bank-bullshitting fear mongers on both sides of the Pond.

BP and Macondo: The Hole Truth, Nothing But the Truth on the Third Hole

BP has long denied ever drilling more than 1 well at the Macondo 252 prospect. That is a complete lie. Images of 2 different well-heads were published on 11 Nov 2010 to prove this. More images captured by BP’s ROVs are given here to provide the conclusive proof that the third and deepest well (S20BC) did exist. That well was the only well (out of the three) to have reached the oil reservoir at 18,300 ft bml. Images to prove that BP had not ceased chemical spraying despite public denials were published on 13 Nov 2010.

So when Tony Hayward swore to tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth before Congress, was he not guilty of perjury?'


Georgetown Professor Tells Congress: 'Citigroup, Bank Of America, JPMorgan & Wells Fargo Are All INSOLVENT'

Sinister Sites: The Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones is a mysterious monument on which are carved ten “commandments” for a “New Age of Reason”. The first commandment? Maintaining the world population under 500 million people. Another sinister fact: the authors of what we now call the American Stonehedge are still a “mystery”… except for those in the know. We will look at the numerous features of this monument, its message calling for a New World Order and explain how it is the work of an occult secret society.'


July 7th 2005: The Truth at Last

The perfect crime had been planned. It would make history, and be the British answer to 9/11. After years of planning, it was ready to go! No-one would ever guess…

It was part of the main sequence of terror-events which have arced across our world in the New Millenium, extinguishing the hope which we had for the new century: 9/11 in New York, the Bali bomb of 2002, the Istanbul bomb of 2003, Madrid railway station in 2004 and then London in 2005: followed by the Mumbai train blasts of 2006. They have served to define the new Enemy – the phantom menace – and ratify Empire.

But, two things went badly wrong, for the July 7th event. Both of these simply came out of the blue, and were totally unexpected – almost, one could say, acts of God. Firstly, the train selected (Luton to London) was cancelled, for 7.40 am, and the other trains that morning were severely delayed – so that the Four just could not get to London in time. Secondly, Mohammed Khan’s beloved young wife suddenly started having pregnancy complications, and by July 5th it was clear that Khan had to pull out.'


Woman with Artificial Knees Sexually Assaulted by TSA

Moroney explains “Her gloved hands touched my breasts...went between them. Then she went into the top of my slacks, inserted her hands between my underwear and my skin... then put her hands up on outside of slacks, and patted my genitals.”

“I was shaking and crying when I left that room” Moroney says. “Under any other circumstance, if a person touched me like that without my permission, it would be considered criminal sexual assault.”

Moroney complained to the Transportation Security Administration, TSA, supervisor and then complained on the ACLU’s website.'


Europe’s Dirty Secret: Financial Elite Looting Public Treasuries

In a revealing admission concerning the relationship between capitalist governments and international financial interests, the Financial Times on Tuesday wrote of “Europe’s dirty secret.”

The newspaper editorialized against the plan of the European Union, the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund to loan Ireland tens of billions of euros in order to guarantee in full the investments of international bankers and bondholders in the country’s failing banking system.

Under the plan, Ireland will effectively surrender sovereignty over its economic policy to the EU and the IMF and agree to claw back the latest bailout of the global financial elite by imposing a new and even more savage round of attacks on the wages and living standards of the working class.'


Pentagon Blows Up Thousands of Homes in Afghanistan

Borrowing a page from its infamous "pacification" effort in South Vietnam, where peasant villages were napalmed and burned to the ground to "save them from the communists," the Obama-ordered surge in Afghanistan has been secretly blowing up thousands of homes and leveling portions of the Afghan countryside.

As tens of thousands of U.S. troops have surged into southern Afghanistan, villagers have fled. Then the Petraeus-led occupation forces have determined which homes will be destroyed.

"In Arghandab District, for instance, every one of the 40 homes in the village of Khosrow was flattened by a salvo of 25 missiles, according to the district governor, Shah Muhammed Ahmadi, who estimated that 120 to 130 houses had been demolished in his district," reported the New York Times, Nov. 16, 2010.

The Pentagon asserts that they must destroy the homes because some of them may have explosive devices inside.'


200 Israeli 'War Criminals' Named

Names, photographs and addresses of 200 Israeli soldiers said to have committed 'war crimes' in the 2008 Gaza war have been posted on a website.

The list was put up earlier this week by anonymous activists in Britain, with the website stating that the information came from an anonymous source serving in the Israeli army.

Israeli military said it is investigating the possibility that the information was leaked by a soldier, according to a report in the daily Maariv.

“The people listed here held positions of command at the time of the attack", the website said, "therefore, not only did they perform on behalf of a murderous state mechanism but actively encouraged other people to do the same".'


US Sending Heavy Tanks to Afghanistan

The United States is sending a number of 68-ton M1 Abrams tanks to Afghanistan amid growing fear of deteriorating security in the war-ravaged country.

Sixteen of the cutting-edge tanks will be used by the US marines in southwestern Afghanistan, The Washington Post reported on Friday.

The tanks are propelled by a jet engine and equipped with a 120mm main gun that can destroy objects more than a mile (1.6 km) away.

They also allow ground forces to hit targets with a more powerful blow.

This news comes as Afghan President Hamid Karzai called on the US to reduce its presence and military operations in the war-torn country.'


US to Spend $85 Billion on Nuclear Complex

The US plans to allocate more than $85 billion during the next decade to modernize its nuclear weapons complex, according to the White House.

Under the George W. Bush administration, the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), tasked with ensuring the safety and reliability of the US nuclear weapons stockpile, lost 20 percent of its purchasing power, UPI reported.

The NNSA said it is committed to modernizing the country's nuclear weapons and that it has the backing of the White House.'


Six Injured in Israeli Attack on Gaza

At least six Palestinians have been wounded after Israeli warplanes attacked two cities in the besieged Gaza Strip, medical sources say.

Four people, including two women, were injured after an Israeli plane targeted a home in the central town of Deir al-Balah, a Press TV correspondent reported on Friday.

Two others were injured in an Israeli airstrike in the southern town of Khan Yunis.

Israeli warplanes also attacked Gaza City earlier in the day .There were no immediate reports of casualties.'


Friday, November 19, 2010


DA Now Sending Deputies to San Francisco Airport to Investigate Felony Groping

Wagstaffe told Alex Jones that county police will be sent to into the San Francisco International Airport. If they witness TSA employees engaged in criminal conduct, they will make arrests and the DA’s office will prosecute. Sexual battery in Mateo County is a felony if the molestation occurs beneath clothing and makes contact with skin and a misdemeanor if the touching occurs outside clothing.'


Top Cameron Adviser Lord Young: Recession? You've Never Had it So Good

Canadians Vote Against Fluoridated Water Supplies

Residents in Waterloo, Ontario have voted to stop adding fluoride to water supplies.

The decision, which was announced on Tuesday, has been welcomed by anti-fluoride campaigners; however, the news has shocked dentists and the incoming head of the Ontario Dental Association has condemned the decision. Dr Harry Hoediono has criticised the decision, saying that people are unaware of the dental health benefits of fluoride and are voting to stop fluoridation based on flimsy evidence they have downloaded from the internet. Dr Hoediono said that it was a shame that such an important decision could be made by a small group of people who perhaps do not have the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision.

Campaigners against fluoride believe that adding fluoride to the water supply is tantamount to poisoning and are lobbying for fluoridation to be stopped all over Canada. Opponents of fluoride claim the chemical is illegal, unnecessary and dangerous; campaigners believe fluoride contributes to health conditions, including increased risk of cancer, thyroid disease and arthritis.'


America Starves as Executive Pay Rockets: 50 MILLION People Go Hungry While Wall Street Fatcats Take Home Millions

The end of a working day at Goldman Sachs HQ

A record one in six American families went hungry last year because they did not have enough food, a shock survey has revealed.

Some 17.4million U.S. households - 50 million people - were classified as ‘food insecure’ which meant they regularly skipped meals even if they wanted to eat.

Others went for entire days without eating and handed round smaller portion sizes to make their meagre offerings suffice.

The news comes as it is revealed that top U.S. executives saw their pay and bonuses shoot up last year in the face of the worst recession for 80 years.'



The Perfect Crime Tool: Researchers Work on ‘Event Cloak’

Jewelry robbers, magicians, exam cheats and practical jokers everywhere will have an interest in an offbeat idea launched by physicists on Tuesday: to make the passage of time invisible.

The scientists have conceived of a "spacetime cloak" which manipulates light and, in essence, conceals whole events from a viewer.

The theory is based on censoring the flow of events, which we perceive as a stream of light particles, also called photons, that strike the retina.

By exploiting a characteristic of fiber optics, the flow of photons can be slowed, events edited out and stitched back together, say the team from Imperial College London and Salford University, northwestern England.'


Fraud Factories: Rep. Alan Grayson Explains the Foreclosure Fraud Crisis

UN IPCC Official Admits 'We Redistribute World's Wealth By Climate Policy'

If you needed any more evidence that the entire theory of manmade global warming was a scheme to redistribute wealth you got it Sunday when a leading member of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change told a German news outlet, "We redistribute de facto the world's wealth by climate policy".'


New French Defence Minister: Afghanistan a Trap

Former French Prime Minister Alain Juppe, appointed to the position of Defense Minister this weekend, announced today that the French government will use the upcoming Lisbon Summit to discuss its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“Afghanistan is, I would say, a trap for all the parties involved there,” Juppe insisted, adding that France was determined to hand over control of French dominated regions to the Afghan government as soon as they could.'


Ron Paul's Bill to end the TSA abuses!

Cadder Ruling Sees Child Porn Accused Walk Free

A pensioner accused of showing pornography to a 13-year-old girl has had the case against him dropped as a result of the recent Cadder ruling.

Alexander Green, 65, had been due to go on trial in connection with an allegation of lewd, indecent and libidinous practices against the schoolgirl.

He was accused of showing the girl pornographic images on his mobile telephones and demanding she help him transfer them to his computer.'


Republican Cantor Recants on Israel

It is Cantor's statement of loyalty to Netanyahu that is the shocker. Specifically, it is his promise that he would ensure that Republicans in the US House of Representatives "will serve as a check" on US Middle East policy.

Almost immediately, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency's bureau chief in Washington, Ron Kampeas, declared that Cantor's statement was "extraordinary".

He wrote that he could not "remember an opposition leader telling a foreign leader, in a personal meeting, that he would side, as a policy, with that leader against the President."

Kampeas was clearly shocked, but he was understating the enormity of Cantor's offense.'


Professor Who Downplayed Oil Spill has Federal Government Contracts

Quoted in scores of news outlets, appearing on dozens of network news programs and even landing a guest spot on The Late Show with David Letterman, oil spill expert Ed Overton has been a ubiquitous presence in the media throughout the Gulf oil spill disaster.

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science at Louisiana State University, Overton, who has been criticized for downplaying the effects of the worst offshore oil spill in history, has also headed the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s chemical hazard assessment team for over 25 years.

Yet in nearly every media appearance, and even during congressional testimony, Overton, an environmental chemist, has omitted this long-term, high-level contracting position for the federal government through LSU, a Raw Story investigation has found.'


In Europe, Fiscal Insanity Erupts As Bankrupt Nations Scramble To Bailout Other Bankrupt Nations

Biotech Company Secretly Releases Millions of GM Mosquitoes in Cayman Islands

Scientists at British biotechnology giant Oxitec recently developed a genetically-modified (GM) mosquito that, apart from a specific chemical antibiotic, is unable to successfully repopulate. And the company recently released millions of these GM mosquitoes in the Cayman Islands to see what would happen -- and they did so without proper approval or announcement -- prompting outrage by experts and the public over the unknown consequences of conducting such an irresponsible experiment.

Oxitec released the mosquitoes last year, but only just recently let the public know about it. The company has attempted to justify its decision by claiming its GM mosquitoes may help fight the spread of dengue fever by reducing or eliminating the wild mosquito population. But nobody knows what happens when these GM mosquitoes interact with other animals and humans, or how their altered genes will disrupt the living environment.'


Don't Touch My Junk (the TSA Hustle)

This text will be replaced by the player

Europe`s Monetary Crisis: Ireland's 'Suicide Pact' With the E.U.

Ireland could be the next Lehman Brothers. That's what has the markets worried. If Irish leaders refuse to accept a bailout from the EU's new European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), then bondholders will be forced to take haircuts on their investments which will leave banks in Germany and France short of capital. Bonds yields will rise sharply slowing activity in the credit markets. An Irish default will trigger hundreds of billions of dollars in credit default swaps (CDS), which will push weaker counterparties into bankruptcy and domino through the financial system. Contagion will spread to Portugal, Greece, Spain and Italy widening bond yields and forcing governments to increase their borrowing at the ECB. Business activity will sputter, unemployment will rise, and growth will shrink. It will be a second financial meltdown.

But no one believes that will happen. Most people think that Ireland will "take its medicine" and spare bondholders any losses. Irish leaders would rather accept a decade of EU-imposed austerity measures and the loss of sovereignty, then leave the euro and start fresh. It's disappointing. The euro is not designed to meet the needs of the smaller, less industrialized countries like Ireland. They need their own, flexible currency to ease the effects of cyclical downturns. But Irish leaders are still captivated by the idea of a united Europe. So they will cast aside the independence they earned through centuries of struggle for a pipedream and the elusive promise of prosperity.'


Bill Clinton: Haiti’s Neo-Colonial Overlord

But as always with Clinton, his rhetoric could not be more different than his policies. After the second U.S.-backed coup against Aristide in 2004, Clinton has worked with former World Bank employee Paul Collier, multinational corporations and the Haitian elite to impose another free-market plan on Haiti. While U.N. troops have occupied Haiti since 2004, Clinton and Collier toured the country promoting sweatshops, tourism, and export-oriented agriculture.

After the devastating January 2010 earthquake in Port au Prince, Clinton became co-chair of Interim Haiti Recovery Commission. He is now the country’s neo-colonial overlord. He has betrayed all his humanitarian promises and failed to collect even a fraction of the promised $10 billion for reconstruction. And his reconstruction plan is the same free market plan he has been touting since 2004. He is putting Haiti up for sale to multinational capital.'


UK Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg’s Initiation as an Israeli Stooge

From champion of the vulnerable to betrayer in one bound! Nick Clegg, Britain’s new deputy prime minister, is surprisingly agile.

Betrayal started with Sheffield Forgemasters, a well-respected company in Clegg’s own constituency, who were promised a government loan to enable them to compete for large contracts in the nuclear industry. This was cancelled as soon as the new government was formed with Clegg as deputy prime minister.

He had no shame fouling his own doorstep.

Before the election Clegg’s party, the Liberal Democrats, pledged to scrap university tuition fees and free graduates from crippling debt, but he has abandoned this too instead of putting up a fight. Millions are disgusted.

Now the betrayal extends to the question of justice for the Palestinians and the arrest of war criminals.'


Ukrainians Continue to Protest Tax Hikes

In the largest public demonstrations against Viktor Yanukovich's government, thousands of Ukrainians have protested against a draft tax law in front of the parliament.

More than 2,000 protesters gathered in front of parliament where they beat metal buckets and cooking ware and chanted slogans against the lawmakers on Thursday.

Some banners read 'Stop governing and let us work!' and 'Shame to [sic] the new government!”

Demonstrators say the new law favors big businesses and will choke small and medium-size firms.'


Israel 'to Raze 88 Palestinian Homes'

Israeli Attorney Yehuda Weinstein ordered the destruction in al-Bustan area under the pretext that they were illegally built, said Ahmed al-Rowaidhi, the chief of al-Quds Unit at the Palestinian presidency.

"Israeli will evict 1,500 Palestinians from al-Bustan to make room for a tourist center in the area," Rowaidhi said.

The Palestinian official further added that Weinstein's order may affect 20,000 homes in East al-Quds.

He also warned that Israel will displace around 100,000 Palestinians from East al-Quds if it implements its demolition threats.'



Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Washington Post Runs An Article Entitled 'Five Myths About The Federal Reserve' Authored By An Economist Linked To The Rothschilds

There have been so many attacks on the Federal Reserve recently that the mainstream media now feels almost forced to try to defend their actions. The most blatant example of this recently was an article in the Washington Post entitled "Five Myths About The Federal Reserve".

The article was authored by Greg Ip, the U.S. economics editor of The Economist. According to Wikipedia, the Rothschild banking family is a partial owner of the firm that operates The Economist. You would have thought that they would have gotten someone a whole lot less obvious to produce this propaganda piece, but apparently they did not think anyone would notice. Of course an economics editor of The Economist is going to defend the Federal Reserve. He would be fired if he didn't.

The Economist is well known to be a mouthpiece for the international central banking establishment. But what is really sad is how poor a job Greg Ip did in defending the Fed. If these are the best intellectual arguments they can come up with then they are in huge trouble.'


Bill Gates Wants All Births Registered Worldwide For Vaccinations

Gates told an audience of more than 2,000 that if we could register every worldwide birth on a cell phone, we could ensure that children receive the proper vaccines. He also said the key to controlling population growth is to save the lives of children under 5; and the next big thing in technology is robots.'


N.J. Town Outlaws Sleeping In Public

'Getting some shuteye in one New Jersey town could land you in hot water, depending on where you lay your head, 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports.

In Roselle Park, it is against the law and you could be fined or arrested for sleeping in public.'


The Banker

European Officials to Lift Lid on Irish Banks

European officials geared up to travel to Ireland and lift the lid on just how bad the country's banking woes are, as EU finance ministers struggled Wednesday to come up with a rescue plan that will keep bond market turmoil from spreading to Portugal and Spain.

Irish and European Union officials had vowed the day before to stabilize the banks at the center of the country's financial crisis to restore confidence in the wider 16-nation eurozone, but fell short of agreeing on a bailout. On Wednesday, Britain -- which has made savage austerity cuts to avoid a debt crisis of its own -- also offered help to protect Ireland's heavily exposed banks.'


Corporate Criminals: Days after British Gas Raises Bills by 7% Firm Announces Profits will be More Than £2.2 BILLION

Centrica today revealed its profits were set to be higher than expected, just days after the firm announced it will be increasing for British Gas customers.

The group predicted operating profits for 2010 will be slightly ahead of analysts' expectations of £2.2 billion in a third quarter trading update.
The news was described as 'yet another kick in the teeth for customers of the energy giant' by Scott Byrom, energy manager at'


The TSA is Out of Control

New Jersey Legislators Take on the TSA

Government Sachs Strikes Again - Roger Altman Edition

'The story of how Goldman Sachs alum Roger Altman STOLE $46 Million from Taxpayers in the GM Bailout, then was publicly criticized by the bankruptcy judge for trying to STEAL $18 million more.

And now he's now interviewing to replace Larry Summers on the White House economic team & thus complete Government Sachs Round Trip #2.'


North American Union – 'U.S. Super Spy Center' Uncovered in Mexico

Mexican Magazine Proceso reveals the location of a US Military-Intelligence Megaplex in Mexico City.

-Megaplex includes offices for the CIA, FBI, DEA, Defense Intelligence, BATF, Department of Treasury and others.

- U.S. Intelligence Operatives will no longer have to disguise themselves as diplomats.

- Mexico will now have a Military ‘Liaison’ for NORTHCOM.

- U.S. is now in charge of all tactical efforts against the drug war, counter-insurgency, and counter-terrorism in Mexico.

- Obama and Hillary Clinton are credited for the creation of the Office of Bi-lateral Intelligence in Mexico (OBI).'


TSA Hit With Lawsuits As Revolt Explodes

The TSA has been hit with a number of lawsuits as the revolt against Big Sis, naked body scanners, and invasive groping measures explodes, with one case involving a woman who had her blouse pulled down in full public view by TSA goons who then proceeded to laugh and joke about her exposed breasts.


Ruling on Behalf of Wall Street's 'Super Rich': The Financial End Time has Arrived

Now that President Obama is almost celebrating his bipartisan willingness to renew the tax cuts for the super-rich enacted under George Bush ten years ago, it is time for Democrats to ask themselves how strongly they are willing to oppose an administration that looks like Bush-Cheney III. Is this what they expected by Mr. Obama’s promise to rise above partisan politics – by ruling on behalf of Wall Street, now that it is the major campaign backer of both parties?

It is a reflection of how one-sided today’s class war has become that Warren Buffet has quipped that “his” side is winning without a real fight being waged. No gauntlet has been thrown down over the trial balloon that the president and his advisor David Axelrod have sent up over the past two weeks to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% for “just” two more years. For all practical purposes the euphemism “two years” means forever – at least, long enough to let the super-rich siphon off enough more money to bankroll enough more Republicans to be elected to make the tax cuts permanent.'


The 'New' NATO Strategic Concept.

On the eve of the NATO Lisbon Summit there is a need to recall that eleven years ago Serbia (FRY) was a testing ground and first victim of a so called new concept of NATO strategy which is to be formally endorsed at the Lisbon meetings.

It is expected that the leaders of NATO member countries will, among other things, "reauthorize themselves" to undertake military actions beyond the area of their own territories, in fact, all over the globe.

What will be necessary on their part is to proclaim that in a certain region, in certain country, that NATO interests are allegedly being jeopardized – economic, energy, trade, routes. NATO will not seek the authorization of the UN Security Council – it will act on its own. It will impose itself above the UN, the OSCE and all other international bodies. Division of burden and tasks with the European Union will be the pillar of the new NATO strategic concept.'


Protesters Shot Dead as Haiti Cholera Toll Tops 1,000

Haiti remains tense in the wake of Monday’s violent clashes between protesters and United Nations troops that left at least two dead and 16 wounded in Cap-Haitien, the country’s second largest city.

The port city, approximately 300 kilometers north of the capital of Port-au-Prince, was still largely paralyzed on Tuesday, with schools, public offices and businesses shut, streets blocked by barricades of burning tires and sporadic gunfire reported. The bridge leading to the city’s airport was blocked with welded metal barriers.

The United Nations sent a contingent of Spanish troops to reinforce its garrison in Cap-Haitien.

Violence erupted on Monday after thousands of demonstrators took to the city’s streets to protest against the UN occupation force (known as MINUSTAH, for United Nations Stabilization Mission In Haiti), which many blame for the cholera epidemic that has now claimed more than 1,000 lives, and to denounce the government of Prime Minister Rene Preval for failing to adequately confront the spread of the disease.'


Israeli Soldiers Detain Three Palestinians for Trying to Extinguish Fire

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Wednesday detained three Palestinians in Beit Ummar, north of Al-Khalil, for participation in putting off a fire started by Jewish settlers in olive and almond trees.

Local sources said that the soldiers ambushed the three, who included two children less than 18 years old, and arrested them.'


'France Bribed Pakistan for Arms Deals'

Former French defense minister has confirmed bribes on arms deals with Pakistan, the cancellation of which prompted the deadly Karachi bombing in 2002.

Charles Millon, on Wednesday, told a hearing tasked with probing into the killing of French engineers that he was sure there were kickbacks on ammunition contracts with Pakistan.

“For the Pakistani contract, looking at the secret service reports and analyses carried out by the (defense) ministry services, one has the absolute conviction that there were kickbacks,” AFP quoted Millon.'


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dr Kelly Was Murdered: British Experts

Drugs experts leading an inquiry into the death of Britain's former weapons inspector in Iraq, David Kelly, say his death was “murder” and not suicide.

Experts also called on the police to launch a murder inquiry into Dr Kelly's death, casting serious doubt on the official claim the scientist overdosed on painkillers.

According to Dr Andrew Watt who is a top clinical pharmacologist, Kelly could have only take a “safe” dose of coproxamol painkiller tablets as there was so little of the substance in his blood after he died.'


Prince William & Kate Middleton are Distant Cousins

click picture to enlarge

A dark and deliciously murky secret hovers over the continuing relationship between Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton – a skeleton so large that even a vast royal closet would struggle to contain it.

For the Mail can reveal that William and Kate are distant cousins. Not only that, the common ancestor who links the two lovers is a murderous despot whose bloody deeds have been deliberately forgotten by history. Until now.

The man who links William and Kate as kith and kin is Sir Thomas Leighton, an Elizabethan soldier, diplomat and, for 40 years, the cut-throat Governor of Guernsey.

He is William’s 12th generation great-grandparent, and Kate’s 11th, making them 12th cousins, once removed.'


Greek PM Says it at Last: Carbon Taxes are Just Another Way to Raise Revenue

George Papandreou, the Greek prime minister has said that there may need to be new Europe-wide forms of taxation to help pay for the bail-outs that will be needed by the growing number of crashing economies in the euro-zone. His suggestions include “carbon dioxide taxes” which, he says, could provide “important revenues and resouces for funding such a [bail-out] mechanism".'


Met Closes Down Anti-Police Blog

Scotland Yard has forced the closure of an anti-police blog which was being used to disseminate advice to protesters pictured at the student fees demonstration.

The website Fitwatch was suspended after the its hosting company received contact from C011, the Metropolitan's public order branch, stating that the blog was "being used to undertake criminal activities".

The move appears to have taken place after a blog posted on the website gave guidance to students who feared they might be arrested for their involvement in the occupation of the Millbank office complex, which houses the Tory party headquarters.'


Cognitive Dissonance Defines Our Lives

The "what we are told" is a satanic spell cast by the Illuminati, a satanic cult led by Cabalist Jews and Masons that controls most of our information, education and so-called culture by funding an army of opportunists and dupes.

As you know, this cult derives its power from the central banking cartel which is using its monopoly over government credit to gain a monopoly over everything on earth: wealth, power, minds and spirits.

Humanity is under a satanic spell that consists of lies and corruption, i.e. deceit and decadence.

The Illuminati (Freemasonry) has infiltrated and taken over most organizations. The goal is to induct us into the lower ranks of their cult as their servants and chattels. The TSA is accustoming the public to routine sexual abuse.'


Is Europe Coming Apart Faster Than Anticipated?

The sky is black with PIIGS coming home to roost: I was going to write my customary long and boring think piece—but the simmering crisis in the Eurozone just got the heat turned up: Things are boiling over there!

The bond markets have no faith in Ireland—Greece has been shown up as having lied again about its atrocious fiscal situation—and now Portugal is teetering—

—in other words, the PIIGS are screwed. I would venture to guess that we are about to see this slow-boiling European crisis bubble over into a full blown meltdown over the next few days—and it’s going to get messy.'


Dead Drops: When US Cyber Command Pulls the Net

'We need to start creating our own internet infrastructure backup and this is a great way to start before Sen. Joe Lieberman has his way with an internet "kill switch" like the one China has that he loves so much.'

Bloomberg Calls for Carbon Tax as a Way to Fight Terrorists

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke today before the Wall Street Journal CEO Council annual conference. According to WSJ, he told attendees that the U.S. needs to reduce its dependence on foreign oil, if “you want to stop sending your money to … terrorists.”

The answer, he said: “We need a carbon tax.”

Al Gore, among others, has been promoting a carbon tax based on bogus data showing carbon causes golbal warming. To my knowledge, Bloomberg is the first person to suggest a carbon tax as a way to battle terrorists.'


Randy Quaid Claims That the 'Network' has Targeted Him

US Hopes to Establish Bases as Yemen Fight Escalates

US officials are looking to dramatically escalate their on the ground presence in Yemen, and new reports from the Wall Street Journal suggest that the US is hoping for Yemen to allow the establishment of “forward operating bases” for US troops in southern Yemen.'