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Press For Truth Continues Coverage of H1N1 Vaccinations in Toronto

Pelosi Breaks Pledge to Put Final Health Care Bill Online for 72 Hours Before Vote

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office tells The Weekly Standard that the speaker will not allow the final language of the health care to be posted online for 72 hours before bringing the bill to a vote on the House floor, despite her September 24 statement that she was “absolutely” committed to doing so.'


Pneumonic Plague Drill Held in Illinois

In Lake in the Hills, Illinois, police will conduct a drill to combat a fictitious pneumonic plague on Saturday. “The Lake in the Hills Police Department is carrying out the test as part of a grant from the McHenry County Department of Health for its emergency health plan. In case of a biological terrorist attack or widespread disease outbreak, the site would be able get medicine to the community, Lake in the Hills Chief of Patrol Services David Brey said,” reports the Northwest Herald. Brey said officials picked pneumonic plague for the scenario “so it would have nothing to do with the swine flu.”

In Ukraine, the pneumonic plague is not fictional, although officials in that country insist the disease is a mutated version of the H1N1 virus, not pneumonic plague.'


Mohammed Omer on the Hell that is Gaza

Large Hadron Collider Broken by Bread Dropped by Passing Bird

The 27-kilometer (16.8 mile) LHC suffered serious overheating in several sections after the small piece of baguette landed in a piece of equipment on the surface above the accelerator ring.

The succession of technical problems the LHC has suffered has led some physicists, apparently in all seriousness, to claim that it is being sabotaged by time-travelling particles from its own future.'


Dutch Pull Pfizer Vaccine After Three Babies Die

Dutch authorities say they have banned use of a batch of Pfizer's Prevenar, or Prevnar, after three infants died within two weeks of receiving the anti-infection vaccination. "On average about 5 to 10 deaths are reported annually after babies get vaccines," said a spokeswoman for the Dutch health institute RIVM.'


Is Tony Blair Fit to Become the President of the European Union?

We have seen Prime Minister Gordon Brown and most member of his party promote Tony Blair as the first President of the European Union. Dare other members of the British Government put their names forward to support such a person who may in the near future be called to give account of his reasons for going to war? Dare they be associated with a person who could well be soon listed as a war criminal? If one asked the British public the answer would be "No way"

If anyone has followed the recent Kuala Lumpur Conference to Criminalise War you will soon learn that Tony Blair is not a very well respected man in Malaysia.

Is it possible that he should be tried for War Crimes?'


More Cover-Ups in Ukraine: WHO Withholds Gene Sequences As Cases Double Again

After infected cases double again in the Ukraine plague approaching the
1 million mark, the World Health Organization (WHO) is holding back gene sequences which could provide evidence of the mutation or recombination of the H1N1 or novel virus.'


'Restless Vagina Syndrome': Big Pharma's Newest Fake Disease

It’s not your fault, ladies (and certainly not your partner’s), that you don’t orgasm every time you have intercourse, or that you lack the libido of a 17-year-old boy. You have a disease: female sexual dysfunction (FSD), and the pharmaceutical industry wants to help.

You are among the "43 percent of American women [who] experience some degree of impaired sexual function," according to a Journal of the American Medical Association article. The FDA’s evolving definition of FSD includes decreased desire or arousal, sexual pain and orgasm difficulties -- but only if the woman feels "personal distress" about it.

So, convincing women to feel distress is a key component of the drug company strategy to market a multi-billion-dollar pill that will cure billions of women of what may not ail them.'


Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves; UFOs ?

Everything About Nidal Malik Hasan Screams 'Patsy'

The Empire strikes back – right when when public support for the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan sinks to all time lows, an anti-war Islamic extremist with links to suicide bombers goes on a shooting rampage at a U.S. army base, reinvigorating support for the war on terror and demonizing opposition to it as anti-American extremism. The scam would be believable if it wasn’t so perfectly staged.

Without getting into convoluted conspiracy theories about mind control and whatever else, not that they aren’t without merit, the facts we already know about Hasan and his behavior prior to the deadly shootings just screams out “patsy” and “set-up” and almost exactly mirrors other terror scams the Empire has run in the past.'


Top Bailout Recipients Spent $71 Million On Lobbying In Year Since Bailout

Twenty-five top recipients of government bailout funds spent more than $71 million on lobbying in the year since they were rescued, an extensive review of federal lobbying records by the Huffington Post reveals.

A year after taxpayers forked over $700 billion to help rescue the biggest names in banking, insurance and the automotive industry, those same institutions are using portions of the cash to influence legislation with a direct impact on taxpayers.'


WHO Continues To Deceive: Assumes That Ukraine Plague Is H1N1 Swine Flu

The World Health Organization (WHO) is continuing to deceive the world by stating sweeping assumptions about the Ukraine pandemic. Despite huge differences in transmission and deaths rates, the agency stated Tuesday that it was valid to assume that most of the cases of influenza reportedly combing through the Ukraine were caused by the pandemic A(H1N1) virus.

There is very little left to be respected of the WHO. After months of using junk science and contradictions to conceal actual swine flu cases, they are now launching phase two of their deceptive operation: Convince the world that a more lethal strain of flu is still the same H1N1 virus.'


Official US Air Force Document Reveals the True Intentions Behind the US-Colombia Military Agreement

An official document from the Department of the US Air Force reveals that the military base in Palanquero, Colombia will provide the Pentagon with “…an opportunity for conducting full spectrum operations throughout South America…” This information contradicts the explainations offered by Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and the US State Department regarding the military agreement signed between the two nations this past October 30th. Both governments have publicly stated that the military agreement refers only to counternarcotics and counterterrorism operations within Colombian territory. President Uribe has reiterated numerous times that the military agreement with the US will not affect Colombia’s neighbors, despite constant concern in the region regarding the true objetives of the agreement. But the US Air Force document, dated May 2009, confirms that the concerns of South American nations have been right on target. The document exposes that the true intentions behind the agreement are to enable the US to engage in “full spectrum military operations in a critical sub-region of our hemisphere where security and stability is under constant threat from narcotics funded terrorist insurgencies…and anti-US governments…” '


Polish PM: Poland Not Buying Swine Flu Vaccination Unless it Has Been Properly Tested

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said Friday that his government won't buy vaccines for swine flu that have not been properly tested or from producers who won't take responsibility for possible side effects.

Tusk told reporters that vaccine producers were pressuring governments to buy, but were also demanding that all responsibility and compensation for possible negative side effects fall upon government shoulders.

"Today we are dealing with great pressure from pharmaceutical firms ... we are dealing with expectations that hundreds of millions of zlotys (dollars) will be spent on vaccine while no one wants to guarantee that it has no side effects," he said.

He stressed that the few dozen swine cases in Poland have been mild and no deaths have been reported.'


The Most Widespread Child Abuse in Britain is Perpetrated by the Government

The drive to abolish childhood continues apace. The government is ordering “sex education” to be imposed on primary school children from as young as five. The premature sexualisation of children and the encouragement of prurient interest in sexual matters at a tender age has already provoked increasing numbers of underage pregnancies (which the hypocrites enforcing this degenerate agenda claim it is designed to reduce), but still the fanatics persist in destroying what little remains of childhood innocence in this decadent age.

While anti-paedophile hysteria prevents a mother from pushing her own child on a swing in a playground without undergoing criminal record checks, the most widespread child abuse in this country is being perpetrated by the government. No thought is given to the psychologically disturbing effect on young children of their perception of their parents as a result of unnecessary information about reproduction being imposed on them.'


Will Anyone in Their Right Mind Actually Buy Into These Three New Vaccines?

A storm has erupted over the announcement last month that an experimental AIDS vaccine tested in Thailand proved modestly effective. It was billed as a major scientific advance — the long-awaited hard evidence that it is possible to inoculate people against AIDS. But now the trial has been called into question in a way that is overblown and possibly destructive.

But this isn’t the first time the efficacy and safety of a vaccine has been called into question. The government recently announced that $10 million of stimulus money would be used to fund a phase 3 clinical trial of a promising anti-smoking vaccine produced by Nabi Pharmaceuticals of Rockville, Md. However, another company working on a similar vaccine has not been so successful.

Cytos Biotechnology Ltd. said this week that a trial of its nicotine vaccine had failed to reduce smoking behaviors. The study, which is continuing, involved 200 smokers who were motivated to quit. The researchers found that the vaccine, designed to bind nicotine in the blood and prevent it from reaching the brain, was safe and well tolerated. But apparently it did not stimulate high enough levels of antibodies to produce the desired response.

The moment evidence was found that obesity may be linked to a virus, opportunistic drug company researchers dove into developing an “obesity vaccine.” Now researchers say their obesity vaccine could be ready for market in five years. Searching for genetic clues to the obesity epidemic, in the hopes of developing a vaccine against it, is not the answer.

UN Sanctions Goldstone Report on Gaza War

The United Nations General Assembly has voted overwhelmingly in favor of a report, which accuses Israel of war crimes as well as crimes against humanity during the weeks-long onslaught on the Gaza Strip.'


NATO Sends Threatening Signals to Karzai

NATO suggests that the 'credibility' of the re-instated Afghan administration depends on Kabul submission to the alliance's military pursuits in the war-ravaged country.

NATO's Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the alliance would seek to refresh its understanding with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, AFP reported on Friday.

Under the bilateral agreement, the US-dominated body keeps, and intends to increase, its more than 100,000-strong force in the war-torn country.'


Friday, November 06, 2009

NWO TECH: Brain Chips, Downloadable Memories, and Micro Chips in The Swine Flu Vaccine

Less Than 0.1% of French Population Has Taken 'Swine Flu' Jab so Far, Admits French Health Minister

The French Health Minister, Roselyne Bachelot, has indicated today, Thursday, that so far only 50,000 people have taken the swine flu jab in France since the launch of the mass vaccination campaign. There are an estimated 65 million people living in France. 50,000 people is less than 0.1 per cent of the total population. In a report by AFP, she admitted that the vaccination campaign had been "timid".'


Flashback: Pneumonic Plague Now in China

Two people have died, a town of 10,000 is under quarantine, and the area within a 17-mile radius around it has been sealed to contain a pneumonic plague outbreak:

Chinese authorities have put a whole town in quarantine after an outbreak of horrifying pneumonic plague.
Two people have died from the highly contagious disease, an even more powerful brother of The Black Death – the bubonic plague believed to have wiped out a quarter of the population of Europe in the 14th Century.'


Olympic Protesters are ‘Terrorists’

People who protest the Winter Olympics are nothing more than “terrorists” with “limited intellect,” Liberal Burquitlam MLA Harry Bloy said in the legislature Monday.'


Italy Turns the Tables on the CIA

Report Calls for Antisocial Behaviour to be Treated as Criminal

Antisocial behaviour should be increasingly treated as a criminal rather than civil matter, a report by the crime campaigner turned government adviser Sara Payne recommended today.

The document said the wider justice system should be reworked to focus more closely on victims.'


Israel Proposes Work Camps for Illegal Migrants

The government is considering establishing work camps in the south of the country, where illegal migrant workers will receive shelter, food and medical care, Army Radio reported Wednesday. In exchange, illegal migrants would perform manual labor outside the camps, but would not earn a salary.

They would stay at the camp until their asylum claims are decided, which could take months or years.'


Just like the Nazis did!

Netanyahu: Iran's Shipment of Arms to Hezbollah - a War Crime

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that the ship carrying hundreds of tons of weapons believed to have originated in Iran and meant for Hezbollah, which Israel intercepted early Wednesday, constituted a war crime that should be reviewed by United Nations bodies.'


Netanyahu is making it really obvious that this shipment of arms is an Israeli staged operation to help Israel's leaders evade war crimes charges.

Just stop and think. How did Israel know the weapons were on that ship when even the ship's owners did not?

And why would Iran send a shipment of arms right at the exact moment where discovery of those arms would most help Israel dodge the Goldstone Report?

Remember the Lavon affair?

Remember the USS Liberty?

"By way of deception..."

But the whole world sees the rabbit up your sleeve, Israel!

The Looting of America: Billionaire Bailout Society

Gore Not Interested In Solutions To Climate Change That Don’t Line His Pockets

So there you have it – LaSalle proposed a way of solving the CO2 issue but was basically told to shove it by Gore’s team because the methods he advocated would eliminate the need for what Gore and his cronies are really pursuing, nightmare regulation, taxation, and control over American’s lives, along with billions of dollars flooding into the coffers of Gore and the rest of the “carbon billionaire” globalists via the carbon trading systems they own.

“Could it be that Mr Gore and his team want the US economy and its free market system to be overturned regardless of the science? Could it be that they do not want to know about any science that does not allow them to tax and interfere in the lives of every American?”'


Martial Law Declared In Ukraine Over Mystery Epidemic

Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko has all but declared martial law in the country as he announced yesterday that the National Security and Defense Council will become the supreme ruling authority in the wake of a mystery epidemic sweeping the country.

Yushchenko has made high ranking health ministers members of the NSDC, a government body consisting of the president himself, the chairman of parliament, the prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko (pictured), the head of the Security Service of Ukraine and other high ranking ministers.

Yushchenko told reporters Wednesday night that “the non-fulfillment of its decisions will be prosecuted,” adding “We need to change the system. We need to change the whole system of the state power organization in Ukraine. We have no time for remonstrance no time for waiting”.

A further report from Interfax Ukrainia Agency says the Ukrainian Health Minister Wasilij Kniazevicz has asked the country’s top prosecutor to open criminal proceedings against those who are opposed to the implementation of the mass flu vaccination campaign.'


Goldman Sachs Received H1N1 Vaccine Before Several Hospitals

We've been trying to figure out what, if any, preparations Wall Street has been taking to guard against H1N1.

For the most part, the banks have been coy about their activities.

But as noted on The Today Show this morning, several banks have been among the early recipients of H1N1 vaccine, allowing them to get ahead of hospitals in some instances.'


CIT Bankruptcy: Taxpayers Stiffed on Company's Bailout Billions While Execs Reap Bonuses

If people were pissed off about AIG's temporary decline and permanent bonuses, CIT's bankruptcy ought to enrage them.

The giant lender to businesses is heading for a quick in-and-out in bankruptcy court, and when it emerges, taxpayers will be the ones who have gotten the ol' in-out: CIT won't have to repay its $2.33 billion TARP bailout.'


Dutch Barter System Challenges Bankers

My name is Anthony Migchels and I am the initiator of the "Gelre," the first Regional Currency in the Netherlands.
My organization is a foundation, not for profit, not a company, because I believe credit should be a public facility, serving the people that actually OWN the credit, instead of milking them dry with what is rightfully theirs. The Gelre foundation is run by a board of three.

We now have almost a hundred companies participating and the break even point should come at about 300, after that we can get an income out of it. But the real goal is, to hook up 66% of all companies in Gelderland, a province in the Netherlands with 1.2 million inhabitants and 60k companies. A GDP of about 40 billion Euro.

It is clear that interest bearing debt to a bank as money is a vicious hoax, but strangely enough, few have been developing a viable alternative.'


What's Really in That Burger? E.coli and Chicken Faeces Both Allowed By USDA

There are 14 billion hamburgers consumed each year in the United States alone. The people who eat those burgers, though, have little knowledge of what's actually in them. Current USDA regulations, for example, openly allow beef contaminated with E. coli to be repackaged, cooked and sold as ready-to-eat hamburgers.

This simple fact would shock most consumers if they knew about it. People assume that beef found to be contaminated with E. coli must be thrown out or destroyed (or even recalled), but in reality, it's often just pressed into hamburger patties, cooked, and sold to consumers. This practice is openly endorsed by the USDA.

But E. coli may not be the worst thing in your burger: USDA regulations also allow chicken feces to be used as feed for cows, meaning your hamburger beef may be made of second-hand chicken poop, recycled through the stomachs of cows.'


Mutant H1N1 Swine Flu Or Pneumonic Plague? Number Of People In Ukraine With Mystery Illness Almost Doubles In Two Days To Nearly Half A Million!

The pandemic situation in Ukraine has rapidly gotten worse. In fact, the number of people in Ukraine who have contracted serious respiratory illness has almost doubled in two days to nearly half a million. The number of confirmed deaths is 81, although there are some sources that suggest that the number of deaths is actually much higher. While some mainstream media outlets still refuse to consider the possibility that the outbreak in Ukraine is anything other than the H1N1 strain that is found in other areas of the world, the reality is that the hemorrhagic nature of the respiratory disease in Ukraine has many health experts speculating either that the H1N1 swine flu virus has mutated in that region or that what is happening in Ukraine is an outbreak of pneumonic plague.'


The Only Political Party in America: 'The Corporate Party' (Part One)

A growing number of Americans and researchers suggest that many corporations in the U.S. contribute to both Democrats and Republicans, so that no matter who wins the election, corporations can still exert their influence in Washington. But, does this line of thought have any merit? As they say, let's simply "follow the money".'


David Icke Interviewed by Frontier Radio Amsterdam

See part two here...

See part three here...

See part four here...

See part five here...

In US, War-Weary Army Major Kills 12, Wounds 31

A US army major, assigned to be deployed to Iraq, has killed 12 people and wounded 31 others at the Fort Hood Army post, the worst mass shooting ever at a military base in the US. The serviceman was identified as Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, a 39-year-old from Virginia.'


ElBaradei: Inspectors Found Nothing Worrying in Iran

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief says that UN inspectors have found "nothing to be worried about" in Iran's latest nuclear facility.

"The idea was to use it as a bunker under the mountain to protect things," Mohamed ElBaradei told the Thursday print of the New York Times, pointing to Iran's Fordo nuclear facility, some 160 kilometers southwest of Tehran.'


Thursday, November 05, 2009

Projective Synthetic Geometry in Lady Frieda Harris' Tarot Paintings and in Aleister Crowley's Book of the Law

It was in 1904 when the english magician Aleister Crowley wrote the the Book of the Law. It was dictated by a praeter-human intelligence calling itself Aiwass. The book consists of three chapters written down in Cairo on 8th, 9th and 10th April at noon.

33 years later, Crowley met the artist painter Lady Frieda Harris. He had decided to create a new Tarot deck and asked Harris to paint the cards according his ideas, that is according his instructions. Harris agreed, became a member of the O.T.O. and they becan their work. A lot of the cards had to be painted several times. The drafts still are in private possession while the final originals can be found at the Warburg Institute London, a part of the University Library.'


10 Times More Thimerosal in Canadian Non-Adjuvanted H1N1 Vaccine

According to this Public Health Agency of Canada website, the non-adjuvanted vaccine [ie: the H1N1 vaccine without the ASO3 (otherwise known as squalene-oil-water adjuvant)] will contain 10 times the amount of Thimerosal as in the adjuvanted vaccine presently being distributed. This, they want to give to young kids and pregnant women.'


British Plan to Build Training Camp For Taliban Fighters in Afghanistan

Britain planned to build a Taliban training camp for 2,000 fighters in southern Afghanistan, as part of a top-secret deal to make them swap sides, intelligence sources in Kabul have revealed. The plans were discovered on a memory stick seized by Afghan secret police in December.

The Afghan government claims they prove British agents were talking to the Taliban without permission from the Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, despite Gordon Brown’s pledge that Britain will not negotiate. The Prime Minister told Parliament on 12 December: “Our objective is to defeat the insurgency by isolating and eliminating their leaders. We will not enter into any negotiations with these people.”

The British insist President Karzai’s office knew what was going on. But Mr Karzai has expelled two top diplomats amid accusations they were part of a plot to buy-off the insurgents.'


Ban Ki-moon: $100 Billion Not Enough for Global Warming

Money paid by rich countries to fight global warming will have to "be scaled up" from the $100bn a year on offer, the UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon said today.

Finance is the key, said Ban, to successful negotations on a global treaty to fight climate change, due to conclude at UN talks next month in Copenhagen.'


£4,350 Per Family to Bail Out Britain’s Banks

The Chancellor confirmed that the Government would pump an extra £25.5 billion into Royal Bank of Scotland, and declared that it was the only way to keep the business alive.

Taxpayers have poured a total of £53.5 billion into RBS, including the £20 billion part-nationalisation last year and another £8 billion that was set aside as insurance against further trouble in the future.

In total, the Government has put £74 billion of taxpayers’ money into the banks, including RBS, Lloyds and HBOS, since the start of the financial crisis last year.'


Government's Chief Scientist Backs David Nutt on Cannabis

Professor John Beddington, the Government's chief scientist has backed Professor David Nutt, the sacked drugs adviser, over his claims that alcohol and cigarettes are more harmful than cannabis.

Prof Beddington, the country's top science adviser, said the evidence was "absolutely clear cut" but stopped short of criticising the removal of Prof Nutt.

However, he is now consulting other heads of expert committees to see if they have experienced difficulties or political interference in their roles.'


Lisbon Treaty Signals End of Independent Europe

Europe’s elite celebrated the imminent arrival of its first president last night as the last lingering resistance to the Lisbon treaty fell away with the stroke of a pen in Prague.

Gordon Brown and other leaders hailed a new era of expanded powers for the European Union to act on the world stage after the Eurosceptic President of the Czech Republic signed the treaty. The relief across European capitals was palpable as the eight-year journey of an accord that gives Europe a president and a new chief of foreign affairs came to an end.'


Karzai Rules Out Sacking Corrupt Afghan Ministers

Hamid Karzai began his new presidency yesterday with a pledge to reach out to opponents and tackle the corrosive corruption which has deeply tainted his government and led to widespread international condemnation. But he appeared to rule out sacking ministers and officials accused of corruption and did not say how he would tackle the systemic malpractice and criminality which has undermined governance during his tenure.'


Smoke Medical Pot, Lose Your Second Amendment Gun Rights?

The right of Oregonians to use marijuana for medical reasons and also to obtain concealed handgun permits is being challenged by local sheriffs who say federal law prevents those people from packing heat.

Advocates for the state's medical marijuana law countered Wednesday in the Oregon Court of Appeals that the sheriffs simply don't like the program and are looking for ways to undermine it.

Both sides now are looking to the courts to say definitively whether there's anything to prevent Oregon from issuing the concealed handgun permits to users of medicinal pot.'


Why Boys are Turning Into Girls

Here's something rather rotten from the State of Denmark. Its government yesterday unveiled official research showing that two-year-old children are at risk from a bewildering array of gender-bending chemicals in such everyday items as waterproof clothes, rubber boots, bed linen, food, nappies, sunscreen lotion and moisturising cream.

The 326-page report, published by the environment protection agency, is the latest piece in an increasingly alarming jigsaw. A picture is emerging of ubiquitous chemical contamination driving down sperm counts and feminising male children all over the developed world. And anti-pollution measures and regulations are falling far short of getting to grips with it.'


Sorry About Your Dead Son; That Will Be $29,186.50, Please

Autism Spikes, Toxins Suspected

As the national focus on the H1N1 pandemic rages, additional evidence of a more insidious epidemic has emerged, with an all-too-expected shrug from the mainstream media. Results from two federal studies announced in October say parents have a 1-in-100-or-greater chance of having a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Since boys are four times more likely to have an ASD, their odds are as high as 1 in 60.'


Al Gore Admits CO2 Does Not Cause Majority Of Global Warming

In a new development that is potentially devastating to the agenda to introduce a global carbon tax and a cap and trade system, Al Gore admits that the majority of global warming that occurred until 2001 was not primarily caused by CO2.

Before we get too excited, Gore is not backing away from his support for the theory of man-made climate change, but his concession that carbon dioxide only accounted for 40% of warming according to new studies could seriously harm efforts to tax CO2, that evil, life-giving gas that humans exhale and plants absorb.

“Gore acknowledged to Newsweek that the findings could complicate efforts to build a political consensus around the need to limit carbon emissions,” reports BB News.'


Mossad Hacked Syrian Official’s Computer Before Bombing Mysterious Facility

Agents of Israel’s Mossad intelligence service hacked into the computer of a senior Syrian government official a year before Israel bombed a facility in Syria in 2007, according to Der Spiegel.

The intelligence agents planted a Trojan horse on the official’s computer in late 2006 while he was staying at a hotel in the Kensington district of London, the German news magazine reported Monday in an extensive account of the bombing attack.'


Ukraine Virus Mystery Deepens

Ukraine is in a state of hysteria as a mystery flu epidemic grips the country in the run-up to presidential elections. Schools have been closed and there is a ban on public gatherings.

The situation is so bad, the mayor of Kiev is even planning to have the Champions League football match between Dynamo Kiev and Italian side Inter-Milan played behind closed doors on Wednesday evening. At the very least - at the least spectators will be asked to wear face masks.

The country ordered 650,000 doses of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu at the weekend and hundreds of thousands more doses are already on their way. Millions of face masks are also being produced.

The mystery of the unidentified flu virus in Ukraine, first reported by RNW on 29 October, has deepened. The websites of various conspiracy theorists are now even discussing the possibility that biological warfare experiments are the cause.'


Erekat: Palestinian State May Have to be Abandoned

Palestinians may have to abandon the goal of an independent state if Israel continues to expand Jewish settlements and the United States does not stop it, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said on Wednesday.'


Which is exactly what the israeli war criminals have been wanting all along!!

Maricopa County Sheriff's Employee Takes Documents From Defense Attorney

Spectre of 'Greenism' in the UK Workplace is a Backward Step for Climate Change

After yesterday’s legal landmark ruling, “a belief in man-made climate change … is capable, if genuinely held, of being a philosophical belief” akin to religion. This judgment means a company must not discriminate against someone because of their deeply-held environmental convictions. So no more jokes about the office hippy at the sustainable water-cooler then.'


Former UK ambassador: CIA Sent People to be ‘Raped With Broken Bottles’

The CIA relied on intelligence based on torture in prisons in Uzbekistan, a place where widespread torture practices include raping suspects with broken bottles and boiling them alive, says a former British ambassador to the central Asian country.

Craig Murray, the rector of the University of Dundee in Scotland and until 2004 the UK's ambassador to Uzbekistan, said the CIA not only relied on confessions gleaned through extreme torture, it sent terror war suspects to Uzbekistan as part of its extraordinary rendition program.'


H1N1 Vaccine Shortage Fabricated to Create Hysteria, Boost Demand?

There's a fascinating book by author Robert Cialdini called Influence - The Psychology of Persuasion. As someone who frequently writes about Big Pharma's social engineering tactics, I've read and studied many of these tactics, noting carefully how governments and Big Business use them to wage disinformation campaigns against the People.

I was recently chatting with friends on my Facebook page when a friend named Jennifer pointed out that she thought the vaccine shortage had been intentionally engineered to create greater demand once the vaccines were available. This immediately got me thinking about a chapter in the Cialdini book that writes about something I call the "disappearing cookies in the cookie jar" experiment.'


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

FDA Hid Research That Damned Aspartame

When the G.D. Searle Co. sought FDA approval for NutraSweet they submitted doctored, fraudulent "studies," so corrupt that the Department of Justice appointed two prosecutors to Investigate Searle. Searle's lawyers hired the prosecutors and the case died with the statute of limitations.

Listen in on aspartame hearings in 1976 between Senator Ted Kennedy and FDA Commissioner Alexander Schmidt at the Senate Subcommittee on Labor and Public Health.'


One Flu Over the Ukraine's Nest

I have seen a number of Internet postings on the Ukrainian epidemic and, even, a few UTube videos already. I have heard the story developing since last week from correspondents of mine in Ukraine who have been witnessing things first hand. School and public offices have all been closed.

So far, the worst of this outbreak is in Western Ukraine, in and around the city of Lviv, but a few hundred kilometers to the East, in the capital city of Kiev, nearly half the people now stalk the streets wearing surgical masks. It would be an understatement to say that the people of Ukraine are moving into full panic mode. I can see why. So should you. I will explain why in a moment.'


Al Gore Set To Become First 'Carbon Billionaire'

The New York Times has lifted the lid on how Al Gore stands to benefit to the tune of billions of dollars if the carbon tax proposals he is pushing come to fruition in the United States, while documenting how he has already lined his pockets on the back of exaggerated fearmongering about global warming.

As is to be expected, the article is largely a whitewash and takes an apologist stance in defense of Gore.'


NAMAW Submits Goldstone Report to International Criminal Court

Whereas such actions on the part of the Secretary of State, and/or the US Ambassador would be unfortunate, our concern is that even if by some chance the Goldstone Report does reach the UN Security Council, the US will use its veto to prevent the Security Council from referring the report to the International Criminal Court, thereby preventing the initiation of an investigation into the allegations made in the report, as required by article 53 of the Rome Statute.'


Obama's Youth Corps

The Obama administration is now recruiting college students that will not only get paid for knocking on doors but will “earn college credits” while advocating for change. It’s called ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA (OFA) and could be a part of Obama’s young and educated civilian army.'


The Deaths of Four Ukraine Doctors Raising Suspicions of a Cover-Up in The Ukraine

Four doctors died of flu in Ukraine's Ternopol and Lvov regions, Health Minister Vasily Knyazevich said at the Sunday meeting of the operative headquarters for the prevention and treatment of A/H1N1 flu.
The above comments describe the death of four health care workers (HCWs) at two sites in western Ukraine. The government website shows a total of 53 deaths (see map), which is quite low if four HCWs have already died. HCW are trained in methods to minimize infections from parents, and they are likely to get prompt medical attention, yet four have already died. These numbers add to the confusion in Ukraine.'


Estulin: G-20 Meeting in Scotland This Week About Dumping U.S. Dollar

Best-selling author Daniel Estulin states that the key issue to be discussed this week at the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting, being held in St. Andrews, Scotland, is how to bring down the present world financial system through dumping the US dollar.'


Brooklyn Girl Winds up in Hospital After Being Injected With H1N1 Swine flu Vaccine Without Parental Permission

A six-year-old Brooklyn girl, Nikiyah Torres-Pierre, was hospitalized recently after being injected with the swine flu vaccine. The vaccination was conducted entirely without her parents' permission in an incident school nurses are calling "a mistake."

Mother Naomi Troy told the NY Daily News, "I was outraged." After receiving the swine flu injection, her daughter complained she was itching and her stomach was hurting. That's when school officials called an ambulance that rushed Nikiyah to the hospital.'


Israel Warns of New Gaza Offensive

Israeli Army Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi has threatened a new offensive against the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, suggesting attacks on civilian targets.

Ashkenazi repeated Tel Aviv's allegations against Hamas, accusing the Islamic movement of hiding weaponry in public buildings and residential areas.

He said the Israeli army could be fighting in cities, mosques, hospitals, schools and even kindergartens, blaming the indiscriminate warfare and a likely targeting of civilians on Palestinian resistance fighters.

Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum said Ashkenazi's remarks were made in an attempt to justify Israel's war crimes in Gaza, and could as well be meant to justify future crimes.'


Vaclav Klaus Signs Lisbon Treaty

The president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, has signed the EU's Lisbon Treaty, the final step in the charter's ratification.

The treaty was drawn up to streamline decision-making in the EU, and is a watered-down version of a draft EU constitution rejected four years ago.


Leaked CFR File: How to Get the Public to Take the H1N1 Vaccine

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Alan Johnston: Government Advisors are There to Back Government Policy and Not to Tell the Truth

Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, has ordered a swift review of the body at the centre of a row over the Government's drugs policy.

News that the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) will have its functions scrutinised emerged just three days after Mr Johnson sacked the panel's chairman for comments critical of the Government's policy on cannabis.

Mr Johnson told MPs: “I asked Prof Nutt to resign as my principal drugs adviser not because of the work of the council but because of his failure to recognise that as chair of ACMD his role is to advise rather than criticise Government policy on drugs".


Robber Banks Defer Bonuses in Return For Extra £40 Billion

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Lloyds have both agreed to defer bonuses in return for an additional £40 billion of taxpayers' money as part of a deal with the Government that will break up two of Britain's biggest lenders.

In return for receiving billions of pounds more of taxpayers' money, the Treasury said, both banks will not pay cash bonuses for 2009 to any staff earning more than £39,000 a year while the board of each lender will defer bonuses due for this year until 2012.'


£40 Billion more of your taxes so their bonus payments only get deferred. Wake up and smell the scam!!!

The Gods of Technology

There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part, you can’t even passively take part, and you’ve got to put your bodies on the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop! And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all! – Mario Savio


Ukraine Mystery Outbreak Sparks WHO Concern as Disease Spreads

The World Health Organization sent a team of experts to Ukraine today to investigate an outbreak of respiratory disease that’s sickened a quarter of a million people and left pharmacies without masks or flu remedies.'


Government Appoints Task Force To Handle H1N1 Vaccine Propaganda

The U.S. government has appointed what the media is ludicrously billing as an “independent” group of health advisors whose job it will be to whitewash adverse reactions to the swine flu vaccine and “explain” them to the public as mere coincidence.

Authorities have been busier honing their propaganda about the H1N1 inoculation program than they have dealing with the actual rollout of the vaccine. A $16 million dollar campaign to coerce Americans into taking the shot is falling flat on its face with increasing numbers rejecting the necessity to take the shot amidst concerns about its side-effects.


US Drops Demand For Israeli Settlement Freeze

Signalling an end to the brief flirtation with the Palestinian cause, the US secretary of state flew to Jerusalem to voice full American support for Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

In an effort to repair badly strained US-Israeli relations, she heaped praise on Mr Netanyahu, lauding his offer to limit settlement construction – even though it falls well short of President Obama's original demands.'


Afghanistan: Hamid Karzai Declared President

The chief electoral officer confirmed that a second vote would not take place, a day after Mr Karzai's main challenger, Abdullah Abdullah, said he would not take part.

Earlier, the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon said the UN would respect and support any decision by the Afghan Independent Election Commission on whether to organise a second presidential ballot.

"The United Nations and the international community will stand together and walk together with the next government and the people of Afghanistan," he said.

Abdullah Abdullah, a former foreign minister, pulled out of the contest on Sunday, citing fears of a repeat of the fraud which marred August's first round.'


Psychic Computer Shows Your Thoughts on Screen

Scientists have discovered how to “read” minds by scanning brain activity and reproducing images of what people are seeing — or even remembering.

Researchers have been able to convert into crude video footage the brain activity stimulated by what a person is watching or recalling.

The breakthrough raises the prospect of significant benefits, such as allowing people who are unable to move or speak to communicate via visualisation of their thoughts; recording people’s dreams; or allowing police to identify criminals by recalling the memories of a witness.

However, it could also herald a new Big Brother era, similar to that envisaged in the Hollywood film Minority Report, in which an individual’s private thoughts can be readily accessed by the authorities.'


Swine Flu -- One of the Most Massive Cover-ups in American History

I have been following the evolving “pandemic” of H1N1 influenza beginning with the original discovery of the infection in Mexico in March of this year. In the course of this study I have tried to utilize as my sources high-quality, peer-reviewed journals, data from the CDC and accepted textbooks of virology.

As with all such studies one has to integrate and correlate previous experiences with epidemics and pandemics. As you will see, a great deal of my material comes from official sources, such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the New England Journal of Medicine. Thus my distracters cannot claim that I am using material that is not within the mainstream.'


Afghanistan: Another Untold Story

Barack Obama is on record as advocating a military escalation in Afghanistan. Before sinking any deeper into that quagmire, we might do well to learn something about recent Afghan history and the role played by the United States.'


US Businesses at Risk as Lender CIT Group Files for Bankruptcy

Thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in the US face financial difficulties and could go out of business after lender CIT Group filed for bankruptcy protection last night.

The collapse is also bad news for US taxpayers, who stand to lose the $2.3bn provided last year to prop up the troubled lender.'


Bonaparte Blair & Co

Gordon brown urged European Socialist leaders last week to appoint Tony Blair as the European President. “Get real”, he told them, “This is a unique opportunity to get a strong progressive politician to be the president.”

Brown is obviously correct, nothing could be more refreshing, innovative ‘real’ and ‘progressive’ than assigning the job to a man who has more blood on his hands than any other person in Europe. It may also be right to argue that there is just one living person on this planet with more blood on his hands than Blair. That man dwells in Texas, his name is George and actually unlike our Bonaparte figure, he keeps relatively quiet. Unlike George, our Boney is craving for recognition, he cannot live without a crown or an official title. Someone should remind Boney that he already made it into history, he can really take a break. With more than one million fatalities in Iraq, he is not far behind Hitler and Stalin.'


Twenty Reasons Why Vitamin D is Better Than a Swine Flu Vaccine

The news is out: Vitamin D is better than the swine flu vaccine at halting H1N1 infections. In fact, without vitamin D, chances are that a vaccine won't generate much of an immune response in the first place.

That's because vitamin D is essential for healthy, active immune function. That's just one of the reasons smart people are choosing vitamin D instead of the swine flu vaccine. Here are nineteen more reasons.'


Soldiers Nearly Killed with Military's Bioterrorism Vaccine

Approximately 200 soldiers have suffered from serious and even life-threatening complications from the government-mandated smallpox vaccine, and one has even died.

Starting in 2002, fears over a bioterrorist attack have led the U.S. government to require that all of its military servicepeople receive vaccination against a variety of diseases before deployment, including anthrax and smallpox. An estimated 1.7 million have been vaccinated against smallpox since then. Yet in a number of cases, the vaccine has led to severe complications such as inflammations of the brain or heart. In 2003, two expert panels concluded that Army Specialist Rachel Ray died in part due to complications from the deployment vaccines that she had been given.'


War Crimes

An outstanding multimedia designed documentary and made by Matthias & Christopher Chang from Kuala Lumpur about War Crimes and the evil effects of war on every day life.'

See part two here...

Kellogg's Claim Sugary 'Cocoa Crispies' Cereal Can Boost Your Child's Immunity

The world of bizarre nutritional claims by sugary cereal makers just got a little more weird this week when Kellogg's began shipping boxes of Cocoa Krispies emblazoned with the ridiculous claim, "Now helps support your child's IMMUNITY."

If processed white sugar, partially-hydrogenated trans fat oils and synthetic chemical vitamins could enhance human immunity, Kellogg's would be King of the Hill, but in reality, of all the many foods for boosting human immune function, Cocoa Krispies somehow isn't even on the list.'


Her Majesty's Big Brother: Britain's Protesters Rebranded "Domestic Extremists"

In "Mind Your Tweets: CIA and European Union Building Social Networking Surveillance System," Antifascist Calling explored the trend by security agencies in Europe and the United States to build political dossiers on dissidents by data mining their electronic communications.

Taking a page from America's political police force, the FBI, the British state is beefing-up an ever-growing watch list of "domestic extremists".'


Tortured in far-off Countries: Obama Resuming G. W. Bush's 'Extraordinary Renditions'

Even though Barack Obama, the candidate, pledged to end “the practice of shipping away prisoners in the dead of night to be tortured in far-off countries,” his FBI has been rendering kidnap victims to the U.S. The practice is still kidnapping, however; and it’s still illegal.

Unlucky victim No. 1 was Raymond Azar, 45, flown from Afghanistan to Alexandria, Va., not to a foreign country. The construction manager for Sima International, a Lebanese outfit that did work for the U.S. military, Azar said he was tortured by his abductors. He might just as well have been flow to Egypt under the Bushies.'


Monday, November 02, 2009

MPs' Expenses: David Wilshire Compares Treatment of Politicians to Jews in Nazi Germany

Mr Wilshire, who was forced to resign after paying more than £100,000 in expenses to his own company, said the “witch hunt” against MPs “will undermine democracy”.

“Branding a whole group of people as undesirables led to Hitler’s gas chambers,” he added.'


Has Baxter International Released A Bioweapon in the Ukraine?

Evidence appears to suggest that Baxter International is responsible for a new deadly outbreak of viral pneumonia in Ukraine.

In February of 2009 Bloomberg reported that Baxter "accidentally" send vaccine material containing both live Avian bird flu and seasonal influenza to multiple laboratories worldwide. A laboratory decided to test the vaccine on it's ferrets, but the ferrets all unexpectedly died. It must be noted that Baxter has made a "mistake" like this before. Blood products produced by Baxter once containd HIV. Thousands of haemophiliacs died due to this, and many went on to infect their spouses.

Later in the year, a bizarre story emerged on the internet. The Huffington Post reported on a a man named Joseph Moshe who was arrested after a hours long standoff with the police because he had supposedly made threats against the White House. The man was able to withstand multiple rounds of tear gas.

However, the internet community was very skeptical of the true reasons behidn this man's arrest. Comments on the Huffington Post website immediately began pouring in about an unreported side to this story, namely that Joseph Moshe was a Mossad Agent specialized in biological warfare who called into a radio show to warn people about a biological weapn that was being made by Baxter international that would be spread through vaccine and would cause a plague upon it's release.

Although anyone can make a doomsday claim and we should never believe anyone (and it must be said that the Truth movement handled this well, the message was spread without being proclaimed as gospel) the amazing part about Moshe's claim was the location where Moshe said the biological weapon was being produced.

Moshe claimed that Baxter's laboratory in the Ukraine out of all places was creating this biological weapon. All of this came out in the beginning of August, which is more than 2 months before the situation that is currently unfolding. For Moshe to correctly name the country where a new epidemic would be unleashed, requires either inside information, or an incredible coincidence as anyone with a basic knowledge of statistics can confirm for himself.


Occupiers Involved in the Drug Trade: Afghan Minister

The Afghan minister of counter narcotics says foreign troops are earning money from drug production in Afghanistan.

General Khodaidad Khodaidad said the majority of drugs are stockpiled in two provinces controlled by troops from the US, the UK, and Canada, IRNA reported on Saturday.

He went on to say that NATO forces are taxing the production of opium in the regions under their control.'


Cameron Drops Pledge For EU Lisbon Treaty Referendum

It doesn't matter who you vote for, the flight plan never changes

David Cameron is poised to abandon his party’s commitment to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty if it is ratified later this year.
The Tory leader, who had previously pledged that he ‘would not let matters rest’ if the treaty came into force, is expected to declare instead that a future Conservative Government would fight to regain control over social and employment laws, and would stop any further transfer of British powers to Brussels.'


Copenhagen Agreement is a Plan For World Government

We can only hope that world leaders will do nothing more than enjoy a pleasant bicycle ride around the charming streets of Copenhagen come December. For if they actually manage to wring out an agreement based on the current draft text of the Copenhagen climate-change treaty, the world is in for some nasty surprises. Draft text, you say? If you haven't heard about it, that's because none of our otherwise talkative political leaders have bothered to tell us what the drafters have already cobbled together for leaders to consider. And neither have the media.

Enter Lord Christopher Monckton. The former adviser to Margaret Thatcher gave an address at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, earlier this month that made quite a splash. For the first time, the public heard about the 181 pages, dated Sept. 15, that comprise the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change—a rough draft of what could be signed come December.

So far there have been more than a million hits on the YouTube post of his address. It deserves millions more because Lord Monckton warns that the aim of the Copenhagen draft treaty is to set up a transnational "government" on a scale the world has never before seen.

The "scheme for the new institutional arrangement under the Convention" that starts on page 18 contains the provision for a "government." The aim is to give a new as yet unnamed U.N. body the power to directly intervene in the financial, economic, tax and environmental affairs of all the nations that sign the Copenhagen treaty.


1,600 Names Suggested Daily For Terror Watch List

Newly released FBI data offer evidence of the broad scope and complexity of the nation's terrorist watch list, documenting a daily flood of names nominated for inclusion to the controversial list.

During a 12-month period ended in March this year, for example, the U.S. intelligence community suggested on a daily basis that 1,600 people qualified for the list because they presented a "reasonable suspicion," according to data provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee by the FBI in September and made public last week.'


Dangerous People Needed

On Thursday night I had the privilege of viewing a premier of a film together with its star. The theater was in the U.S. Capitol, and the film was "The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers" ( ). This is a powerfully and engagingly constructed film about one of the most effective instances of whistle-blowing in our nation's history.

Ellsberg risked life in prison to expose the lies that had taken this nation into war in Vietnam, lies from Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson. And Nixon believed that Ellsberg had incriminating documents on his own lies, which led Henry Kissinger to call Ellsberg "the most dangerous man in America".'


Your Fear = Their Money

'Fear Detector' Being Developed That Will Be Able to Sniff Out Terrorists

A device that smells human fear is being developed by British scientists and could soon be sniffing out anxious terrorists.
The technology relies on recognising a pheromone - or scent signal - produced in sweat when a person is scared.
Researchers hope the 'fear detector' will make it possible to identify individuals at check points who are up to no good.


Why Are We Paying Child Benefit in Poland?

Here's a puzzle for you: what are we doing paying benefits for children who do not live in Britain, and may have never visited our shores? The Treasury says it cannot put a figure on the amount, but the best guess is that about £20 million in child benefit was coughed up by British taxpayers last year to support almost 38,000 children living in Poland.'


California to Withhold a Bigger Chunk of Paychecks

Reporting from Los Angeles and Sacramento - Starting Sunday, cash-strapped California will dig deeper into the pocketbooks of wage earners -- holding back 10% more than it already does in state income taxes just as the biggest shopping season of the year kicks into gear.

Technically, it's not a tax increase, even though it may feel like one when your next paycheck arrives. As part of a bundle of budget patches adopted in the summer, the state is taking more money now in withholding, even though workers' annual tax bills won't change.'


Palestinians Accuse U.S. of Killing Peace Prospects

Pointing an accusing finger at the United States, the Palestinians on Sunday said Washington's backing for Israeli refusal to halt Jewish settlement expansion had killed any hope of reviving peace negotiations soon.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, buoyed by new-found support from the Obama administration, urged the Palestinians to "get a grip" and drop their settlement freeze precondition for restarting talks suspended since December.'


Latvia – The Shame of Europe! Russian Children Taken From Parents to be Re-educated by the State

One of the Latvian government’s main priorities is the complete assimilation of the Russian minority, which constitutes almost half of the population. To achieve this goal they have resorted to every trick in the book: from all sorts of promises to blatant discrimination. But, despite all the tricks, the Russian do not want to become Letts.

But Latvian officials do not give up, and continue to seek new ways to naturalize “the occupiers”. They have resorted to the most extreme and devious methods, for example, in the city of Daugavpils they use the juvenile court system to place Russian children into State care for the flimsiest of reasons.

In countries where this system already operates, parents not only cease to be the childs legal guardians, in many cases the child is no longer allowed to live with their natural parents.'


No Shot , Sick Since H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccination

Clinton: U.S. Taxes 'Everything That Moves and Doesn’t Move'

In an effort to convince Pakistan to raise taxes on its impoverished masses, Secretary of State Clinton told government officials the United States enforces punitive and confiscatory taxation on the American people.

“The percentage of taxes on GDP (in Pakistan) is among the lowest in the world… We (the United States) tax everything that moves and doesn’t move, and that’s not what we see in Pakistan,” she told newspaper editors in Lahore.'


Are Populations Being Primed For Nano-Microchips Inside Vaccines?

It's almost surreal, like something out of a sci-fi flick, but nano-microchips invisible to the naked eye are a reality that are already being hosted in wide-range of applications. The question is, how long will it take governments and big pharma to immerse nano-microchips inside of vaccines to tag and surveil global populations?'


Sunday, November 01, 2009

EU To Ban All Shop Refunds

EU BUREAUCRATS want to end the right of shoppers to get their money back for shoddy goods.

This would end the 100 years of protection British consumers have enjoyed.

For more than a century, shops have offered refunds to people who return unwanted or faulty goods.

Plans by the European Union to “harmonise” consumer law will short-change them by removing that right and weakening safeguards.

Ministers have vowed to fight the Consumer Rights Directive but the UK Government has no power to stop the change if it is backed by the majority of European Union states.


EU to Police All Drivers With Black Boxes

THE European Union is drawing up plans for aircraft-style black box recorders to be fitted to all cars to help the police identify who is responsible for crashes.

A £2.4m, three-year study commissioned by the European commission’s transport arm has recommended the mandatory installation of the boxes in all cars. They will record 20 types of data, including speed, the car’s most recent movements and whether the driver braked or indicated.

The information will be used by police and insurance firms to reconstruct crashes and determine who was at fault. It could then be used in court cases. Insurers would be able to expose bogus claimants by checking their account of an accident against what really happened.


This has nothing to do with crashes but everything to do with monitoring your every move and handy for the intoduction of road price charging!

Doctors Plan Mass Swine Flu Jabs For Under-18s

Government advisers are preparing for the mass vaccination of schoolchildren to stop the spread of swine flu.

A committee of scientists advising the Department of Health is expected to recommend that the vaccination of 10 to 18-year-olds begins by the end of the year.'


This ' Committee of advisors' would be the same JCV whose members recieve large grants and commissions from the very vaccine makers they make decisions on.

See here...

Switzerland Forbids 'Swine Flu' Vaccine For Pregnant Women, Young and Old!

Swissmedic, the authority in Switzerland that gives permission for the use of drugs, today announced that the "swine flu" vaccine Pandemrix will not be allowed to be injected into pregnant women, children or young adults (below 18 years of age) or elderly (above 60 years of age). The very same vaccine is now injected through an unprecedented mass vaccination campaign into hundreds of thousands if not millions of people in Sweden. No restrictions are made in Sweden and the authorities there express surprise about the Swiss decision. "There is no reason to make such a decision here in Sweden", says Jan liliemark, a professor working for the national Medical Products Agency. The many deaths so far in Sweden from this vaccine are "still under investigation".

Unfortunately, the people of Switzerland will still be injected with the deadly adjuvant squalene and the mercury thiomersal through another "swine flu" vaccine, namely the poisonous Focetria.'


Staff Maim Lab Mice With Ballpoints

Warning: Graphic scenes of abuse against animals in this video

Thousands of animals being used to test a wrinkle-erasing rival to Botox are facing cruel and agonising experiments at a Home Office-approved laboratory, an undercover investigation has found.

Secret footage of the tests on Dysport, a drug used to erase frown lines in cosmetic surgery clinics, shows laboratory staff accidentally breaking the backs of mice when trying to kill them with ballpoint pens. The pens were then used to fill out their death records.'


How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA

DNAAlexandrov and co have created a model to investigate how THz fields interact with double-stranded DNA and what they've found is remarkable. They say that although the forces generated are tiny, resonant effects allow THz waves to unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication. That's a jaw dropping conclusion.'


Contaminated Food

Nine Year Old Boy Tortured Says Former Guantanamo Detainee

A British Muslim detained for three years at the controversial Guantanamo Bay prison manned by the United States, revealed that the youngest detainee he knew of was a nine-year-old boy who was also tortured like the rest.

Ruhal Ahmed’s story was among more accounts of atrocities committed against the detainees at Guantanamo, told before an open commission hearing which began Friday on the sidelines of an international conference to criminalise war.'


On the Eve of WW111

The proposed agreement would call for Russia to "sub-contract" the production of the highly-enriched uranium (HEU) fuel elements, to a French entity.

The problem is that the French have now demanded that all the Iranian HEU be shipped to them from Russia at one time, not in batches, and the Iranians – understandably, on the basis of their past experience with Eurodif and the French – have reportedly declined to agree to that.'


Flight Taxes Hiked to Bail Out Banks: It's Nothing to do With Environment, Says Darling

Flight taxes are being raised to help bail out the banks, Alistair Darling admitted yesterday.
In an extraordinary intervention, the Chancellor said the higher air passenger duty being introduced tomorrow was needed to plug gaps in the national finances.
He made no attempt to justify the move - which will add £340 to the ticket for a family of four flying long haul - on environmental grounds, the official reason for the tax.
Airlines warned yesterday that the tax would cost thousands of jobs and do nothing to combat global warming.'


Obama Quietly Backing Congressional Moves on Iran Sanctions

Though officials in the Obama Administration have been publicly neutral about the new round of sanctions against Iran moving its may through the House and Senate, the administration is quietly supporting the efforts, despite the deleterious affect they may have on negotiations.'


Democratic House To Pass Resolution Defending Israel's Actions in Gaza War on Tuesday

The good news is that J Street is opposed to it.

The bad news is that the 800 pound gorilla, AIPAC, and its satellite organizations are pushing it hard.

The House resolution which will pass on Tuesday basically endorses everything Israel did in the horrific Gaza war while bashing Judge Richard Goldstone for documenting war crimes committed in that war (320 dead Palestinian kids!).'


Federal Reserve Policy Audit Legislation ‘Gutted,’ Paul Says

Representative Ron Paul, the Texas Republican who has called for an end to the Federal Reserve, said legislation he introduced to audit monetary policy has been “gutted” while moving toward a possible vote in the Democratic-controlled House.

The bill, with 308 co-sponsors, has been stripped of provisions that would remove Fed exemptions from audits of transactions with foreign central banks, monetary policy deliberations, transactions made under the direction of the Federal Open Market Committee and communications between the Board, the reserve banks and staff, Paul said today.

“There’s nothing left, it’s been gutted,” he said in a telephone interview. “This is not a partisan issue. People all over the country want to know what the Fed is up to, and this legislation was supposed to help them do that".'


Ethically Cleansed: The Case of Nick Griffin and the BBC

All week the British media have been deliberating over whether or not the BBC should have hosted Nick Griffin. In actual fact we need Nick Griffin to save us from looking in the mirror. It is us the collective, that is complicit in genocidal crimes and institutional intolerance. We the British electorate, are implicated in the death of millions of brown-skinned foreigners in remote lands. As long as we endorse killing in the name of democracy and universalism, as long we cite ‘women’s rights’ as a reason to drop bombs on Afghani women, then we are the ultimate pathological bigots.'


Media Now Pushing Statin Drugs for Treating Swine Flu

Patients taking statin drugs were almost 50 percent less likely to die from flu, researchers reported on Thursday in a study providing more evidence the cholesterol-lowering drugs help the body cope with infection.

The findings are compelling enough to justify doing controlled studies in which some patients are given the drugs deliberately and some are not, said Meredith Vandermeer of the Oregon Public Health Division, who helped lead the study.'


Amazing what can be done by statistics, a drop from 3.2% to 2.1% = 50%