Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vice Chairman Of IPCC Endorses Supermarket’s Green Policies After £25 Million Donation

A climate change expert endorsed Tesco’s position on reducing plastic bags after his institute received a £25million donation, it has been revealed.

Professor Mohan Munasinghe claimed the supermarket’s policy of rewarding customers who reuse bags with ClubCard points was ‘more effective’ than charging.

The idea that Prof Munasinghe could endorse the Tesco scheme as ‘more effective’ has raised new questions about the integrity of some climate change scientists.'


Drivers Who Leave Engines Running to Clear Screens Face Fines Under ‘Idling Offence’ Rules

Motorists who leave their cars running on frosty mornings to warm up the engine and clear the windscreen could face being fined under anti-pollution rules this winter.
Drivers are being told that leaving a car idling for more than a couple of minutes wastes fuel, and they could be served with on-the-spot fines of up to £40.'


Major Corporations Run the EU

It is little wonder that José Manuel Barroso is seldom seen without a grin on his face these days. For the European commission chief is one of the luckiest guys in international politics. First, the appointment of a low-profile Belgian as the EU’s first permanent president has meant that Barroso will be able to keep on behaving as if he is the most powerful man in Brussels. And now, it looks likely that Barroso won’t need to lose any sleep about assembling his new team of commissioners (even if they don’t formally start work until January, a few months later than originally expected).'


UK Parliamentary Briefing Note from November 10th says Compulsory Vaccinations Allowed

A UK Parliamentary briefing note published on November 2009 maintains that the government has the power to impose compulsory swine flu vaccinations under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004.

Dr Gavin Colthart authored the “information is provided to Members of Parliament in support of their parliamentary duties.”

The note also says that local authorities can declare people who are suspected of having the swine flu to be guilty of a criminal offence.

The note also makes the claim for which there is as yet no evidence that the swine flu can cause Guillain-Barré syndrome in an apparent attempt to downplay the cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome reported in connection with the swine flu jab in the US and France.'


Gordon Brown Ignores Climategate, Proposes £10 Billion Fund to Fight Climate Change

Gordon Brown proposed a new global fund today to "kickstart" the Copenhagen climate change process and encourage poorer countries to start cutting greenhouse gas emissions immediately.

Just days ahead of the vital UN-sponsored climate change conference in the Danish capital, Mr Brown proposed a £10 billion rich-world fund - to which Britain would contribute £800 million - to give incentives to developing countries to halt deforestation, develop low-carbon energy sources and prepare for the effects of a warmer climate.'


Yes that's right folks, the government wants to scam another £800 billion from the British taxpayer to fund yet another scam!!

Evolution Is Now

Climategate: Five Aussie MPs Lead the Way by Resigning in Disgust Over Carbon Tax

Australia is leading the revolt against Al Gore’s great big AGW conspiracy – just as the Aussie geologist and AGW sceptic Professor Ian Plimer predicted it would.

ABC news reports that five frontbenchers from Australia’s opposition Liberal party have resigned their portfolios rather than follow their leader Malcolm Turnbull in voting with Kevin Rudd’s Government on a new Emissions Trading Scheme.'


Rothschild Zionist Sarkozy Gets Pedophile Rapist Polanski Released

Roman Polanski’s family yesterday praised the role played by Nicolas Sarkozy in securing the film director’s release on bail after two months in a Swiss prison.

The French President “has been very effective” behind the scenes, according to the film director’s sister-in-law Mathilde Seigner, as Mr Polanski prepared to move from a cell to house arrest in his luxury chalet in the exclusive Alpine village of Gstaad.'

By the company you keep...

Huge UFO 'Mothership' Causes Blackout In Argentina

This morning we received an urgent call from Tony, saying that the transit of a "flying cigar" overhead with flashing intermittent lights and a red beacon on its structure, had caused an enormous BLACKOUT in the town of Joaquin V. Gonzalez, where he lives, as well as in adjacent communities, some 20 minutes after having appeared. Practically the entire department of Anta had "collapsed" as far as its power grid was concerned.

Dozens of residents reported seeing the UFO after 0100 hours today (Thursday, November 26) on a hot and stormy night. The final trajectory of this object was south-southwest, in other words toward El Tunal, some 35 kilometers from Joaquin V. Gonzalez and bordering the Pasaje Juramento River. As hours went by, Salta's power company (ENDESA) could not find a cause for the blackout until the light returned around noon yesterday, but telephone service remained out of order. Early in the afternoon, a "burned-out turbine" was found at the El Tunal power station. In other words, along the UFOs heading.'


Obama Illegally Names Himself As UN Security Council Chairman

Some unprecedented news today, folks. Never in the history of the United Nations has a U.S. President taken the chairmanship of the powerful UN Security Council. Perhaps it is because of what could arguably be a Constitutional prohibition against doing so.'


From Their Own Mouths: Global Warming is a Fraud

"We've got to ride this global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy." - Timothy Wirth, President of the UN Foundation.'


University Outlines 'Re-Education' For Those Who Hold 'Wrong' Views

"The university's general counsel should be asked to comment as soon as possible," said the letter from Adam Kissel, an officer with The FIRE. "If the Race, Culture, Class, and Gender Task Group achieves its stated goals, the result will be political and ideological screening of applicants, remedial re-education for those with the 'wrong' views and values, [and] withholding of degrees from those upon whom the university's political reeducation efforts proved ineffective."'


Police Get “Pre-emptive” Arrest Powers Ahead Of Copenhagen

The Danish parliament today passed legislation which will give police sweeping powers of “pre-emptive” arrest and extend custodial sentences for acts of civil disobedience. The “deeply worrying” law comes ahead of the UN climate talks which start on 7 December and are expected to attract thousands of activists from next week.

Under the new powers, Danish police will be able to detain people for up to 12 hours whom they suspect might break the law in the near future. Protesters could also be jailed for 40 days under the hurriedly drafted legislation dubbed by activists as the “turmoil and riot” law. The law was first announced on 18 October.

The Danish ministry of justice said that the new powers of “pre-emptive” detention would increase from 6 to 12 hours and apply to international activists. If protesters are charged with hindering the police, the penalty will increase from a fine to 40 days in prison. Protesters can also be fined an increased amount of 5,000 krona (671 Euros) for breach of the peace, disorderly behaviour and remaining after the police have broken up a demonstration.'


Climategate Spreads to Australia

Here are 11 examples where Jones et al systematically truncated pre-1951 data or ignored more rural data around many small town Australian stations.'


Viral Film Forces Us to Imagine Life for Palestinians

CLIMATEGATE - Just How Much of the "Greenhouse Effect" is Caused by Human Activity?

It is about 0.28%, if water vapor is taken into account-- about 5.53%, if not.

This point is so crucial to the debate over global warming that how water vapor is or isn't factored into an analysis of Earth's greenhouse gases makes the difference between describing a significant human contribution to the greenhouse effect, or a negligible one.'


Israel Okays 28 New Settlement Buildings, Despite Freeze

Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Thursday ordered the IDF to issue a temporary freeze order, but at the same time allowed the construction of 28 new public buildings in settlements.

Meanwhile, Haaretz has learned that the state is expected to ask the Supreme Court for more time to evacuate illegal outposts. The State Attorney's Office is expected to update the Supreme Court by next week on three court rulings that have not been carried out, for the evacuation of outposts at Eli, Horsha, and Netiv Ha'avot, as well as six other locations in the West Bank.'


Police Spying On Protesters Stirs Outrage in Britain

Britain has long been famous for its surveillance state. There are security cameras everywhere you go. The country has the largest DNA database in the world. And a national identity card program is well underway. But new revelations that British police have been spying on domestic protesters have infuriated citizens all along the political spectrum.

The spying came to light in a series of stories in The Guardian over the past month. In late October, the newspaper revealed that photographs of and personal details about thousands of activists who attend demonstrations, rallies and political meetings were being stored in secret national databases.'


EU Bureaucrats to Receive 'Recession Proof' Pay Rise

European Union bureaucrats are to get an inflation busting and recession proof pay rise that is over three times the average rate for British workers hit by the economic slump.'


Keiser on 'Tsunami Alert': Dubai Debt Crisis Awakes Storm?

UK Scientist: 'Case for Climate Fears is Blown to Smithereens...Whole Theory Should be Destroyed and Discarded and UN Conference Should be Closed'

UK astrophysicist Piers Corbyn, of the long range solar forecast group Weather Action, declared that the ClimateGate revelations have rendered man-made global warming fears “false.”

“The case is blown to smithereens and this whole theory should be destroyed and discarded and Copenhagen conference should be closed,” Corbyn said in a contentious on air television exchange with an environmental activist with Russia's WWF.'


Ex-British Diplomat: Iraq War Was Illegitimate

The former UK ambassador to the UN, Sir Jeremy Greenstock says that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was "of questionable legitimacy".

Greenstock was speaking on day four of public hearings at a wide-ranging inquiry into the US-led, British-backed Iraq war covering the period from 2001 to 2009.'


Friday, November 27, 2009

The Magnificent Universe

PHAC Confirms 24 Cases of Anaphylaxis Across Canada After H1N1 Flu Shots

There have been 24 confirmed cases of a type of severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis in Canadians who have received an H1N1 flu shot, including one person who died after getting vaccinated, the head of the Public Health Agency of Canada said Wednesday.'


Rothschild Owned Reuters Pushing Climategate as a Smear Campaign

Three leading scientists who on Tuesday released a report documenting the accelerating pace of climate change said the scandal that erupted last week over hacked emails from climate scientists is nothing more than a "smear campaign" aimed at sabotaging December climate talks in Copenhagen.

"We're facing an effort by special interests who are trying to confuse the public," said Richard Somerville, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and a lead author of the UN IPCC Fourth Assessment Report.'


The Rothschilds Exposed

Furious MP Uses Parliamentary Privilege to Accuse Council of 'Kidnapping' Nine-Week-Old Baby From Parents

Social workers who forced a couple to give up their 11-week-old baby for adoption have been accused of 'child kidnap' by an MP.

Staff waited until the girl's father was out before launching a raid with police at the family home to 'snatch the baby from the arms of her mother'.

Tory MP Tim Yeo used Parliamentary privilege to make the allegations in the Commons, saying Suffolk County Council had declared the couple to be unfit parents despite having no evidence of physical or emotional abuse.

'This council actively seeks opportunities to remove babies from their mothers,' he added.

'Its social work staff do so in a manner which in my view is sometimes tantamount to child kidnapping.'


World Health Organization ‘Manufactured’ The Global Swine Flu Scare — Suspected Of Corruption

The Swine Flu Pandemic which Novye Izvestija has written about many times, may be the most ambitious scam and corruption of our time. In any case, the enormous commercial aspect of the “swine flu scare” is already evident.

The same conclusion was reached by Danish journalists who expertly examined the links between the World Health Organization (WHO) and the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, who gained wealth by selling drugs to counter the disease. It turns out, for example, that many scientists who sit on various committees of WHO, carefully concealed the fact that they receive money from the giant pharmaceutical companies of the world.'


Gore Flees in Panic from Chicago Book Signing

Not since Henry Kissinger fled a team of LaRouche organizers, in the back of a delivery truck in New York City's Central Park in the early 1980s, has an obese fascist moved so fast to escape an angry crowd, as Al Gore did today in Chicago. Appearing at a bookstore in the downtown Loop, Gore was confronted by a team of demonstrators from a grass roots group called "We Are Change," as he was signing his latest fascist screed on the global warming swindle. Gore bolted from the bookstore, raced down an alley, jumped into a waiting car, and tried to speed off, with protesters chasing after him and banging on the car. Midwest LYM organizers, who were also on the scene to confront the global warming swindler, provided an eyewitness account of Fat Albert's flight of fear.'


Roadmap Freeze in Israel

The only things that are frozen in Israel today are the scores of Palestinians that were rendered homeless by the expansionist policies of the zionist state. Families that for decades lived in homes belonging to them and their families before them are now living on the streets…. , evicted to make way for illegal Jewish settlers , part of a ‘master plan’ to rid Jerusalem of all its non Jewish inhabitants.'


Flashback: Brzezinski Suggests False Flag Event Could Kick-Start Iran War

Former National Security Advisor and founding member of the Trilateral Commission Zbigniew Brzezinski tacitly warned a Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week that an attack on Iran could be launched following a staged provocation in Iraq or a false flag terror attack within the U.S.

Brzezinski alluded to the potential for the Bush administration to manufacture a false flag Gulf of Tonkin type incident in describing a "plausible scenario for a military collision with Iran," which would revolve around "some provocation in Iraq or a terrorist act in the US blamed on Iran, culminating in a ‘defensive’ US military action against Iran that plunges a lonely America into a spreading and deepening quagmire eventually ranging across Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.”


Al Gore's Lies Exposed By Congress

Why 'Climategate' Won't Stop Greens

If you're wondering how the robot-like march of the world's politicians towards Copenhagen can possibly continue in the face of the scientific scandal dubbed "climategate," it's because Big Government, Big Business and Big Green don't give a s*** about "the science."

They never have.

What "climategate" suggests is many of the world's leading climate scientists didn't either. Apparently they stifled their own doubts about recent global cooling not explained by their computer models, manipulated data, plotted ways to avoid releasing it under freedom of information laws and attacked fellow scientists and scientific journals for publishing even peer-reviewed literature of which they did not approve.

Now they and their media shills -- who sneered that all who questioned their phony "consensus" were despicable "deniers," the moral equivalent of those who deny the Holocaust -- are the ones in denial about the enormity of the scandal enveloping them.'


The Federal Reserve Announces New Reserve Currency Initiative

Politicians Share Personality Traits With Serial Killers

Using his law enforcement experience and data drawn from the FBI's behavioral analysis unit, Jim Kouri has collected a series of personality traits common to a couple of professions.

Kouri, who's a vice president of the National Assn. of Chiefs of Police, has assembled traits such as superficial charm, an exaggerated sense of self-worth, glibness, lying, lack of remorse and manipulation of others.

These traits, Kouri points out in his analysis, are common to psychopathic serial killers.

But -- and here's the part that may spark some controversy and defensive discussion -- these traits are also common to American politicians. (Maybe you already suspected.)'


UK Diplomat Questions Post of Jews on Iraq Panel

A British diplomat has criticized the appointment of two leading Jewish academics to the UK's Iraq Inquiry panel, stating it may upset the balance of the inquiry.

Sir Oliver Miles, a former British ambassador to Libya, told The Independent newspaper this week that the appointment of Sir Martin Gilbert, the renowned Holocaust historian and Winston Churchill biographer, and Sir Lawrence Freedman, professor of war studies and vice-principal of King's College London, would be seen as "ammunition" that could be used to call the inquiry a "whitewash."

Miles said the two academics were Jewish and that Gilbert was an active Zionist. He also said they were both strong supporters of former prime minister Tony Blair and the Iraq war.'


MEP Reprimanded For Exposing EU Dictatorship

An astounding exchange took place in the European Union Parliament earlier this week when MEP Nigel Farage was reprimanded for daring to expose the fact that the EU is an authoritarian dictatorship ruled by unelected bureaucrats to the detriment of national sovereignty. Farage effectively broke a tyrannical 1999 law that states it is illegal to criticize the EU.

People like European Commission President Manuel Barroso squirmed and scowled as Farage openly savaged EU elitists for their lies and cronyism.

Farage wasted no time in going after the EU over their dictatorial policies, stating, “It’s taken you eight and a half years of bullying, of lying, of ignoring democratic referendums to get this treaty through (referring to the Lisbon Treaty)”.

Farage then attacked the appointment of Van Rompuy as the first EU President, highlighting that he was merely a pliable front man for Barroso. '


New Zealand Climate Agency Accused of Data Manipulation

Climate scientists in New Zealand today accused the foremost climate-research institution in New Zealand of data manipulation of the same type as the East Anglia Climatic Research Institute (CRU) is alleged to have done.

The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition today issued this paper saying that a graph published by the New Zealand National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) is not only wrong but is the result of painstaking and unjustified adjustment of raw temperature data covering the period from 1853 through 2008, Ian Wishart of The Briefing Room announced today.'


Climategate: Dr. Tim Ball on the Hacked CRU Emails

American Cancer Society Maintains Close Financial Ties to Mammography Radiation Device Manufacturers

The series of recent articles on mammography which report the harm done by overscreening, written by New York Times columnist Gina Kolata, as well as in other newspapers, have made no reference to the critical role of the American Cancer Society, warns Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition.

Five radiologists have served as presidents of the American Cancer Society (ACS). In its every move, the ACS promotes the interests of the major manufacturers of mammogram machines and films, including Siemens, DuPont, General Electric, Eastman Kodak, and Piker.

This bias hypes mammography, which Dr. Epstein and Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D. of the International Physicians for Humanitarian Medicine emphasize is an avoidable cause of breast cancer.'


Victory in the Senate as Codex Harmonization Potentially Delayed

During the past few weeks, we met with most HELP Committee Senate offices to discuss our concerns and request an amendment to the Codex language in the Food Safety bill. Why were we so concerned? Because the original legislative language appeared to commit the US to the concept of harmonization of our food and supplement safety laws with a global standard. This global standard in turn is very likely to reflect European standards which are extremely hostile to dietary supplements.

Thanks to the amendment, the bill no longer requires the development of a plan “to harmonize requirements under the Codex Alimentarius”. Now the bill calls for a plan “on whether and how to harmonize requirements under the Codex Alimentarius"'


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Aliens 'Already Exist on Earth', Bulgarian Scientists Claim

Work on deciphering a complex set of symbols sent to them is underway, scientists from the country's Space Research Institute said.

They claim aliens are currently answering 30 questions posed to them.

Lachezar Filipov, deputy director of the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, confirmed the research.

He said the centre's researchers were analysing 150 crop circles from around the world, which they believe answer the questions.

"Aliens are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time," Mr Filipov told Bulgarian media.'


CIA’s Lost Magic Manual Resurfaces

At the height of the Cold War, the Central Intelligence Agency paid $3,000 to renowned magician John Mulholland to write a manual on misdirection, concealment, and stagecraft. All known copies of the document — and a related paper, on conveying hidden signals — were believed to be destroyed in 1973.

But recently, the manuals resurfaced, and have now been published as “The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception.”'


Intel Wants a Chip Implant in Your Brain

Computer chip maker Intel wants to implant a brain-sensing chip directly into the brains of its customers to allow them to operate computers and other devices without moving a muscle.

Intel believes its customers would be willing to have a chip implanted in their brains so they could operate computers without the need for a keyboard or mouse using thoughts alone. The implant could also be used to operate devices such as cell phones, TVs and DVDs.

The chip is being developed at Intel's laboratory in Pittsburgh, USA. It would sense brain activity using technology based on FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging). The brain sensing chips are not yet available, but Intel research scientist Dean Pomerleau thinks they are close.'


A Message to the Environmental Movement: Your Movement Has Been Hijacked

Unearthed Files Include “Rules” for Mass Mind Control Campaign

Hacked into by a person or persons unknown, the unearthed material out of the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit’s main server reveals a 62 megabyte zip file confirming that which was already blatantly obvious, namely that the data has been fudged to convince unsuspecting audiences that ‘the debate is over’.

The intruded central computer was not only filled to the brim with obvious and attempted ostracizing of scientists who don’t blindly follow the leader, the files also reveal that the folks of the IPCC made use or considered making use of a disinformation campaign through a ‘communication agency’ called Futerra.'


Hindu Sacrifice of 250,000 Animals Begins

The world's biggest animal sacrifice began in Nepal today with the killing of the first of more than 250,000 animals as part of a Hindu festival in the village of Bariyapur, near the border with India.

The event, which happens every five years, began with the decapitation of thousands of buffalo, killed in honour of Gadhimai, a Hindu goddess of power.'


B'nai B'rith – The Jewish Secret Society that Dominates America

B'nai B'rith was instrumental in gaining U.S. support for the nascent Zionist state of Israel in the late 1940s. The Jewish secret society of Freemasons used President Harry Truman's friend - and their agent - Eddie Jacobson of Kansas City (standing behind Truman) in off-the-record meetings in the Oval Office to persuade the president to approve the Zionist land grab known as the 1947 U.N. Partition Plan of Palestine and then to recognize the state of Israel the next year following the Zionist ethnic cleansing of nearly 400 Palestinian villages and towns. By applying pressure directly on Truman, B'nai B'rith dictated U.S. policy in spite of strong resistance from the U.S. Department of State. When Truman extended de jure recognition of the Zionist state on January 31, 1949, the only guests invited to the signing ceremony in the Oval Office were members of B'nai B'rith: Eddie Jacobson, the B'nai B'rith executive vice president Maurice Bisgyer, and the secret society's president, Frank Goldman.'


The Pope and Satan, War and the Anti-Christ, Revelations and the Last Days

The leaders of America seem to think it is good and righteous to be able to say to every other nation of the world: “We will rule over you or destroy you.” But I would like to suggest that there is no difference in an ethical sense between this and the highwayman’s command to “Stand and deliver.”

If an individual person projected such attitudes, he would be treated as a dangerous psychopath, perhaps even criminally deranged. Some might even suggest the person was under the influence of an evil force, especially if he had no real need for other people’s property, being already the richest inhabitant of the neighborhood. Those with a religious bent might say he was possessed.'


Tony Blair ‘Was Told 10 Days Before Iraq Invasion That Saddam Had Dismantled WMD’

Tony Blair was told Saddam Hussein may not have been able to use his chemical weapons ten days before war was declared, the Iraq Inquiry was told today.

The second day of public hearings heard the Foreign Office had no evidence Saddam was trying to supply chemical or biological weapons to terrorists.'


We Have Been Lied To On A Monumental Scale

The Al Gore Audio/Visual Gallery

Al Gore posed for a photo paddling a canoe. But in order to make sure the canoe would float for the photo-op, 4 billion gallons of water was released from a New Hampshire dam and allowed to escape down the creek. New Hampshire was in the middle of a record drought at the time.'


Still Doing God’s Work on Wall Street

Jail, anyone? Perhaps that’s too harsh, and at any rate premature, but is anyone ever going to be held accountable for the behind-the-scenes sweetheart deals that passed tens of billions of taxpayer dollars through the AIG shell game to the very banks that caused the financial meltdown? Or for the many other acts of double-dealing that left one out of three American homeowners owing much more than their houses were worth while the folks who swindled them were rewarded with hundreds of billions in public money?'


Judge Blasts Bad Bank, Erases $525,000 Debt

A Long Island couple is home free after an outraged judge gave them an amazing Thanksgiving present -- canceling their debt to ruthless bankers trying to toss them out on the street.

Suffolk Judge Jeffrey Spinner wiped out $525,000 in mortgage payments demanded by a California bank, blasting its "harsh, repugnant, shocking and repulsive" acts.

The bombshell decision leaves Diane Yano-Horoski and her husband, Greg Horoski, owing absolutely no money on their ranch house in East Patchogue.'


WHO Advisors Paid by H1N1 Vaccine Makers Profiting on Fear?

NWO Plans Exposed

According to Sir Anthony Blunt, Lord Victor Rothschild recommended the notorious Cambridge Apostles, for intelligence and government jobs, and these introduction papers still exist in the archives. What has never come out though is that they all first worked for Rothschild.

During the Napoleonic Wars when the world’s two wealthiest nations, Britain and France were both bankrolled by the same Rothschild bank, Rothschild got news back to London on the outcome of the battle of Waterloo through his own intelligence network; enabling him to clean up on the stock exchange and take over Britain’s entire economy.

The Rothschilds and their intelligence network were also behind the push to get Britain into WW II; primarily to support the Rothschild controlled Soviet Union against Hitler’s Germany.'


Former NASA Director says World Trade Center Towers Felled by Controlled Demolition

On October 21st at the University of San Diego, Mr. Dwain Deets, former Director of NASA Aerospace Projects, gave a multimedia presentation on behalf of nearly one thousand architects and engineers who cite evidence of explosive demolition in all three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11 and are calling for a new, independent investigation into their destruction. These architects and engineers are listed on their website at'


Just What We Need: Another Flu Vaccine Plant in the U.S.

The bioreactors are empty and running just for show for now, but Novartis opened its first U.S. flu vaccine plant on Tuesday, the first in the country to make flu vaccines out of cells instead of eggs.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius toured the plant, whose cell-based technology is designed to be cleaner, quicker and more predictable than the current way most influenza vaccines are made using eggs and will help alleviate the U.S. dependence on imported vaccines.'


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

British Banking Criminals Win Landmark Overdraft Ruling

The Supreme Court ruled in favour of the seven major banks and a building society, which had challenged High Court and Court of Appeal decisions that the charges come under "unfair contract" rules and are therefore subject to regulation by the Office of Fair Trading.

Today's result was awaited by tens of thousands of customers whose refund claims have been frozen while the test case went through the courts.'


Blackwater's Secret War in Pakistan

At a covert forward operating base run by the US Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) in the Pakistani port city of Karachi, members of an elite division of Blackwater are at the center of a secret program in which they plan targeted assassinations of suspected Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives, "snatch and grabs" of high-value targets and other sensitive action inside and outside Pakistan, an investigation by The Nation has found. The Blackwater operatives also assist in gathering intelligence and help run a secret US military drone bombing campaign that runs parallel to the well-documented CIA predator strikes, according to a well-placed source within the US military intelligence apparatus.'


Iraq Inquiry: The First Big Lie

Sir John Chilcot was just ten minutes in to the first public session of the Iraq Inquiry when he told the first big lie - and a lie which, when examined, exposes the entire charade.

"My colleagues and I come to this inquiry with an open mind."

That is demonstrably untrue. Three of the five members - Rod Lyne, Martin Gilbert and Lawrence Freedman - are prominent proponents of the Iraq war. By contrast, nobody on the committee was in public against the invasion of Iraq. How can it be fine to pack the committee with supporters of the invasion, when anyone against the invasion was excluded?'


If You've Done Nothing Wrong, You Have Everything to Worry About

Whenever someone frets about the erosion of personal freedoms in our modern society, such as in the steady proliferation of surveillance cameras in public places, the stock answer, which is one I read all too often in my e-mail, is:

"If you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about."

People who say this are fools, not to be too blunt about it. Not only are they willing to trade away my rights, since they haven't a basic appreciation of theirs, but their understanding of the relationship between government and the governed is one of subservience based on fear, and the idea that their fear is not only natural, but justifiably permanent given the state of the world.
Thus, we should all be fearful, all of the time. We should empower government to do whatever it feels necessary to protect us. The unquestioning nature of this logic not only institutionalizes fear, it makes it a patriotic duty. And the good citizen, the one who has done nothing wrong, will have nothing to worry about.

Oh, yeah?


Instead of Fixing the U.S. Economy or Creating Jobs for AMERICANS, Obama Will Spend The Money in Afghanistan and Iraq

America is in the most severe unemployment crisis since - and perhaps including - the Great Depression.

And yet Obama, like Bush, has done virtually nothing to create more jobs. Instead, they both gave trillions to the biggest banks (who are not loaning it out to the little guy) and for waging wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Obama is apparently escalating - not ending - the wars. And its not cheap.

According to the White House, the cost of deploying new soldiers to Afghanistan could be $1 million per soldier. Nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says that the Iraq war will cost $3-5 trillion dollars.

As I have previously pointed out, protracted war increases unemployment, shrinks the economy, and causes recession.'


BBC Supressed Climategate Information for Five Weeks Before the Scandal Broke

A BBC Weather presenter who was discussed by scientists in the “climategate” emails says he was forwarded the material more than five weeks before it was made public on the internet.

Paul Hudson, a weather presenter and climate correspondent for the BBC, notes on his blog “I was forwarded the chain of e-mails on the 12th October,”.'


Population Reduction Propaganda: Britons Back Baby Limit

Almost a third of Britons would support a law capping the number of children per family, according to a survey by the London newspaper Metro.

Limiting parents to having just one or two children was necessary to combat over-population, according to 29% of those surveyed.'


Love the reverse psychology here if 29% back it then 71% don't back it and do you remember the massive outcry against the chinese when they had this sytem in place???

Trilateralist Replaces Bilderberger to Chair Copenhagen Summit

The Danish government has appointed a Trilateral Commission member to chair the United Nations Copenhagen climate change summit. Lykke Friis, the former pro-dean at Copenhagen University, will replace Connie Hedegaard (a Bilderberg member) who has been nominated for the post of the European Union’s first climate commissioner. Hedegaard’s nomination will be assessed by European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso, who last month announced the creation of the new role to oversee the EU’s plans to cut emissions 20 per cent by 2020 and thus undercut modern civilization in Europe.'


The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society

You may have missed it in the mainstream news media, but statistical societal indicators are reading red across the board. Before exposing the root causes of this breakdown, let’s look at some vital statistics and facts.'


Despite Obama’s Repeated Claims That Enacting $787-Billion Stimulus Was Urgent, 78 Percent of Money Remained Unspent

After his election last November and until the $787-billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was passed in February, President Barack Obama repeatedly insisted that it was urgent for Congress to enact his economic “recovery” bill immediately. Yet, by the end of fiscal 2009 fully 78 percent of the federal spending authorized by that bill had not yet taken place, according to the Government Accountability Office.'


Another Woman Loses Her Baby After Pandemrix Jab in Portugal

Another woman who vaccinated with the Pandemrix swine flu jab in Portugal has lost her baby.

The woman from Ponte de Sor lost her baby in the 34th week at the Hospital de Portalegre after getting the jab.

In the space of eight days, at least four women vaccinated with the 'Pandemrix' in Portual have lost babies, two in Portalegre, one in Lisbon and another in Leira.'


Barack Obama ‘to Announce 30,000 Afghan Troop Increase Next Week’

President Barack Obama has convened his “war council” for the ninth and possibly final time before his expected announcement next week to send more than 30,000 troops to Afghanistan after more than 80 days of deliberations.

White House sources indicated that Mr Obama is preparing to address Americans in a live prime-time broadcast next Monday followed by testimony before Congress by senior figures such as his Pentagon chief Bob Gates.'


We Are Change Colorado at Al Gore Book Signing – Activist Rips Up Al’s Book in Front of His Face

Israel Plans To Deport More Than 20,000 Palestinians From Jerusalem

The Jerusalem center for social and economic rights (JCSER) warned of Israeli intentions to deport more than 20,000 Palestinians from the West Bank who married from Jerusalemite women at the pretext that their residence in the holy city is illegal.

The center said that many of those Palestinian citizens have temporary residence permits issued by the Israeli ministry of interior and until now they have not been given a right to stay permanently with their wives in Jerusalem according to the procedures of reunion.'


Van Rompuy Wants the EU to Run on CO2

Much of his wish list may have been drearily familiar ever since the Addenino report of 1985: more flying of the "ring of stars" flag, more singing of the "European anthem", EU number plates on cars, EU identity cards. But the one thing the EU has needed to make its powers complete, and which not even its Constitution could give, was the power to levy its own direct taxes. It is no accident that this is now at the top of Mr Van Rompouy's list – nor that the way in which he plans to raise those taxes is by levying new charges on every kind of activity that emits CO2.


Hide The Decline - Climategate

UK Jails Schizophrenic for Refusal to Decrypt Files

The first person jailed under draconian UK police powers that Ministers said were vital to battle terrorism and serious crime has been identified by The Register as a schizophrenic science hobbyist with no previous criminal record.

His crime was a persistent refusal to give counter-terrorism police the keys to decrypt his computer files.

The 33-year-old man, originally from London, is currently held at a secure mental health unit after being sectioned while serving his sentence at Winchester Prison.'


Merck's Vioxx Scandal Widens: Drug Maker Knew Vioxx Was Deadly for Years Before Risk Was Made Public

The Vioxx scandal widened this week as new research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine reveals that Vioxx maker Merck held data for three years that proved Vioxx caused an alarming increase in the risk of heart attacks and strokes. And yet Merck chose not to release that data. In fact, it took three more years of patients dying from heart attacks before Vioxx was pulled off the market, and even then, Merck insisted the drug was not dangerous.'


Canada’s Guantanamo

A scandal erupted last week in sleepy Ottawa with the revelations of Canada’s chief diplomat in Kandahar in 2006-07, Richard Colvin, who told a House of Commons committee on Afghanistan that Afghans arrested by Canadian military and handed over to Afghan authorities were knowingly tortured. His and others’ attempts to raise the alarm had been quashed by the ruling Conservative government and he felt a moral obligation to make public what was happening.'


Global Warming On Trial: US Senator Inhofe Calls For Investigation Of UN IPCC

In response to the astounding revelations arising out of the hacked CRU emails, Senator Jim Inhofe has stated that unless something is done within the next seven days, he will lead the call for a rigorous investigation into mounting evidence that top climate scientists conspired to manipulate data to hide evidence of global cooling while engaging in academic witch hunts to eliminate scientists skeptical of man-made climate change.

Speaking on the Americas Morning Show earlier today, Inhofe, Ranking Member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said the new revelations proved what he has been warning about for over four years, that politicians and bias-driven climate scientists affiliated with the UN IPCC have been fraudulently “cooking the science” to conform to their agenda.'


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Verichip Aquisition: Another Step Towards a Microchipped Population

£10bn UK Nuke Plant Contract Goes To US

Thousands of jobs that were to have been created in Britain to build the next generation of nuclear power plants could be heading overseas instead, after Westinghouse, the nuclear company sold by the government three years ago to Toshiba, chose one of its largest shareholders as the lead contractor to build reactors.

Westinghouse is expected to confirm this week that it has appointed US-based Shaw Group to head up its £10bn nuclear programme, passing over the favourite for the contract, rival engineering group Fluor.'


BioWeapon Whistleblower Moshe Held In California Psych Ward

According to Europe Business Blog: "Joseph Moshe, the dual national (Israeli-American) Mossad biowar expert, who was attacked and seized by Federal Agents and LAPD in mid-August in California, after speaking to Dr. True Ott on his national radio show and warning of a plot by Baxter International to spread a Plague from Baxter's Ukrainian lab, is being held in the Patton State Mental Hospital in California.'


Israeli Spokesman Making a Complete Arse of Himself

Anger at Rothschild Zionist Mandelson's £13m Plan for ‘Minimalist Palace’ After He Calls for Pay Restraint

With its moody lighting, low-slung sofas and plasma TVs, there is only one Cabinet Minister who would feel truly at home here – this is the £13million new Whitehall ‘palace’ being built for Peter Mandelson.

The Business Secretary’s London HQ – the nerve centre of the ‘empire of Mandelsonia’ – is being given a slick, minimalist refurbishment to reflect
his growing power in Government.

But last night Tory chairman Eric Pickles accused Lord Mandelson of hypocrisy for demanding pay and spending restraint while lavishing funds on his own department.


Morphine 'Might Spread Cancer'

Laboratory tests suggest morphine could in fact encourage the spread of cancer, for which it is routinely prescribed to relieve pain from surgery and tumours.

US scientists say the opiate promotes the growth of new blood vessels which deliver tumours oxygen and nutrients.'


Meet the President of Europe

Now, Herman has moved on to lead Europe. Like Belgium, the European Union is an undemocratic institution, which needs shrewd leaders who are capable of renouncing everything they once believed in and who know how to impose decisions on the people against the will of the people. Never mind democracy, morality or the rule of law, our betters know what is good for us more than we do. And Herman is now one of our betters. He has come a long way since the days when he was disgusted with Belgian-style politics.

Herman is like Saruman, the wise wizard in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, who went over to the other side. He used to care about the things we cared about. But no longer. He has built himself a high tower from where he rules over all of us.'


CBS Reporter Blows the Lid Off the Swine Flu Media Hype and Hysteria

Viscount Monckton on Climategate: ‘They Are Criminals’

Finally, these huckstering snake-oil salesmen and “global warming” profiteers — for that is what they are — have written to each other encouraging the destruction of data that had been lawfully requested under the Freedom of Information Act in the UK by scientists who wanted to check whether their global temperature record had been properly compiled. And that procurement of data destruction, as they are about to find out to their cost, is a criminal offense. They are not merely bad scientists — they are crooks. And crooks who have perpetrated their crimes at the expense of British and U.S. taxpayers.

I am angry, and so should you be.'


Big Bank Fraud, This Time with Student Loans

Just when you thought that the dust had settled from the scandals of Wall Street (at least temporarily), details come out of another Ponzi scheme by the titans of banking, this time with student loans.

According to recently released court documents, Citigroup, JP Morgan and the education finance company Nelnet are being sued by the federal government for fraud of nearly $280 million from their participation in the Department of Education’s Federal Family Education Loan program (FFEL). FFEL provides billions in annual bank subsidies to private lenders for making student loans –the same subsidies that the student aid bill currently in Congress looks to abolish.'


Government Admits Police Arresting Innocents Just to Grab DNA for Big Brother Database

Police are arresting innocent people in order to get their hands on as many DNA samples as possible, senior Government advisers revealed last night.

The Human Genetics Commission said the Big Brother tactic was creating a 'spiral of suspicion' among the public.

The panel - which contains some of Britain's leading scientists and academics - said officers should no longer routinely take samples at the point of arresting a suspect.'


Climategate: Scientists Would Rather Change Facts Than Their Theories

Rihanna’s 'Russian Roulette' or What’s Wrong with the Entertainment Industry

The promotional material that came along with Rihanna’s new album, “Rated R”, has raised many eyebrows due to its racy nature. Behind the daring imagery of her videos, songs and pictures exists however a dark underlying theme: mind control and Illuminati symbolism. We’ll look at Rihanna’s new material and its symbolic meaning.'


Cancer Industry Abandons Science to Keep Pushing Mammograms That Harm Women

The cancer industry has blatantly abandoned science these past two weeks by insisting women under 50 should receive annual mammograms even though the industry's own scientific task force concluded that such screenings result in too many false positives. Essentially, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force took a good, hard look at the science and concluded that mammograms harm far more women than they help (for women under 50, anyway). But when they announced the new recommendations that women under 50 should avoid mammograms -- and women over 50 should only get them every other year -- the cancer industry cried foul.

Radiologists, oncologists, Big Pharma pill-pushers and cancer industry non-profits all banded together to declare, "We are abandoning the science! We want more mammograms for more women, science be damned!" '


Monsanto Abandons Second-Generation GM Crops to Avoid Handing Over Safety Data to European Regulators

Monsanto has abandoned its ambitious plans for two types of a so-called "second generation GM crop" rather than accede to a request from European regulators for additional research and safety data.

Monsanto has informed the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) that it no longer wishes to pursue its application for approval of GM maize LY038 and the stacked variety LY038 x MON810. Both of these varieties were designed to accelerate the growth rate of animals. Two letters were sent to EFSA from the Monsanto subsidiary company Renessen at the end of April this year confirming the withdrawal of its applications originally submitted in 2005 and 2006. The letters cite "decreased commercial value worldwide" and state that the high-lysene varieties "will no longer be a part of the Renessen business strategy in the near future." There has been no announcement of these decisions on the Monsanto web site, and there are no mentions on EFSA or European Commission web sites either.

In other words, there is a conspiracy of silence involving both the applicants and the regulators.'


Two Killed, Four Injured in Israeli Attack on Gaza

At least two Palestinians have been killed and four others wounded in an Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip.

Gaza hospital sources announced the reception of two bodies late on Monday, along with four other victims who had received medium to critical injuries, after an Israeli tank shelled the eastern Gaza city neighborhood of Shejaeya.'


Obama Quietly Backs Patriot Act Provisions

With the health care debate preoccupying the mainstream media, it has gone virtually unreported that the Barack Obama administration is quietly supporting renewal of provisions of the George W. Bush-era USA Patriot Act that civil libertarians say infringe on basic freedoms.'


Monday, November 23, 2009

Lord Lawson Calls For Public Inquiry Into UEA Global Warming Data 'Manipulation'

Lord Lawson, the former chancellor, has called for an independent inquiry into claims that leading climate change scientists manipulated data to strengthen the case for man-made global warming.'


Scotland to Ban Airguns

The UK Government has agreed to devolve powers over the control of airguns to the Scottish Parliament after a long-running campaign. It means that an outright ban on the weapons in Scotland is now likely.'


Hold Off On Calling This Pandemic Overblown or 'A Dud' Just Yet

In the last few weeks, the mainstream media has really started to jump on the alternative media’s bandwagon. They’ve highlighted wasted government investments in pandemic planning, mass vaccinations and even questioned a flu hype that never materialized. Something is going on, and it likely has to do with a strategy for what is coming in the next few weeks or months.

We’re hearing it every day now. Major media outlets are starting to say things like “a wasted investment on vaccines”, or “a pandemic that was a dud”. I have a strong suspicion that the media is now starting to play on both sides of the fence. Why? Because they want to reestablish confidence in a growing skeptical public who has embraced alternative sources.'


Global Warming Meltdown: Climategate!

For those of us “skeptics” and “deniers” who have been jumping up and down, pointing at the Sun, and saying, “See, it’s the Sun that determines how warm or cool the Earth is. See it? Up there in the sky?” The truth about some of the scientists behind the global warming hoax has finally arrived.

The hoax has its roots in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), an instrument of the United Nations Environmental Program, for whom global warming was the open sesame to achieving a one-world-government by scaring nations into signing a treaty that would control their use of energy, the means of producing it, and require vast billions to be sent to less developed nations in exchange for “emitting” greenhouse gases.

Energy is called “the master resource” because, if you have lots of it, you can call your own shots. If you don’t, you are condemned to live in the dark and keeping people in the dark about the global warming hoax was essential'


The Recipe for Disaster

Historically 25-30% unemployment is when things start to get real ugly. The only thing holding back the ugliness is the Social Safety Net available to those that are not presently able to generate an income. Food stamps, health care, housing allowances, unemployment benefits and other financial support from the State, is only available when our government can "borrow" the money to pay for them.

Many of these programs are state mandated. California, Michigan and other states are officially broke. They are cutting everything else, because they know what will happen once Social Services disappear.'


Are Hate Crimes Legalizing Treason?

Winning wars in the Information Age largely depends on winning the
battle for public opinion. Thus the opinion-shaping role of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) when it attacked a high profile California professor for his criticism of Israeli policy in Palestine.

That ADL intimidation campaign successfully chilled debate on campuses
nationwide during several time-critical months while a new president, promising the hope of change, reassessed U.S.-Israeli relations. His only change-endorsing more Israeli settlements on Palestinian land-quashed any hope of peace.

This ADL silencing strategy offers a microcosm of how the U.S. was induced to war in Iraq based on false intelligence. From the provocation of September 11, 2001 until the invasion of March 2003, war-planners ignored, dismissed or sought to silence anyone critical of the spurious premises offered for war.

Only later did we discover that the intelligence was fixed around a preset agenda. Even now, Americans are unaware that the U.S.-led invasion had long been an Israeli goal.'


Likely Multiple Sclerosis Cure Found, MS Societies In Panic

Elena Ravalli was a seemingly healthy 37-year-old when she began to experience strange attacks of vertigo, numbness, temporary vision loss and crushing fatigue. They were classic signs of multiple sclerosis, a potentially debilitating neurological disease.

It was 1995 and her husband, Paolo Zamboni, a professor of medicine at the University of Ferrara in Italy, set out to help. He was determined to solve the mystery of MS – an illness that strikes people in the prime of their lives but whose causes are unknown and whose effective treatments are few.

What he learned in his medical detective work, scouring dusty old books and using ultra-modern imaging techniques, could well turn what we know about MS on its head: Dr. Zamboni's research suggests that MS is not, as widely believed, an autoimmune condition, but a vascular disease.

More radical still, the experimental surgery he performed on his wife offers hope that MS, which afflicts 2.5 million people worldwide, can be cured and even largely prevented.'


Panic Over Hundreds of Flu Deaths Exploited by Ukraine's Politicians

A flu pandemic in Ukraine that has triggered a nationwide panic is worsening this weekend with up to 400 deaths already reported.

The arrival of the virus, suspected by the World Health Organisation to be swine flu but possibly a combination of the H1N1 strain and a respiratory illness, has paralysed the country's fragile health system and could even lead to the postponement of the general election which is scheduled for 17 January.

Seven people died and 35,000 new cases were reported on Friday, said the health minister, bringing the total number of people infected to 1.6 million out of a population of 46 million.

The onslaught of the virus has seen all the major political figures eagerly exploiting the outbreak. Prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko announced the arrival of an epidemic on 30 October, when only one case had been reported, and has closed all schools and banned public gatherings – including campaigning political rallies – for the past three weeks.'


A History of the Rothschilds, Palestine and Oil

Read here...

Tarpley - Operation Safe Haven

Vaccines: A Bullet to the Head

It seems people often need to experience a bullet to the head before they will believe bullets can be deadly…and then they rue the day they ignored warnings about playing with loaded guns.

Vaccination seems to hold a similar place. People ignore words of caution and roll up their sleeves to get a flu shot. It seems they think getting a vaccine is the same as taking a multivitamin, and equally as benign. But when serious adverse events occur, such as Guillain-Barre paralysis, a seizure disorder or even a death, a jolt of reality lays bare just how damaging a “simple vaccine” can be.'


The Terror Which Begot 'Israel'

Terrorist & mass murderer Menachem Begin + The Zionist terrorbombing
of the King David Hotel

As the evil state of Israel is celebrating over sixty years of ethnic cleansing and atrocities against the native Palestinians, many people around the world, especially young generations, will not be fully aware of the manner in which Israel came into existence. Similarly, the younger Zionist generations who don’t stop calling their Palestinian victims “terrorists” should have a clearer idea about Israel’s manifestly criminal past which Zionist school textbooks shamelessly glamorize and glorify

Prior to “Jewish” statehood, three main Jewish terror organizations operated in Palestine, primarily against Palestinian civilians and British mandate targets. The three were: The Haganah, the Zvei Leumi or Irgun and the Stern Gang. The Haganah (Defence) had a field army of up to 160,000 well-trained and well-armed men and a unit called the Palmach, with more than 6,000 terrorists. The Irgun included as many as 5,000 terrorists, while the Stern Gang included 200-300 dangerous terrorists.

The following are merely some examples of Zionist terrorism prior to the creation of the Zionist state in 1948: The list doesn’t include the bigger massacres such as Dir Yasin, Dawaymeh, Tantura and others.'


Over 26,000 US Businesses That Accept Barter

See the list here...

Greenscam: Scientific Mass Manipulation in Action

If the goal is to produce a dumb animal that will walk calmly into the slaughterhouse, then providing this animal with information would be grossly counterproductive.

This pamphlet is interesting, not because of its sophistication, but because of its audacity. The theories describe here are unoriginal, and many have been in use for decades already. A lot of this pop-psychology is really amateurish, but it reveals the contempt that the authors have for truth, the public, and public policy. The fact that this pamphlet is published by one of the leading propaganda firms advising the government of the UK on climate change “communications” gives you an idea of the attitudes of the elected officials who consume this garbage.

Remember: the future survival, health, and well being of humanity and the planet is a game. The rules of this game can be laid out on a few glossy pages by a team of hack PR shills regurgitating pop-psychology. This must be credible, because it is bought and paid for by major governments, corporations, and universities. As they say, “there is no rational man".'


Obama: 'Bringing Troops Home is the First Thing I Will Do'

Amazing Sand Sculptures

As an impoverished child in Orrisa, India, Sudarsan Pattnaik would go to his local beach and build sand castles. His hobby eventually made him famous and wealthy. Here are some of the sand sculptures carved by Pattnaik.'

See more here...

'Why we fight': The Nature of Modern Imperialism

Alan McKinnon shows that the UK and US 'defence' policy is in fact a 'projection of power' policy with the primary purpose of defending the commercial interests of transnational companies.'


India Challenges Western Data Linking Climate Change, Himalayan Melt

As countries around the world prepare to flex their negotiating muscles at next month’s climate-change summit in Copenhagen, India has begun to question the Western model of computing global warming statistics.

Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh released a report last week that says there is no conclusive evidence that climate change has caused the melting of the Himalayan glaciers. The report says that not all of the glaciers are receding at alarming rates and that a few are even advancing.'


'Top Appointments Expose Undemocratic Nature of EU'

Former Labour cabinet member and distinguished political activist Tony Benn has challenged Prime Minister Gordon Brown's defense of the European Union's new foreign affairs chief.

Briton Catherine Ashton was named Thursday as the new EU foreign policy chief, with many critics questioning her foreign policy credentials as a former EU trade commissioner.'


Student Protests Continue at California Universities

Student protests at University of California (UC) campuses against the sharp tuition increases continue as university officials threaten police intervention.

Dissident students carried on their demonstrations in Santa Cruz on Saturday after talks with university administrators over the planned tuition hikes failed.'


Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Second Coming

Fury as Credit Crunch Civil Servant Lands Top Rothschild Job

The civil servant who oversaw the taxpayers’ stake in Britain’s crisis-hit banks is at the centre of a conflict-of-interest row after it emerged he is to join a leading investment bank. John Kingman, the former chief executive of UK Financial Investments, is to become the new managing director of NM Rothschild.

The move is expected to be confirmed as early as this week, four months after he resigned from his £143,000 job controlling taxpayers’ stakes in the bailed-out banks. His appointment has been vetted by the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, the body set up to ensure that senior civil servants and politicians do not unfairly cash in on their inside information when they step down to join the private sector.

It is expected that under the terms of the deal Mr Kingman will be prevented from working on Government contracts or working with the state-owned banks for at least a year. However, NM Rothschild is regarded as one of the favourites to take part in the sell-off of the Government’s stakes in Lloyds Banking Group and Royal Bank of Scotland as well as Northern Rock, which is expected to begin inside the next two years.'


Climate Change Has Nothing To Do With the Holocaust or 9/11

But you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise from all the hysterical propaganda put out by the ecofascists of the AGW lobby.

Here’s the latest example from those silly trustafarian children at Plane Stupid:

And here, for those who missed it, is a spat I’ve had with the Guardian over an elderly US war veteran who apparently considers it seemly and apt to compare the piles of emaciated bodies he saw being swept into heaps when he helped liberate a Nazi concentration camp at the end of World War II with “Climate Change.”

Sorry but I don’t see the connection at all. 9/11 was a brutal terrorist incident which claimed the lives of 2,976 innocent people. The Holocaust was an evil Nazi genocide which led to the mechanised slaughter of six million mostly Jewish men, women and children. Climate change is an ongoing natural process which last few million-odd years been directly responsible for the deaths of precisely no one.'


Iraq Report: Secret Plans For War, No Plans For Peace

On July 16, 2002, he was questioned by the chairmen of all the Commons select committees. Donald Anderson, the chairman of the foreign affairs committee, asked him directly: “Are we then preparing for possible military action in Iraq?” “No,” said Mr Blair. “There are no decisions which have been taken about military action.”

As the prime minister must have known, this answer was, at best, misleading. The leaked documents say that “formation-level planning for a deployment took place from February 2002”. By the time Mr Blair gave that denial, Britain had, in fact, been preparing for possible military action for five months.'