Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oil Companies Conspiring To Jack Up Gasoline Prices By Creating Artificial Scarcity

Police Need More Powerful Weapons to Combat ‘Mumbai-Style Terror Attacks’ Says Police Chief

Police officers must be armed with even more powerful weapons to deal with a Mumbai-style terrorist attack in the UK, a top officer said last night.

Scotland Yard Assistant Commissioner John Yates said officers needed a huge boost to their firepower to combat an atrocity where the aim is to kill as many innocents as possible in a matter of minutes.

His comments reflect grave concerns that Britain may not be able to cope with a copy-cat attack and suggest moves toward the greater use of 'heavy ballistic weapons' including rapid-fire assault rifles and C9 Minimi machine guns, as used by the SAS, as well as more powerful bullets.'


Orwellian UK Stop And Searches Up 66%

The number of people and vehicles stopped and searched in England and Wales under controversial counter-terrorism laws soared by two thirds in a year, according to figures published today.

In spite of the jump in stop and searches hardly any resulted in a charge or even an arrest.

Almost 95 per cent of searches were carried out by officers in London, where there was an 83 per cent increase in 2008/9, the Home Office figures show.

The number of stop and searches for other suspected offences rose by 10 per cent to 1.1 million — the second year in a row that it has topped the million mark.'


The Transnational Homeland Security State and the Decline of Democracy

As the western world is thrown into debt bondage and the harsh reality of the draconian economic ‘reforms’ to follow, a social collapse seems increasingly inevitable. We will soon witness the collapse of western ‘civilization’. The middle classes of the west will dissolve into the lower labour class. The wealthy class, already nearly at par with the middle class in terms of total consumption, will become the only consuming class.

The state structure itself will be altering; nation-states will become subordinate to supra-national continental governance structures and global governance entities simultaneously. Concurrently, state structures will no longer maintain their democratic facades, as the public state is gutted, where all that remains and is built upon is the state apparatus of oppression. States will become tools of authoritative control, their prime purpose will be in establishing a strong military, as well as police-state apparatus to control the people. This is the dawning of the ‘Homeland Security State’ on a far grander scale than we have previously imagined. The object of ‘totalitarianism’ is to have ‘total control’. In this project of total control, state borders, as we know them today, will have to vanish; the institutions of oppression and control will be globalized.

As society collapses, the social foundations of the middle class will be pulled out from under their feet. When people are thrown to the ground, they tend to want to stand back up again. The middle class will become a rebellious, possibly even revolutionary class, with riots and civil unrest a very likely reality. The lower class itself will likely partake in the unrest; however, the youth of the middle class will be thrown into a ‘poverty of expectations’, where the world as they have known it and the world they had expectations to rise into, will be taken from them. Civil unrest is as inevitable as summer after spring.'


Chipless Tagging - No More Need For Implanted Chips

The process developed by Somark involves a geometric array of micro-needles and an ink capsule, which is used to 'tattoo' an animal. The ink can be detected from 4 feet away.

A startup company developing chipless RFID ink has tested its product on cattle and laboratory rats.

Somark Innovations announced this week that it successfully tested biocompatible RFID ink, which can be read through animal hairs. The passive RFID technology could be used to identify and track cows to reduce financial losses from Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (mad cow disease) scares. Somark, which formed in 2005, is located at the Center for Emerging Technologies in St. Louis. The company is raising Series A equity financing and plans to license the technology to secondary markets, which could include laboratory animals, dogs, cats, prime cuts of meat, and military personnel.'


Illuminati Plan Third Temple in Jerusalem

There are many levels of subterfuge. George Soros and Rahm Emanuel, both internationalist Jews, are scripting Obama. Very few at this time realize the intent. Obama is given a worldwide Muslim image. Internationalist Jewish media publicized Obamamania as they did Beatlemania. Why?

The reasons center on the raising of the Third Temple in Jerusalem and the matter of Israel's demographic war. In the first case, the Temple is only 18 minutes away from being raised above ground. This is done through computerized hydraulics. While at the Dead Sea, this was mentioned to Eric Zieber who held a discussion with a retired IDF general. The general revealed that since 1990, a tunnel from the Dead Sea to beneath the Temple Mount, allowed workers to eventually perform this technological feat. [I can't believe this.This tunnel would have to be 30 miles long.]

In the 1980s, eschatologists generally held the view that it would be at least 15 years to the raising of the Temple, once work had begun on it. Years later, through remarkable technological advancements, the estimate was realistically lowered to six years from its inception. But now we see it will take only 18 minutes to raise through computer hydraulics. [I don't believe it.] There is just one prerequisite for Israel to do so...'


Jordan's King Warns Mideast War 'Imminent'

This is rather frighting information. The Jordanian Royal Family is always well up-to-date on the intelligence of what is happening and about to happen in their "neighborhood". A war against Hezbollah and Lebanon is one of the main scenarios for trigging a war with Iran/General Middle East War/World War III.

There are somewhere between 40,000 and 60,000 or so rockets and guided missiles in Lebanon, placed there by Iran and Syria. These are normally under the 'command' of Hezbollah, but in reality are effectively controlled by Iranian and Syrian commanders. These rockets and guided missiles constitute a large percentage of the MAD (mutually assured destruction) strategic counter-force 'throw weight' from the Iranian/Syrian/Hezbollah alliance. Of course, the really 'big guns' are the Iranian Advanced Biological arsenal of genetically engineered viruses and these do not require rockets/missiles for delivery and in fact are a global strategic WMD (weapon of mass destruction) comparable in potential kill levels to global strategic thermonuclear warfare weapons.'


The FDA Shuts Down Common Infant Vaccine After Startling Discovery

One million U.S. children, and about 30 million worldwide, have already received GlaxoSmithKline’s Rotarix vaccine. Now a research team has discovered it is contaminated with “a substantial amount” of DNA from a pig virus.

What is pig virus DNA doing in a vaccine intended to prevent rotavirus disease, which causes severe diarrhea and dehydration?

It’s anybody’s guess, although CNN reported that GlaxoSmitthKline detected the substance in the cell bank and the seed used to make the vaccine, “suggesting its presence from the early stages of vaccine development".'


Live Webcam - Iceland Volcano Continues to Erupt

See Here...

Pedophilia and Male Prostitutes in the White House: the Franklin Affair and Bush’s Jeff Gannon

Paedophilia is at the core of US government. Fully documented and called “The Franklin Affair,” the CIA ordered that a child prostitution ring involved with political “leadership” of both parties not to be investigated, despite damning evidence.

Most Americans are unaware that a gay male prostitute was allowed over 200 visits to the Bush White House between 2003 and 2005 with a “press pass” issued by White House leadership. According to Secret Service public records of check-in and check-out dates and times (here and here), most of the prostitute’s visits included several hours of time before and/or after press conferences, 32 times on days without press conferences, and 14 visits without checking-out in apparent overnight stays at the White House residence of Mr. Bush.

The prostitute, Jeff Gannon, had no previous experience as a journalist and no association with any media when he began attending White House press conferences. The 3-minute video from the new documentary Invisible Empire below shows pictures of Mr. Bush kissing, fondling and embracing Mr. Gannon. Despite this damning evidence of Mr. Bush engaged in prostitute sex during White House business hours on our tax money, Congress refused to investigate.

Let’s review both of these histories.'


Death Avoidable had IRS Simply Enforced Its Own Policies

On the morning of November 6, 2007, a dozen or so armed agents/officers wearing flak jackets and with guns showing, from and/or associated with the Criminal Division of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), served a search warrant on the Fort Wayne, Indiana residence of Jim and Denise Simon, while Jim Simon was working in Europe. Denise, at the time, was home preparing her youngest child, a ten year old daughter, for school. The extensive search continued from early morning until late into the evening. Denise was so affected by the events and the deplorable treatment of her by the agents that three days later, on November 9th, she took her own life. She left a typewritten suicide note which stated:'


ADL: Prosecute Tea Party 'Hate Speech!'

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League says alleged racial slurs by Tea Party protestors against Congress members last month are “hate speech” and not protected by the First Amendment. According to ADL, Tea Party protestors “crossed the line” with racial slurs against black Congressmen. Such slurs, ADL head Abe Foxman contends, “are not constitutionally protected, and require a strong legal response.”

Foxman says, “Four months ago, ADL documented an undercurrent of rage sweeping across the United States. Unfortunately, that rage is spreading, like a rash, creeping steadily from the fringes of our society into the mainstream. Our leaders should demand criminal prosecution for those who cross the line".'


It’s Yours If You Want It (To Honor Tax Slavery Day)

How do 545 people—a president, 535 congressmen, and nine judges—control a nation of over 300 million people? Certainly not by physical force. Could 545 gangsters gain control of the country by suddenly announcing that they are the legitimate government deserving of your allegiance? Obviously not, because you would not choose to grant them power over you. This example shows that the source of federal power—not right, but power—is the people’s own “consent” to be governed. The American people hold the keys to their own jail cells between their ears and can leave the prison of tyranny any time a sufficient number of them choose to be free.'


Police Question Climategate Information Seekers

Norfolk Constabulary is trying to work out who stole thousands of emails from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia at the end of last year.

The emails, that were posted on the internet, appear to show scientists were unwilling to reveal data on global warming and led to an international scandal known as ‘climategate’.

Already prominent climate change sceptics around the world have been questioned and members of staff at the university, but is has now emerged that ordinary members of the public who did nothing more than request information are also being targeted.'


Ex-CIA Head Erased Torture Tapes

The former CIA Director Porter Goss has given the go-ahead for the destruction of tapes depicting brutal interrogation of two terrorist suspects.

According to CIA's internal e-mails, in 2005, then Director of the agency's clandestine service Jose Rodriguez ordered the destruction of hundreds of torture tapes — a move "approved" by the Goss.

However, Rodriguez had expressed concern over the destruction of the 92 tapes saying it would be "devastating" to the CIA if they ever surfaced, the Associated Press reported on Friday.'


Goldman Sachs Charged With Fraud

A fraud charge has been filled on behalf of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Goldman Sachs Group Incorporated.

The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has accused Goldman Sachs Group of structuring and marketing a "synthetic Collateralized-Debt-Obligation" or CDO, tied to sub-prime mortgages.'


Friday, April 16, 2010

Satanists FREE Robert Green!

I just received an email from Stuart Usher that Robert Green has been released by the Satanic Psychopaths that now appear to be in control of Scotland. From what I understand, you melted the phone lines at the Grampian Police Station and at the Federal Government Buildings.

Not to mention that you shut down their email systems with your online campaigns.

Congratulations my Friends!


Whitewashing is Quick Work!

Hard on the heels of the report of the one-day British Parliamentary inquiry into the Climategate scandal comes the report of the grandly-named International Science Assessment Panel set up by the University of East Anglia (UEA). Surprise, surprise, it finds nothing wrong except a few lapses in concentration caused by all the hard work climate scientists are doing to save the planet. Unfortunately for the alarmist cheerleaders who will treat these reports as complete exoneration, they suffer from exactly the same problems as the scientific reports Climategate centered around. They are sloppy and incomplete while pretending to be the comprehensive answer. As such, they damage the authority of science just as much as Climategate itself.'


Cops Demand $2,000 From Group To Allow Protest

A rally that was planned to protest a ban on gun sales within city limits is turning into a quick protest march, and its organizer is backing out of promoting it.

The Youngstown State University branch of the Young Americans for Liberty had planned a rally at the city building on Tenney Avenue on Saturday afternoon.

But Varg Freeborn, the YSU chapter’s president, said Tuesday that the city police chief has ordered the group to pay $2,000 for four to six police officers to work at the rally.'


Banksters Rally Round Fed To Keep Bailout Trillions Secret

The largest commercial banks in the U.S. are ready to go all the way to the Supreme Court to block the public release of details pertaining to the Federal Reserve’s 2008 secretive $2 trillion bailout.

Bloomberg News reports that The Clearing House Association LLC, a group that includes Bank of America Corp. and JPMorgan Chase & Co., have teamed with the Fed to rally against a lawsuit, brought by Bloomberg itself, to disclose records of the Fed’s emergency lending.

The fight for disclosure has been ongoing following the Fed’s failure to comply with congressional demands for transparency.'


3D-TV Health Warning: Tuning in Can Cause Confusion, Nausea and Even Fits, Says Electronics Giant

The world's biggest electronics company has issued an extraordinary health warning about the dangers of watching 3D television.
Pregnant women, the elderly, children and those suffering from serious medical conditions are among a wide range of people said to be at risk.
The alert extends to those who have been sleep deprived or drinking. It highlights alarming side effects such as confusion, nausea, convulsions, altered vision, light-headedness, dizziness, and involuntary movements such as eye or muscle twitching and cramps.'


When the Army Uses 'Enhanced Interrogation' on an American Soldier

The worst part, he said, wasn’t battling insurgents or even the mortar blast that tossed him to the ground and slammed his head against the concrete — it was the way he was treated by the U.S. Army when he went to the aid station and sought medical help.

In gruesome detail, Luther described what happened to him at Camp Taji’s aid station. He thought he would receive medical care. Instead he was confined to an isolation chamber and held there for over a month, under enforced sleep deprivation, until he agreed to sign papers saying that he was ill before coming to Iraq and thus not eligible for disability and medical benefits. “They wanted me to say I had a ‘personality disorder,’” Luther told me.'


How The Church Shuffled Predator Priests Around The Globe

There he was, five decades later, the priest who had raped Joe Callander in Massachusetts. The photo in the Roman Catholic newsletter showed him with a smile across his wrinkled face, near-naked Amazon Indian children in his arms and at his feet.

The Rev. Mario Pezzotti was working with children and supervising other priests in Brazil.

It's not an isolated example.

In an investigation spanning 21 countries across six continents, The Associated Press found 30 cases of priests accused of abuse who were transferred or moved abroad. Some escaped police investigations. Many had access to children in another country, and some abused again.'


Donkey, Horse and Cat in Israeli Jail

Abbas Zaki, who took part in the Christian celebration of Palm Sunday said: “When we arrived at the Bilal bin Rabah Mosque, the Israeli metal gate in the middle of the Street in Bethlehem was open, we all passed through the gate. We walked about 700 meters until we reach the Israeli checkpoint 300. There was a military personnel ready to shoot and to clash with the Christians celebrators. We decided to return, the donkey and the horse were among us. Upon arrival at the gate of the Bilal bin Rabah mosque we went out while the Israeli occupation soldiers were watching us through cameras. They closed the gate trying to stop me and some others from entering the city of Bethlehem. We found ourselves between high walls and closed gates, and here the Israeli soldiers arrested the donkey and the horse, myself and 10 other Christian and foreigners”.

“They laid the donkey and the horse down by use of force, and then they cuffed their legs and put them on a military vehicle. The scene was disgusting; especially when they tied up the four legs of these animals and transferred them to jail on charges of having entered a military zone”.'


The Law That Never Was

On January 10, 2008, the Federal District Court in Chicago issued a permanent injunction against me on the grounds that I was falsely telling people the 16th Amendment was not ratified. The Court refused to look at the evidence of the non-ratification of the 16th Amendment, deciding that the facts necessary to prove my statement was true were "irrelevant," What has America come to when the government can accuse you of lying and prohibit you from presenting a defense in a so called court of law? My attorney, Jeffrey A. Dickstein, will be filing an appeal to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. I urge you to review the pleadings filed in this case so you can see for yourself the tyranny being practiced in our courts.'


TIME Magazine Lists Flouride as 'Environmental Toxin'

Of course, activists and scientists have for years been aware of Flouride’s toxicity, but propaganda and Big Pharma have sought to keep these facts from the general public by showing flouride in a favorable light through the controlled media.

The article went on to say that “Government studies support current fluoride levels in tap water, but studies on long-term exposure and cancers are ongoing”.'


Could the Frost Fair be Back in Business? Experts Predict Our Rivers Could Freeze Once Again During Winter

Britain's rivers could once more become home to 'frost fairs' as waterways freeze for months at a time, research suggests.

Experts have warned that the country should brace itself for a return to the bitterly cold winters last seen at the end of the 17th century - despite claims that global warming is causing Arctic ice to melt and temperatures to rise.

During the 'Little Ice Age' of the 1500s and 1600s, winters were so harsh that the Thames froze over for up to three months a year.'


Israel Did 9-11 - How to Spread the Truth

Zan peacefully held his sign and handed out a four-page flyer to those who wanted it, while standing on a sidewalk near a theatre in Los Angeles where an event put on by the conservative radio station KRLA (a Salem Communications station) was taking place last November.

The hostile and abusive reactions of some of the people are very interesting and show how difficult it is for many people to accept information that does not square with the Zionist worldview presented by the controlled media in the United States. The Zionist-controlled media defines reality for most people in America. If they have not seen it on CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, or FOX News, and read about it in the New York Times, TIME, Newsweek, and the Washington Post - well, it must not be true.

Zan shows how an average American can exercise his right of free speech, peacefully and intelligently, to shame the real culprits of 9-11 while bringing public attention to the huge deception that changed the world. What a great example Zan is for all free, patriotic, and Truth-loving Americans - and like-minded people around the world. Well done, Zan, well done!

Still Pushing the Pandemic: WHO Says H1N1 Still a Huge Threat to 'Healthy' Young Adults

The H1N1 flu pandemic is as severe as influenza pandemics in 1957 and 1968 and remains a threat, especially to healthy young adults, a leading health expert said on Wednesday.

John Mackenzie, the Australian who heads the World Health Organisation's independent but secretive Emergency Committee, also said he was not aware of any of its 15 members being approached by drug companies seeking to influence their decision-making.


Israeli Tourism Advert Banned in UK

Britain has banned an Israeli tourist office press campaign in which pictures of Noble Sanctuary and the al-Aqsa Mosque have been displayed as part of Israel.

The British Guardian newspaper reported on Wednesday that the UK advertising regulator imposed a ban on the advertisement over display of the sites, both of which are in East Jerusalem (al-Quds) and part of the Palestinian occupied territories.

The Advertising Standards Authority said that readers of the ad would assume that all the places featured in the ad were part of Israel.'


Afghans Abused in US 'Secret Jail'

British media reports say American forces have been abusing Afghan prisoners in a "secret jail" at the Bagram air base located north of the capital, Kabul.

The British Broadcasting Corporation says it has documented testimonies of nine witnesses, who say the human rights violations and abuses of prisoners have continued in the secret detention center at the Bagram air base even after US Barack Obama came to power with the promise of ending torture.

The US military has denied the existence of a secret prison at its Bagram base, which was once home to hundreds of inmates — who were transferred to another facility.'


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gunshots Fired In Immediate Aftermath Of Polish Plane Crash

Authorities are keen to keep eyewitnesses away from the scene and shots are heard in the immediate aftermath of the Polish plane crash.

CFR, Trilateral Commission Member to Replace Poland’s Kaczynski?

BusinessWeek reported yesterday that Andrzej Olechowski will enter a presidential race in Poland to replace Lech Kaczynski.

He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. He was also an economist for the World Bank.

He also appears to work closely with the banksters: Olechowski sat on the supervisory boards of a number of European banks and corporations. Most notably he was on the advisory board of Goldman Sachs.'


Pakistan Air Strike 'Kills 71 Civilians'

At least 71 civilians were killed by a misdirected air strike in Pakistan's tribal zone against suspected extremists, locals claimed today, as thousands of people flee a western-backed military offensive against Taliban and al-Qaida fighters in the area.

The air strike hit a house on Saturday in a remote part of the Khyber area of the tribal belt, the lawless region that borders Afghanistan. This week, the United Nations warned that more than 200,000 new refugees had been created by Pakistan's latest anti-Taliban offensive, this time mostly from Orakzai, which borders Khyber to the south.'


Some Oklahomans Want a State Militia to Resist Washington

Fed up with what they see as Washington's intrusion into their state, Oklahoma "tea party" leaders and some conservative legislators want to create a volunteer militia to defend against the federal government, the Associated Press writes.

"Is it scary? It sure is," said Al Gerhart, a tea party activist who heads the Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance. "But when do the states stop rolling over for the federal government?" '


People Told To Drink Fluoridated Tap Water - Incredible

More than 144 million United States residents in more than 10,000 communities drink fluoridated tap water, providing an automatic defense against the harmful ingredients that cause such a preventable oral health disease.

"Instead of drilling holes to fix cavities, dentists would rather educate the public on how to avoid developing tooth decay in the first place," said Cynthia Sherwood, DDS, FAGD, spokesperson for the AGD. "Drinking tap water to receive fluoride is safe, and it's easier on your wallet than going to the dentist for a filling."

The second-most effective source of fluoride is varnish. Varnish, applied quickly and easily by a dentist, is one of the most concentrated products available commercially. Varnishes that contain sodium fluoride adhere to tooth surfaces when saliva is present, providing an excellent fluoride treatment.

Keeping fluoride in the mouth enhances its ability to arrest demineralization and promote remineralization, and varnishes are better for this purpose than fluoridated drinking water or toothpaste. Fluoride varnishes are typically used for patients who don't receive enough fluoride from other sources.'


Rothschild Zionist Bankers Make 100% Profit on Loans to Poor

In recent years, the idea of giving small loans to poor people became the darling of the development world, hailed as the long elusive formula to propel even the most destitute into better lives.

Actors like Natalie Portman and Michael Douglas lent their boldface names to the cause. Muhammad Yunus, the economist who pioneered the practice by lending small amounts to basket weavers in Bangladesh, won a Nobel Peace Prize for it in 2006. The idea even got its very own United Nations year in 2005.

But the phenomenon has grown so popular that some of its biggest proponents are now wringing their hands over the direction it has taken.'


YouTube Now Gone Orwellian – Now Requires SMS From Every New Registrant

Now if you are simply a regular person, not a spammer, and not a multiple account creator that just wants a Google or YouTube account, your out of luck without giving out your cell phone number or regular phone number to their authorities (aka the youtube police). YouTube has become a phone number collector which means they can give police, FBI, and CIA peoples private phone numbers if you use Google.'


UK's Discriminatory Criminalization of Dissent

In January 2009, Tebani's teenage son Yahia was one of tens of thousands of people who joined demonstrations in London against the Israeli bombing of Gaza. At one of those demonstrations Yahia and many others were "kettled" -- surrounded by a police cordon and slowly let out in return for giving their names and addresses and for being filmed.

That was the last Yahia knew of it until the following April, when the family home was raided by 20 to 30 police at 5am. The front door was forced open and Badi Tebani and his family were ordered to lie on the floor. His four sons were all handcuffed. Three police officers knelt on the back of Hamza, 23. He was sleeping in shorts, but they refused to let him put on any clothes, even though they'd opened the windows, letting in the cold. Computers, mobile phones and clothes were all taken and the family car was broken into. Badi and Hamza described how police played games on the boys' iPhones and made themselves coffee in the kitchen.'


Mysterious Radio Waves Emitted From Nearby Galaxy

There is something strange in the cosmic neighbourhood. An unknown object in the nearby galaxy M82 has started sending out radio waves, and the emission does not look like anything seen anywhere in the universe before.

"We don't know what it is," says co-discoverer Tom Muxlow of Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics near Macclesfield, UK.

The thing appeared in May last year, while Muxlow and his colleagues were monitoring an unrelated stellar explosion in M82 using the MERLIN network of radio telescopes in the UK. A bright spot of radio emission emerged over only a few days, quite rapidly in astronomical terms. Since then it has done very little except baffle astrophysicists.'


US and Israel: Syria Gave Scud missiles to Hezbollah

Syria has transferred long-range Scud missiles to the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah, Israeli and U.S. officials alleged, in a move that threatens to alter the Middle East's military balance and sets back a major diplomatic outreach effort to Damascus by the Obama administration.

Israeli President Shimon Peres on Tuesday publicly charged President Bashar Assad's government with transferring Scud missiles to Hezbollah's forces inside Lebanon. Syria and Hezbollah both denied the charges. But the allegations already are affecting U.S. foreign policy: Republicans pressed on Capitol Hill to block the appointment of a new American ambassador to Damascus, according to congressional officials. The White House said it was pressing ahead.'


Tell The FDA That Cherries—And Now Walnuts—Are NOT Illegal Drugs

In the latest volley of the US Food and Drug Administration’s bizarre war on scientific freedom of speech, the FDA has sent a Warning Letter to the president and CEO of Diamond Foods stating that the firm’s packages of shelled walnuts are “in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.”

Why? As Bill Faloon, co-founder of the Life Extension Foundation, explains in a powerful new investigative article, Diamond Foods, a processor and distributor of nuts, dared to list some of the health benefits of walnuts on its website. The FDA says that the walnuts are being “promoted for conditions that cause them to be drugs because these products are intended for use in the prevention, mitigation, and treatment of disease.”

In other words, if you say that a food is healthy and may help protect against heart disease, or ease arthritis or inflammation, your words have magically changed that food into a drug, and that’s illegal.'


Robert Green and Hollie Greig Update

Obama: Israel Should Sign NPT

President Barack Obama managed to avoid Israel’s nuclear program nearly entirely for the high profile nuclear summit, but was unable to successfully dodge a question at the closing press conference about Israel’s non-membership in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Though the bulk of Obama’s talks dealt with securing the weapons grade nuclear stockpiles of such rogue nations as Canada and Chile, when pressed he eventually insisted that he wanted every nation, including Israel to sign the NPT. He also insisted that this position was nothing new.

Yet in September the Obama Administration vigorously opposed a vote by IAEA member states calling on Israel to join the NPT, calling it unfair to single out Israel, the only nation in the Middle East that is not a signatory.'


Bayer Admits GMO Contamination Out of Control

Drug and chemical giant Bayer AG has admitted that there is no way to stop the uncontrolled spread of its genetically modified crops.

"Even the best practices can't guarantee perfection," said Mark Ferguson, the company's defense lawyer in a recent trial.

Two Missouri farmers sued Bayer for contaminating their crop with modified genes from an experimental strain of rice engineered to be resistant to the company's Liberty-brand herbicide. The contamination occurred in 2006, during an open field test of the new rice, which was not approved for human consumption. According to the plaintiffs' lawyer, Don Downing, genetic material from the unapproved rice contaminated more than 30 percent of all rice cropland in the United States.

"Bayer was supposed to be careful," Downing said. "Bayer was not careful and that rice did escape into our commercial rice supplies."


Obama Threatens Iran with Nuclear War

"The continued presence of all options on the table"; this is the disappointing message which a Nobel Peace Prize laureate dispatches internationally. In his latest interview with CBS news, American President Barack Obama refused to rule out the possibility of a military strike against Iran by harking back to the famous catchphrase of former U.S. President George W. Bush who once devised, regarding Iran's nuclear program, the popular sentence of "all options are on the table".

Putting the quality and quantity of these options aside, the very "table" on which the options should be placed is as well a matter of controversy. Who is in the position to decide the destiny of Iran's nuclear program? Which table is the U.S. President referring to? What's wrong with Iran's nuclear program in lieu of which a 70-million nation should go on with crippling sanctions, continued threats of military strike, isolation and economic embargo? What's the definite answer to the simple question that "why should the U.S., France and Israel possess nuclear weapons"? Which one is more offensive and violent? Iran's nuclear program which has been demonstrated again and again that does not have anything to do with military purposes, or the adventurous, aggressive trajectory Washington and its European allies have begun to go across?'


Pope Benedict XVI Urged to Step Down

A US priest has urged Pope Benedict XVI to step down amid scandals of child sexual abuses by former clergies that has engulfed the Roman Catholic Church.

An ardent critic of sexual abuses committed by Catholic priests, the Rev. James Scahill of the parish of St. Michael's Church in Massachusetts used his last weekend's sermon to call on the 82-year old Pontiff to resign for the good of the Catholic Church.

"If he can't take the consequences of being truthful on this matter, his integrity should lead him, for the good of the church, to step down and to have the conclave of cardinals elect a pope with the understanding that the elected pope would be willing to take on this issue, not just in promise," Scahill said, according to a CNN report on Tuesday.'


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ANH-USA Victory! Supplements Are Exempted From Codex Language in Food Safety Bill

The FDA Food Modernization Act (S. 510), also referred to as the “Food Safety” bill, has been modified to exempt dietary supplements from language that otherwise creates a slippery slope toward U.S. harmonization with Codex Alimentarius. ANH-USA worked to protect the natural health community from this dangerous provision that threatened access to high quality, therapeutic supplement doses by working with key senators to modify the language, now for the second time.

The most worrisome provision of the bill initially required the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) to recommend that U.S. foreign trading partners harmonize with Codex. This odd language was no doubt very intentional. How could we recommend harmonization to other countries if we rejected it for the U.S.? So in effect we were committing ourselves to a much more restrictive regulatory regime for supplements.'


Katyn II - How Satanists Say 'We're Sorry'

In April 1940, the Soviet NKVD massacred the cream of Poland's nationalist and Christian intelligentsia in the Katyn Forest and elsewhere. They were slaughtered because they wouldn't agree to join the Communists in fronting a future occupation of Poland.

Seventy years later, on April 10, 2010, the heirs of the NKVD, who still run Russia, probably finished the job. They probably engineered a plane crash which killed the Polish President, the heads of the army and navy, the secret service and much of the patriotic wing of the Polish government. Thus they neatly eliminated one more obstacle to Satanic world government which is descending on the planet like a dreaded darkness.

This is how Satanists say, "We're sorry!" By repeating the outrage, again and again, until they are finally stopped.

The grounds for suspicion are numerous.'


WHO Appoints H1N1 Cover-Up Committee

Reports that the WHO is appointing an 'independent' committee to investigate its own conduct in the H1N1 panic of 2009 has been tempered by the fact that one of the committee's members, John Mackenzie, was in fact one of the advisors who urged the WHO to declare a pandemic in the first place. He also has ties to vaccine manufacturers, making him part of the very charge being investigated: that the WHO relied on advisors with a financial interest in declaring a pandemic regardless of the facts on the ground.

Evidence continues to mount that the WHO declared a pandemic for the relatively mildH1N1 outbreak last year in order to trigger billions of dollars of automatic vaccine contracts for the benefit of WHO advisers with connections to Big Pharma. In the face of growing opposition and a loss of credibility due to the conflicts of interests among key WHO advisors, WHO Director Margaret Chan called Monday for a "frank, critical, transparent, credible and independent review of our performance" before entering a closed-door meeting with the "independent experts." No photographers were allowed inside and press was allowed only occasional access to the meeting.

Hopes for a genuinely independent investigation into the scandal were quickly dashed, however, when it was discovered that one of the group's members, Professor John Mackenzie of Curtin University in Australia, was a member of the very panel that advised the WHO to declare the H1N1 pandemic. In fact, Mackenzie is already on record with his assessment of his own actions: "I think we did everything right," he toldDer Spiegel earlier this year.'


Hudspeth County Sheriff Tells Citizens to Arm Themselves

I just heard this and wanted to get the entire story before saying anything about it. Sheriff Arvin West of Hudspeth County, the third largest county in Texas has told his citizens to arm themselves, that he can no longer provide protection for them against spillover violence in the border areas. I’m sure the sheriff did not take this lightly, the violence pouring over the Mexican/American border is rapidly getting beyond what local and state authorities can contain. The sheriff made the statement at a town hall meeting. Governor Rick Perry has already activated the Texas border violence spillover contingency plan, in which he requested federal aid.


Unprovoked Cops Viciously Beat Student Then Charge Him With Assault

As the video reveals, John McKenna, 21, was celebrating a Maryland basketball victory on the evening of March 3rd.

As the student walks down the street close to the university’s College Park campus, he is seen waving his arms and dancing jovially. He then slows, stops and backs away upon seeing several horse mounted police ahead of him.

McKenna is then set upon and viciously slammed against a brick wall by dismounted officers in riot gear, who pummel him with batons, knocking him unconsciousaccording to his lawyer.

As a hefty officer takes a run up and delivers a forceful blow to the legs, McKenna, somehow still standing, is hacked to the ground.

The cops then continue to beat McKenna in the head and body around a dozen times in total as he lays crumpled and motionless, neither resisting nor able to defend himself.'


'Yes We Can' Bow To Another Hereditary Foreign Dictator

You would have thought that after the backlash he received last time, Obama’s advisors would have him well drilled on the proper Presidential way in which to meet foreign dignitaries, but Obama must be so eager to prove his fealty to his global elite masters that he broke tradition yet again in appearing to bow to Chinese Communist leader Hu Jintao.

Granted, China basically owns America in that they hold around 900 billion dollars worth of U.S. Treasuries and balance the fate of the ailing U.S. dollar entirely in their own hands, but surely Obama didn’t have to make it look so obvious who his bosses are?'


Club Of Rome Behind Eco-Fascist Purge To Criminalize Climate Skepticism

The British lawyer who last week called for introducing international laws through the United Nations which would make it a crime against humanity to question the reality of man-made global warming has close ties with the Club of Rome – the ultra elitist organization which openly bragged of how it invented the climate change scare as a means of manipulating the global population to accept world government.

British lawyer-turned-campaigner Polly Higgins (pictured top) recently launched an initiative to have the UN put pressure on national governments to pass laws that would declare the mass destruction of ecosystems a crime against peace, punishable by the International Criminal Court.

Under the guise of going after big corporations and polluters for the war crime of emitting the gas that humans exhale and plants breathe, the proposal would actually target individuals and people who merely express skepticism towards man-made global warming.

“Supporters of a new ecocide law also believe it could be used to prosecute “climate deniers” who distort science and facts to discourage voters and politicians from taking action to tackle global warming and climate change,” reported the London Guardian.'


Obama Staffer Wants ‘Cognitive Infiltration’ of 9/11 Conspiracy Groups

In a 2008 academic paper, President Barack Obama's appointee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs advocated "cognitive infiltration" of groups that advocate "conspiracy theories" like the ones surrounding 9/11.

Cass Sunstein, a Harvard law professor, co-wrote an academic article entitled "Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures," in which he argued that the government should stealthily infiltrate groups that pose alternative theories on historical events via "chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine" those groups.'


Another War Lie to Attack Iran: Neda 'Murder Video' Shows Her Pouring Fake Blood on Her Own Face

You know that US government and corporate media lied to the world for unlawful war with Iraq. We know these were all known lies as they were told because we now have the disclosed evidence. The lies are "emperor has no clothes" obvious upon examination.

We know that US government and corporate media are lying to the world for unlawful war with Iran. We know these are all lies by examining the evidence. We know that the US lied to overthrow Iran’s democracy from 1953 to 1979 in order to have an oil-friendly dictator and then supported Iran’s invasion from 1980 to 1988 when they refused a replacement dictator.

As a teacher of government and law, I created an analogy to recognize the lies by imposing the names of “China” for the US, and “US” for Iran to see what it looks like as the target of war lies. I also provide a glimpse into Persian culture to humanize Iran rather than demonize the targets of provable and criminal US war lies.

I just became aware of the video evidence during Iran’s June 2009 election of Neda Agha-Soltan that shows her pouring a red substance over her own face that is caught by the video. I had to watch about six times to verify that I really did see Neda apply the "blood" to her face. This staged event ended with Neda's real death; her autopsy reported her cause of death was a close-range shot to the back rather than the US corporate media report of sniper-fire to the chest. I couldn't find confirmation in English of her autopsy and welcome reader links.'


Israel Tells its Citizens to Get Out of Egypt Now

Israel issued an "urgent" warning Tuesday to its citizens to leave Egypt's Sinai Peninsula immediately citing "concrete evidence of an expected terrorist attempt to kidnap Israelis in Sinai."
The statement from the Israeli prime minister's anti-terror office took the unusual step of calling on families of Israelis visiting the Sinai to establish contact with them.

Israel's anti-terror office has a standing travel advisory telling Israelis to stay out of the Sinai desert because of the threat of terror attacks. However, thousands of Israelis routinely ignore the warning and vacation in the desert and along its Red Sea coast.

Egyptian security officials said about 35,000 Israelis are in the Sinai now, and they expected thousands more to arrive later this month.'


Why Resistance Is Essential

Iran: Haven’t We Seen This Movie Before?

In the joint interview* with Hillary Clinton and Robert M. Gates on Sunday, the buzz words were all there: international terrorism, Al Qaeda, Iran’s nuclear program, the need for UN Resolutions and the fact that such Resolutions will not stop the USA from taking further action, an international coalition being built, Teheran not wanting to follow the diplomatic path…and Iran was mentioned no less than eighteen times.

The build-up, ladies and gentlemen, is on. We have seen it before and we are seeing it again. Look at a map of Iran and the mechanisms are in place. And now the rhetoric is taking the same path as the run-up to the war in Iraq. Take for example the recent interview (source quoted below) between the NBC’s David Gregory and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US Defense Secretary William Gates on Sunday April 11, 2010.

During the interview, Iran was mentioned, directly or indirectly, no less than 18 times, ten ominously by Defense Secretary Gates (5 directly and five indirectly – “they”, “them”), 6 times by the interviewer and twice by Hillary Clinton.

While there were references to “putting pressure” on Iran and a mix of policies including economic sanctions, the images created by this interview are as telling as they are shocking and frightening: we have all the ingredients present in the verbal and body language of the United States of America visible immediately before the Iraq war.'


Lebanon Foils Israeli Incursion

The Lebanese army has forced Israeli troops to withdraw from Lebanese border town of Abbassiyeh after issuing a warning on the incursion against its territory.

According to a Lebanese foreign ministry official, fifteen Israeli troops, backed by military vehicles, crossed the Blue Line into the southern town of Abbassiyeh earlier this week.

They, however, left the town on Tuesday after Lebanon's army issued a threat to open fire unless they withdraw immediately from the Lebanese territory, a Press TV correspondent reported.'


UK 'Helping' Serbs Cover Up Genocide

Former Bosnian President Ejup Ganic, who is fighting extradition from Britain to Serbia, has accused London of eagerly seeking to "rewrite history."

Ganic accused British authorities of effectively enacting the wishes of late Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic in altering the facts of Serbian atrocities during the Balkan war.

The ex-Bosnian leader, who was detained at London's Heathrow Airport on March 1, made the remarks outside the Westminster Magistrates' Court on Tuesday, following an extradition hearing.

"It appears the British government volunteers to do the police job for the Milosevic regime which is still more or less in some way very active," Ganic told reporters a day after Home Secretary Alan Johnson certified Serbia's extradition request.'


Israel Plans East al-Quds Synagogue

Israeli authorities have decided to approve the construction of a new synagogue and school in East Jerusalem (al-Quds) on occupied Palestinian land.

The erection project will be carried out in the Gilo settlement on the land seized from its Palestinian owners just before planning for the construction started in 1995, Israel's army radio said on Tuesday.

The plan is actually finalized, although it still requires final approval from the city's planning commission, an act of "mere formality, " according to the committee's chairman Kobi Khalon.'


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

British Involvement in Rendition of Suspects Will Continue, Says Rothschild Zionist Straw

The Government has rejected parliamentary proposals for tough new laws to stamp out the UK's involvement in the kidnap and unlawful transfer of terror suspects to third-party states, The Independent has learnt.

The Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, has written to the chairman of an influential parliamentary committee refusing to accept recommendations to outlaw rendition.

The draft measures, drawn up by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition (APPG), are mostly targeted at the airline industry, but Mr Straw says that such proposals would be too "burdensome" and would impose disproportionate obligations on private companies.'