Saturday, April 17, 2010

Illuminati Plan Third Temple in Jerusalem

There are many levels of subterfuge. George Soros and Rahm Emanuel, both internationalist Jews, are scripting Obama. Very few at this time realize the intent. Obama is given a worldwide Muslim image. Internationalist Jewish media publicized Obamamania as they did Beatlemania. Why?

The reasons center on the raising of the Third Temple in Jerusalem and the matter of Israel's demographic war. In the first case, the Temple is only 18 minutes away from being raised above ground. This is done through computerized hydraulics. While at the Dead Sea, this was mentioned to Eric Zieber who held a discussion with a retired IDF general. The general revealed that since 1990, a tunnel from the Dead Sea to beneath the Temple Mount, allowed workers to eventually perform this technological feat. [I can't believe this.This tunnel would have to be 30 miles long.]

In the 1980s, eschatologists generally held the view that it would be at least 15 years to the raising of the Temple, once work had begun on it. Years later, through remarkable technological advancements, the estimate was realistically lowered to six years from its inception. But now we see it will take only 18 minutes to raise through computer hydraulics. [I don't believe it.] There is just one prerequisite for Israel to do so...'


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