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Rising Energy Costs Have netted the Government £1 Billion

And it's all mine !

Rising fuel costs have provided the Government with a windfall of as much as £1 billion from a scheme designed to promote renewable energy, it has been reported.
The revelation comes as Prime Minister Gordon Brown comes under pressure from Labour backbenchers to impose a windfall tax on "excessive" profits made by the energy companies.
Ministers are due in the coming week to unveil a package of measures to help consumers deal with soaring fuel prices, but efforts to persuade the power giants voluntarily to fund a cash handout to vulnerable households this winter appear to have come to nothing.
There have been calls for the money received by the Treasury from the Non-Fossil Fuel Obligation scheme to be used to help families with energy efficiency measures such as home insulation.

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Anti-Terror Laws Prone to Abuse, Amnesty Says

Numerous governments around the world are using anti-terror laws to suppress political dissent and civil liberties, according to a new report released by one of the world’s most respected human rights organisations.
Amid calls for increased U.N. scrutiny, in its report, the London-based group Amnesty International raises serious questions and concerns about the impact of the so-called war on terror on human rights and freedom of speech in many countries.
”There is a huge gap between governmental rhetoric and the reality of human rights observance on the ground,” said Amnesty in its report, entitled ”Security and Human Rights: Terrorism and the United Nations.”
The rights group released its report Thursday just a few hours before the U.N. General Assembly plenary was due to start biennial review of the ”Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy,” a documented adopted by the member states some two years ago.
The report’s authors say in a number of countries government leaders are violating human rights, although there is no provision in the document that would allow them to do so while pursuing anti-terror policies.
The report says that many governments have ”rushed through problematic laws formulating often vaguely-defined crimes, such as banning organisations, undermining fair trial standards, and suspending safeguards aimed at protecting human rights.”
The so-called war on terror, according to the report, is being used by both democratic governments and repressive regimes alike to justify restrictions on their political opponents and dissidents.

Chinese Aspartame Firm Makes UK Move

SinoSweet is stepping up its activities in the UK this month with the opening of a new sales office for aspartame, which it believes will help sales of the sweetener in the face of rival sucralose.
SinoSweet claims to be the manufacturer of more than 50 per cent of the aspartame made in China, and to “enjoy major contracts with all of the world’s largest users”.
SinoSweet UK’s managing director Richard Stead said that the Chinese firm believes it will be able to provide the UK market with a “cost-effective, full flavour, alternative to sucralose”.
The aspartame will be supplied directly from China and stocks will be held in the UK.
Stead told supermarkets have removed aspartame from own brands. However, because the own brands market share is not huge, there has been only a small loss for aspartame and overall there has been continued growth in its use.

Argentinians torch train over delays

Furious commuters in Argentina have set fire to a train over delays during the morning rush hour.

Television images showed black smoke and flames engulfing the train at the station of Merlo, in the western suburbs of the capital, Buenos Aires. At nearby Castelar, passengers hurled stones at the ticket office and blocked the rails.
Many passengers said the delays, caused by a broken-down train, had cost them a day's work.
Justice Minister Anibal Fernandez said the faulty train's brakes had been sabotaged and leftist political activists took rocks and flares from their backpacks to incite violence and set the train aflame.
"This was planned, it was premeditated," Mr Fernandez said, adding the fire caused nearly $8 million in damage to the newest train running on the heavily traveled line.
Police arrested seven people on theft charges during the incidents, he said.
Argentina's dilapidated rail services are plagued by delays and travelers' anger has erupted into violence before.


Somehow i can't see that happening on the 7.40 am from Surbiton !

Children aged eight enlisted as council snoopers

Children as young as eight have been recruited by councils to "snoop" on their neighbours and report petty offences such as littering, the Daily Telegraph can disclose

The youngsters are among almost 5,000 residents who in some cases are being offered £500 rewards if they provide evidence of minor infractions.
One in six councils contacted by the Telegraph said they had signed up teams of "environment volunteers" who are being encouraged to photograph or video neighbours guilty of dog fouling, littering or "bin crimes".
The "covert human intelligence sources", as some local authorities describe them, are also being asked to pass on the names of neighbours they believe to be responsible, or take down their number-plates.
Ealing Council in West London said: "There are hundreds of Junior Streetwatchers, aged 8-10 years old, who are trained to identify and report enviro-crime issues such as graffiti and fly-tipping."
Harlow Council in Essex said: "We currently have 25 Street Scene Champions who work with the council. They are all aged between 11 to 14. They are encouraged to report the aftermath of enviro-crimes such as vandalism to bus shelters, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, fly-tipping etc. They do this via telephone or email direct to the council."
Other local authorities recruit adult volunteers through advertisements in local newspapers, with at least 4,841 people already patrolling the streets in their spare time.
Some are assigned James Bond-style code numbers, which they use instead of their real names when they ring a special informer's hotline.
This escalation in Britain's growing surveillance state follows an outcry about the way councils are using powers originally designed to combat terrorism and organised crime to spy on residents. In one case, a family was followed by council staff for almost three weeks after being wrongly accused of breaking rules on school catchment areas.


Five-figure payout for BBC reporter taken off the TV news 'because he was blind'

The BBC takes great pains to point out that it is an equal opportunities employer.
But if the case of Gary O'Donoghue is anything to go by, it fails to practise what it preaches.
The veteran political correspondent, who is blind, has received a five-figure payout from the corporation after claiming he was stopped from presenting his own story on the Ten O'Clock News.


The super vaccine that protects you from all types of flu for LIFE

A super-vaccine that could give permanent protection against all forms of flu is being developed by British doctors.
The once-in-a-lifetime vaccine could do away with the need for an annual jab, according to researchers at Oxford University.
At present, the current jab has to be given every winter to match different circulating strains.
If successful, the new vaccine could be a key weapon against a flu pandemic because stockpiles could be made in advance.
Official estimates of the impact of such a pandemic in Britain show it could lead to 750,000 deaths, with more than six million children affected, including 750,000 under five.
Lead researcher Dr Sarah Gilbert said the vaccine could be used routinely in as little as five years, once tests had been done to ensure its safety and efficacy.
She said a universal vaccine would drastically change the way flu vaccine is used.
'With having to make new vaccine every year, there's never enough to go around,' she said.
'With this vaccine, we could end up having pretty much everyone vaccinated - a situation more like measles, where you don't really need it any more.
And we all know how safe vaccines are don't we?

Council finance boss gets £500,000 golden handshake despite running Britain's 'worst' department

The council said to be England's worst has agreed a £500,000 golden handshake for its finance chief.
In a deal critics described as 'a reward for failure', Liverpool City Council's director of finance Phil Halsall, 50, will receive a lump sum of £80,000 when he takes early retirement in April.
The authority has also agreed to enhance his pension by five years, worth another £420,000.
The pay-off to the £180,000-a-year executive comes months after the Audit Commission said Liverpool was the worst financially managed authority in England.
It brings to more than £1million the packages awarded to just three senior bureaucrats since a falling-out between its Liberal Democrat leader and its chief executive two years ago.
Last night a TaxPayers' Alliance spokesman said: 'This is a massive payout for a director who has presided over shambolic finances at the council


No wonder he is smiling !

Cool reception for Cheney in Azerbaijan

American Vice President Dick Cheney’s visit to the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, appears to be have been unsuccessful for Washington, unlike his visit to Tbilisi.

Cheney received a cool welcome and, according to Russia's Kommersant newspaper, Azerbaijan’s President Ilkham Aliyev has implied that Baku is going to play a waiting game concerning the Nabucco gas pipeline, which is set to bypass Russia. Neither President Ilkham Aliyev nor the Prime Minister, Artur Rasizade, were there to greet Cheney at Baku airport. Instead, he was met by the country’s First Deputy PM and the Foreign Minister.The Kommersant newspaper reports that Cheney was very annoyed by the results of the meeting with President Aliyev and even refused to attend a ceremonial supper in his own honour.


Kissinger: Nuclear Iran to change world

Former US secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, has stated that a future with a nuclear armed Iran would represent a change in the world order. "Nuclear weapons in Iran will change the international situation fundamentally," Kissinger said in an interview with Fox News. "It means that proliferation is likely to be unchecked after that, that there would be many more countries that have nuclear weapons that might be used against each other and against us, and that terrorists might be protected by countries that have nuclear weapons. That is the fundamental change that comes about," he added. "So, therefore, what America needs to do is to determine, together with its allies, if at all possible, when the point of no return is reached, secondly, what non-military measures can be taken to induce Iran to enter a meaningful negotiation, and, third, then to face the question of what other means have to be used," Kissinger said.


If Kissinger has gone on record saying something needs to be done against Iran then that is what is going to happen and soon!

Israeli Navy Firing On Palestinian Fishermen And International Volunteers

GAZA: 1st September 2008, the first day of Ramadan, several volunteers with the Free Gaza Movement and the International Solidarity Movement accompanied a small fleet of seven fishing vessels from Gaza City port. The fishermen exercised their right to fish in Gazan territorial waters, providing them with a livelihood and food for the besieged people of Gaza. The fishing fleet reached approximately nine miles offshore and began trawling along the Gazan coast, well within international limits. Usually the Israeli Navy prevents Gazan fishing vessels from accessing beyond six miles and in many cases only three miles by attacking the boats, sometimes lethally, or by arresting the fishermen. However, this day's fishing resulted in a highly successful catch due to the ability to access richer fishing grounds further offshore.
Two Israeli Naval gunboats approached the fleet soon after leaving port and began firing "warning shots" shortly afterwards. They were aware that internationals were on some of the boats. The Israeli Navy continued shooting multiple times at the fishing vessels, one of which was fired upon at least seven times. They also deployed explosive charges in the water and attempted to de-stabilise some of the boats by creating a strong wake. Communication was established with the Israeli Navy via VHF radio, informing them that everyone onboard were unarmed civilians and requesting that the Israeli Navy stop shooting.
The volunteers will continue to join Gazan fishing expeditions on a regular basis and will monitor Israeli aggressions towards the fishermen. Video and written documentation will be posted publicly and made available to journalists. The Israeli Navy will not be informed as to when the volunteers will join the fishermen, nor the ports they will sail from, since this is not within their jurisdiction. Also no indication will be made as to which vessels have internationals onboard.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Huge Rise In The Price Of Food

Supermarket food prices are soaring, with the price of key items rising at several times the rate of inflation, figures show.

The price of fresh food has risen by 12 per cent since the start of the year, while meat and fish now costs 23 per cent more on average. Meanwhile chicken and ham have risen by 42 and 45 per cent since January, placing the former staples out of many consumers' price range.

The rises in the price of both basic pasta and basmati rice have also smashed through the 40 per cent barrier.Even so-called slump proof tinned foods have registered a price rise of 15 per cent - more than three times the Government's official inflation rate of 4.4 per cent.Shoppers suffering as a result of the credit crisis would be advised to stock up on ready meals, according to the research, as since the start of the year they have fallen in price by 0.4 per cent.


Note that they are advocating the stocking up of ready meals. Wondering why that is?

Manufacturers and retailers make hugely increased profit from ready meals than they do from fresh meat, dairy and fresh fruit and vegetables. why do you think ready meals have slightly decreased in price when all the ingredients that go to make them up have increased alongside added production costs. They make a bomb on them.
They are certainly not as good for you as meals made from fresh produce you cook yourself.

Supermarket prices are all engineered to make the maximum amount of profit. They manipulate supply and demand. Stitch their suppliers up so suppliers make practicly nothing.

Get as self sufficient as you can, turn your garden into growing produce instead of grass, Keep a few hens. Start bartering for goods and services. We all have skills and things to trade.
Start visiting and buying from farmers markets.

The supermarkets are ripping you off now even more than before so Wake Up and don't believe what they are telling you.

David Blunkett Says People Should Work Until They Drop

Britain's workforce should keep working until they are no longer physically able to do so, according to former cabinet minister David Blunkett

In a speech to the Counsel and Care charity in London, he said people should stop assuming that the Government had "prime responsibility" for supporting them through "the ever increasing years of retirement".
The former Work and Pensions Secretary said people should be prepared to use equity release schemes to pay for their care in retirement, rather than protecting the value of their inheritances to their families.


What a load of bollocks, people worked hard all their lives looking forward to a comfortable retirement which is exactly what the government always told them they would have. Now he is promoting equity release schemes to pay for their care in their old age.


Georgian Soldiers Shooting Up Civilian Residential Blocks On Entering Tskhinval, South Ossetia On August 8th

This is actual footage of what Georgian troops were doing in Tskhinval when they entered the city after shelling it all night on August 8. A Georgian machine gunner shoots at civilian dwellings and it seems he enjoys the process like a boy playing a video-game.

Armed Soldiers Force Tory MP To Eat Handfuls Of Coffee Whitener... Because They Thought He Was Colombian Cocaine Smuggler

A Tory MP was held at gunpoint and forced to swallow handfuls of coffee whitener by Columbian soldiers who thought he was smuggling cocaine, he revealed today.
Michael Fabricant, MP for Lichfield and Burntwood in Staffordshire, was trekking in the jungle when he was stopped by soldiers carrying M16 rifles and forced to empty his bag.
When the soldiers discovered a box containing a mysterious white powder they made the terrified MP swallow handfuls of it to prove that it was not cocaine.


Although there isn't a lot of difference between a Tory MP and a Columbian drug smuggler maybe next tme he is in the House of Commons Voting on Big Brother or civil liberty issues he will think back and remember what it was like.

$1 Billion of Taxpayers Money To Prop Up Georgian Government

American Citizens are losing their homes, being bankrupted at an unprecidentated rate, unable to afford insurances, food or fuel and they still give a billion dollars of your money to Prop up their man in Tiblisi.

But you keep on letting them get away with it so what do you expect!!!!

Secret “Geo-Engineering” Projects Threaten Unknown Environmental Dangers

U.S. government scientists bombarding skies with acid-rain causing pollutant in name of fighting global warming
U.S. government scientists are bombarding the skies with the acid-rain causing pollutant sulphur dioxide in an attempt to fight global warming by “geo-engineering” the planet, despite the fact that injecting aerosols into the upper atmosphere carries with it a host of both known and unknown dangers.
The proposal to disperse sulphur dioxide in an attempt to reflect sunlight was again raised in a London Guardian article this week entitled, Geoengineering: The radical ideas to combat global warming, in which Ken Caldeira, a leading climate scientist based at the Carnegie Institution in Stanford, California, promotes the idea of injecting the atmosphere with aerosols.
“One approach is to insert “scatterers” into the stratosphere,” states the article. “Caldeira cites an idea to deploy jumbo jets into the upper atmosphere and deposit clouds of tiny particles there, such as sulphur dioxide. Dispersing around 1m tonnes of sulphur dioxide per year across 10m square kilometres of the atmosphere would be enough to reflect away sufficient amounts of sunlight.”

Going on an Imperial Bender

How the U.S. Garrisons the Planet and Doesn't Even Notice

Here it is, as simply as I can put it: In the course of any year, there must be relatively few countries on this planet on which U.S. soldiers do not set foot, whether with guns blazing, humanitarian aid in hand, or just for a friendly visit. In startling numbers of countries, our soldiers not only arrive, but stay interminably, if not indefinitely. Sometimes they live on military bases built to the tune of billions of dollars that amount to sizeable American towns (with accompanying amenities), sometimes on stripped down forward operating bases that may not even have showers. When those troops don't stay, often American equipment does -- carefully stored for further use at tiny "cooperative security locations," known informally as "lily pads" (from which U.S. troops, like so many frogs, could assumedly leap quickly into a region in crisis).

At the height of the Roman Empire, the Romans had an estimated 37 major military bases scattered around their dominions. At the height of the British Empire, the British had 36 of them planetwide. Depending on just who you listen to and how you count, we have hundreds of bases. According to Pentagon records, in fact, there are 761 active military "sites" abroad.

The fact is: We garrison the planet north to south, east to west, and even on the seven seas, thanks to our various fleets and our massive aircraft carriers which, with 5,000-6,000 personnel aboard -- that is, the population of an American town -- are functionally floating bases. And here's the other half of that simple truth: We don't care to know about it. We, the American people, aided and abetted by our politicians, the Pentagon, and the mainstream media, are knee-deep in base denial. Now, that's the gist of it.

If, like most Americans, that's more than you care to know, stop here.


The Latest Headlies From FKN News

Key 9/11 Witness Commits Suicide?

'The Daily News reported yesterday that Kenny Johannemann - a key witness in the WTC 9/11 bombings - recently committed suicide.

I call him a key witness because in spite of aggressive prodding from reporters about "the planes," he clearly called what happened on the upper floors of the World Trade Center "explosions."

More important, Johannemann reported a massive explosion in the basement of one of the Twin Towers and rescuing someone who received full body burns from an explosion that took place at the base - not the top - of the building. (The Daily News obscured this part of the story in their report today.)

The suicide note purportedly left by Johannemann stated that he had "lost friends and family" over "his drinking" which the letter attributes to his depression since 9/11.Here is the entire text of the note as reported in the Daily News:

"The reason I killed myself was 'cause I was getting evicted and can't handle homelessness. I was also very depressed since 9/11. I've been drinking way too much and it's ruined my life. I've lost friends and family over drinking and I'm very lonely. There is nothing left for me to be happy about other than my cat. Sounds weird, but it's true. I just wanted to say I'm sorry 2 any people I ever hurt in my life. I really was a good person when I wasn't drinking. I hope people remember that. Goodbye!!!Kenny Johannemann"

I wonder if the person who wrote this suicide note bothered to spend any time listening to Johannemann speak. Johannemann had a large extended family and large social network which, according to his cousin Gerald Maya, universally held him in high regard. Maya had offered him a place to live.

You have to ask yourself two thing:

1. Would a man shoot himself in the head because he faced eviction when he had a family and social safety net like that?

2. Would someone as well spoken as Johannemann demonstrated himself to be on live TV, write a suicide note that sounds more like a teen aged boy's text message than a grown man's final testament?

Keep in mind that there are other people, more visible than Johannemann, who are actively telling the same story he did in public venues. You can bet that Johannemann's "suicide" has sent them a message loud and clear about their safety or lack of it. In case you were concerned about them, these eye witnesses are alive and well'

Brasscheck TV

Garage's Free Petrol Stunt Causes Chaos On London Streets

A petrol station's decision to give away £20,000 of free fuel has been condemned as "irresponsible" by residents after queuing cars caused chaos on local streets.
'The Last Stop garage in Finsbury Park, north London is allowing motorists to fill up with up to £40 of fuel without charge as part of a promotion for a new computer game.
Hundreds of drivers took advantage of the offer this morning, causing queues to build up for 150 yards along the road and bringing jams to neighbouring streets.
Staff brought in to direct the traffic have had heated exchanges with drivers caught up in the congestion.
"What an extraordinary thing to do, it's totally irresponsible. I can't believe they've been allowed to do it," said one local woman, who did not wish to be named.'
I bet she than ran home and ordered her husband to get some quick before it ran out.

Down Wiv School: Children Are Best Educated At Home

'It is back-to-school this week. All over the country, stressed parents made last-minute dashes to the shops to force children to try on clumpy school shoes. Then they got up early, hurried their children into cars or on to buses, got stuck in jams, arrived later than intended and said a rushed goodbye. Then they found that the children had gone. Relief may have been mixed with melancholy, loss and a hope that the children were all right behind those high windows, told what to do by strangers.
The return to school is a well-established part of the journey of life. It seems normal, right and inevitable. But actually it is none of these things. Yes, it is normal in the early 21st century. But if modern civilisation started about 10,000 years ago, this way of treating children has been “normal” only for the last 2 per cent of the time. It is a new, artificial construct designed to provide education at low cost. It certainly was not created to provide a pleasant or socialising experience for children.
Schools are not clearly “right”, either. People tend to think that what everyone does and what they themselves experienced must be right. But there is nothing obviously ideal about delivering your children to other people who do not love them as you do, and who are likely to teach them things with which you may disagree. And sending children to school is not inevitable. Under the law, children must be educated. But they do not have to be educated at a school. There is another way. '


How Millions Of Tons Of Household Rubbish Collected For Recycling Disappears Without A Trace

'Millions of tons of rubbish carefully sorted into recycling bins by householders may never actually be recycled, town hall chiefs admitted.
Many of the council bosses who impose compulsory recycling regimes on their residents have no idea what happens to the refuse after the dustcarts have collected it.
They simply hand it over to contractors who never reveal where it goes and how it is disposed of.
The admission by leaders of the Local Government Association, the umbrella body for councils, confirmed longstanding suspicions of critics, and brought protests from campaigners and pressure groups who have opposed the spread of fortnightly rubbish collections in the name of enforcing recycling and saving the environment.
Doretta Cocks, of the Campaign for Weekly Waste Collection, said: 'This is a dreadful admission. People believe that whatever they put in their recycling bins is recycled - but in reality the councils can't cope.
'They do not abide by their own rules.'
The LGA said that councils do not have powers to force contractors who take away waste to say where it is going. '
Once again the local councils have been scamming the public, giving people criminal records, fines and raking in the cash for what is a huge scam

Union Fury Over Fuel Payment U-turn

The decision to rule out cash handouts for households struggling with soaring fuel bills has been blasted by unions as a "downright disgrace".
Ministers were expected to unveil plans to give each household up to £100 following in-depth discussions with power companies.
But Whitehall sources confirmed that the Government will instead focus on long-term proposals, including support for energy efficiency measures.
The Unite union said "greedy" fuel companies have won out over struggling consumers and people need an "immediate respite" from rising energy costs.
Left-leaning pressure group Compass said the real disappointment will be felt by the "fuel poor who will go cold this winter".


Georgia Linked To Nato Early Warning System

'Nato's early-warning surveillance system has been plugged into Georgia's air-defence network in the first evidence that the US-led alliance is shoring up the country's shattered military.
Alliance officials said that the arrangement enabled Nato radar specialists to be linked up to the Georgian radar systems. “It means Nato can now see what the Georgians are seeing through their radars, effectively allowing the alliance to monitor what is going on over Georgian airspace without having military assets in place,” one official said.
After the war in Georgia last month and the continuing occupation of parts of the country by Russian troops, the move underlined the intention by Nato to provide assistance to the Georgian military.
A Nato official said that the combined air surveillance arrangement had been negotiated before the crisis in Georgia. The technical switch-on, linking radars in Georgia to Nato, happened this week however.'


Secret Service Confiscates Books & Buttons From Ron Paul Delegates

Today at the Republican National Convention, as the Ron Paul Delegates were taking a picture in front of the model White House inside the Convention Center, they were surrounded by Secret Service which proceeded to search the bags of all the delegates. They took any and everything related to Ron Paul including signs, buttons, videos, slim jims, cards, even books.
Alternate Delegate Dennis Rothacker from Florida said “We were done taking the picture when Secret Service started walking into the room and surrounded us. There were about 30 of them. When they searched my bags they took my Ron Paul sign and turned a deaf ear to my complains, they just walked away.”

September Surprise - Get ready For It

While the rest of the pundits opine about the meaning and implications of Sarah Palin's ascension from small town mayor to prospective vice president – and whether or not her daughter's private life is fair game for any media outlet other than the National Enquirer – those of us whose job it is to stand watch on the ramparts and report the real news are wondering when – not if – the War Party will pull a rabbit out of the proverbial hat. For months, I've been warning in this space that an American attack on Iran is imminent, and now I see that the Dutch have reason to agree with my assessment. Their intelligence service reportedly has pulled out of a covert operation inside Iran on the grounds that a U.S. strike is right around the corner – in "a matter of weeks," according to De Telegraaf, a Dutch newspaper.
As the story goes, the Dutch had infiltrated the purported Iranian weapons project and were firmly ensconced when they got word that the Americans are about to launch a missile attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. They wisely decided to close down the operation and pull out.
Remember, the Israelis have been threatening to strike on their own for months: what's changed is that now, apparently, the U.S. has caved in to what is a blatant case of blackmail and has agreed to do the job for them.


Most R.F.I.D Chips Leak Data Like A Sieve - Hushed Up

MOST RFID products – like passports and Oyster cards – leak data like sieves says Brit firm, Peratech.
By Tony Dennis The scandal broke back in August but those affected – like government agencies and credit card companies – are trying to hush the problem up rather than fix it claims Peratech’s Taysom.
The worst offenders are the latest generation of ‘biometric’ passports, he says. These very easily leak information via RFID scanning. And the victims won’t even notice it is happening.
The information – garnered from airports – would be sufficient to enable a passport to be cloned, he reckons. But in Taysom’s opinion, the solution is easy. Just install an ultra-thin switch using Peratech’s QTC technology


Bush Extends 9/11 National Emergency Yet Again

Though few Americans realize it, Cheney and Rumsfeld worked through the 1980s and 1990s on emergency nuclear-response plans which allegedly suspended the American constitution and also Congress.[1] (Through these decades Rumsfeld was CEO of a major pharmaceutical firm, and in the later 1990s Cheney was CEO of Halliburton; but their private status did not deter them from continuing to exercise a supra-constitutional planning power conferred on them by Ronald Reagan.)

Even fewer Americans know that these rules, originally dealing with a nuclear attack on America, were extended by Reagan Executive Order 12656 to cover “any occurrence, including natural disaster, military attack, technological emergency, or other emergency, that seriously degrades or seriously threatens the national security of the United States.”[2] And few Americans realize that at least some of these rules, known technically as Continuity of Government or COG rules, were invoked before 10:00 AM on September 11, 2001.[3]

As he did in 2007, President Bush has again, on August 28, 2008, continued for another year the national emergency first officially proclaimed on September 14, 2001, along with “the powers and authorities adopted to deal with that emergency:”

Notice: Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Certain Terrorist Attacks

Consistent with section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)), I am continuing for 1 year the national emergency I declared on September 14, 2001, in Proclamation 7463, with respect to the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center, New York, New York, the Pentagon, and aboard United Airlines flight 93, and the continuing and immediate threat of further attacks on the United States.

Because the terrorist threat continues, the national emergency declared on September 14, 2001, and the powers and authorities adopted to deal with that emergency, must continue in effect beyond September 14, 2008. Therefore, I am continuing in effect for an additional year the national emergency I declared on September 14, 2001, with respect to the terrorist threat.

This notice shall be published in the Federal Register and transmitted to the Congress.

August 28, 2008.[4]

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Revolution of the Meek

What words can I conjure to give meaning to the visions that dominate my brain, images of evil and bloodlust, consuming the flesh of an unwary people. I see the rapidly approaching epic, the cataclysmic convulsion of a violent racist culture, stabbing feverishly at its own womb, hoping to abort the birth of the new man of peace and unity.
I see clearly the rising image of the new race, a new culture dedicated to enlightenment. The new mankind will be hungry for knowledge, in the same way that the current race is hungry for wealth and power. The new man will seek to overcome life's problems through understanding them, instead of forcefully re-ordering them to a more acceptable configuration.
Bringing forth the "New Man" is the core of all religious teaching, as is the coming catastrophic era, which will draw-out the mind of the new man from the debris of the shattered old mind. No prophet or founder of religions has ever been able to convert more than a handful of his closest followers into these New Men, whose minds have been liberated from the baggage of the old. But each of them clearly described the apocalyptic events which would rip the new earth from the old.
All belief systems, even religious ones, have been corrupted by power-mad individuals who intend to keep mankind in the dark, confused about the most basic items of truth and reality. They perverted the faiths, turning each of them away from the nurturing teachings of their Prophet founders, focusing instead, on sowing division among the faithful. Trusted spiritual leaders, by their actions, have hidden the many ways of growing a generation of "New Men," ensuring that mankind would only have one path to mass enlightenment open unto them, the path of cataclysm/conversion. The new man would eventually arise, but, like the Phoenix, he would necessarily arise out of the ashes of the old order.



THE US and Poland yesterday signed an historic agreement which will guarantee the total destruction of the eastern European state.

Under the deal the US will build a nuclear missile base on Poland's border with Russia and in return the Poles will get the first season of Grey's Anatomy and the poor seventh season of Will & Grace.

Poland will come to the aid of the US should it be attacked by Russia, while the US has promised Poland a special commemorative edition of USA Today.

US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice said: "This historic agreement opens up a new and final chapter in the long history of Russia's psychotic aggression towards the Poles."Over the centuries Russia has brutally attacked its tiny neighbour on hundreds of occasions without the slightest provocation; well not any more."

She added: "Brave Poland, we salute you. We take comfort in your strong Christian faith and know that one day we will all dance together in heaven."

General Radek Kilich, Polish chief of staff, said: "I have better idea. Why not just get whole country to stand at border wearing 'Putin is c*nt' t-shirt? That should do trick.

"Still, at least now US back us up, just like they do for brave Georgia. I start dig large hole. Buy beans."

Meanwhile Janice Harper, a housewife from East Sussex, said: "My god what will happen once they've killed all the Poles? I'll have to get some dirty cockney to flush my pipes."

The Daily Mash

'US to Replenish Georgia's Weapons caches'

The US is to help Georgia strengthen its military power and Vice President Dick Cheney's visit there has been planned with this aim in view.

Cheney weighed the views of "the Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and other officials about how the US and its allies could help strengthen economic and military capabilities," the Wall Street Journal said. The vice president, currently on a tour of the region, was profuse in his expressing support for Tbilisi and condemning Russia's involvement in the recent conflict in the region. "Georgia will be in our alliance," he said.

Cheney and Saakashvili meet conveyors of US 'aid' to TbilisiHe added that 'the free world' had to return Georgia's contributions to US' operations in Afghanistan. The New York Times also wrote that "an initial step" in line with the US' military assistance to Georgia “could be to increase the number of US military trainers."


Could A Spy Satellite Identify Any Of Us From Our Shadow?

Spy satellites could soon be able to identify someone from space by looking at their shadow.
They would use a computer program that searches for the movement of shadows on the ground, and then identifies their owners from the way they walk.
The technique - called gait analysis - relies on the fact that someone's walking style is very difficult to disguise.


Police To Be Armed With Glue Guns And Stink Bombs

They are weapons more associated with Ghostbusters than the boys in blue, but police officers are to be armed with glue guns and stink bombs to help them catch criminals.
A 'less lethal technologies' report published by the Home Office Scientific Development Branch (SDB) showed scientists are creating an array of less harmful weapons than guns, Tasers and plastic bullets to fight crime.
According to the industry magazine Police Review today, the report lists a variety of non-lethal weapons, including 'Malodrants' (stink bombs) - to be used to disperse crowds by making them gag and run away from the vile smell.


The Dumb, the Stupid, the Clueless and the Uninformed.

I’ve been away for awhile… maybe a month or more… maybe I’ve always been away and just drop in on occasion with a new personality for the next period of engagement. It’s hard to know what’s what. Look at the problem people have with reality. They must have a problem with it because they will accept anything but and they generally prefer to be told what is happening rather than look into the situation themselves. By the title of this piece and by your own observations, I guess you know I’m talking about significantly more than half of the population.

I’ve long been of the opinion that all of the great and transformative acts for good that are practiced on this Earth are accomplished by ten percent of the people. I’ve also felt that the majority of evil is accomplished by another ten percent. The people in the middle are the hamburger meat in the fast food restaurant of the times in which we live. Among this group are thirty six personality types and you meet them all as you go and long before you actually leave. There are a handful of unique characters who exemplify their time and there is a much larger group that plays a tape loop over and over again until it wears out. You could no more talk to these people about what is really going on than you could convince them that they have anything to do with it.

Read the rest on Smoking Mirrors

RNC protesters charged with terrorist offences

In what appears to be the first use of criminal charges under the 2002 Minnesota version of the Federal Patriot Act, Ramsey County Prosecutors have formally charged 8 alleged leaders of the RNC Welcoming Committee with Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism. Monica Bicking, Eryn Trimmer, Luce Guillen Givins, Erik Oseland, Nathanael Secor, Robert Czernik, Garrett Fitzgerald, and Max Spector, face up to 7 1/2 years in prison under the terrorism enhancement charge which allows for a 50% increase in the maximum penalty.

Affidavits released by law enforcement which were filed in support of the search warrants used in raids over the weekend, and used to support probable cause for the arrest warrants, are based on paid, confidential informants who infiltrated the RNCWC on behalf of law enforcement. They allege that members of the group sought to kidnap delegates to the RNC, assault police officers with firebombs and explosives, and sabotage airports in St. Paul. Evidence released to date does not corroborate these allegations with physical evidence or provide any other evidence for these allegations than the claims of the informants. Based on past abuses of such informants by law enforcement, the National Lawyers Guild is concerned that such police informants have incentives to lie and exaggerate threats of violence and to also act as provacateurs in raising and urging support for acts of violence.

“These charges are an effort to equate publicly stated plans to blockade traffic and disrupt the RNC as being the same as acts of terrorism. This both trivializes real violence and attempts to place the stated political views of the Defendants on trial,” said Bruce Nestor, President of the Minnesota Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. “The charges represent an abuse of the criminal justice system and seek to intimidate any person organizing large scale public demonstrations potentially involving civil disobedience, he said.”

McCain Says Knows How To Capture Bin Laden

Republican candidate John McCain said on Wednesday that if elected president, he will capture al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.
"President Clinton had opportunities to get Osama bin Laden. President Bush had opportunities to get Osama bin Laden. I know how to do it and I'll do it," he told ABC's "World News" in an interview

What the Violence Against Protesters at the Convention Really Means

A classified FBI intelligence memorandum gives police detailed instructions on how to target and monitor lawful political demonstrations under the rubric of fighting terrorism. And the Joint Terrorism Task Force was involved in infiltrating, tracking and disrupting every-day Americans who disagree with the current administration’s policies.
While the ACLU calls such tactics “a return to the days of J. Edgar Hoover’s spying tactics”, that is not an accurate description.
While Hoover’s FBI had its “enemies list”, and carried out numerous dirty tricks including Cointelpro, the current governmental actions are a lot worse.
For example, according to a law school professor, the Military Commissions Act of 2006 has the following consequences:
“Anyone who donates money to a charity that turns up on Bush’s list of ‘terrorist’ organizations, or who speaks out against the government’s policies could be declared an ‘unlawful enemy combatant’ and imprisoned indefinitely. That includes American citizens.”

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory No. 36/2008 (28 Aug. - 03 Sep. 2008)

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Continue Systematic Attacks against Palestinian Civilians and Property in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT)

18 Palestinian civilians, including 9 children, were wounded by IOF gunfire in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
This number includes two fishermen who were wounded by IOF naval troops whilst near the Gaza seashore.
15 civilians were wounded when IOF used force against peaceful demonstrations organized in protest at the construction of the Annexation Wall.
IOF used a liquid with a disgusting smell to target demonstrators.
IOF conducted 35 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank.
IOF arrested 29 Palestinian civilians, including five children.
IOF arrested 7 Palestinian civilians and 8 human rights defenders near the Annexation Wall.
IOF have continued to impose a total siege on the OPT and have isolated the Gaza Strip from the outside world.
IOF troops positioned at various checkpoints in the West Bank arrested at least four Palestinian civilians.
IOF have continued settlement activities in the West Bank and Israeli settlers have continued to attacks Palestinian civilians and property.
Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian civilians and property in Hebron.


Motorists From Rich Areas Could Be Charged More For Road Tolls In New 'Pay-As-You-Drive' Postcode Lottery

Motorists face a postcode lottery under Government plans to introduce road tolls.
Car owners from wealthier districts could find themselves paying more than those from poorer areas.
A 300-page document issued to firms bidding to run road-pricing trials says any scheme must take account of 'fairness' and different 'road user classes'.
The pay-as-you-drive charges of up to £1.50 a mile would be based on a motorist's address on the electoral register.
A Department for Transport spokesman said differential charging was aimed only at allowing councils to offer discounts to residents.
But experts from the magazine Autocar said their analysis of the tender document suggested the middle classes would be in line for higher tolls.
'This opens the way for a postcode lottery of road-pricing charges.' said Hilton Holloway, associate editor of Autocar.
'It has all the potential for yet another stealth tax on Middle Britain.


Watchdog Rejects No 10's Plea to Keep 'Sexed Up' WMD Dossier Secret

Ministers may have to release more details about the 'sexed up' dossier which made the case for invading Iraq.
Information Commissioner Richard Thomas has rejected the Government's argument that publishing comments made about drafts of the dossier could jeopardise national security.
The Hutton inquiry into the death of scientist Dr David Kelly heard how former No 10 spin chief Alastair Campbell put forward 11 changes to the document on Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.


I’m no neocon, says David Cameron as he sets out his world vision

David Cameron denounced European leaders for “scurrying to Moscow to compete for favours” as he outlined his vision of a liberal conservative foreign policy that would help to spread democracy around the world.
The Conservative leader said that Britain still had a valuable international role to play despite Western democracies being undermined by their conduct in the war against terrorism.
Speaking in Islamabad at the end of four-day tour of Afghanistan and Pakistan, he insisted that he was no neoconservative, saying that democracy could be spread only by patient craftsmanship rather than down the barrel of a gun.


You are who you associate with i was always told

George Osbourne Shadow Chancellor and Bilderberg member
Ed Vaizey of the Henry Jackson Society
Michael Gove of the Henry Jackson Society and self confessed Neocon
Oliver Letwin of the Bank of England

Need i go on?

Global Cooling? Unprecedented Ice Storms In Kenya

But suspend your rational thought process for a moment - the WWF assures us that CO2 causes global warming and global cooling
Evidence that the planet is tip-toeing towards the onset of a new mini ice age continues to present itself following unprecedented ice storms in Kenya as well as Sydney experiencing its coldest August for 60 years. But don’t worry because according to the World Wildlife Fund, global cooling can just as easily be blamed on CO2 emissions as can global warming.
The cold snap arrives on the back of the Sun reaching a milestone not observed in nearly 100 years - the entire month of August passed without a single sunspot being noted.
Lack of solar activity in 2008 has coincided with evidence of a cooling trend across the world.
Earlier this year, China experienced its coldest winter in 100 years while northeast America was hit by record snow levels and Britain suffered its coldest April in decades as late-blooming daffodils were pounded with hail and snow on an almost daily basis. The British summer also left many yearning for global warming, with temperatures in June and July rarely struggling to get over 16 degrees and on one occasion even dropping as low as 9 degrees in the middle of the afternoon.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Toppling The New World Order - A Vision For How We Can Do It

European Union Throwing Habeus Corpus Out of The Window

British citizens could be convicted in their absence by foreign courts for traffic, credit card or other criminal offences under plans approved in principle by the European Parliament.

The proposals would allow citizens to be extradited automatically under fast-track procedures at the request of another European Union country on the basis of a decision by the foreign court.

The overwhelming adoption by the Parliament of the proposals, which now go to the Council of Ministers, was condemned yesterday as “throwing habeas corpus out of the window”.

Philip Bradbourn, the Conservative justice and home affairs spokesman in the European Parliament, said: “This initiative would enable courts to pass judgments in absentia. It goes against one of the most fundamental corner-stones of British justice – that the accused has a right to defend himself at trial. If other EU countries want to go ahead with this proposal that’s their choice, but the British Government should have no part [of it].”

The proposal has been put forward by seven EU countries, including Britain, to strengthen procedural safeguards in the European Union and mutual recognition of processes in criminal proceedings. Countries can opt out from the proposals even if they are adopted by the Council of Ministers.


BNP running gun camps for kids

This is what the mirror is portraying

The British National Party is running Hitler Youth-style training camps to teach children how to use guns and knives.
Boys and girls as young as 12 have been taught to shoot a rifle, given demonstrations of knife techniques and shown how to make a lethal wooden dart called a Dutch arrow.
The youngsters are also brainwashed with lectures on the BNP's racist beliefs and given talks on how to deal with "Marxist" teachers.
The BNP ran the first youth camp at its annual summer festival called Red, White and Blue. The party's website boasts that children were taught how to make the Dutch arrows, which can be hurled 150 metres
It says: "Unlike other youth organisations, members of the YBNP carry knives for camp activities and for making Dutch arrows, walking sticks, as well as other items.
"The first part of the week was spent showing our young people how to use knives correctly and safely." Other activities include rifle shooting, survival techniques and map reading.
Although the camps are supposedly for 13 to 18-year-olds, the website singles out a 12-year-old named Rachel for her expertise at rifle shooting.


Once again the Press blowing things up out of all proportion. This was part of the Annual BNP camp and festival and the kids were firing Air Rifles!

Home office minister Tony McNulty stated ''It was disgraceful to teach children to use weapons at a time when the scourge of knife crime among the young was such a problem.''
He added: "If this wasn't so serious it would be funny. I have never seen anything so irresponsible. Teaching young children to use knives and guns is reprehensible but it is what you expect from such a sick and twisted party."

Perhaps then Mr McNulty you should disband the Army, Air and sea Cadets who teach children as young as 12 on how to kill people using guns, knifes and other weapons.
I don't agree with what the BNP is doing here but I don't like hypocritical tossers like McNulty either !

Settler violence against Palestinians on the rise

HEBRON (IRIN) - Violence by settlers perpetrated against Palestinians has been on the rise in recent weeks in Hebron and the surrounding areas, residents and international observers said."These areas are hot spots for violence and are priority areas for us," said Matteo Benatti, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross's delegation in the city.

He was referring to H2, the part of Hebron under Israeli control, and the rural southern part of the district, also mostly under Israel's jurisdiction, according to the Oslo accords of the 1990s with the Palestinians.
"Day and night, night and day, it makes no difference, the settlers always abuse us," said Jamal, a Palestinian refugee in his mid-40s.
Given the city's violent history and perpetual troubles, the settlement in the middle of a Palestinian urban area, not surprisingly, attracts radical figures, some from France and the US who migrated to Israel, who seem attracted to the friction.

Many of the settlers are armed and wield their rifles openly, taking Palestinians in their sights."Inside, inside," muttered a Palestinian mother from the neighborhood of Wadi Hussein, as she pushed her young daughters indoors.
A moment earlier, armed youngsters from the Kiryat Arba settlement had thrown rocks and stones at the children playing outside, just after nightfall.


Video: Palin: Our Leaders Are Sending Our Troops to Iraq ‘On a Task From God’

It hasn’t been easy to find anything about Sarah Palin’s positions on foreign policy issues, but this clip from a speech to her church gives a clue:

"Pray for our military. He [Palin's son] is going to be deployed in September to Iraq – pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right for this country – that our leaders, our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God, that’s what he have to make sure we are praying for, that there is a plan and that it is God’s plan." (about 6 min into the clip)

See the Video...

Protestor At The RNC Offers Riot Police a Flower and Gets Peppersprayed !

Your browser is not able to display this multimedia content.

Film of Israeli Soldiers' Atrocity Incurs Heavy Price

Palestinian Village Faces Army Reign of Terror

The window through which Salam Amira, 16, filmed the moment when an Israeli soldier shot from close range a handcuffed and blindfolded Palestinian detainee has a large hole at its centre with cracks running in every direction."Since my video was shown, the soldiers shoot at our house all the time," she said. The shattered and cracked windows at the front of the building confirm her story. "When we leave the windows open, they fire tear gas inside too."Her home looks out over the Israeli road block guarding the only entrance to the village of Nilin, located just inside the West Bank midway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It was here that a bound Ashraf Abu Rahma, 27, was shot in the foot in July with a rubber bullet under orders from an Israeli regiment commander.The treatment of the family stands in stark contrast to the leniency shown to the soldier and his commander involved in that incident.B’Tselem, an Israeli human rights group, has accused the Israeli army of seeking "revenge" for the girl’s role in exposing the actions of its armed forces in the West Bank.It may also be hoping to dissuade other families from airing similar evidence of army brutality, particularly since B’Tselem began distributing dozens of video cameras to Palestinians across the West Bank.


Raiding Democracy in St. Paul

In the months leading up to the Republican National Convention, the FBI-led Minneapolis Joint Terrorist Task Force actively recruited people to infiltrate vegan groups and other leftist organizations and report back about their activities. On May 21, the Minneapolis City Pages ran a recruiting story called "Moles Wanted." Law enforcement sought to preempt lawful protest against the policies of the Bush administration during the convention.Since Friday, local police and sheriffs, working with the FBI, conducted preemptive searches, seizures and arrests. Glenn Greenwald described the targeting of protestors by "teams of 25-30 officers in riot gear, with semi-automatic weapons drawn, entering homes of those suspected of planning protests, handcuffing and forcing them to lay on the floor, while law enforcement officers searched the homes, seizing computers, journals, and political pamphlets." Journalists were detained at gunpoint and lawyers representing detainees were handcuffed at the scene. "I was personally present and saw officers with riot gear and assault rifles, pump action shotguns," said Bruce Nestor, the President of the Minnesota chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, who is representing several of the protestors. "The neighbor of one of the houses had a gun pointed in her face when she walked out on her back porch to see what was going on. There were children in all of these houses, and children were held at gunpoint."

Canadian Jews Object To Election Date

OTTAWA -- Canada's largest Jewish organization has asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper to reject plans to call a federal election for Oct. 14, which is a Jewish holiday.
The Canadian Jewish Congress has written a letter to the Prime Minister, warning that holding an election during Sukkot would make it difficult for some Jews to get to the polls and would rob political parties of workers. Mr. Harper also might suffer a backlash from a group of influential voters he has worked hard to court.


Scotland launches schoolgirls' anti-cancer health programme

A PROGRAMME to vaccinate schoolgirls against the virus that causes cervical cancer begins today.
Schools in several Scottish areas will begin vaccinating pupils aged 12 and 13 from this week.They will be the first in the UK to receive the jab as part of a nationwide programme announced last year.The Cervarix vaccination works by targeting the human papilloma virus (HPV). HPV causes around 70 per cent of cases of cervical cancer, which kills more than 1,000 women in the UK each year.The programme was announced last October and will eventually see all girls up to the age of 18 offered the vaccination.

Plans to share wheelie bins as soaring demand in continent leaves Britain short

'Householders could be forced to share wheelie bins because of shortages caused by soaring demand on the Continent.
Councils around the country have seen their stocks decline but have been told their suppliers are working at full capacity.
The shortfall has affected both large green wheelie bins and the smaller black recycling bins.
The problem is being blamed on a new environmental law in Germany which means every home has to have a separate bin for paper.
It means that this country needs an extra 40million bins.
Most of the manufacturers are in Eastern Europe and Germany itself and have been working flatout to meet the increased demand.
Some local authorities in Britain have therefore been unable to take delivery of more bins until January, according to the Local Government Association, the umbrella body for councils.
Town halls recommend sharing bins with neighbours, using black bags or driving to refuse dumps .'


Two households sharing a wheelie bin on fortnightly collections and the lid closing. You got to be joking! They will be overflowing and then you get Fined and recieve a crimnal record.


The 2012 Olympic martyrs: 'We'll go to jail rather than pay £33 Games tax', pledge pensioners

An elderly couple are vowing to go to jail rather than pay the 2012 Olympics surcharge on their council tax bill.
Tom and Rita Glenister insist the £33.33 levy imposed on London homes to cover the cost of the London Games is unfair.
They will appear in court later this month after ignoring repeated demands for the Olympic charge from their local council.
If convicted they face up to three months in jail.
Mr Glenister, 78, a retired civil engineer who worked on the building of the Channel Tunnel, is determined to become the first 'Olympic martyr' after widespread concern about the cost of the Games.


Congratulations to them. They at least have the guts to stand up to local bullying councils. As i have said before if everyone who was dissatisfied with what their counil or the Government stood up and refused to comply then there is little that they could do. Remembe the Poll Tax protests. People Power works!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Playing active computer games 'keeps children fit' and could turn the tide of obesity

'In the fight to keep our children fit they have long been considered a virtual enemy.
But now computer games are said to be proving an unlikely ally in the battle of the bulge.
Encouraging youngsters to play the latest 'active' computer games could help them keep trim, doctors believe.
Research shows that the physical effort of playing Nintendo Wii and similar virtual sports console uses up more than four times as many calories as sit-down versions.
The latest generation of the games can be played in front of a television or computer monitor by waving a wireless, motion-sensitive box through the air to control the movement of bats, racquets and clubs.
Wii fans can also dance, run or play sport - ranging from cheerleading to kick-boxing - on computerised mats which set complicated routines to be followed. '

What a load of bollocks, whatever happened to kids playing non computer based games , playing outside with their mates kicking a football around.
Ah yes !, if they do they will be fined, arrested and accused of causing a disturbance . That combined with the fact that councils have sold off playing fields for development, banned playing football in the street is driving kids inside their homes and causing separation from friends etc.

Call for Changes to Policing System

Fundamental changes to policing and criminal justice are needed because Britain has become a nation of "passive bystanders" who expect ministers to be responsible for every crime that is committed, a think tank said.
In order to move away from the current "centralised and technocratic" system of "Robocop justice", Reform argues for the introduction of local justice commissioners, community police boxes and regionalised criminal justice policies.
The group wants to see an "information revolution", with televised court proceedings and prison activities, detailed crime mapping and online offender databases.
It is also calling for the introduction of a National Bureau of Investigation to tackle serious nationwide crime, and innovative policing including the use of more volunteers and specialist "hit squads" to deal with pressing issues


This Think Tank is Reform

With the likes of Sir Richard Balchin the Knight Principal of the Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor (Chairman of the Knights' Council)

The current and past chairmen of GlaxoSmitKline PLC, lehman Brothers and vice chairman of USB bank involved we know it is non biased . Right?

In the article it reccomends televised court procedings, criminal databases, more volunteers and specialised Hit Squads.

A Ghouls Feast?

September 1, 2008It is with interest that I noticed a recent advertisement for the upcoming event; "An Evening with George Galloway", at the Orlandos Bar in Chorlton, Manchester and was interested to read that the tickets are costing people £35.00 each but was fascinated to find that the designation of the funds was absent from the publicity for the event.In light of the fact that the event is going to centre quite heavily around the issue of Iraq, as stated on the Manchester Events Guide website , I am hoping that the management team of Orlandos Bar and Mr. Galloway himself, will only see fit that the money raised from the evening, should go to assist the people of Iraq, after all it could be argued that without their suffering the event would not be taking place.




THE planet Earth has dismissed claims it is in danger from global warming, stressing the worst that could happen is the extinction of the human race.

'If you don't mind, I've got some orbiting to do'The Earth spoke out after a series of books, television programmes and environmental campaigns urged people to do everything in their power to 'Save the Planet'
Earth, aged 4,000,000,000, said last night: "I'll be absolutely fine, seriously. I might get a bit warmer and a bit wetter, but to be honest, that actually sounds quite nice."Try living through an ice age. Pardon my French, but it's absolutely fucking freezing."

The planet, based 93 million miles from the Sun, said it was 'sick and tired' of being drawn into arguments about human behaviour.
"Look, I'm just a planet doing its thing, alright? If you want to live on me, that's your business, but I've got important planet stuff to do, okay?
"Try being in elliptical orbit for five minutes, or balancing your gravitational pull with a medium-sized moon. Let me assure you, it's no fucking picnic."
The planet said environmental campaigners should change their slogan from 'Save the Planet' to something more relevant such as 'Save Your Sorry Arse'.
Earth added: "Okay, so there may come a time when, for a variety of reasons, I am no longer able to support pandas, polar bears, and humans, but you know what? Life goes on.
"Who knows, I might end up being a haven for toads."
The Daily Mash

Climate Scientists: Use Spaceships To Block Out The Sun

Global warming alarmists, who have routinely dismissed evidence that the Sun is the main driver of climate change, are now calling to block out the celestial body that supports all life on Earth in a set of bizarre new proposals to “geo-engineer” the planet.

One idea being promoted is a madcap plan to send a fleet of shiny spaceships to form a physical cloud between the Sun and the Earth, covering half the diameter of the entire planet.

“Political inaction on global warming has become so dire that nations must now consider extreme technical solutions - such as blocking out the sun - to address catastrophic temperature rises, scientists from around the world warn today,” reports the Guardian
The fact that sunspot activity and solar radiation have driven natural climate change throughout history is routinely dismissed by man-made global warming advocates who insist that human produced CO2 is to blame for global temperature increases, despite the fact that no global warming has been observed for the past 10 years and strong evidence suggests the planet is now embarking on a significant cooling trend. In addition, it was recently revealed that Arctic ice has actually grown by around 30 per cent in the year since August 2007.


Monday, September 01, 2008

Awaken !

Nicola Tesla - The Forgotten Wizard


Copyright David Icke, 2008. All Rights Reserved.
The David Icke Newsletter, August 31st 2008

Hello all …
You may remember a Newsletter in March this year headed ‘Is the Meter Maid Coming Into Your Home?’ If not, you can find it in the Newsletter archive at I also highlighted the information in that article in my presentations to both the media and the public at the Big Brother by-election in July.

I explained how I had received a letter from a UK traffic warden who reads my books and had become extremely alarmed and bewildered by information he had been given in the course of his job, which involved issuing fines to motorists for illegal parking. (Women who do the same job became known as ‘Meter Maids’ after a Beatles song about ‘Lovely Rita, Meter Maid’.)

Here is a summary of what appeared in that Newsletter of six months ago before I put it into the context of what has happened this week:

The man who wrote to me, I will call him ‘Andy’, has been a traffic warden for some two decades and his job has always been focussed on issues relating to traffic and parking law - nothing else - because that is all that traffic wardens were supposed to be involved with.

All was well, he said, until about five years ago when changes in management brought a whole new change of emphasis. Suddenly, it was no longer about keeping the traffic moving efficiently; it was all about issuing as many parking tickets as possible to increase dramatically the money taken from motorists in fines. Andy said that many wardens left in protest with comments like ‘The heart has been ripped out of this job’ and ‘We are now managed by robots’.

In his letter to me, Andy described how he had been asked to see his office manager for a ‘quiet word’, during which he was given three cards for himself and his colleagues:

* The first card dealt with his work on parking issues. Fair enough, that’s his job, but the other two left him confused and increasingly concerned at what was going on.

* Card number two was a ‘Pace’ card, which is short for ‘Police Action and Court Evidence, with the words that police officers have to say in law when they are arresting someone:
‘You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.’

Traffic wardens have no need whatsoever to know this police caution text because they are not in a position where they would - or can at present - use it. Only the police and some other government law enforcement officers have this power of arrest.

* The third card authorised Andy and his colleagues to act on behalf of the local council for the enforcement of various statutory provisions - ‘including entering and inspecting premises’.

Excuse me? What on earth has entering and inspecting premises and the words said during a police arrest got to do with people who simply issue tickets to motorists illegally parked??

This was the question Andy put to his bosses when the cards were issued, but he was told that they had been ordered to distribute the cards and Andy should just keep them safe until he was told to use them.

Some time later, Andy met a police officer he knew from some years before. After a general chat among other wardens, the officer pulled Andy aside and said he wanted to speak in private.
The officer said that Andy should not breathe a word of what he was about to tell him, and he was only telling him the information because he was an old friend.

He said that for months he had been on ‘special duties’ coordinating a top secret operation, meeting with ‘top brass’ from the police and national and local government.

This was happening all over the country, he said, and certain officers had been chosen - or were having to do - what he was doing.

The officer asked for another promise from Andy not to reveal details of the conversation before saying that the government was preparing for what he was about to reveal ‘well, well, in advance’. They were expecting ...
‘... a war, a lot of riots, a lot of very big trouble.’

The officer said that he understood that Andy and his colleagues had been given a number of cards, one with the Pace caution and one giving permission to enter various premises.

‘Let’s just say, I know, now, the reason you have been given them is because when all of this happens, and it will, we [the police] will be on the front line with the armed forces and people in your kind of jobs ... parking wardens, security officers, CCTV operatives and so on will be required to do our job.’

‘You must be joking, that’s crazy’, Andy replied.

‘I’m not joking’, the officer said, ‘this is on the level. I am just putting you wise to what will happen, but the main thing is please don’t tell anyone.’

So here was a police officer, on the inside of this covert operation, saying that there was going to be a war and that the expected mass protests were going to be dealt with by the police and the military while the normal police work was going to be done by traffic wardens, private security guards, CCTV operatives and so on.

‘Andy’, the traffic warden, contacted me in March to tell me the story, but his conversation with the police officer happened some months earlier. So this ‘war’ and the preparations to meet the public response have been in the planning a long time.

A few days after I received Andy’s letter and saw the cards he was talking about, the government announced that traffic wardens were going to be renamed ‘civil enforcement officers’ and their powers increased and expanded to include some of the tasks normally done by the police.

Now, this week, the government has revealed plans to ‘accredit’ a whole list of ‘civilians’ to do police work and these include … security guards, council officials, car park attendants, store detectives, park wardens, even stewards at sporting events.

This is exactly what the police officer described to Andy the best part of a year ago. Two things to stress here:

1.) This is not just about the UK. Yes, in so many ways Britain is at the forefront of the rapidly unfolding Orwellian State, but what you see here is a blueprint for everywhere.

2.) The police powers being given to these people today are nothing compared with the powers they will be given when ‘the war’ breaks out.

This is a graphic from the UK Daily Mail revealing the powers of the new ‘civilian police’ and who qualifies:

There are already 1,400 of these Orwellian-entitled ‘Accredited Persons’ under the ‘Community Safety Accreditation Scheme’ and now the numbers are going to explode. All they have to do is pay, or have their employers pay, a small fee for their next-to-no training and next-to-no background checks and off they can go onto the streets where they can stop vehicles, issue fines, take photographs of people, patrol with dogs, confiscate property and demand names and addresses.

It has reached the point where people who drop litter, no matter how minor, are being photographed when they refuse to give their names to these agents of the State and their picture printed in the local paper like a wanted poster.

For the moment ‘Accredited Persons’ will wear badges on their current uniforms, but the government plans eventually to have them all in special uniforms (in time for the war, no doubt, and black shirts would be most appropriate). They will join the former traffic wardens, now the Orwellian-entitled Civil Enforcement Officers, and the so-called ‘Special Constables’ who also do police work without the same level of training.

Together, with yet more classic Orwellian language, this little lot are being called by the government ‘the extended police family’. ‘Family’, see; sounds cuddly and non-threatening to obscure the reality of what it really represents.

They are far more accurately being dubbed ‘Jacqui Smith’s Secret Police’ or ‘Smith’s Stasi’ after the notorious East German Stasi secret police and the British Home Secretary who is officially behind the policy, but, of course, isn’t in truth.

As I have been stressing all these years, the few can’t control the many unless the many control each other and that is what this is all about - to get people from the masses to control the masses.

Every dictatorship and tyranny from Hitler to Stalin to Mugabe to any other you can name has imposed its will on the people through inadequate idiots from within the people. And there is never a shortage of takers anywhere in the world, which is why there can be so many tyrannical regimes.

What kind of mentality will want to take up the government’s offer to become an ‘Accredited Person’ and a member of the ‘British Secret Police’? The very people who should not be allowed within a million miles of any position that involves power over others.

They will be the bullies and the mentally and emotionally insecure who seek power over others to feed their sense of self when what they really need is a good therapist; they will be the robots for whom the rule book is their brain and they will be the masochists who will use the job to feed their fetish for domination and control.

And, of course, the Shadow People behind the useful idiots like the above Jacqui Smith know exactly what sort of personalities the job will attract. That’s the idea, to set loose on the people the most emotionally-retarded expressions of the people; to turn neighbour against neighbour, family against family. It’s called divide and rule.

I live on a small Island with only 140,000 people and yet I have seen a dramatic increase in uniforms and luminous jackets this past seven years as the number of council enforcers has constantly expanded. When I see the mentality of these people, some with no observable evidence of neuron activity, it beggars belief that they are now being offered ever more powers to inflict themselves on other peoples’ lives.

But, this is the irony. They actually have no power themselves at all. The uniform or the badge has the power, not them. When they take off the uniform or leave the job they leave their ‘power’ behind because they never had it in the first place – the uniform did.

And the uniform is what? An extension of the State. That’s all these people are – extensions of the State, which, in turn, is an extension of the Shadow People manipulating the direction of human society.

What they should be called are ‘Accredited Pawns’. If they were, how many takers would there be then? Next to none, so those who are emotionally sick enough to desire power over others must go on deluding themselves that they have power when they have none. Pathetic pawns is all they are, though few of them will ever see it – the ‘cognitive dissonance’ I wrote about last week will make sure of that.

Without such people the few simply cannot control the many. They are the enforcers of State power, which is the enforcer of Shadow People power, and now those in the shadows are making their final plays in their long-planned goal of global domination.

The ‘Accredited Person’ scam is also designed to bring into the realm of public control the endless ‘private security firms’ who, when you dig deep enough, so often turn out to be owned by the same people who own the governments. These private companies are being encouraged by the government to get involved with this ‘Accredited Persons’ scheme to ‘boost their profile’. Oh, I think the motivation goes just a touch further than that.

There are the official armies and the private armies and given that both are controlled ultimately by the same force they form, in fact, one army, the army of the Shadow People.

So here we are, and I can’t say it too often or loudly enough, at the crossroads for human society. What I have been warning about for so long is now daily experience and yet still the vast majority call for the sand and the bucket.

At the Big Brother by-election media conference in July I told the ‘journalists’ the story of the traffic warden and what his police officer friend said was going to happen. This week it happened and yet my phone has not rung with a single journalist asking for more information.

Irony, of ironies, a newspaper that broke the ‘Accredited Persons’ story was the London Daily Mail and in the audience at my by-election media conference last month was a Daily Mail ‘star’ called Quentin Letts. He wrote at the time that what I had said about Big Brother, including, therefore, the traffic warden’s tale, was ‘nonsense, of course’.

So much nonsense, in fact, that this week confirmation of its validity was blazed across the front page of his own newspaper.

Once again, as with the Big Brother by-election and the truly useless ‘civil rights’ group, Liberty, the media blamed the ‘authoritarian Labour government’ for the introduction of Orwell’s Britain - not able, or not willing, to see that we are looking at Global Big Brother and the ‘Labour government’ is just a servile cog in its machine.

When the ‘opposition’ Conservative Party come to ‘power’ they will simply continue the expansion of the Big Brother society, not least because they are now, through organisations like the Henry Jackson Society, an arm of the Neocon network in the United States, which has been the puppeteer behind Bush these last eight years and before.

But ‘It’s the Labour government’ provides the diversion to camouflage Global Big Brother.

For the last nearly two decades I have felt like someone watching a road traffic accident in slow motion. You can see the outcome, but the guy about to cross the road in front of the truck is laughing at you and saying of your warning: ‘It’s nonsense, of course’.

There is only one thing left to happen in what the police officer told ‘Andy’ and that is the war that he said all this was leading to. It is the war I have long warned is planned to create the global turmoil and catastrophe designed to justify a world government and army to ‘stop such a war ever happening again’.

But, naturally, those who are behind the war will be behind the creation of a fascist world government and army ‘to stop such a war happening again’ – Problem-Reaction-Solution.

What is happening with regard to the United States, NATO and Russia in Georgia and the ongoing manufactured dispute with Iran are all part of the build-up to the engineered conflict that will also involve China at some point. I am not saying it will happen tomorrow, but nor do I say it is a long time away.

What is for sure is that as you see the British secret police network, sorry ‘extended police family’, getting ever larger with ever more powers, the ever-closer we will be to the war and thus the public response that these manipulations are designed to quell.

How much longer before we ‘get’ it? How much longer before we ‘get’ it and then do something about it? How much longer before we have a mass campaign of non-violent, non-cooperation that will show where the real power lies – with ourselves?

We can only be enslaved with OUR cooperation and we need to stop cooperating NOW.

But what if we don’t act and instead do nothing?

Tick, tick, tick …

... ‘They say they’re using child protection laws to impose Big Brother, honey, what is the world coming to? What’s on the TV tonight, honey, is there a game show on ...?’

Tick, tick, tick ...

... ‘They say they’re giving the tax people the power to come in our homes, honey, what is the world coming to? What’s on the TV tonight, honey, is there a game show on ...?’

Tick, tick, tick ...

... ‘They say they’re creating a Stasi secret police in our own community, honey, what is the world coming to? What’s on the TV tonight, honey, is there a game show on ...?’

Tick, tick, tick ...

‘… Hey, honey, I just heard a knock on the door. Who can that be?’

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