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FDA Approved H1N1 Vaccines Contain Ingredients Known to Cause Cancer and Death

Most health experts will agree that vaccine reactions can occur. It is estimated that roughly 1 in every million people will react to their vaccine. Even then, health officials maintain that it is usually a simple case of inflammation at the injection site and/or a slight fever. On a rare occasion, anaphylactic shock may occur due to the patient reacting to a substance that they are allergic to. However, the FDA recently approved four H1N1 vaccines that not only contain very questionable ingredients, but some of those ingredients have even been proven to cause cancer and death.


Tories Warn of British Backlash to Blair ‘Presidency’

William Hague warns European leaders today to expect a backlash if they make Tony Blair the first president of Europe.

The Shadow Foreign Secretary told The Times: “There could be no worse way to sell the EU to the people of Britain.”

He dangled the prospect of a referendum in Britain to take back powers from Brussels, even if a “yes” vote in the Irish Republic leads to the rapid ratification of the Lisbon treaty. He also indicated that the Conservatives would use a Blair presidency to mobilise opposition in such a vote on Britain’s relationship with Europe.


‘TARP’ Turning Out to Be Largest Taxpayer Swindle in U.S. History

Congress and the White House have been busy lately patting themselves on the back for staving off financial armageddon by handing out taxpayer money to Wall Street like it was Halloween candy. But while they’re trumpeting the fact that some financial firms have returned a tiny portion of the trillions of dollars that were given to banks, reality is setting in that Americans will never see that money again and will be paying it off for many, many years to come.


APF: License? We Don’t Need No Stinking License!

The one conclusion I’m drawing from all this is that “American Police Force” is a scam of epic proportions. If, in fact, there is some larger entity driving this company from behind the scenes, it appears (at least to this observer) that they are an utterly incompetent, motley crew of bumbling con artists that may (at best) inspire an interesting screenplay along the lines of a low-budget “Ocean’s 11”….except with a very ugly cast.


Government Riots Against The Public

The totalitarian and privatized forces of this illegal government occupation are rising, in attacks against and upon the public, using the excuse of public demonstrations by the people to attack and crush any form of protest by people against the oppression and dictatorship that 'The State' has now become during this first decade of the New Millennium.


Here’s What Israel Is Really Costing American Taxpayers

It is often reported that Israel receives about $9.2 billion every year in the form of economic aid from the U.S. government, but there are many billions of dollars more in hidden costs and economic losses lurking beneath the surface. A recently published economic analysis concluded that U.S. support for the state of Israel has cost U.S. taxpayers nearly $3 trillion. About 60 percent of those costs (about $1.7 trillion) arose from the U.S. defense of the ever-expanding Israeli empire.


McChrystal's Measure of Success in Afghanistan

The USA is Broke: Time for a New Tax

An increasing number of influential Democrats and fiscal-policy experts have signaled that lawmakers will have to get a handle on the deficit. And they recommend seriously considering the creation of a value-added tax (VAT) on top of the federal income tax.

That could mean more money out of everyone's pockets when buying virtually anything -- sweaters, school books, furniture, pottery classes, dinners out.

A VAT is tax on consumption similar to a national sales tax. But it's not just paid at the cash register. It's levied at every stage of production. So all businesses involved in making a product or performing a service would pay a VAT. And then the end-user -- such as the retail customer -- ponies up as well.


US Paid Reward to Lockerbie Witness, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi Papers Claim

Two key figures in the conviction of the Lockerbie bomber were secretly given rewards of up to $3m (£1.9m) in a deal discussed by Scottish detectives and the US government, according to legal papers released today.


Abbas Helps Israel Bury its Crimes in Gaza

Just when it seemed that the Ramallah Palestinian Authority (PA) and its leader Mahmoud Abbas could not sink any lower in their complicity with Israel's occupation of the West Bank and the murderous blockade of Gaza, Ramallah has dealt a further stunning blow to the Palestinian people.

The Abbas delegation to the United Nations in Geneva (officially representing the moribund Palestine Liberation Organization) abandoned a resolution requesting the Human Rights Council to forward Judge Richard Goldstone's report on war crimes in Gaza to the UN Security Council for further action. Although the PA acted under US pressure, there are strong indications that the commercial interests of Palestinian and Gulf businessmen closely linked to Abbas also played a part.


Obama Agrees to Cover up Israel's Nukes

Israel has reportedly received an assurance by US President Barack Obama that it would not be pressured into accounting for its alleged nuclear arsenal or signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

In a meeting with, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu obtained President Obama's guarantee that the White House would continue a 4-decade-old secret deal to allow Israel keep a nuclear arsenal without opening it to international inspections, The Washington Times reported on Friday quoting officials familiar with the matter.

"The president gave Israel an NPT treaty get out of jail free card," said a Senate staffer speaking on the condition of anonymity. "What this means is that the president gave commitments that politically he had no choice but to give regarding Israel's nuclear program."

"However, it calls into question virtually every part of the president's nonproliferation agenda."


The IMF Catapults From Shunned Agency to the Worlds Central Bank

The IMF may have catapulted to a more exalted status than that. According to Jim Rickards, director of market intelligence for scientific consulting firm Omnis, the unannounced purpose of last week’s G20 Summit in Pittsburgh was that “the IMF is being anointed as the global central bank.” In a CNBC interview on September 25, Rickards said, “They’ve issued debt for the first time in history. They’re issuing SDRs. The last SDRs came out around 1980 or ’81, $30 billion. Now they’re issuing $300 billion. When I say issuing, it’s printing money; there’s nothing behind these SDRs.”


Scottish Civil Servants Million-pound Pension Funds Revealed

More than £500 million of taxpayers’ money is being spent every year on pensions for Scottish ministers and civil servants, with some enjoying million-pound retirement pots.


Friday, October 02, 2009

The Warrior Archetype and the Reemergence of the Goddess

For the past few thousand years we have lived in a patriarchal paradigm where the masculine has been over emphasized at the expense of the feminine. This has produced not only the oppression of women, constant war and violence but also inner conflict for both men and women as each struggles to be whole human beings in a world where an imbalanced ideal is cherished. The result of the over emphasis on the masculine has resulted in it taking a negative form as the feminine is devalued and even systematically repressed.


Exposed: American Police Force Is A Blackwater Front Group

American Police Force, the paramilitary unit patrolling a small town in Montana, has been exposed as being a front group for the disgraced private military contractor Blackwater, now called “Xe”.

The American Police Force website, on a page that has swiftly been deleted but remains cached here, states that APF runs the “U.S. Training Center,” which proves “a wide range of instruction and training for all types of law enforcement organizations, from basic firearms training to complex SWAT tactics,” according to the website.


Is the Saudi Royal Family Jewish?

In the 1960's the "SAWT AL ARAB" Broadcasting Station in Cairo, Egypt, and the YEMEN Broadcasting Station in SANA'A confirmed the Jewish Ancestry of the SAUDI Family.

King FAISAL AL-SAUD at that time could not deny his family's kindred with the JEWS when he declared to the WASHINGTON POST on Sept. 17, 1969 stating: "WE, THE SAUDI FAMILY, are cousins of the Jews: we entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslem Authority which shows any antagonism to the Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country (ARABIA) is the Fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his descendants spread out all over the world." That was the declaration of KING FAISAL AL-SAUD BIN ABDUL AZIZ!!!!!


A New Day or the Same Old Shit?

by Arthur Topham

The decision on September 30th, 2009 by the Canadian Human Rights Commission to obstinately forge ahead with the Harry Abrams & B’nai Brith Canada v. Arthur Topham and sec. 13(1) “hate crime” hearing was, given all the past machinations by this quasi-judicial state policing organ, practically a foregone conclusion.

Still, one member on www.FreeDominion put it into a rather succinct and poignant context by posting the above image; one which basically symbolizes the mindset of this government appointed bounty-hunting group who, over the past decade or so have ridden roughshod over the sacred rights of all Canadians in their endless quest to appease the politically correct crowd of foreign lobbyists such as B’nai Brith Canada and the Canadian Jewish Congress better known today, thanks to Ezra Levant and the blogosphere, as Canada’s “Official Jews” or “OJs” for short. Sort of brings to mind OJ Simpson for some reason.


Israel Set to Approve Massive New Settlement Near Bethlehem

Israel’s Ministry of the Interior is expected to approve could become the most populous single settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories since 1967, an Israeli newspaper reported on Wendesday.

The Hebrew-language daily Ma’ariv stated that the project, prepared by both the Ministry of the Interior and the Jerusalem Municipality, calls for the construction of 14,000 housing units for 40,000 Jewish Israelis on 3,000 dunums (three square kilometers) of land near the West Bank city of Bethlehem.


Nearly Two Thirds of U.S. Parents Won't Vaccinate Their Children Against H1N1

A new poll by Consumer Reports shows that most American parents will either hold off on vaccinating their children against the H1N1 (swine flu) virus or won't vaccinate them at all.


Cop Tells Retired Nurse about Mandatory Vaccinations

Blair to be Named EU President 'Within Weeks' if Irish Ratify Lisbon Treaty

Tony Blair is set to become EU President within weeks if Ireland votes 'Yes' in its referendum on the Lisbon Treaty tomorrow.

The former prime minister's candidacy for the new post will be rushed through as quickly as possible, according to government sources.
Mr Blair is among the favourites to become the first President of the European Union, a role that is chosen by the EU's 27 leaders and not by voters.


Axis of Evil

Click pic to enlarge

Canada Will Protect Swine Flu Vaccine Maker From Lawsuits

Canada is protecting the drugmaker of swine flu vaccine from lawsuits over potential side effects, Canada's top doctor has confirmed.

Dr. David Butler-Jones told a media teleconference Wednesday that Canada will shield GalxoSmithKline in the unlikely event there are problems with the vaccine, but it will not shield health practitioners who make mistakes in administering the shot.


So Glaxo smith kline make massive amounts of profit from the vaccines that WILL end up killing and paralysing the public, then your tax dollars go to pay to settle the lawsuits when they nevitably happen. Conspiracy between government and the Big Pharma criminals? DEFINATELY!!

America Is Led And Informed By Liars

Does anyone remember all the lies that they were told by President Bush and the “mainstream media” about the grave threat to America from weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? These lies were repeated endlessly in the print and TV media despite the reports from the weapons inspectors, who had been sent to Iraq, that no such weapons existed.

The weapons inspectors did an honest job in Iraq and told the truth, but the mainstream media did not emphasize their findings. Instead, the media served as a Ministry of Propaganda, beating the war drums for the US government.

Now the whole process is repeating itself. This time the target is Iran.

As there is no real case against Iran, Obama took a script from Bush’s playbook and fabricated one.



Cervical Cancer Vaccine Continues Killing Young Girls Like Natalie Morton; Is Pathology Report a Pharma Cover-up?

Not surprisingly, some of Natalie's classmates are now concerned about the safety of the vaccine:

"We have to have three of the jabs in all and a lot of us don't want to take the rest, but they're telling us we have to because there will be side effects if we don't have them all."

Did you catch that? Even after killing one of their classmates, medical doctors are still lying to these girls, telling them that if they don't continue with all three vaccines, they will have more side effects. This, of course, is an outright lie. But it's par for the course when it comes to vaccines.


Still Not Convinced HIV Is Bogus?

So it was most fortuitous that in 1981, as potential budget cuts loomed on the horizon, the CDC received a report about five young homosexuals dying of immune deficiency disorders (coincidentally, this was exactly the same count as the initial outbreak of swine flu, so the number five seems to be the CDC’s definition of the beginning of an epidemic). If a new deadly disease could be discovered, it would give the CDC new life. The deadlier and the scarier the better; ideally something with some more sticking power than the flu this time around.


Thursday, October 01, 2009

NASA Airbrushed UFOs - Lunar Base Towers

Water Wars: Colossal Land Grab by the UN and the Feds

click on pic to enlarge

The Federal government, influenced by the United Nations, is stealing American land and resources as Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is implemented in all states. Sustainable Development seems appealing and desirable on the surface, but it is actually a plot to erase humans entirely from 50% of American land, with a ban on extraction of resources, like water!

Dr. Michael Coffman, the creator of the Agenda 21 map, covertly obtained secret United Nations documents he used to compile the map which illustrates the resource acquisition goals of the Globalists at the UN. While Sustainable Development appears to be benign, its accompanying Global Biodiversity Assessment report states that only one billion people can be sustained in an industrial society!


Teenage Mothers to be Housed in Indoctrination Centres

From now on all 16 and 17-year-old parents who get support from the taxpayer will be placed in a network of supervised homes.’

Groups of between ten and 100 teenage mothers will be housed in residential units with job clubs, creches and parenting classes.

They will be made to sign behaviour contracts and if they break the rules they will be thrown out and sent to facilities with a tougher regime.


Brown Loses His Cool: PM's Fightback Backfires as He Tries to Storm Out of TV Interview

Gordon Brown' s political fightback was in tatters today after he lost his cool during a media blitz aimed at putting to bed doubts over his leadership.

The Prime Minister became furious as he conducted a string of interviews, claiming he was not being allowed to talk about policy or give full answers to questions.

At one point, Mr Brown tried to walk off at the end of a fiery exchange with Sky's political editor Adam Boulton.

But the move descended into farce because he was still linked up to a microphone and had not realised he was supposed to stay put for the next interview.


Everything is OK Montage

Iran Not After Nuclear Weapons, Says IAEA Chief

IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei says he does not believe that Iran has a military nuclear program, adding that the lack of evidence to the contrary supports his belief.


The War Against Free Thought

The war against our minds has many dark levels, all of which attempt to hide truth which is not sanctioned by the police state, replacing it with a new fabricated “official version” of events. The state/corporate controlled media informs us of what we are to think, while multiple forms of coercion, bribery and intimidation are used to reinforce the government’s ideas and convince people to accept them as their own.


German Interior Ministry Plans to Expand the Powers of the Secret Police

The Interior Ministry, currently headed by Wolfgang Schäuble, plans to expand the authority of the German state to spy on its own citizens. The domestic secret service will be given far-reaching powers and the separation of the police and secret services will be largely abolished.


The Swine Flu Conspiracy

CDC Drafts 'Isolation Order' for H1N1

The following draft of an “isolation order” was discovered on the CDC’s website. It is a template for state and local officials to impose quarantines and what would effectively be martial law.
“Your illness [as determined by state and local officials] requires that you be isolated and requires further public health investigation and monitoring.”
Failure to obey will result in imprisonment without bail prior to trial and the possibility of a two year prison term.


The Mask Slips, for Those with Eyes to See: Preparing for the Real Pandemic

Last week, many of the aboriginal people in the remote west coast village of Ahousaht were innoculated with the tamiflu vaccine. Today, over a hundred of them are sick, and the sickness is spreading.

In the same week, body bags were sent to similarly remote native reserves in northern Manitoba that have also received the tamiflu vaccine.


Comprehend VeriChip’s Swine Flu Chip

The Reuters report below tells how on Monday VeriChip shares jumped 186% due to a patent on their swine flu pandemic detecting mini-microchip for the purpose of human implantation which is a massive upgrade to their current microchip already in thousands of people from children to the elderly. If your grasp of technological devices hangs from floppy disks to WiFi let Reuters inform you a little bit about VeriChip’s device (actually Reuters promotes the corporation’s stocks).'


Were Illuminati Jews Responsible for Holocaust?

The Rothschilds were Sabbatean-Frankists. This Satanic movement gave birth to the Illuminati, Communism and the NWO. It controls the world today. But ironically, while many Illuminati pretend to be Jews, they actually wish to destroy Jews who earlier had excommunicated and vilified them. Thus, there is an unrecognized schism in the Jewish people, where heretics have exterminated the mainstream and taken control of the remnant through Zionism. Yet, due to the anti-Semitism the Illuminati Jews cause and organize, Jews mistakenly cling to their leadership.

The Nazi hierarchy was probably of Frankist origin. We'll look at this evidence later. But first we'll examine what Rabbi Plaut, who was President of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said about their holocaust plan.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Ryanair Boss Michael O’Leary Accused of Grubby Deal as Irish Prepare for Lisbon Vote

Mr O’Leary had said that it would be undemocratic to make the Irish vote again on the treaty after it was rejected last June. Yet during the second attempt to secure approval for the treaty, which is a repackaging of the rejected European constitution, the Ryanair boss has spent €500,000 (£460,000) on advertisements and free flights to support the “yes” camp.

His admission this week that his motives for backing the “yes”vote included a desire to buy the partly state-owned airline Aer Lingus was seized upon yesterday as evidence of a “grubby deal”.


Military to Get Mandatory Swine Flu Shots Soon

U.S. military troops will begin getting required swine flu shots in the next week to 10 days, with active duty forces deploying to war zones and other critical areas going to the front of the vaccine line, a top military commander said Tuesday.

Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart also told The Associated Press that as many as 400 troops are ready to go to five regional headquarters around the country to assist federal health and emergency management officials if needed as the flu season heats up.


Montana Town Occupied By Private Paramilitary Security Force - Check the Symbolism

A private security force whose biggest role is helping the U.S. government to “combat terrorism” is now patrolling the streets of a town in Montana, acting as law enforcement but accountable to nobody and operating completely outside the limitations of the U.S. constitution in a chilling throwback to the brownshirts of Nazi Germany.


New Jersey to Force Children to Have Flu Vaccine or be Kicked Out of School

Mahmoud Abbas Doing What He Does Best: Selling Palestine Down The Potomac River

The article also noted Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had dropped the pre-condition of a settlement construction halt under US pressure. In exchange for the pressure for easing Abbas’ demand on settlements, the Israeli daily reported, US President Barack Obama promised Abbas that the Palestinian viewpoint will be taken into consideration in forming the “framework” for the negotiations.


Draconian Drug Tests

The government's welfare reform bill, due to return to the House of Lords in October, will give Jobcentre staff unprecedented new powers that are intrusive, potentially coercive and take the benefit system into worrying new directions. As the bill stands, benefit claimants who refuse to answer probing questions about their drug or alcohol use or attend a substance misuse "assessment" could see their benefit withdrawn for up to 26 weeks and potentially have Jobcentre staff "impose" one or more drug tests to determine whether there is or has been any drug in their body.


Simon Johnson: 'Barack Obama, Like Louis XIV Before Him, Knows Exactly What is Going On'

During the reign of Louis XIV, when the common people complained of some oppressive government policy, they would say, "If only the king knew . . . ." Occasionally people will make similar statements about Barack Obama, blaming the policies they don't like on his lieutenants.

But Barack Obama, like Louis XIV before him, knows exactly what is going on.


Local Woman to be Fined, Jailed for Caring too Much

Lisa Snyder usually spends about 15 - 40 minutes of her mornings watching young children waiting at the neighborhood bus stop. She watches four or five children at the bus stop to make sure they get on safely. The parents of the children work full-time jobs and have to leave for work before the bus can pick them up. So, Ms. Snyder, who some would call a good neighbor, is actually considered a criminal by the Department of Human Services because she is operating what government officials deem an “illegal child care home.”

According to WZZM 13, an ABC affiliate in Michigan, the DHS has contacted Ms. Snyder and advised her that if she doesn’t get licensed, she’ll face steep fines and even imprisonment.


Second Girl From Natalie School in 999 Drama After Cervical Jab

Another schoolgirl at Blue Coat Church of England School needed an ambulance after having the cervical cancer jab, it emerged last night.

The 15-year-old pupil became cold, weak and dizzy less than an hour after the vaccine and only a short time after schoolmate Natalie Morton became fatally ill.

Her symptoms were so severe that paramedics did emergency blood tests and an ECG scan in a back room at the school, the girl's mother said.


The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

From unexpected drama to shocking performances, MTV’s 2009 Video Music Awards managed once again to raise eyebrows and get people talking. What most people however missed is the occult meanings encoded into the VMAs. The TV event was in fact a large scale occult ceremony, complete with an initiation, a prayer and even a blood sacrifice. We’ll look at the symbolism that went on during the show.


Deadly Tsunami Hits Samoa, South Pacific

A major quake with a magnitude of 8.3 has struck off the South Pacific island nation of Samoa, triggering a tsunami and killing an unknown number of people in Western Samoa.

At least 36 people were reported killed in American Samoa following the powerful earthquake and tsunami which hit the area Tuesday.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1,000 UK Children to be Used As Government Swine Flu Vaccine Guinea Pigs

The first children in Britain have started receiving a swine flu vaccine as part of a major new trial.
Researchers are hoping to use around 1,000 youngsters over the next fortnight to see which of two different drugs perform the best.

The children, aged between six months and 12 years, are being recruited at five test venues in Oxford, Bristol, Southampton, Exeter and London.


Israeli Settlers Chop Down Nablus Olive Grove on Eve of Harvest

Dozens of chainsaw-wielding Israeli settlers cut down more than 150 olive trees in to the northern West Bank village of Burin, south of Nablus on Monday.

The assault came a few days before Palestinian farmers throughout the country begin harvesting their olives.


Irish No Will Not Stop Europe Advancing, Says France

France has indicated that even if the Irish vote No in their referendum on the Lisbon Treaty on Friday, it will not hinder the European Union from taking steps towards further integration.

Pierre Lellouche, France's state secretary for Europe, told French TV on Monday morning (28 September), that a "solution" will be found in case of a second Irish rejection of the treaty as "whatever happens, Europe will advance because we don't have a choice."


In other words they dont care what the Irish think or the other 95% of the population of Europe who don't want a closer europe think, in true fascist dictatorship style it is going to happen anyway!


EU Intervention in Irish Referendum 'Unlawful'

Campaigners for a "No" vote have threatened a legal challenge after 1.1 million copies of the European Union booklet were distributed, at a cost to the taxpayer of £139,000.

The guide gives a summary of European Union's achievements before outlining how the Lisbon Treaty would help improve life in Ireland further.


And so is the EU paying for yes activists to fly to Ireland to help persuade the Irish people to vote Yes!!!

How Does the World Protect Itself from Israel and the Scourge of Rothschild Zionism?

There are many people, "progressive" Zionists included, who loudly object to the Occupation in the Palestinian territories, but see no problem with the continued existence of an Israel that privileges Jews over all others who happen to live there, particularly the Muslim, Christian and other non-Jewish "citizens." These people are referred to by Zionists as the "Arab-Israelis," but they are, of course, Palestinians. This population also includes a small number of Jews, people whose residence in Palestine pre-dated the Zionist immigration that started in the late 19th century. Those among them – and they may constitute the majority – who never bought into the Zionist ideology and are opposed to the State of Israel are treated pretty much the same as the other Palestinians, as less than human, untermenschen.


Iranian Bioweapon Researcher Dies Suspiciously

A US-based Iranian doctor working to discover an antitoxin therapy for biological weapons has purportedly died a "suspicious death."

One of the leading bioweapon researchers and a regular keynote speaker at international conferences, Dr. Nasser Talebzadeh Ordoubadi died on Saturday in what his doctors described as a "suspicious death".

Media reports have linked Dr. Talebzadeh Ordoubadi's mysterious death to his notable accomplishments in discovering an antitoxin treatment for bioweapons.


Marines Bypass Taliban Opium Fields in Afghanistan

The Tal­iban, whose fight­ers are exchang­ing daily fire with the Marines in Garmser, derives up to $100 mil­lion a year from the poppy har­vest by tax­ing farm­ers and charg­ing safe pas­sage fees — money that will buy weapons for use against U.S., NATO and Afghan troops.

Yet the Marines are not destroy­ing the plants. In fact, they are reas­sur­ing vil­lagers the pop­pies won’t be touched. Amer­i­can com­man­ders say the Marines would only alien­ate peo­ple and drive them to take up arms if they elim­i­nated the impov­er­ished Afghans’ only source of income.

Many Marines in the field are scratch­ing their heads over the sit­u­a­tion.


Now you can understand why there is a massive explosion of cheap heroin available coming to you courtesy of the CIA

Provocateur Cops Caught Disguised As Anarchists At G20

Shocking video has emerged of cops posing as anarchist protesters at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, in yet another example of authorities attempting to provoke chaos at global summits in order to justify a brutal police crackdown.

Footage from Saturday night shows three burly older men who look completely out of place with black bandanas over their face walking alongside young protesters during a march against police brutality in a You Tube clip entitled “G20 Epic Undercover Police Fail”.


Allegory Of The Cave: Meet Your Puppet-Handlers

Plato’s ‘The Allegory of the Cave‘ is from book VI of his most famous work, The Republic. He begins ‘The Allegory‘ by describing a dark cave found underground where a group of people are sitting in ‘one long row with their backs to the cave’s entrance’. They are chained to their chairs from an early age and all that the humans can see is the distant cave wall in front of them. Their view of reality is completely based upon this limited view of the cave which but an unenlightened view of the real world.


The Real Reasons Behind Federal Reserve Secrecy

An audit would expose the Fed as a massive fraud perpetrated on this country, enriching a privileged few bankers at the top of our economic food chain, and leaving the rest of us with massively devalued dollars which we are forced to use by law. An audit would make people realize that, while Bernie Madoff defrauded a lot of investors for a lot of money, the Fed has defrauded every one of us by destroying the value of our money. An honest and full accounting of how the money system really works in this country would mean there is not much of a chance the American people would stand for it anymore.


Vaccine Nation

From the award-winning director of The Drugging of our Children, Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own and AIDS Inc. - comes the latest film of critical social importance: Vaccine Nation.

For most people, vaccinating themselves and their children seems like a good idea. Vaccines are safe, effective and are supposed to protect us against dangerous infectious diseases - Right?


What you don't know can harm you or kill you!
In this groundbreaking film, you will:

See the truth about the dangers of vaccines and their direct relationship to autoimmune diseases, infections, allergies and a massive increase of developmental learning and behavioral disorders in children, such as Autism.

- Discover the truth about the history of vaccines and how they have NEVER been proven to be safe and effective for anyone.

- Witness the legacy of governmental deception and cover-ups associated with vaccines.

- Learn about the corruption within the scientific community and how vaccine studies are seriously flawed.

You'll also follow heart-wrenching, real life stories of the parents and children devastated by the effects of vaccines.

Join director Gary Null PhD and over 40 of the worlds foremost vaccine experts in this shocking expose' that will shatter the truth as you know it.

Saudi Arabia Offers it's Air Space for Israeli Attack on Iran

Israeli fighter jets have been allowed to use Saudi airspace to launch go-it-alone air strikes on Iranian nuclear installations, says a recent report.

The issue has been discussed in a closed-door meeting in London, where British Intelligence Chief Sir John Scarlett, his Israeli counterpart, Meir Dagan, and Saudi official have been present, Daily Express reported.

According to the report, Scarlett has been told that Saudi airspace would be at Israel's disposal should Tel Aviv decide to move forward with his military plans against Iran.


Mossad and MI6 involved in more facilitating of war and terror using the Saudi zionist stooges

Spiritual Revolution: A Swine Flu Special

Part Two

UK Schoolgirl Dies After Cancer Jab

A 14-year-old girl has died after being given a cervical cancer jab as part of a national immunisation programme, but the exact cause of death is unknown.

The pupil was taken ill at Blue Coat CofE School in Coventry shortly after she received the Cervarix vaccine. She died in the town's University Hospital.

The local NHS said there would be a "short pause" in the vaccination programme but it would then continue.


Mass murderers!! Just wait till the people get H1N1 Vacinations, you aint seen nothin yet!!!

David Icke - Swine Flu, Mass Vaccinations & G20

David Speaking on Red Ice Creations

Listen here...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Swine Flu is a Hoax But The Vaccine Could Kill You (Poster/Flyer)

Download the high resolution, watermark free version here...

Oklahoma Bombing Tapes Appear Edited

Long-secret security tapes showing the chaos immediately after the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building are blank in the minutes before the blast and appear to have been edited, an attorney who obtained the recordings said Sunday.

"The real story is what's missing," said Jesse Trentadue, a Salt Lake City attorney who obtained the recordings through the federal Freedom of Information Act as part of an unofficial inquiry he is conducting into the April 19, 1995, bombing that killed 168 people and injured hundreds more.


H1N1 Martial Law

Obama Demands Children Spend More Time in State Indoctrination Centers

It’s not enough the government has its hooks in America’s children most of the year. Now Obama wants to do away with summer vacation and have children spend more time in the government’s indoctrination centers.

In addition to eliminating summer vacation, the government wants to increase the hours kids spend in government indoctrination camps every day.

Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan told the AP kids need to be in school and away from their parents more because of dismal academic performance.

In fact, as H. L. Mencken noted in 1924, compulsory education is not about test scores and academics — it’s about state control of children. Mencken said the aim of public education is not “to fill the young of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence…. Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim … is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is its aim in the United States… and that is its aim everywhere else.”


Jamboree Used by Military, Police to Indoctrinate Boy Scouts

An Infowars reader has sent us an account of military and police indoctrination of Boy Scouts at the Boy Scouts Of America Great Lakes Centennial Jamboree, held on September 25, 26, and 27 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

“I thought it would be a great adventure with thousands of scouts from all over the Midwest,” an assistant Scout Master writes in an email. “The official count was 10,144 people in attendance (Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Adult Leaders, Parents, and Staff).”

Instead of an old-fashioned Boy Scout event of camping and outdoor activities, the attendees were subjected to unrelenting military and police propaganda.

The Little Mermaid

California Mulls Legalising Marijuana

In 1996, voters in California approved a referendum that made it legal for the first time in decades in the US for people to consume cannabis for medicinal purposes.

More than a dozen states have followed suit since and several others - the most recent of which is Massachusetts - have approved laws decriminalising the possession of small amounts of the drug.

Now, there are moves afoot in California to go further to fully legalise marijuana.


The Scary World Of Vaccine Adjuvants

Adjuvants can break "tolerance", meaning they can disable the immune system to the degree that it loses its ability to distinguish what is "self" from what is foreign. Normally, the immune system ignores the constituents of one's own body. Immunologists call this "tolerance". But if something happens to break "tolerance", then the immune system turns relentlessly self-destructive, attacking the body it is supposed to defend.


Bilderbergers Want Global Currency Now

Bilderberg has had front-men call anew for creating a global currency and establishing major European Union-style regions for the administrative convenience of a planned world government. Both steps were taken in September, one by the new Bilderberg-crowned prime minister of Japan and one separately by the UN.


All Aboard the MPs' Gravy Planes: Taxpayers' Millions Spent on Exotic Trips That Never Need to be Declared

Grinning and exuberant, he looks like any holidaymaker as he tucks money into a dancing girl’s costume.
It might not be everyone’s idea of fun. But after a day of whale watching and Fijian beaches, anyone might find themselves caught up in the moment. Lord Lea certainly did.
Last month, he was one of two peers who, along with six MPs, spent a couple of weeks visiting Tonga, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Tuvalu and Fiji.


The Descent of Britain's Afghan Campaign Into a Vietnam-style Madness

How were we going to win the battle to bring the civilians onside if we killed one of their number and offered nothing to ease the pain in terms they understood? It was heartless. It was wrong. And it was no way to wage a campaign against an enemy ready to exploit any of our mistakes to turn the 26 million people of Afghanistan against us. Christ, as if things weren't tough enough.


This is a must read!!!

Military and Riot Thugs Detain, Dehumanize and TORTURE American Citizens

n what was possibly the most surreal, horrific, and unimaginable thing I have ever witnessed in my life, 1200 Riot Police and Military Personal rabidly attacked a group of well under 300 American citizens, many of them just students that were unaware there was even a protest going on. They then expanded their perimeter and shut large areas of Oakland down. This is how my last experience at the G20 in Pittsburgh went down, out of control authorities mercilessly attacking an unarmed crowd with batons, tear gas, pepper spray, sound weapons, and rubber bullets. Around 10pm on Friday night, long after the vast majority of dignitaries and protesters had left, it became evident that the outrageous show of force by the Military and Police was not enough to stave off their thirst for blood.


Fast Forward 50 Years, Replace 'n' With 'q'

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Forced Vaccines Refused By Nurses In New York

Sunday, September 27, 2009

All UK Dogs to be Microchipped

Even dogs cannot escape the surveillance state. Under plans to be put forward by both Labour and the Conservatives at the next election, all dogs will have to be fitted with a microchip with their owner’s name, address and phone number.

In addition, a national database will hold details of all dogs in the country, including their breed, age and health. Owners who fail to insert a microchip containing a unique barcode will face a fine and possibly the right to keep their dog.


Rothschild Zionist Stooge Mandelson: I Would Work For The Tories

LORD Mandelson has disclosed that he is ready to accept a job under a future Conservative government.

In an interview with The Sunday Times magazine, the business secretary said he would be willing to put his “experience at the disposal of the country”, if Labour lost power. “As I grow older, I can imagine more ways of serving my country than simply being a party politician,” he said.

The Tories yesterday did not rule out making an offer to Mandelson. However there remains deep mistrust between the Conservative leadership and the colourful business secretary.


Scare Story: Flu Causes Heart Attacks But Vaccine Protects

Influenza can help trigger heart attacks and may account for a 35 percent to 50 percent rise in heart attack deaths during flu season, British researchers reported on Monday.
While a flu vaccine can prevent these deaths, fewer than half of the most vulnerable heart patients in Britain actually get a flu vaccine every year, however, they said.


So less than 8 months into a 3 year study they have all the answers??

The role of influenza as a trigger for acute myocardial infarction: evidence from clinical, epidemiological and statistical studies - January 2009 - December 2011
Study team
Charlotte Warren-Gash - Research Fellow, UCL CIDE
Andrew Hayward - Senior Lecturer in Infectious Disease Epidemiology - UCL CIDE
Liam Smeeth, Department of Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Medical Research Council

Influenza (flu) is one of many common viruses that cause respiratory symptoms. Some respiratory infections may trigger more serious conditions such as heart attacks We will study whether flu triggers heart attacks, if so how often this happens, and whether vaccinating people against influenza also protects them from heart attacks.
This will involve an analysis of medical records from a national general practice database and studying of recent influenza infection in patients hospitalised for heart attacks. One of the major anticipated benefits of this research is If flu does trigger heart attacks, some might be prevented either through vaccinating people against flu or by treating flu with antiviral drugs.

1. To investigate the role of influenza as a trigger for acute MI. 2. To determine the burden of MI attributable to influenza. 3. To examine whether influenza vaccination protects against MI. 4. To provide epidemiological, statistical and clinical research training relevant to the epidemiology, detection, impact and control of a specific communicable disease.

See here...

Towson University: Extra Credit Offered To Students Who Get Flu Shot

Chris, I was just told by a friend of mine that in her Biology course, Introduction to Ecology and Evolution, extra credit was being offered in return for getting this year’s influenza vaccine. No word yet as to whether this will be done for the H1N1 vaccine as well, but this knowledge left me with a disturbed feeling regardless. One, are students with legitimate concerns about getting the vaccine being put at an unfair disadvantage, and two, is undue pressure being put on them to do something that could have potentially long term health effects? It turns out that the clinic on campus ran out of flu vaccines and students are asking for more time to get their injection. This begs the final question, are universities finding ways to get students vaccinated, not by making it mandatory and superseding exemptions, but by creating incentives so that students demand it?


‘Nazca Lines’ Discovered in Kazakhstan

Media outlets as well as the official government website in Kazakhstan are reporting the surprise discovery of local geoglyphs or ‘Nazca Lines’. Geoglyphs are drawings created on the ground by arranging stones or removing the top layers of earth. These designs typically cover large areas. The most famous geoglyphs are those found in the Nazca desert in Peru. These show hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks, llamas, and lizards.

The Kazakhstan Geoglyphs (photo above, thanks to photojournalist N. Dorogov) appear to depict a humanoid figure wedged between two unusual structures. The drawings are located in the remote Karatau Mountains in South Kazakhstan.


DoJ Official Blows Cover Off PATRIOT Act

In the debate over the PATRIOT Act, the Bush White House insisted it needed the authority to search people's homes without their permission or knowledge so that terrorists wouldn't be tipped off that they're under investigation. Now that the authority is law, how has the Department of Justice used the new power? To go after drug dealers.


500,000 Troops Will Be Required Over Five Years in Afghanistan

Congress should immediately convene hearings to discuss alternatives to General McChrystal's proposal for such a massive escalation of the war in Afghanistan. It is time for the administration and Congress to demilitarize U.S. policy in Afghanistan and strike out in a new, sustainable, direction.


Most Parents Won’t Have Kids Get H1N1 Flu Shots

Germ-spreading schoolchildren are expected to be the focus of a massive U.S. vaccination campaign against the novel H1N1 flu.

But if their parents are hearing the rallying cry to have their kids vaccinated, they’re not buying it, says a new national survey.



Obamacare at Gunpoint: Pay Up or Go To Jail

Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) received a handwritten note Thursday from Joint Committee on Taxation Chief of Staff Tom Barthold confirming the penalty for failing to pay the up to $1,900 fee for not buying health insurance.

Violators could be charged with a misdemeanor and could face up to a year in jail or a $25,000 penalty, Barthold wrote on JCT letterhead. He signed it "Sincerely, Thomas A. Barthold."


Balls of Light Form Crop Circle

One of the more interesting videos concerning crop circles may be seen in this documentary from the U.K.. The documentary showcases an extraordinary video, filmed by John Wheyleigh at Oliver's Castle in August of 1996. The video appears to show two balls of light creating a crop circle.


Domestic Passengers Flying to Scotland May Now Have to Show Their Passports

Passengers on domestic flights to Scotland face having to show their passports to police when they land under terrorism laws, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.



Forty five words that grant the public their rights under the Constitution, to speak freely or to peaceably assemble to protest the illegal excesses of this government. Yet to do this we are "REQUIRED" to ask "PERMISSION" from the same people that we are protesting against? NO, we don't need their permission, because the permission in question is inherent in Article One of the US Constitution: Which overrides any and all city, county or state requirements to the contrary!


Supermarkets' Bloody Vaccination Campaign Advances 'Health Care Reform' by Lethal Injections

Wondering why food stores and pharmacies have replaced doctors offices and clinics as vaccination stations? Ask Steve Burd, the wizard behind Obama's Health Care Reform plan.

Burd, the Chairman of Safeway Supermarkets (VONS, Pavilions, and more) is also the founder of the Coalition to Advance Healthcare Reform (CAHR) in the US., and Burd has his fingers in more pies than healthcare. His partners genocidal operations are evidenced in shocking documents delivered by these authors to the FBI last week proving Safeway's vaccinations and health care promotions are dangerously impure and unsafe.

Burd's ties to the worlds most powerful vaccine lobby and biotech trust, Partnership for New York City (PNYC), best explain why Safeway is heralding and administering shots, including the new H1N1 flu vaccines, like never before.


Israel's Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory In 3D

Israel is screaming about Iran's backup fuel rod processing plant, denouncing it as a secret facility even though Iran openly declared it to the IAEA.

But if you want to see a REALLY secret nuclear weapons faciloty, one that the IAEA has never been formally informed of, nor inspected, one need look no further than Israel itself.

Please send this YouTube link to very congresscritter and media outlet you know. Send it to the White House. They will never use it, but at least they will know we know the scale of Israel's and US hypocrisy.


Saturday, 3rd October 2009 at 12 Noon - Houses of Parliament, Parliament Square Garden, Westminster, London, till about 2pm

Here are the details of our protest against mandatory vaccination (for more details on this issue see further down this page):

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) have taken over the control of the UK vaccination schedule and now have the power to bring in new vaccines without government approval even if they haven't been safety tested. Prior to this, all new vaccines would have to pass through parliament and be voted on before they were introduced. Now the government is compelled to agree with anything JCVI say, even if there is no science to back it up.

JCVI are also exploring whether to get a 'guardian of the state' for all unvaccinated children and sue their parents to FORCE them to vaccinate - this means that vegetarians will be forced to take animal products via vaccines, people will be forced to be injected with cancer-causing chemicals and those people who have already had vaccine reactions and disabilities will have their lives put at risk.

They write in their meeting minutes:

'What exactly ‘right’ meant [under the new NHS constitution] with respect to the right of a child to receive a vaccine when their parents were opposed to vaccination and

* How the constitution affected the recommendations of the JCVI with respect to legal challenge.’“ See the meeting minutes here:

Those on the committee are also on the boards of the drug companies who make vaccines and so are profiting from their recommendations.

To safeguard our right to choose the healthcare for ourselves and our children, Vaccination Awareness Network, the advocacy group for parents who don't vaccinate, will be protesting against mandatory vaccination and conflict of interest.

If you are a parent who doesn't vaccinate, if you would like to choose which vaccines you have, if you or a loved one are vaccine injured, please come along and show your support outside the Houses of Parliament, Westminster at 12 noon on Saturday 3rd October 2009.

What you will need:

A banner or poster

Some change for Veggies food

Waterproof coats in case it rains - there is NO undercover shelter

Some people are wearing T shirts with anti swine flu vaccine or other health freedom slogans on them, myself included

Some people have suggested coming dressed as rabbits because the vaccine has not undergone clinical trials (we are the trial) - so fancy dress is permitted and might even be nice for the little ones

Please NO loudspeakers, sound surround systems or big TV's and DO NOT attach anything to the garden unless it can be removed afterwards.

NO alcohol, NO VIOLENCE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES - remember, there are babies, toddlers, pregnant mothers and disabled people who will be present.

There is no parking on site but there is a car park nearby called Abingdon car park where you can park your car and we will have a steward or two to help you find your way.

We will also have a trained first aider on site in case of a medical need.

Babies and children are welcome.

Please contact Jo on 0870 444 0894 if you require more information.

Exit direction Parliament from Westminster Tube
Or get a river bus to Westminster pier
Car Park Abingdon on Great College Street

Broad Sanctuary Loos near square 50p
Tube loos 20p opposite square
Loos in Cafe of the Methodist Hall near square

3rd is last day of parliament tours
Square has taken 700 but was packed
8 benches and steps to sit on in square
BY LAWS sent last night

(A bus with more than 9 seats is OK)
7 free bays on Tothill, first come.. but drop off areas too and advise was to drive around block
tel 020 7005 0055 if you need

4 mins walk down Great Goerge Street, or via whatever street the veggie van is parked!
Meet first corner opposite War Rooms
Free toilets in park