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Patrick Mercer Conservative MP for Newark

Dear All,

Its seems as if one of our favourite tory MP's has gone up in the world

No longer consulting for the Blue Hackle Group he is now a Security Consultant to The Olive Group

The Olive Group is headquartered in Dubai and is a multinational security operation

Its board of directors

The St. George brothers are joint Chairmen

David St.George

Former Director of UBP (Union Banc Privee of Switzerland)

The current directors of UBP include

Dr. Jacob Frenkel vice chairman of AIG, Group of Thirty and former Governor of the Bank of Israel

The AIG board are a very interesting bunch

Other UBP directors

Pierre Alain Blum -Linked to the Bin Laden family through Sogespa Finance SA

Georges Van Erck MD of JP Morgan Private Bank

Olive Group Directors

Olive Group Board of Advisors ( A very interesting bunch)

The Olive Group has its own training facility in the US

The training facility website

The Olive Group is a subcontractor to Bechtel in Iraq

As you can see with the sourcewatch article above Bechtel have also links to the Bin Ladens

Bechtel-Bin Ladens

UBP-Bin Ladens

Olive Group-Bechtel

Olive Group-UBP

Patrick Mercer MP-Olive Group

Key people in The Olive Group were responsible whilst at Capita Consulting for the London Congestion Charging system Security infrastructure

Darren Bance

As part of his role at Capita, he managed large technology driven, integration projects such as the highly successful implementation and operation of the London Congestion Charging Scheme CCTV, telecoms and data centre infrastructure.

Gary Laing Vice president USA Training is an ex employee of KBR a division of Halliburton

Meg Williams VP Strategic Analysis (Intel)

She has and i quote
'The team of regional experts Meg has built around her, supported by hundreds of deployed Olive consultants, has provided frequent early warning of outbursts of civil unrest, criminal and terrorist attacks and is now recognized as specialist on the evolution of targeted and situational threats faced by host nations, their critical national infrastructure and the associated expatriate business and contractor communities. '

Dr. Michael Knights
From 2003 - 2004 Mike served as a Gulf Security Research Associate at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
Take a look at this lot

Tim Roberts was project manager responsible for the Metropolitan Polices ' Ring of Steel'
Olive Group Management

Other reports and articles about the Olive Group

The next article shows The Olive Groups involvement in the US governments attempt to implicate Iran in supplying weapons to Iraqi insurgents

It is also interesting that a number of Olive Groups Senior management and directors are ex veridian and that one of their major investors is Monitor-Clipper

Their boss Mr Bell is also an ex employee of the now defunct Veridian

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Potential False Flag Bioterrorism Incident

Dear Friends

I am a Truth activist and researcher here in the UK. I specialise in connecting the dots to see the whole picture

I have been doing some research into what i believe is a potential False Flag Bio terrorism incident probably in the US and possibly at The Democratic Convention in Denver in August.

A bio terrorism incident would make a lot of sense to the New World Order Masters

1. Blame it on Iran, Al Queda

2. Reason to implement Martial Law

3. Fema Camps

4. Potential large scale depopulation

5. Rationale if Iran implicated for war on Iran

Please get this important information out to as many people as ou can

I feel very strongly about this and just want to see the information out in the public domain.

Kind regards


I have already sent this info out to
whatreally happened
David Icke
Alex Jones


2002 Bioterrorism exercise in Oklahoma city NOTE the names SAM NUNN and JAMES R WOOLSEY for future reference



It was just a drill, but play-acting of a germ warfare attack this summer showed how many ways the nation (the USA) is not ready. The enactment went as follows:
Patients with a mysterious illness began appearing at Oklahoma City hospitals in early December of 2002, with fever, weakness, malaise, and an aggressive rash which in two or three days developed pus. Except for the other symptoms they could have been severe cases of acne.
Soon the small number of initial patients grew to 20; others sprouted across the state as well as in Georgia and Pennsylvania. Most living practicing physicians have never treated a clinical case of this mysterious disease, which fit no current pattern of development, defying differential diagnosis. Days later the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made the diagnosis: smallpox.
It is a disease not seen in the United States since 1949…and not in the world since 1980. It is an extinct malady. Its only vestiges are two small cultures held in labs in the United States and Russia. This is certainly an intentional, engineered outbreak of the disease…bioterrorism!
By the end of the month there were projected to be 30,000 cases nationwide.
In the weeks before the outbreak, tensions were rising between China and Taiwan. An outbreak of foot and mouth disease on Taiwan was devastating the swine industry; some blamed China. Iraq had begun moving troops toward the Kuwaiti border, claiming its action to be routine exercises.
So began Dark Winter, a bioterrorist exercise that played out over two days this summer at Andrews Air Force Base in Washington, DC. Sam Nunn, former Democratic senator from Georgia, played the president; David Gergen portrayed the national security adviser. R. James Woolsey replayed his one-time real-life post as CIA director. Frank Keating, the governor of Oklahoma, played himself.
The exercise was sponsored by several think tanks, including the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies. It was designed to simulate what many experts say is highly likely: a biological weapon attack upon the United States.
The exercise exposed numerous shortcomings in how government and the nation's health care system are equipped to deal with such a crisis.
Hospitals don't have the beds or staff to care for the sick in the event of a "surge" of bio-terrorism victims. There is not enough smallpox vaccine - or any other vaccine - to immunize the nation. Finally, the exercise exposes "fault lines" and "disconnects" among local, state and federal officials, leaving many of them to ask: Who's in charge? Dark Winter pinpointed the serious lack of smallpox vaccine. There are 12 million doses of smallpox vaccine for 275 million Americans. Sam Nunn told lawmakers afterward that "That's enough for one out of ever 23 Americans…. Who do we decide to vaccinate?"
Certain moral issues were raised by it as well. In his role as president, Sam Nunn refused a request from the governor of Oklahoma for enough vaccine to inoculate everyone in the state. His function, he said, was to conserve the supply and look
after the interests of the entire nation. Of course, as Governor Keating pointed out, "Vaccination cannot stop the spread if you don't have enough of it."
Other concerns include police, firefighters and other local emergency personnel who lack the necessary training and equipment to handle a bioterrorist attack. Emergency management personnel don't have the tools to determine that there has actually been such an attack. "We have a fragmented and under-funded public health system - at the local, state and federal level - that does not allow us to effectively detect and track disease outbreaks in real time" Keating said.
This is not the first such simulation that has been practiced. Last year the Department of Justice and other federal agencies simulated chemical and biological attacks in Washington, DC, Denver and Portsmouth, NH. In Denver, bubonic plague was the chosen biological weapon. The hospitals quickly became overwhelmed and antibiotics and ventilators were soon in short supply.
There is increasing likelihood that the catastrophes portrayed in such exercises will become reality. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has said the bioterrorist threat is "quite high," with nations such as Iraq, Iran, China and North Korea building the weapons. The US renounced such weapons in 1969 and started destroying stockpiles.
There has been some progress against such possible attacks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) has contracted with a Maryland firm to produce 40 million doses of smallpox vaccine. A senior adviser on bioterrorism has been appointed to Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health and Human Services.
But Sam Nunn asserts that more has to be done - and quickly. "In the evolution of warfare, arrows were countered by shields; swords with armor; guns with tanks; and now biological weapons must be countered with medicines, vaccines and surveillance systems." [End]

This next link is to a table top exercise hosted by the Center for Biosecurity at the University of Pittsburgh in 2005. It is called Atlantic storm and features Madeleine Albright and Sir Nigel Broomfield

Sir Nigel Broomfield KCMG is Chairman of the Leonard Cheshire Foundation

He was a director of the Ditchley foundation from 1999 to 2004 and is still a member of both the uk arm and also the American Ditchley foundation

He was also a director of Smiths group PLC specialising in biological, chemical. nuclear and explosive detection amongst other things.

So here are the details of the 2005 scenario Atlantic Storm

Another notable person involved with Atlantic Storm is Colonel Randall Larsen member of the Council on Foreign Relations

Full list of participants is below

Atlantic Storm was sponsored by

The Alfred P Sloan Foundation

Notable Board members are

Michael S. Teitelbaum links to Carnegie Foundation

Jesse H. Ausubel of the Carnegie Commission and Council on Foreign Relations

Kathleen E. Christensen- Rockerfeller Fellow

Paula J. Olsiewski- Bioterrorism and Biodefense expert

Doron Weber Director of the Rockerfeller University 1991-1995 and Council on Foreign relations member

The other sponsors are The Nuclear Threat Initiative

This organisation is like a who's who of the Council on Foreign relations, Trilateral commission, Club of Rome, Carnegie Foundation.

Most notably

Sam Nunn Co Chairman and Chairman of CSIS (

(This think tank , CSIS, has on its board Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft, Ex US Secretary of defense William Cohen.)

Charles Curtis member of the Council on Foreign Relations

HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan- President of the Club of Rome

Pierre Lellouche- Vice chair of the Atlantic Partnership (Details after) Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations

Dr. Jessica Tuchman Mathews- President of the Carnegie Endowment for Intenational Peace and past senior fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations.

William J Perry- Hoover institute and past Sec of Defense

Nafis Sadiq- Special advisor to the UN sec. general

Shirley Williams-Council on Foreign relations.

A right neoconservative bunch i am sure you will agree!!!!

Now to the Atlantic Partnership which i mentioned before linked to Sam Nunn and Pierre Lellouche

This has to be one of the Premier organisations in terms of NWO/Neoconservative involvement

So why are all these key players in the NWO and neoconservative movement sponsoring exercises in Biological terrorism?

In 2005 the USAF released a paper on Quarantine during a Bioterrorism attack

Quarantine procedures

In 2006 the WHO released a Bioterrorism paper focussing on smallpox

Late in 2006 another exercise was carried out and named Black Ice (Bioterrorism International Coordination Excersise)

Jointly run by Henry A Crumpton,com_csis_events/task,view/id,1471/

The last link was to the CSIS again!!!

Here is the link to the Exercise

Black Ice was again funded by the Alfred P Sloan Foundation and the NTI

In Mid 2007 The National Center for Disaster Preparedness conducted a poll within the Framework of 'The American Preparedness Project' titled 'Where the US Public Stands in 2007 on Terrorism, Security and Disaster Preparedness'

Executive summary link below

To me the most interesting bit is the Confidence in government part which may indicate how such a Bioterrorism attack may be roled out to the public

'Confidence and Trust in Government

Americans trust the CDC to give them accurate and reliable information (84%), and that doesn’t vary much by race, gender, region, or politics (nor has it varied much over the years). In contrast, only 63% of Americans polled trust FEMA to provide reliable and accurate information, less than a mayor (75%) or the sheriff or police commissioner (82%).

The least trusted source of information is the president at 49%, with more Americans trusting a TV medical correspondent (71%) to give them reliable information.

Confidence in President Bush has declined steadily, from 65% in 2003 to 49% in 2007. By comparison, confidence in the CDC ranged from 82 – 84% over the same time period.

Most Americans would be persuaded to prepare for a public health emergency if instructed to do so by the CDC (86%) or their regular doctor (87%). Other less influential sources include the sheriff or police commissioner (83%), the mayor (78%), FEMA (75%), and a TV medical correspondent (69%)'.

In October 2007 Department of Homeland Security conducted TOPOFF 4

Another similar exercise Interpol in Dec 2007--Exercise Black Death

In January 2008 the Los Alamos magazine produced a paper named ' To Kill a Killer-Targetting Anthrax'

The Los Alamos Laboratory has also developed a system called BASIS which has been rolled out accross the country

It would be interesting to know if these have been deployed in Denver either as part of the US roll out of this system or specifically for the Democratic convention.

In March 2008 the US Government was accused of making biological weapons from bird flu samples

On March 7th 2008Los Alamos released a 'Statement on Avian Flu Research'

On the 23rd of July 2008 the HSS and DHS released the following information

(Thanks for that one Cheri !!)

Here are some other pointers and players

2002 article titled 'Pentagon plans for a smallpox oubreak';msg763#msg763

Why Denver?

Denver Metro area has a population of 2.8 million The expected numbers for the convention are estimated at 35,000 from all over the United States

What better way to target large scale population which will migrate back all over the US and some from abroad during and after the convention therefore spreading any released agents over the country.

America is stepping up preparations to cope with biological warfare. This month, at undisclosed locations in Denver, medical and weapons experts will begin to assess the city's ability to contend with terrorists using biological, radiological, or chemical weapons of mass destruction. Denver is the first of 120 cities where federal authorities will evaluate emergency capabilities under a $42.6 million Domestic Preparedness Program that is the largest civil defense initiative since the Cold War. This program begins two weeks after the Pentagon granted the first contract in a possible $400 million program to develop a detection system to sniff out deadly airborne microbes spread by an enemy.

Operation TOPOFF 2000 was conducted in Denver

2004 Mass Vaccination and bioterror exercise in colorado

Already Denver has had terrorist security dry runs recently which the mayor denies are anything to do with the Convention.


Chemtrails- The Best Evidence Yet

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing!

Who is Dr. Paul Twomey

A most interesting thing happened on the way to Lawrence Sinclair's website on early Monday morning at 1:45 AM, when he made a posting from someone that was searched back from to the following ISP address.4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330Marina del Rey, CA 90292 USABeing curious, I went to Yahoo and entered the address and found a Dr. Paul Twomey connected to it as he was chairman of ICANN, a non profit organization which handles all Domain Names and ISP numbers.ICANN was listed as having almost a $6 million operational budget in 2007 with 60 employees.Mr. Twomey was not mentioned as it would be rude to connect someone with an employee who is a supporter of the Barack Obama camp contacting Mr. Sinclair.The reason Mr. Twomey is now being mentioned is a most curious event occurred from 1:45 AM Monday to 11 AM Monday.A blogger contacted me for information on the posting on Mr. Sinclair's site. As there have been numerous hacking, stalking and harassment emails from the Obama supporters (One was traced back to Microsoft and Microsoft refuses to acknowledge it is employing a stalker.), it was decided to recheck the facts on ICANN.

New Internet 'Clickable Crime Maps' will Show Families Every Incident in Their Neighbourhood

Maps will be released to the public showing how many violent attacks have taken place on every street, including how close they were to schools, pubs and cash points.
The maps, which will use Google-style images of actual streets and parks, will also detail the precise locations of a raft of other offences - such as car crime and yobbish behaviour.
The Home Office said the project would for the first time give residents a true picture of the state of their community.
But experts warned it could cause huge damage to neighbourhoods which are blighted by crime - knocking thousands from house prices overnight.
It could also lead to schools in high-crime areas struggling to attract children.
James Scott-Lee, of the Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors, said: 'Whilst RICS fully supports efforts by the government to reduce instances of crime, publishing this information will no doubt have an effect on local house prices - not to dissimilar to school and hospital league tables.


BP Expected to Post Mammoth Profits

'BP is expected to post a mammoth 7.6 billion US dollars (£3.8 billion) in second-quarter profits as the corporate giant is buoyed by surging oil prices.
The profits - 38% ahead of the same period last year and equivalent to more than £1.7 million an hour - follow recent protests from hauliers over soaring costs as millions of motorists feel the forecourt pain.
The results are driven by the rocketing cost of crude oil over the period - finishing June at nearly 144 US dollars a barrel - but the bumper profits are unlikely to go down well.'

Thats $30,000,000,000 a year in profits!!!
They are taking the PISS!!!

The Process of Indoctrination

It seems that a unique moment in human history is at last coming to an end. Just a few short years ago, anyone who dared talk about the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg group or the Bohemian Grove as organizations through which the financial oligarchs wielded power was dismissed with that ultimate debate-ending phrase: 'conspiracy theorist.' Now, however, these secretive organizations and the corporate moneymen who pull their strings are finally allowing the public a glimpse behind the façade of representative democracy at the way elite institutions are really shaping global geopolitics. People are at last free to talk about how world politics are shaped by a few thousand of the ultra-wealthy and well-connected…provided, of course, those people are closely tied to Henry Kissinger and tend to think that global government is the best way of organizing 21st century society.


CERS STUDY ▪ Presence of Migrated Heavy Metals was Found in Pacifier Samples

When a baby cries, a mother tries to stop him with a feeding bottle. If the baby keeps crying, she puts a pacifier in the baby’s mouth. The baby calms down.
A little old, the child is introduced to the teether. Apart from engaging the baby, the teether alleviates the pain. But the next time your baby cries, think again before putting any such infant toy in its mouth. Pacifiers, teethers and nipples may contain toxic metals that are hazardous for your little one.
The Consumer Education and Research Society (CERS), Ahmedabad, tested a range of pacifiers, teethers and nipples for the presence of migrated heavy metals (lead, cadmium and chromium), considering their high toxicity. The findings are so alarming that CERS published the report without testing larger sample sizes.


Iraq: Poised to Explode

While everyone's looking at Iraq's effect on American politics -- and whether or not John McCain and Barack Obama are converging on a policy that combines a flexible timetable with a vague, and long-lasting, residual force -- let's take a look instead at Iraqi politics. The picture isn't pretty.

Despite the Optimism of the Neocons, which has pushed mainstream media coverage to be increasingly flowery about Iraq's political progress, in fact the country is poised to explode. Even before the November election. And for McCain and Obama, the problem is that Iran has many of the cards in its hands. Depending on its choosing, between now and November Iran can help stabilize the war in Iraq -- mostly by urging the Iraqi Shiites to behave themselves -- or it can make things a lot more violent.


Monday, July 28, 2008


The Bush Administration's Secret Biowarfare Agenda

When it comes to observing US and international laws, treaties and norms, the Bush administration is a serial offender. Since 2001, it's:
-- spurned efforts for nuclear disarmament to advance its weapons program and retain current stockpiles;
-- renounced the 1970 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and asserted the right to develop and test new weapons;
-- abandoned the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM) because it expressly forbids the development, testing and deployment of missile defenses like its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) and other programs;
-- refuses to adopt a proposed Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty (FMCT) that would prohibit further weapons-grade uranium and plutonium production and prevent new nuclear weapons to be added to present stockpiles - already dangerously too high;
-- spends more on the military than the rest of the world combined plus multi-billions off-the-books, for secret programs, and for agencies like the CIA;
-- advocates preventive, preemptive and "proactive" wars globally with first-strike nuclear and other weapons under the nihilistic doctrines of "anticipatory self-defense" and remaking the world to be like America;
-- rescinded and subverted the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) to illegally develop new biowarfare weapons; in November 1969 and February 1970, Richard Nixon issued National Security Decision Memoranda (NSDM) 35 and 44; they renounced the use of lethal and other types of biological warfare and ordered existing weapons stockpiles destroyed, save for small amounts for research - a huge exploitable loophole; the Reagan and Clinton administrations took advantage; GHW Bush to a lesser degree;
-- GW Bush went further by renouncing the US Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 that prohibits "the Development, Production, and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons....;" on May 22, 1990, GHW Bush signed it into law to complete the 1972 Convention's implementation; what the father and Nixon established, GW Bush rendered null and void; "Rebuilding America's Defenses" is his central policy document for unchallengeable US hegemony; among other provisions, it illegally advocates advanced forms of biowarfare that can target specific genotypes - the genetic constitution of individual organisms.


When You Are Choosing The Lesser of Two Evils

NWO- The Next Phase

Hearing on Limits of Executive Power: Vincent Bugliosi

The Grand Chessboard Is All About Oil and Natural Gas

About 30 years ago, then President Jimmy "Mr. Peanut" Carter and his National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, had a 'peanut brain idea' that the US could take over the entire Caspian Basin mother lode of oil and natural gas if they created Al Qaeda to destabilize those Islamic areas (except for Christian Georgia) and turn them against Russia.

Well, it was a nut brain idea at the time, and it is still a nut brain idea. Here we are, about three decades later, and Russia is stronger than ever while the US is sinking like the Titanic...and its dreams of hegemony over the Caspian Basin are already sitting on the bottom of the sea.

If Iran is Attacking it Might Really be Israel

The Benny Morris op-ed in the NYT last Friday should provide convincing evidence that Israel really really really wants an attack against Iran sooner rather than later. Morris is close to the Israeli government and his case that Iran must be bombed soon and with maximum conventional weaponry to avoid using nukes later was clearly intended to push the United States to do the attacking. The likelihood that Dick Cheney is almost certainly supportive of a US pre-emptive strike and might well be pulling strings behind the scenes, possibly without the knowledge of the Great Decider, makes the next several months particularly significant if a war is to be avoided.
Some intel types are beginning to express concerns that the Israelis might do something completely crazy to get the US involved. There are a number of possible “false flag” scenarios in which the Israelis could insert a commando team in the Persian Gulf or use some of their people inside Iraq to stage an incident that they will make to look Iranian, either by employing Iranian weapons or by leaving a communications footprint that points to Tehran’s involvement.

Secrets & Lies

'So, what is it with 'Secrets' that makes them so irresistible to the Darkside and how exactly were secrets & lies used to first steal and then privatize virtually this entire society.

One of the basic parameters for creating an entirely new constitution for the United States was to free the people of this new nation from the stench of the darkest secrets & lies of old world Europe. This was a major reason why so many fled their native lands to come to America for a new start not just economically, but for the freedom of opportunity that was 'promised.' by a government that actually was not tyrannical but enabling on many fronts for ordinary people. That was then: but that idea was viciously & systematically murdered a long time ago by the income streams created by privatization with massive help from 'Secret' everything! '


Egypt seizes Israeli radioactive cargo

Egypt has refused to allow entry to an Israeli truck carrying 3.5 ton of ceramics after high radiation levels were detected in the shipment


The Best Search Engine

Better than Google

'Privacy is a hot topic these days, and we want you to feel totally comfortable using our service, so our privacy policy is very simple: when you search with Cuil, we do not collect any personally identifiable information, period. We have no idea who sends queries: not by name, not by IP address, and not by cookies (more on this later). Your search history is your business, not ours.'

Visit here....

Seperated at Birth

US National Debt Limit Raised Ahead of Budget Busting Bailout Legislation

With President Bush no longer threatening a veto, the subprime mortgage and Fannie and Freddie “bailout” bill is now sailing through Congress. In anticipation of its enactment, Congress had the foresight to raise the national debt limit to $10.6 trillion. Who says that politicians don't plan ahead?


U.S. Military Says Soldiers Fired on Civilians

BAGHDAD — The American military admitted Sunday night that a platoon of soldiers raked a car of innocent Iraqi civilians with hundreds of rounds of gunfire and that the military then issued a news release larded with misstatements, asserting that the victims were criminals who had fired on the troops.


Opposition to Lisbon intensifies

A second Irish vote on the Lisbon Treaty would be defeated by 62% to 38% according to a Red C poll carried out in the wake of French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s flying visit to Ireland last Monday.
The findings show that opposition to the Lisbon Treaty has strengthened since the referendum on June 12 when the No vote was carried by 53.4% to 46.6%. When the 16% of “don’t knows” are included, the poll shows the No side holding a 52% to 32% lead over the yes side.


How the Rothschild Dynasty Operates

They are without doubt the pre-eminent dynasty among the Illuminati and secrecy is their hallmark. Brother Nathanael does his bit to burst their bubble (Red Shield: Rothschild family coat of arms.)


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Iran Attack, Election Suspension, Martial Law in the Cards?

It didn’t make the news, at least not the corporate news. According to Bob Feuer, Bush will attack Iran, declare martial law, and suspend the election. Congress critter John Olver apparently made this claim at a town hall meeting at the Jones Library in Amherst, Massachusetts, last July. Feuer, a lawyer and political activist challenging Olver in the 1st Congressional District of Massachusetts, was at the town hall meeting with others to present Olver with resolutions to impeach Bush for war crimes when Olver made the comments. On July 5, 2007, the After Downing Street website posted Feuer’s retelling of the incident:

New Lisbon vote would be suicide for Cowen

Brian Cowen and his Fianna Fáil-led government will suffer a Gordon Brown-style electoral meltdown if they hold a second referendum on the EU's Lisbon reform treaty, a poll warns today.
More than half of those asked said they would be less likely to vote for Cowen and his party in an Irish general election if he decided to re-run the referendum, which resulted in the plans for Europe being decisively rejected by the Irish last month.

EU Internet Proposals Raise Civil Liberty Fears

Civil liberty groups claim the new "telecoms package" due to go before the European Parliament in September will result in the loss of individual freedom on the internet, and breach the fundamental principles of human rights in Europe.
The French and Swedish pressure groups say the new powers will allow national governments to force internet service providers (ISPs) to hand over private information about their customers to the police. They claim three of the 800 amendments to the legislation will take away immunity enjoyed by the ISPs in regard to the material passing through their networks. At worst, the sorts of measures flowing from the legislation in the telecoms package could include a "three strikes and you're out" sanction to stop users illegally downloading songs or films from the internet.
Martyn Warwick, editor of Telecom TV, a specialist online television channel, said: "[It's] like suing the Post Office for not knowing what's in all the letters and parcels it delivers.


Win the War by Hiring the Enemy

The Iraqi officer leading a U.S.-financed anti-jihadist group is in no mood for small talk -- either the military gives him more money or he will pack his bags and rejoin the ranks of al-Qaeda.
"I'll go back to al-Qaeda if you stop backing the Sahwa (Awakening) groups," Col. Satar tells U.S. Lt. Matthew McKernon, as he tries to secure more funding for his men to help battle the anti-U.S. insurgents.
Most members of the Awakening groups are Sunni Arab former insurgents who themselves fought American troops under the al-Qaeda banner after the fall of the regime of executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.
Some, like Satar, had served in Saddam's army before joining Al-Qaeda. Others were members of criminal gangs before deciding to fight the insurgents, with the backing of the U.S. military.
They earn around 300 dollars a month and their presence at checkpoints and on patrol has become an essential component of the U.S.-led coalition's strategy to restore order in the war-wracked country.


'UK covered up use of torture in Iraq'

The British government has tried to cover up the use of prohibited interrogation techniques by British soldiers in Iraq, lawmakers say. The Joint Committee on Human Rights, consisted of twelve members from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, said in a report on Sunday that British troops in Iraq " had used 'conditioning techniques' to maintain the 'shock of capture' in advance of tactical questioning". Wall standing, hooding, subjection to noise, sleep deprivation and deprivation of food and drink constitute the five banned 'conditioning techniques'. They can be used by interrogators to extract information and obtain confessions from detainees under physical and psychological coercion. The methods have been described by human rights groups as torturous, inhumane, and cruel.


Divide and Conquer: The Anglo-American Imperial Project

By Andrew G Marshall

Establishing an "Arc of Crisis"
Many would be skeptical that the Anglo-Americans would be behind terrorist acts in Iraq, such as with the British in Basra, when two British SAS soldiers were caught dressed as Arabs, with explosives and massive arsenal of weapons.[1] Why would the British be complicit in orchestrating terror in the very city in which they are to provide security? What would be the purpose behind this? That question leads us to an even more important question to ask, the question of why Iraq was occupied; what is the purpose of the war on Iraq? If the answer is, as we are often told with our daily dose of CNN, SkyNews and the statements of public officials, to spread democracy and freedom and rid the world of tyranny and terror, then it doesn’t make sense that the British or Americans would orchestrate terror.
However, if the answer to the question of why the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq occurred was not to spread democracy and freedom, but to spread fear and chaos, plunge the country into civil war, balkanize Iraq into several countries, and create an "arc of crisis" across the Middle East, enveloping neighboring countries, notably Iran, then terror is a very efficient and effective means to an end.


Newest Crop Circle in Wiltshire