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Computer Software Decodes Emotions Over the Phone, Predicts Behavior

Less than two minutes into a cell phone conversation, a new computer program can predict a broken heart -- literally and figuratively.

An Israeli company called eXaudios has developed a computer program, known as Magnify, that decodes the human voice to identify a person’s emotional state.

Some companies in the United States already use the system in their call centers. eXaudios is even testing the software’s use in diagnosing medical conditions like autism, schizophrenia, heart disease and even prostate cancer.'


Guy Goes Crazy While Giving A Stock Market Webinar During The Crash

Two Little Girls: Murder in the Jordan Valley

That April day Emad Fakha had taken three of his four children to help in the fields after school, something they enjoyed, a treat. The children had climbed into the “basket” on the ground at the rear of the tractor, ready to be lifted up. Emad was preparing to start the motor when an Israeli military jeep swerved off the road, at speed, and rammed into the tractor from behind. While Hussein was thrown clear and suffered only a broken leg, the little girls didn’t stand a chance. With the body of one sister draped obscenely over its front bumper, the jeep reversed for five or six metres and then rammed once again into the tractor. What might have been a tragic accident is thus revealed for what it was – a cold-blooded murder.

Their jeep undriveable and so unable to escape, the soldiers threatened Emad with their rifles. More soldiers arrived but it was 25 minutes before the Israeli police reached the scene. The soldiers claimed that it was “an accident”, but Israeli citizen Eliazer Salam, from the settlement at Yama, who had witnessed the entire incident from his car, testified that the jeep driver had not applied his brakes at any stage and had, indeed, swerved off the road and accelerated into the tractor.'


Romania to Cut Wages and Pensions to Appease IMF

Romania is to cut wages and pensions in the public sector later this year to comply with an IMF-led rescue deal.

Romanian President Traian Basescu said the "programme to cut public expenses was inevitable".

Public sector wages will be cut by 25% and all salaries, including the minimum one, will be affected. Jobless benefits and pensions will be slashed by 15%.

Romania is the recipient of a 20bn-euro aid package from the IMF, the EU and the World Bank.'


Bernanke's Biggest Bailout

The right-wing think-tank, the American Enterprise Institute, is helping the Federal Reserve to develop a strategy to transfer $1.25 trillion in toxic mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and non performing loans onto the public's balance sheet. Although it's unknown whether Fed chair Ben Bernanke will act on the AEI's recommendations, it does show that the Fed's Quantitative Easing program (QE)--which moved the bulk of garbage assets from the banks to the Fed's balance sheet--poses long-term problems that will need to be addressed. Bernanke never intended to keep these assets any longer than necessary. Now he is actively exploring options for getting rid of them.'


It's Time The Human Race Got Off It's Knees

U.S. Taxpayers Could be Bailing out European Banks as Debt Crisis Worsens

As the European debt crisis picks up steam and batters world markets, various reports are surfacing that the US taxpayer is on the hook for billion of dollars in bailout funds via the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The United States provides approximately 20% of IMF funding, which means the taxpayer could pay $8 billion to prop up Greek banks.'


EU Is Collapsing Like Tower Of Babel

Monument Securities Chief Economist Stephen Lewis says the chaos in Greece could lead to collapse of the European Union, bringing down with it the dangerous assumption that structures of global governance provide stability in times of financial peril, but the World Bank and IMF vultures will be waiting as ever to feed on the remains of a dying country.'


Immigration Gumballs

Fox News Caught Aggregating Others Copyrighted Photographs... Something Murdoch Insists Is Illegal

Rupert Murdoch and the top execs at News Corp. keep insisting that sites that aggregate content from elsewhere on the internet are "stealing." Of course, as we've noted, News Corp. has an awful lot of sites that rely on aggregating content from elsewhere -- so apparently it's only legit when Murdoch does it himself. Murdoch, of course, has also famously claimed that fair use is a doctrine that courts would "bar altogether" if challenged in the courts -- but at the same time, his own company regularly claims "fair use" to defend its own actions.

That's generally called hypocrisy.'


US Mulls New 'Terror' Laws

A bill has been introduced into the US Congress, to strip US citizens accused of terrorist links of their citizenship even before they face trial.

The proposed legislation comes as US officials continue to investigate possible links between New York bomb suspect Faisal Shahzad, and fighters in Pakistan.

Times Square 'False Flag' and Security Cameras

Through MK-Ultra and other programming, our shadow government can manufacture Middle Eastern looking terrorists all day long. MK-Ultra is not science fiction, it is a well-documented fact that was exposed in Congressional Hearings. The Illuminati have long desired to pit Islam against Western Christianity in a global conflict that would result in the mass extermination of both groups. Its all part of their 90% population reduction program.

The problem, as they see it, is that their are too many sheep and not enough shepherds. Too many slaves and not enough masters. Their preferred ratio is 10 slaves to one Satanic Psychopath. The goal is to minimize the odds that we "get smart" in large numbers and rise up against our Satanic Overlords.'


Stock Market Collapse: More Goldman Market Rigging

Last week, Goldman Sachs was on the congressional hot seat, grilled for fraud in its sale of complicated financial products called “synthetic CDOs.” This week the heat was off, as all eyes turned to the attack of the shorts on Greek sovereign debt and the dire threat of a sovereign Greek default. By Thursday, Goldman’s fraud had slipped from the headlines and Congress had been cowed into throwing in the towel on its campaign to break up the too-big-to-fail banks. On Friday, Goldman was in settlement talks with the SEC.

Goldman and Wall Street reign. Congress appears helpless to discipline the big banks, just as the European Central Bank appears helpless to prevent the collapse of the European Union. . . . Or are they?'


Voting in Britain for War. Take Your Pick

All three party leaders are warmongers. Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrats leader and darling of former Blair lovers, says that as prime minister he will “participate” in another invasion of a “failed state” provided there is “the right equipment, the right resources”. His one condition is the standard genuflection towards a military now scandalised by a colonial cruelty of which the Baha Mousa case is but one of many.

For Clegg, as for Gordon Brown and David Cameron, the horrific weapons used by British forces, such as clusters, depleted uranium and the Hellfire missile, which sucks the air out of its victims’ lungs, do not exist. The limbs of children in trees do not exist. This year alone Britain will spend £4 billion on the war in Afghanistan, and that is what Brown and Cameron almost certainly intend to cut from the National Health Service.'


Israel Defiant on its 'Nuclear Arsenal'

A senior Israeli official insists that Tel Aviv will not change its nuclear policies despite international calls for the denuclearization of the Middle East.

"There is nothing new here, and no reason for a change of direction on our part," the unnamed Israeli official was quoted by Reuters as saying on Friday.

Under an "ambiguity" policy, Tel Aviv neither confirms nor denies having nuclear weapons. However, according to the British Jane's Defense Weekly, security experts believe Tel Aviv is in the possession of 100 to 300 atomic warheads.'


'Greece Being Forced to Buy Arms'

A leading European parliamentarian has accused France and Germany of forcing Greece to buy billions of euros in arms in exchange for their bailout money.

France and Germany, while publicly urging Greece to make harsh public spending cuts, bullied its government to confirm billions of euros in arms deals, Franco-German lawmaker Daniel Cohn-Bendit alleged on Friday.

The accusation drew a stern denial from the French government.

Cohn-Bendit said he had met last week in Athens with Papandreou, a long-time friend of his, and accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy of blackmailing the Greek leader.'


Friday, May 07, 2010

U.S. Food Prices ‘Spiraling Out of Control’

U.S. food prices jumped by 2.4% in March 2010 in the largest monthly leap in more than 26 years, and the sixth consecutive monthly increase.

The National Inflation Association (NIA) issued an alert to its members April 22 warning that the sharp upswing in U.S. food inflation will soon lead to a situation as severe as that currently plaguing India.'


Harry Oldfield - Energy Fields Revealed

Possession of cocaine addicts by other-dimensional entities as David Icke talks about and what happens when you use a mobile phone.

UKIP's Farage Injured in Plane Crash

Media reports suggested the plane had come down after the banner of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) it was trailing became entangled in its engine.

"Nigel Farage was breathing and conscious, so was the pilot, even though the pilot was trapped ... Nigel managed to walk away from the wreckage," UKIP spokesman Duncan Barkes told Sky News.'


As Dow Swings, Obama To Come Out Against Audit the Fed Today

The Dow is swinging wildly–down as much as 980 points within the last hour–largely due to insecurity about the situation in Greece and shaky retail sales. And according to Brad DeLong, who is generally pretty tight with the White House, Obama will come out in opposition to Audit the Fed this afternoon.

At a time when confidence in the markets desperately needs shoring up, the President should be looking to instill confidence in investors by supporting accountability and transparency within the financial system — not acting to shield the banks.'


Or in the words of Mike Rivero

BINGO! The drop on the DOW was Bernanke's reminder to the White House that the Fed and not DC actually runs the nation.

Time to pull all your money out of the bank, RIGHT NOW!

Freddie Mac Asks for Additional $10,000,000,000 Bailout

Troubled US government-backed mortgage firm Freddie Mac on Wednesday asked for an additional 10.6 billion dollars from the Treasury Department to cover losses.

Announcing a 6.7 billion dollar loss in the first quarter, Freddie Mac said it would need the new funding by June 30 this year.

The Washington-based company has already received more than 50 billion dollars in taxpayers cash to cover losses from toxic assets.

It also warned that further demands would be on the way.'



Common Herb Thyme 'Could Stop Spread of MRSA'

Scientists have found that the common cooking herb, thyme, could be a miracle cure for the deadly MRSA bug.

Researchers at the University of Brighton, East Sussex, discovered that oils extracted from the plant can kill the bug - linked to at least 8,000 deaths each year - within two hours.'


Seize BP

The government of the United States must seize BP and freeze its assets, and place those funds in trust to begin providing immediate relief to the working people throughout the Gulf states whose jobs, communities, homes and businesses are being harmed or destroyed by the criminally negligent actions of the CEO, Board of Directors and senior management of BP.'


Times Square Bomber Linked With CIA-Controlled Terror Group

A man arrested in Pakistan in connection with the Times Square car bombing attempt who had traveled with accused bomber Faisal Shahzad is a member of a terrorist organization that is controlled by British MI6 and the CIA.'


Jewish Settlers: We’ll Burn You All!

While Jewish settlers were burning the mosque of the village of Yasuf near the city of Nablus in the West Bank and writing on the walls of the village “We’ll burn you all”, which is the phrase German Nazis used to write on Jewish homes in the 1930s, EU member states backed down from a resolution proposed by Sweden to recognize East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state after the interference – as a result of Israeli pressure – of France and Germany, two countries involved in building the Israeli nuclear arsenal.'


Congress Refuses to Outlaw Insider Trading For Lawmakers

Even a cynic can find Washington's hypocrisy shocking at times. The Wall Street Journal reports today a House bill that would force lawmakers to make greater disclosures on financial transactions and disallow them from trading on nonpublic information is going nowhere fast.

That's right. Members of Congress are currently allowed to profit on insider trading!'


Cops Shoot Child’s Dog Seven Times After Finding Marijuana In Family Home

SWAT team breaks into home, fires seven rounds at family’s pit bull and corgi (?!) as a seven-year-old looks on.

They found a “small amount” of marijuana, enough for a misdemeanor charge. The parents were then charged with child endangerment.

Dov Zakheim 9 11 Mastermind ?

NIH Panel Foolishly Insists Alzheimer's Can't be Prevented (Are They Demented?)

An independent panel of supposed experts recently met at the National Institutes of Health near Washington, D.C., to discuss whether or not Alzheimer's Disease can be prevented through dietary and lifestyle changes. After evaluating a handful of studies that deal with the subject, the panel basically concluded that there is no way to avoid Alzheimer's Disease.

Either that, or they all forgot to bring their science notes and couldn't remember what to say, so they defaulted to their traditional "It's not proven" mantra and ended the conference early.'


FDA Says You Have No Right to Real Food Unless They Give You Permission First

I’d like to personally thank the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for articulating its food-rights policy. I know, I don’t usually have nice things to say about the FDA, but I’m feeling appreciative because the agency has made it so much easier to explain the food-rights struggle to large numbers of people. Just to re-cap, the agency’s position, as articulated in its response to the suit filed by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (described in my previous post), is three-fold:

--There’s no absolute right to any raw unprocessed food, unless the FDA says it’s okay;

--There’s no right to good health, except as approved by the FDA.

--There’s no right for citizens to contract privately for their food.


EU Votes for Labels on Nano, Cloned and GM Food

UK and other member states expected to fight proposals to bring in compulsory labelling for consumers on novel foods MEPs have voted almost unanimously in favour of introducing compulsory labelling on food containing nanoparticles, meat from cloned animals and animals fed on genetically modified (GM) feed.'


Obama Sheltered BP's Deepwater Horizon Rig from Regulatory Requirement

Last year the Obama administration granted oil giant BP a special exemption from a legal requirement that it produce a detailed environmental impact study on the possible effects of its Deepwater Horizon drilling operation in the Gulf of Mexico, an article Wednesday in the Washington Post reveals.

Federal documents show that the Department of the Interior's Minerals Management Service (MMS) gave BP a "categorical exclusion" on April 6, 2009 to commence drilling with Deepwater Horizon even though it had not produced the impact study required by a law known as the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The report would have included probable ecological consequences in the event of a spill.

The exemption came less than one month after BP had requested it in a March 10 "exploration plan" submitted to the MMS. The plan said that because a spill was "unlikely," no additional "mitigation measures other than those required by regulation and BP policy will be employed to avoid, diminish or eliminate potential impacts on environmental resources." BP also assured the MMS that any spill would not seriously hurt marine wildlife and that "due to the distance to shore (48 miles) and the response capabilities that would be implemented, no significant adverse impacts are expected."

Kierán Suckling, director of the Center for Biological Diversity, told the Post that the Obama administration's exemption effectively "put BP entirely in control," adding, "The agency's oversight role has devolved to little more than rubber-stamping British Petroleum's self-serving drilling plans."


The Pretext of 'Security' Along Gaza's Buffer Zone

According to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), the buffer zone was established during the Oslo accords, taking 50 meters of land on the Palestinian side only and all along the border. In 2000, this was unilaterally expanded by the Israelis to 150 meters on the Palestinian side only, expanded again to 300 meters with the threat to shoot anyone found within that distance in January 2009, a threat reiterated by air-dropped leaflets in May 2009.

The buffer zone renders inaccessible approximately 30 percent of Gaza's agricultural land. Tens of Palestinian farmers, workers and residents living in or near the buffer zone have been injured and killed by Israeli soldiers' shooting and shelling.'


Fox News Laying Groundwork for US Retaliation Over Attack

This report is the equivalent of the "Iraq Yellow-Cake" report, which was used to invade Iraq. If this bullshit is allowed to stand unchallenged then Obama will have his excuse to send American Special forces after Qari and Hakeemullah and all the rest.

If the Pakistani Taliban's master bomb-maker had really trained this dumb-ass, would he have tried to detonate a fertilizer bomb with firecrackers?
Anyone who has ever read about any of these ammonium-nitrate bombs, such as the most famous one in Oklahoma City, would know that an ammonium nitrate bomb requires a really serious military-grade explosive to set it off. Firecrackers don't fall into this category.

The United States has some very serious intentions towards our Pakistani friends. If the American people allow this travesty to go forward then we deserve the dictatorship which will surely accompany an American invasion of Pakistan (an uninvited attack in either Balochistan or N. Waziristan would be an "invasion"). As expected, Indian media have already taken-up the call, hoping for retaliation against the "Pakistan connection." NY suspect met Taliban leaders, confirms Pak]'


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Scottish Masons, Whitewashed Crimes and Hollie Greig

The Masonic Hall at 85 Crown St, Aberdeen

It is impossible to understand Scottish corruption without an understanding of Scottish Freemasonry. As I have stated before, 95% of Freemasons are in the the lower levels. For these individuals, Freemasonry is a harmless Fraternity. The higher levels, however, tell a different story.

Aberdeen Scotland, the home of the Hollie Greig scandal boasts one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in the world, dating back to 1670. The Masons in Scotland were the descendants of the Knights Templar, which had migrated to Scotland after they were driven underground in Europe by the French Inquisition. It was the Templar Knights that assisted William Wallace when he defeated the English. William Wallace also suffered a horrible death that invoked all of the curses of a traitor to Freemasonry.

"Master Masons promise not to cheat, defraud, or do violence to a Master Mason. They promise not to commit adultery with the wife of a Master Mason or seduce his sister, daughter, or other female relative. These promises only apply to fellow Master Masons. They do not protect non-Masons, Entered Apprentices, or Fellow Crafts and their families.

Masons are required to tell lies and even perjure themselves to protect other Masons. They are also required to obey even orders which they know to be immoral:

"You must conceal all the crimes of your brother Masons, except murder and treason, and these only at your own option, and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him. Prevaricate [falsify], don't tell the whole truth in his case, keep his secrets, forget the most important points. It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you're keeping your obligations, and remember if you live up to your obligation strictly, you'll be free from sin." (Edmond Ronayne, "Masonic Handbook," page 183)


Press Still Silenced, Despite Family Court Reforms, say Lawyers

One year after ground-breaking reforms that were meant to open thousands of hearings to the media, more family courts are now more closed to public scrutiny, it is claimed today.

Media organisations and lawyers both say that the campaign to open up the family courts has largely failed.

Changes rushed through Parliament before the election was announced will also make it even more difficult than before to report on the family courts. They predict that as a result, even fewer cases than now will be reported and only then, giving the broad gist of proceedings, rather than any detail.'


Internet Police: London Signs Warn Against Accessing 'Extremist' Material

Police signs have begun springing up in internet cafes in London warning users that they could be reported to the police and face criminal charges if they access “extremist”, “offensive” or “inappropriate” material.

The signs, which state that the owners of the premises are actively working with the Metropolitan police, have drawn criticism due to their vagueness and questionable legality.

“Downloading or accessing certain material could constitute a criminal offence” states the bright pink sign.


Michelle Obama: Barack Obama Is 'Kenyan'

Last month, so-called “birthers” got very excited over a clip in which Michelle Obama called Kenya President Obama’s “home country,” but a newly uncovered video is likely to stoke even more controversy, because in it the First Lady clearly states that Obama is “Kenyan”.

In a video of a 2008 speech that went viral last month after it was resurrected from the archives, Michelle Obama states, “When we took our trip to Africa and visited his home country in Kenya, we took a public HIV test.”

Some media pundits expressed doubt that the First Lady was explicitly saying that Obama had been born in Kenya, and Glenn Beck even implied that the release of the tape was a trick designed to push Tea Party members over the edge and incite violence, allowing Democrats to demonize their political opposition as extremists.

However, yet another clip has been uncovered from the archives in which the First Lady plainly states that Obama is “Kenyan,” leaving little open to speculation in terms of context.

She makes the statement at around the 2 minute mark


The EU Migration Lie: Official Statistics Expose Huge Gap Between PM's Figures and Truth

Labour was rocked yesterday by explosive new claims about its ‘disastrous’ policy on EU workers.
Figures showed almost four times more EU citizens working here than Britons taking jobs on the continent.
Opposition parties said the figures destroyed the claim by Gordon Brown – who promised ‘British jobs for British workers’ – that there had been equal numbers travelling in each direction.'


‘We’re in the Final Days of White Life in South Africa’

The subject of attacks on white farmers is deeply disliked by the ruling African National Congress for the unflattering comparisons that it brings with neighbouring Zimbabwe, but it has come to the fore since the murder of the white supremacist leader Eugène Terre’Blanche a month ago. That incident followed a sharp deterioration in race relations after Julius Malema, the outspoken leader of the ANC’s Youth League, started singing at rallies an old anti-apartheid struggle song that includes the words “shoot the boer [farmer]”.

The High Court banned the song but the ruling is now under appeal. Mr Malema faces an ANC disciplinary hearing after he defied orders and continued to sing the song while visiting Zimbabwe, where he praised President Mugabe for land reform policies, under which 4,000 white commercial farmers have been driven off the land in the past decade.'


30 Little Known Facts about America

Telford Magistrates Court Fun

'The magistrates began the now usual game of trying to get a contract out of Mike by insisting on calling him MISTER and demanding a response to it, but Mike was having none of it. This magistrate began shouting, red in the face and spluttering saliva, within about two minutes of the hearing beginning. He was very angry.

Mike raised his voice to be heard above the roar of the magic straight. The magic straight shouted louder. Garry was getting worked up and, soon enough, he started to shout as well. Loud voices all round. I was supposed to the McKenzie friend, but just sat fascinated at this primitive exchange of demand and no supply. The magic straight roared on relentlessly.'

Read more ...

Parents of Children With Birth Defects say Britain Knew of US Chemical Weapons Use

Allegations that Britain was complicit in the use of chemical weapons linked to an upsurge in child deformity cases in Iraq, are being investigated by the Ministry of Defence.

Lawyers for the Iraqis have sent a letter before action to the MoD asking the Government to disclose what it knows about the Army's role in the offensive, the presence of prohibited weapons and the legal advice given to Tony Blair, Prime Minister at the time.

Legal actions against America are blocked by US federal immunity laws and the US government's boycott of the International Criminal Court.'


How Is The U.S. Economy Supposed To Succeed When Our Politicians And The Big Banks Are Making Billions Of Dollars Betting Against It?

Most people around the globe think of America as a great “capitalist” economic machine, but the truth is that the U.S. financial system is essentially one massive betting parlor at this point. In fact, there has been a whole lot of easy money made in this betting parlor over the past several years by our politicians and by the big financial players down on Wall Street. So how did they make all of this money? They did it by betting against America. By betting that the U.S. economy would do badly, a lot of very powerful people have gotten insanely wealthy. Literally billions of dollars have been made over the past five years simply by betting that the U.S. housing market would go into the toilet. But is all of this “short selling” and are all of these “side bets” actually good for the American economy? How is the U.S. economy supposed to succeed when the big banks and so many of our politicians are actively making bets against it?

Just take a moment and check out some of the folks that have been betting against America….'


Couple Arrested At U.S. Border For Asking Questions

In another perfect illustration of why the U.S. tourist industry is in free fall, audio has emerged of a Canadian couple who were interrogated and arrested by immigration officials after they dared to inquire as to why they were being asked such pointless and invasive questions.

Attempting to enter the U.S. at the Niagara Falls border, the couple were asked where they were going, to which they responded the Niagara Falls shopping mall. When the immigration official bizarrely demanded to know what shops they were planning to visit, the situation quickly worsened.

After daring to ask why they were being bombarded with such ridiculous questions, they were told to exit their car and are taken inside for further interrogation by another official. When the Canadian man rhetorically asks, “what are you gonna do, shoot me” the officials claim he is threatening them before he is arrested.

Officials claim the man “assaulted” them because he backed away for a moment when being arrested. The officials claim that their victims are required to submit to whatever order they give no matter how ridiculous.


Congressional Hypocrites Were Betting Against Stocks As Country Collapsed

Remember all that scorn in Congress about evil shortsellers betting against America and bringing the country down?

Well, it turns out Congress-people did it, too. And they used derivatives to do it, which they now say they abhor.


When you have a Congress that is betting their own fortunes on the collapse of the economy, then they will vote to continue the policies that have collapsed the economy.

Was Times Square 'Bomber' Framed?

Suspect, Faisal Shahzad

To see evidence of suspected Zionist involvement in the Times Square bombing atempt, one has to just examine the CCTV footage. The film shows the individual changing his clothes after getting out of the car which had been packed with explosives. He is clearly a bald Caucasian man with little or no facial hair.

Furthermore his facial and body structure is much different to the Kashmiri individual charged with carrying out the failed attack. The Kashmiri individual has a lot of hair on his head and is not even remotely bald. The Caucasian has a curved but bulging forehead.'


Recalled Children's Tylenol Products Were Knowingly Contaminated, says FDA

The other day I wrote a story about the massive recall by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, of its infants' and children's line of Tylenol products. An FDA inspection report found these drugs to be contaminated with dangerous bacteria (they did not disclose the actual type) as well as "foreign materials" that were visible as "dark or black specks". But a recent story published by USA Today has revealed that McNeil actually knew about the bacterial contamination and kept shipping the products anyway.

Only the drug industry could get away with this type of careless, reckless behavior with nothing more than a slap on the wrist from the FDA. In fact, the FDA did not even require McNeil to issue a recall after discovering the problem; McNeil did so voluntarily over "theoretical concerns" that were expressed by Deborah Autor, an FDA official who was quick to emphasize that the risk to consumers from the tainted products "is remote".


New Colonialism: Pentagon Carves Africa Into Military Zones

Last year the commander of U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), General William Ward, said the Pentagon had military partnerships with 35 of the continent's 53 nations, "representing U.S. relationships that span the continent." That number has increased in the interim.

As the first overseas regional military command set up by Washington in this century, the first since the end of the Cold War, and the first in 25 years, the activation of AFRICOM, initially under the wing of U.S. European Command on October 1, 2007, then as an independent entity a year later, emphasizes the geostrategic importance of Africa in U.S. international military, political and economic planning.'


The Fed Must Be Audited: The Fraudulent Practices of the Federal Reserve

In March 2004, when Alan Greenspan was Fed chairman, he suppressed the opinions of those Fed officials who knew that there was a housing bubble.

Congressman Alan Grayson points out that - because the Fed unilaterally decided to hand out half a trillion to foreigners without any Congressional oversight, and that Bernanke testified that he didn't know who got the loot - the Fed must be subject to an audit.'


Brits are Bashing Israel, Envoy Says

Israel's ambassador to the UK has accused the British public of “delegitimizing and demonizing” Israel, saying that they are not aware of Israel's challenges.

Ambassador Ron Prosor told The Times that there was a discrepancy between the British government's treatment of Israel and the position adopted by members of the public, media, and universities.

“Sometimes we feel people from the outside are pointing fingers at us instead of giving us a big hug, which is what we need in this region,” the Israeli envoy said.'


BP Cautions Against Bid to Stop Oil Leak

British Petroleum (BP) has cautioned that a containment dome designed to suck in the oil gushing out of its Gulf of Mexico well may not work as planned.

As the wrecked wellhead at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico continued to spew oil into the water for the 16th day, BP moved forward with a plan to cap the leak using the dome with hopes of containing the ecological disaster.'


CIA to Expand Drone Raids in Pakistan

The CIA has received authorization to target a wider range of targets in Pakistan by its drone-guided missiles, despite national discontent on growing civilian death toll.

The US will expand its drone attacks in Pakistan's tribal regions, including low-level fighters whose identities may not be known, US officials said Wednesday, quoted in a Reuters report.

The report says the targets include what has been described as 'all militants'.

The US drone strikes began to expand under former President George Bush and have further intensified under President Barack Obama.

Washington claims the strikes are vital in protecting foreign troops in the region and that the targets are selected with 'extreme care'.

The announcement comes as more than 850 people, mostly civilians, have been reported killed in nearly 100 raids by American pilotless planes since August 2008.

In 2009, the CIA launched 44 strikes in North and South Waziristan but managed to kill no more than a handful of notable militants, reported on its January 14th edition.

Islamabad has repeatedly condemned the strikes, saying they threaten the country's sovereignty, with little impact, since the US raids have continued to intensify.'

Source: Press TV

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The New Prison Industrial-Complex

There is a new technological trend in the United States that promises to use advances in Internet, GPS, and chemical detection technology to manage states’ surging prison and parolee populations. Several states, particularly those with massive budget deficits like California and Michigan, are unable to shoulder the burden of housing more inmates in their dangerously overcrowded prisons. They are therefore dramatically increasing the use of GPS technology to monitor the whereabouts and activities of parolees, as well as using the technology for home detention programs and even alcohol consumption monitoring. While it is true that GPS ankle bracelets have been in use for a few years now, new technology, laws, and applications are increasing the use of such devices in what is soon to be a booming industry – fully dependent upon the corrections system. more...

GM Biofuels: Another Planned Disaster

Governments around the world have proposed biofuels, liquid fuels derived from plants, fungi or algae, as a solution to today’s energy and environmental crises. But this alternative is as bad as, or worse, than fossil fuels.

Reasons to reject biofuels include:

-Loss of farmland for fuel land, increasing food prices and world hunger;

-Deforestation and conversion of prairie to cropland, causing a net increase in greenhouse gases;

-Increased reliance on eco-destructive pesticides; and

-Proliferation of dangerous genetically modified crops. more...

Internet Police: London Signs Warn Against Accessing “Extremist” Material

Police signs have begun springing up in internet cafes in London warning users that they could be reported to the police and face criminal charges if they access “extremist”, “offensive” or “inappropriate” material.

The signs, which state that the owners of the premises are actively working with the Metropolitan police, have drawn criticism due to their vagueness and questionable legality.

“Downloading or accessing certain material could constitute a criminal offence” states the bright pink sign. more...

Government Cannot Use Secret Evidence in Guantánamo Torture Case, Court Rules

The court of appeal has dismissed an attempt by MI5 and MI6 to suppress evidence of their alleged complicity in the torture and secret transfer of British residents to Guantánamo Bay.

In a devastating judgment, it ruled that the unprecedented attempt by the security and intelligence agencies, backed by the attorney general and senior Whitehall officials, to suppress evidence in a civil trial undermined deep-seated principles of common law and open justice.

MI5 and MI6 said evidence in the case, in which the Guardian, the Times and the BBC intervened, should be kept secret from everyone except the judges and specially appointed and vetted counsel.'


Fed Documents Reveal Secret Lobbying Effort Against Audit Provisions

The Federal Reserve is secretly engaged in an intense lobbying effort in an attempt to stave off moves to have the Government Accountability Office audit it, internal documents reveal.

The Huffington Post has obtained the documents, which were distributed to Senate offices by a Fed official, whose identity the online news site agreed not to reveal.

“The effort to beat back the audit relies on playing two members of the same caucus — Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) — off each other.” writes Ryan Grim.'


Greeks Begin Two-day Strike as Banking System is Saved From Meltdown

Greek public sector workers today began a 48-hour national strike that is a first test of the Government’s ability to enact new austerity measures agreed with the EU and IMF in return for billions of euros in aid.

Ministries, tax offices, schools, hospitals and public services were shutting down ahead of a midday rally of civil servants outside Parliament, organised by Adedy, the country’s main public sector union.

“We want an end to the freefall of our living standards,” said Spyros Papaspyros, the head of Adedy, which represents about half a million workers. “I think this will be one of the biggest protests we’ve seen in the last decade.”


US School for Disabled Forces Students to Wear Packs That Deliver Massive Electric Shocks

Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI) has filed a report and urgent appeal with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture alleging that the Judge Rotenberg Center for the disabled, located in Massachusetts, violates the UN Convention against Torture.

The rights group submitted their report this week, titled "Torture not Treatment: Electric Shock and Long-Term Restraint in the United States on Children and Adults with Disabilities at the Judge Rotenberg Center," after an in-depth investigation revealed use of restraint boards, isolation, food deprivation and electric shocks in efforts to control the behaviors of its disabled and emotionally troubled students.'


General Election: Shhh… Don’t Mention the Occupation

It's an important question for the simple reason that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has such a vice-like grip on the private parts of US congressional representatives that Israel’s interests are put ahead of America's. And due to the influence of the Israel lobby here in the UK we too are so embroiled in their perpetual strife with the Islamic world that we’ve been sucked into the same stinking swamp.

Britain is now one of the most hated nations on earth thanks to our cosy association with US-Israeli ambitions in the Middle East. Party leaders talk passionately about cleaning up politics but carefully avoid addressing this, the most corrupting and dangerous influence of all.'


Secret Erik Prince/Blackwater Tape Exposed

Erik Prince, the reclusive owner of the Blackwater empire, rarely gives public speeches and when he does he attempts to ban journalists from attending and forbids recording or videotaping of his remarks. On May 5, that is exactly what Prince is trying to do when he speaks at DeVos Fieldhouse as the keynote speaker for the "Tulip Time Festival" in his hometown of Holland, Michigan. He told the event’s organizers no news reporting could be done on his speech and they consented to the ban. Journalists and media associations in Michigan are protesting this attempt to bar reporting on his remarks.

Despite Prince’s attempts to shield his speeches from public scrutiny, The Nation magazine has obtained an audio recording of a recent, private speech delivered by Prince to a friendly audience. The speech, which Prince attempted to keep from public consumption, provides a stunning glimpse into his views and future plans and reveals details of previously undisclosed activities of Blackwater. The people of the United States have a right to media coverage of events featuring the owner of a company that generates 90% of its revenue from the United States government.'


Oil Slickonomics

“At its current leak rate of 5,000 barrels of oil per day, the spill could surpass the size of the 1969 Santa Barbara spill by next week. If the leak cannot be contained, it could exceed the size of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill off Alaska by mid June.” Paul Harrison, Environmental Defense Fund

Three scenarios lie ahead. They rank as bad, worse, and ugliest (the latter being catastrophic and unprecedented). There is no “good” here.'


Whoops! CO2 Has Almost Nothing to do With Global Warming, Discovers Top US Meteorologist

The other night I had a nightmare in which a general election was approaching and all three main competing parties had the same suicidal policy. They all believed in this thing called the Big Bad Fairy and were convinced that the only way to drive off the BBF and her evil hordes was by spending huge sums of taxpayers’ money – £18 billion a year was, I believe, the figure quoted in the nightmare – and by ruining the country with ugly, spinning Fairy Towers for the bad fairy hordes to nest in.

Then I woke up and found…

Seriously, though, what do we do? How we can possibly stop the environmental and energy policy of our next government being based on what US meteorologist Dr Roy Spencer calls “the worst case of mass hysteria the world has known.”?'


Rothschild Zionists Named the Bogeyman on 9-11