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The TSA's State-Mandated Molestation

The holiday brought bittersweet news: unless the Transportation Security Authority disbands, I'll never see a certain friend of mine again. His long-term unemployment finally ended, and next month, he starts a great new job. But it's in Texas, too far to drive; from my place in Connecticut to his new home in San Antonio is 2,000 miles – 500 more than separates London from Moscow.

As an American – that is, someone considered lucky to get seven consecutive days off work – the only way I could possibly travel such distance is to fly. But flying includes the legal obligation I submit to having my genitalia groped by some TSA thug wearing the same latex gloves already shoved down nine dozen other strangers' underwear. There's only two ways an American flyer can reliably avoid this: be rich enough to buy your own plane, or a high-ranking congressman or other VIP exempt from the indignities they inflict upon ordinary citizens.'


WeAreChange Chicago Member Arrested for Asking Dr. OZ Vaccine Questions

'On November 6th, Dr. Oz hosted a health expo in Chicago’s Millennium Park. We Are Change Chicago (WACC) members attended hoping to ask Dr. Oz some questions about the dangers of vaccines. The poisonous additives causing adverse reactions for some people are never discussed in the mainstream media.'

Incident with Dr. Oz & his people begins at about 3:15


10 Modern Methods of Mind Control

The more one researches mind control, the more one will come to the conclusion that there is a coordinated script that has been in place for a very long time with the goal to turn the human race into non-thinking automatons. For as long as man has pursued power over the masses, mind control has been orchestrated by those who study human behavior in order to bend large populations to the will of a small "elite" group. Today, we have entered a perilous phase where mind control has taken on a physical, scientific dimension that threatens to become a permanent state if we do not become aware of the tools at the disposal of the technocratic dictatorship unfolding on a worldwide scale.

Modern mind control is both technological and psychological. Tests show that simply by exposing the methods of mind control, the effects can be reduced or eliminated, at least for mind control advertising and propaganda. More difficult to counter are the physical intrusions, which the military-industrial complex continues to develop and improve upon.'


Nintendo Warns 3DS Could Damage Children's Eyesight

The Nintendo 3DS, which is due to be released next year, will give users the option of playing in 3D as opposed to the conventional 2D picture, without the need for 3D glasses.

But in a statement on its Japanese website, the company cautioned that children under the age of six who use the new 3D functionality could suffer from stunted eye development as a result.

Designers have even equipped the handset with a parental lock that deactivates the 3D aspect and prevents children from being able to switch it back on.

The company also advises all users take breaks from playing 3D games as frequently as every 30 minutes to give their eyes a chance to rest.

The advice to consumers follows warnings from television manufacturers that children, pregnant women and drunk people could experience symptoms from nausea to seizures from watching in 3D.'


Netanyahu: Palestinians Evading Negotiations with Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that the Palestinians are responsible for the deadlock in peace talks, saying they have been evading negotiations while Israel is striving for peace.

Speaking at a conference of Foreign Ministry representatives, Netanyahu referred to the comments made by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman this week, who said the Palestinian Authority is illegitimate and that Israel should not reach an agreement with them.'


Denmark Robbed Blind by a Carbon Trading Scandal

The Danish tax authority has been robbed blind by a carbon trading scandal that has rocked the market for carbon off sets: while the story saw some press a year ago, significantly higher losses have since been reported and the MSM has ignored the story.

The Danish Auditor General is on the case now as the scope of the crime has become obvious, and grown exponentially since it was first reported. Originally discussed as a quasi-small-time dollar scam, the reality a year later is a lot larger: Europol is estimating a value on the case of 38 Billion Kroners and the values seem to keep going up.

Connie Hedegaard, then the Climate & Energy Minister for Denmark is now the EU Climate Commissioner. While she was with the Danish government, she helped set up and manage a system where there were no background checks on the listings of permitted traders. This removal of identification was done even though the EU requires at least passport. This helped a group of fake, rogue traders set up a program that looted the Danish economy of up to 2% of its gross GDP in lost VAT taxes.'


Living Standards Must Fall by 15% to Save the Euro

It is possible that the eurozone may not even survive next year according to the Centre for Economic and Business Research.

Chief executive Douglas McWilliams said the euro has an 80 per cent chance of failing in its present form in the next 10 years.

He said living standards would have to fall by about 15 per cent in the weaker economies and Government spending slashed if the single currency was to survive.

Mr McWilliams added: “There is no modern history of falling living standards in peacetime on the scale necessary to keep the euro in its current form.'


Experts: Food and Fuel Shortages Imminent as New Ice Age Dawns

With an Ice Age comes abrupt change, and with change comes death—sometimes death on a massive scale.

More of the world's top scientists in the disciplines of geology, ecology, meteorology, astrophysics, and heliology [Down loadable list] are predicting that the two major cooling cycles are converging—the short term and long term Ice Ages—and Earth has just entered the beginnings of the dangerous cooling.'


Dark Ages: 2010 Uprisings Just a Start, Revolt 2011 Coming?

For Europe, it was a year when the cash ran out in some countries. But one thing that wasn't in short supply was the number of angry protestors. As governments severely cut back on budgets, hundreds of thousands of people lashed out in response.'

The Shadow Banking System: A Third Of All The Wealth In The World Is Held In Offshore Banks

You and I live in a totally different world than the ultra-rich and the international banking elite do. Many of them live in a world where they simply do not pay income taxes. Today, it is estimated that a third of all the wealth in the world is held in offshore banks. So why is so much of the wealth of the globe located in places such as Monaco, the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, the Bahamas, and the Isle of Man? It isn't because those are fun places to visit. It is to avoid taxes.

The super wealthy and the international banking elite think that it is really funny that our paychecks are constantly being drained by federal taxes, state taxes and Social Security taxes while they literally pay nothing at all. These incredibly rich elitists make a ton of money doing business in wealthy western nations and then they transfer virtually all of their profits offshore where they don't have to contribute any of it in taxes. It works out really great for them, but it sucks for the rest of us.'


Tunisia: IMF 'Economic Medicine' has Resulted in Mass Poverty and Unemployment

Mass and spontaneous demonstrations erupted on Friday, December 17th in the city of Sidi Bouzid (central Tunisia) when Mohammad Bouazizi , a 26 year-old, doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire after a female police officer slapped and spat on him. The only crime Bouazizi committed was that of being a street vendor selling vegetables and fruits without a permit, in a country where neoliberal economic policies failed to provide economic opportunities to Bouazizi and thousands of others like him. Bouazizi’ s attempted suicide, which comes hard on the heels of police humiliation and confiscation of his only source of income, reveals the utter despair prevalent today among Tunisia’s population especially college graduates.

Twenty-four years of ruthless corruptions, dictatorship, and neoliberal economic policies led to wealth being concentrated in the hands of very few people connected to President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his wife’s family. Bouazizi, a college graduate, was trying to live in dignity and provide for his family by becoming a street vendor despite living in a country that is considered an economic miracle and one of the African lions by western economic monitors and analysts.'


Israeli Settlers Set Fire to Home as Seven Palestinians Sleep Inside

In the early morning hours of 29 December 2010, settlers set fire to a family's dwelling in Susiya village.

The great majority of Susiya residents live in tents as their historic stone and cave dwellings have been demolished several times over by the Israeli military. Many of the tents now used have been provided by humanitarian organizations and serve as bedrooms, kitchens, storage and sitting areas for the families living in them.

The Palestinian village of Susiya is sandwiched between a handful of settlements and outposts, an army base, and an ancient synagogue. Shepherds are unable to graze their flocks freely on their own land and farmers are unable to access their fields to harvest wheat and olives due to the area's designation as a 'closed military zone' (see the video below). Israeli settlers in the South Hebron Hills, who have a reputation for being some of the nastiest settlers around, often direct their venemous aggression at Palestinians from Susiya who are surrounded on all sides.'


Keep Hope Alive- The Olive Tree Campaign

The Olive Tree Campaign (OTC) seeks to replant olive trees in areas trees have been uprooted and destroyed or in areas where the fields are threatened to be confiscated by the Israeli military Occupation and settlers. Since the year 2001 Israel through its military and settlers in the West Bank and Gaza has uprooted, burnt and destroyed more than 548,000 olive trees that belong to Palestinian farmers and land owners.

'Israel Planned to Nuke Arabs in 1980'

A newly-released state document in Britain reveals that Israel was prepared to use a nuclear bomb in the event of an armed conflict with Arab neighbors, a report says.

The official paper discloses communications between John Robinson, a former British ambassador to Tel Aviv, and the UK Foreign Office, in which the former diplomat cautioned about an Israeli nuclear attack.

"If they (Israelis) are to be destroyed, they will go down fighting this time. They will be ready to use their atomic weapon," Reuters quoted Robinson as stating in the newly declassified cable dated May 4, 1980.

Robinson's message, published on December 29 under a rule that allows official British documents to be released after 30 years, also voiced concern that US-hosted talks between Palestinians and Israelis would not lead to an agreement on the Middle East conflict.'


Britain Blocking Press TV Bank Aaccounts Illegal

A top official at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting organization has slammed blocking of Press TV bank accounts in Britain as illegal.

"Banks cannot block the accounts of the media which operate within the regulations of the host country, without a reason," Head of IRIB World Service Mohammad Sarafraz told IRNA.

Sarafraz, who also heads Press TV news channel, said the Press TV in London is a company, which is registered according to Britain's law and keeps its media operations within that framework.

Sarafraz added that bank bosses have never issued an official response as to why they have blocked the accounts, only suggesting that they have been "pressured by those in the positions of authority".'


IMF Pressuring Pakistan Over Loan

International Monetary fund will not release billions of dollars in loan to Pakistan unless the country undertakes urgent economic reforms, reports say.

Media reports say that the IMF has withheld USD 3.5 billion this year. A report published in The Wall Street Journal on Friday revealed that the move was part of efforts to pressure the country to reform its economy.

The global funding body has recently asked Islamabad to take steps to cut its spiraling budget deficit and urged immediate fiscal belt-tightening measures.'


France Blamed for Ivory Coast Crisis

Ivory Coast's incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo has blamed France and other western countries for the ongoing political crisis in the West African nation.

Gbagbo said in an interview aired on Friday that President Nicolas Sarkozy's government was responsible for post-election violence in his ethnically-divided country.

"The EU follows France. In relations between the great powers today, everyone has their area of influence. And when it comes to speaking about the countries of Black Africa, when France talks everyone follows. France interferes in the worst possible way. For all the UN resolutions on the Ivory Coast it was France who wrote the draft. We have disputed this several times," Euronews quoted Gbagbo as saying.

Gbagbo has recently warned that a French-US "plot" was pushing the country towards civil war.'


How Zionist Lobby Shapes UK Politics

The wealthy Israeli lobby in Britain working under the title of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) has been tipped as the Conservative Party's paymaster.

The CFI as described by British political analysts is beyond doubt the most well- connected and probably the best funded of all Westminster lobbying groups. It works in support of the interests of the Israeli regime.

The CFI's finances may be legal but they are hardly transparent as the lobbying group is an unincorporated association. This is how the British media report about CFI's financial transactions.

The register of MPs' interests shows that CFI board members and their businesses gave the Conservatives over 2 million pounds in the last 8 years.'


Friday, December 31, 2010

What Are They Spraying?

Feds, Police Enforce Mandatory Blood Tests At Florida Checkpoints

In a shocking, but not unprecedented, turn of events drivers in Florida will be mandated to allow police to jab a needle in their arm and extract blood at DUI checkpoints should they refuse to submit to breath tests.

At what have been described as “no refusal” checkpoints, judges will be on hand to issue a warrant allowing police to demand blood.

DUI defense attorney Kevin Hayslett told 10 News WTSP that the mandatory blood tests are a clear violation of constitutional rights:

“It’s a slippery slope and it’s got to stop somewhere,” Hayslett explained, “what other misdemeanor offense do we have in the United States where the government can forcefully put a needle into your arm?”'


People & Power - Drug Money

Another Iraqi N. Scientist Assassinated by Mossad

Fouz, a genius university student, had discovered a new formula for producing peaceful nuclear energy and had been awarded by several international scientific festivals.

He had released his new uranium enrichment formula in a number of western journals.

A member of Fouz's family told FNA reporter in Baghdad that the young scientist was targeted by unknown gunmen in New Baghdad neighborhood when he was on his way back home.

Earlier reports had shown Mossad's involvement in the assassination of more than 350 Iraqi nuclear scientists as well as more than 300 university professors, and the attack on Mohammad al-Fouz was the most recent case in a chain of attacks carried out in recent years.'


Wish You Were Here? President Spends $1.5 Million on His Holiday in Hawaii... While the Rest of America Faces a Bleak New Year

President Obama has splashed out more than $1.5million (of taxpayers money) on a sunshine break in Hawaii while many Americans are still struggling in the aftermath of the economic meltdown.

With Washington in a deep freeze, Mr Obama yesterday extended his stay on Oahu until next Monday.

But he is facing claims on the island that he could have been more frugal in his two-week getaway with wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha at a luxury beachfront rental home in Kailua, an upscale resort about 12 miles from the capital, Honolulu.'


US State Dept Slams UN Security Council Resolution Against Israeli Settlements

The US State Department today condemned efforts by the Palestinian Authority to bring a resolution before the UN Security Council pointing out the illegality of the Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, but declined to answer questions on whether the US would veto the resolution.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry mocked the resolution, saying it proved how desperate the Palestinians were, and cautioned European nations which might support such a resolution not to give the Palestinians false hope that the settlements would stop being expanded into their territory.'


Small Knife in Lunchbox Gets N.C. Student Suspended, Charged With Weapon Possession

A standout North Carolina high school student has been suspended for the remainder of her senior year and charged with a misdemeanor for having a small paring knife in her lunchbox.

Ashley Smithwick, 17, of Sanford told WRAL she accidentally took her father's lunchbox to Southern Lee High School in October instead of her own when school officials searched the lunchbox, along with several other students' possessions, possibly looking for drugs.

Ashley's father, Joe Smithwick told the station the lunchbox had a paring knife inside so that he could slice up an apple that accompanied it.

"It's just an honest mistake. That was supposed to be my lunch because it was a whole apple," he said.

But school officials didn't see it that way.'


Dennis Kucinich: "Is This The United States Congress Or The Board Of Directors Of Goldman Sachs"

Belgium Has Been Virtually Canceled

"Belgium no longer works. It is a nation that has failed." This loud statement recently came from Bart De Wever, a candidate for Prime Minister of this country and leader of the Nationalist Party The New Flemish Alliance. Thus, one of the leading politicians of Belgium acknowledged that the country that hosts the headquarters of the EU and NATO is on the verge of a collapse.'


Wall Street Gets What It Wants as Government Obliges

Ice Floes the Size of Cars Lends Sub-Zero Cumbrian Shoreline the Look of an Arctic Wasteland

Three children clamber over an icy landscape and gaze in awe at the desolate wasteland.

As they look out to sea, ice floes the size of cars drift to shore - a sight more likely in Polar regions than the English seaside.

But this is Cumbria, where sub-zero temperatures have frozen the surface of inshore waters.'


Is the British Government Going to Allow a Foreign State to Threaten its Citizens?

Media reports about the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) being "designated" by Israel have come sooner than expected. They follow closely on the heels of the two besmirched reports written in Israel which described London as the global hub of "delegitimization" of the Zionist state. The media cite Israeli claims that the PRC is an arm of Hamas and is engaged in "violent activities"; this is a British registered company operated by British citizens being threatened by Israel and its supporters, remember. This takes on a deeper meaning when we consider that the theses of the two "independent" reports have been supported and adopted by Israel's Ministry of Defence.

This has to be a matter of grave concern and the British government should act decisively to protect its citizens and civil society bodies, enabling them to go about their lawful business in a peaceful and democratic manner within the framework of the law. Such official action is essential, especially after the Israeli secret services used fake British passports to murder a political opponent in Dubai almost a year ago. Indeed, the activities of all those linked to the two reports which have come out of Israel should be monitored very closely.'


Italian Suspended for Anti-Israel Words

The mayor of the Italian capital has suspended an employee of a municipal transportation company for allegedly publishing anti-Israeli statements on social networking websites.

Francesco Bianco, the employee of a bus company in Italy, was suspended for publishing statements against Israel and Riccardo Pacifici, the president of Rome's Jewish community, IRNA reported on Wednesday.

Despite growing anti-Israeli sentiments across Europe, the Italian government is trying to adopt a strategy to prevent such moves across the country.'


Israel's Ex-President Convicted of Rape

Former Israeli President Moshe Katsav has been found guilty of raping and sexually abusing several women during the time he was holding office.

The Tel Aviv district court on Thursday convicted Katsav on two counts of rape and other sex abuse charges, declaring that the ex-president's version of events was "riddled with lies."

The verdict was handed down more than four years after complaints surfaced severe sexual offenses against his employees, Israeli daily Ha'aretz reported.'


Another Bomb Rocks Greek Capital

Greek police say a powerful blast outside a closed nightclub in Athens is the second attack in the past two days linked to criminal extortion groups.

The blast, which caused no injuries, occurred before 4 a.m. Friday near Athens City Center.

The explosion was so huge that it was heard across southern Athens and severely damaged the club's frontage, AP reported.'


Iran Cites UK Role in Inciting Revolt

Iran's Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi has accused the British Intelligence service of collaborating with the opposition in the country's post-election unrest last year.

"One of the intelligence services that sought to overthrow the Islamic Republic since the advent of the [Islamic] Revolution, was British,” he said during a speech in City of Ray in southern Tehran on Thursday.

British intelligence, he added, “acted quite diligently with precise knowledge of our culture to influence individuals, and they learned that one of ways to harm (manipulate) people was through their relatives".'


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mocked Meteorologist Gets Last Laugh On 'Global Warming'

Police Demand New Stop and Search Powers After Human Rights Ruling Scraps Previous Law

Police are hoping to win government backing for a new counter-terrorism power to stop and search people without the suspicion of criminal activity.

Officers say the powers are needed to better protect the public from attacks against large groups of people.

Previously, section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 allowed counter-terrorism stops without suspicion, but this was scrapped by Home Secretary Theresa May after Strasbourg judges said it was illegal.

Fearing their counter-terrorism powers are now weak, police have asked for a law which would be restricted to a specific period of time and to a limited geographic area, place or event, The Guardian reported.

The new powers would need primary legislation to become law and could be introduced within months.'


Pfizer Tested Drugs on Children

In April 2009, Pfizer reportedly reached a tentative agreement on lawsuits regarding the vaccine trials it had conducted in 1996. Pfizer tested Trovan, an oral antibiotic, on children of Nigeria’s Kano state. To avoid the lengthy clinical trial process required by the Food and Drug Administration, Pfizer decided to expedite the production of Trovan.

It tested its efficacy on Kano children during a meningitis epidemic, with the aid of the non-profit, Doctors Without Borders. This bypasses national and international standards on medical ethics and put the lives of the Kano children in danger.'


FBI Delivers Anti-terror Flyers to Farm Supply Stores

An reader was recently visited by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and asked if he wanted to prevent another Oklahoma City bombing. “I work for a large farm store retailer with stores in Colorado, Texas and New Mexico yesterday I had a visit from the FBI joint terrorism task force requesting that we train our staff to help prevent terrorism,” the man writes.

When the FBI agent was asked if it is mandatory to teach employees in the prevention of ill-defined terrorism, the agent said, “Not at the moment.” He left behind a flyer (see below) listing “indicators” of terrorist activities related to farm supply stores. He also gave the store employee his FBI business card.

Similar flyers have been tailored for hobby shops, tattoo parlors, gun stores, and storage units.

The FBI wants “kids to turn their parents in, they’re wanting parents to turn his kids in,” Jim Snow, owner of Rebel Arms and Sporting Goods in Nob Hill, Arkansas, told, a local news station following the FBI visit in January.'


Coalition to Propose Automatic Charity Donations at Cash Machines

Cash machines should automatically give customers an option of donating to charity, the coalition proposes tomorrow in a green paper designed to define the elusive "big society" in Britain.

The proposal is one of a series of ideas put forward by the Cabinet Office to shift what the coalition sees as the stubborn British refusal to be philanthropic with time or money. Prompts to give to charitable causes might also be developed whenever someone fills in a tax return or applies for a driving licence or passport.

Other ideas aired in the innovative green paper include a thank-you letter from ministers for giving large sums, a national day to celebrate donors, and a televised weekly thank-you to national lottery winners who have donated.

The green paper also considers whether the government should try to set as a social norm that everyone should give 1% of their income to charity, or a fixed proportion of their time.'


Where Are the Permits For Chemtrails?

Yesterday I finally received a response to my open records request to the Department of Ag Trade and Consumer Protection for “All licenses, permits, records, reports and notices of exempt operations pursuant to State statute § 93.35 and ATCP 54.06 regarding weather modification.”

The response from Brian D. Kuhn was “We have no records of anyone ever having applied for a license or permit related to weather modification, nor have we any notices of exempt operations pursuant to statute §93.35 and ATCP 54.06.” Interesting that the response took over a month before I received it, which raises questions the greater concern is that despite the extensive private and governmental record requirements impose by statute none exist in the history of the statute. With the advent of the documentary “What in the World are They Spraying” a reasonable person would expect that an agency charged with consumer protection would be enforcing these statutes.'


Australia Swamped by Floods

Days of torrential downpours have left many communities inundated, with up to 11 inches falling in a 24-hour period in some areas.

Flooding has shut down about 300 roads across Queensland, including two major highways to the state capital Brisbane.

At Chinchilla, Charleys Creek reached levels not seen for almost 70 years with about 40 homes and businesses inundated and residents also holed up at an evacuation centre.

The rain has also caused at least $400 million worth of damage to crops across the state, including sunflower and cotton, that were just recovering from months of drought.'


Europol Arrests More Than 100 In Carbon Trading Fraud

Here’s more proof that trading of CO2 emission certificates is fraught with fraud and attracts seedy criminal organizations – all costing the consumers and taxpayers billions.

The Austrian online Kleine Zeitung here reports that Europol have raided an elaborate CO2 emissions scam in Italy and have arrested more than 100 persons. The Kleine Zeitung writes: “The damage runs in the billions of euros”.

According to Europol, the Italian tax authorities, directed by the Milan Prosecutor’s Office, have raided 150 companies in Italy. The fraud involves evasion of value added tax with CO2 emission certificates. More than 100 have been arrested and are suspected of being involved in organised crime.'


Feed Me, Obama, Feed Me: The Plan for Food Dependency

What does any would-be tyrant need in order to gain control over the lives of citizens? Three things come to mind: martial law, socialized medicine, and food dependency.

In at least two of these categories, President Obama has already succeeded.'


'Climategate' Debate: the Warmist Cult Demolished

UK Wind Turbines Consume More Enerygy Than They Produce

The future lies in renewables, which is a Chris Huhne euphemism for wind power.

The holy grail of Dave and the Wind God, wind power is a big, expensive and very dangerous joke for the energy security of this country.

As the country emerges from a very cold snap, it is a comforting thought for us all that our wind turbines have actually consumed more energy, than they produced.

With wind speeds across Western Europe having fallen in the last 30 years, and Britain suffering a 12% Fall In UK Renewable Energy Production the future is far from bright.'


So Young and So Many Pills

Gage Martindale, who is 8 years old, has been taking a blood-pressure drug since he was a toddler. "I want to be healthy, and I don't want things in my heart to go wrong," he says.

And, of course, his mom is always there to check Gage's blood pressure regularly with a home monitor, and to make sure the second-grader doesn't skip a dose of his once-a-day enalapril.

These days, the medicine cabinet is truly a family affair. More than a quarter of U.S. kids and teens are taking a medication on a chronic basis, according to Medco Health Solutions Inc., the biggest U.S. pharmacy-benefit manager with around 65 million members. Nearly 7% are on two or more such drugs, based on the company's database figures for 2009.'


Mayor Issue: Cashcow Probe for Ex-City Boss

Europe to Ban Hundreds of Herbal Remedies

Hundreds of herbal medicinal products will be banned from sale in Britain next year under what campaigners say is a "discriminatory and disproportionate" European law.

With four months to go before the EU-wide ban is implemented, thousands of patients face the loss of herbal remedies that have been used in the UK for decades.

From 1 May 2011, traditional herbal medicinal products must be licensed or prescribed by a registered herbal practitioner to comply with an EU directive passed in 2004.'


Hollywood and the War Machine

War is hell, but for Hollywood it has been a Godsend, providing the perfect dramatic setting against which courageous heroes win the hearts and minds of the movie going public.

The Pentagon recognises the power of these celluloid dreams and encourages Hollywood to create heroic myths; to rewrite history to suit its own strategy and as a recruiting tool to provide a steady flow of willing young patriots for its wars.'

Incipient Fascist State: America Has Gone Away

Anyone who doesn’t believe that the US is an incipient fascist state needs only to consult the latest assault on civil liberty by Fox News (sic). Instead of informing citizens, Fox News informs on citizens. Jason Ditz reports ( Dec. 28) that Fox News “no longer content to simply shill for a growing police state,” turned in a grandmother to the Department of Homeland Security for making “anti-American comments.”

The media have segued into the police attitude, which regards insistence on civil liberties and references to the Constitution as signs of extremism, especially when the Constitution is invoked in defense of dissent or privacy or placarded on a bumper sticker. President George W. Bush set the scene when he declared: “you are with us or against us".'


Palestinian Killed, Five Injured, as Israeli Army Bombards Khan Younis

Palestinian medical sources reported on Tuesday evening that one resident was killed, and five others were injured, when the Israeli Army bombarded an area in Khuza'a town, east of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Adham Abu Salmiyya, spokesperson of the Medical and Emergency Services in Gaza, reported that the army fired several shells into Khuza'a, and that a number of homes were hit.

Abu Salmiyya added that resident Hasan Abu Rock was killed after being hit by shell fragments in his face, legs and several parts of his body.

He stated that one of the five wounded residents is in a serious condition, while the rest suffocated due to fire and smoke resulting from the shelling; four were moved to the European Hospital, and the fifth was moved to Nasser Hospital.'


'Pentagon Enjoys US Unemployment'

The mounting unemployment rate in the United States has provided an opportunity for the Pentagon to recruit more people for its unpopular wars abroad, an analyst says.

In an interview with Press TV, investigative journalist Wayne Madsen referred to the high unemployment rate, especially in poorer states such as Alabama.

“Unemployment there is at 33 percent. It is so bad that young people graduating from high school have no other choice but to join the military,” he said.

“That is pretty good for the Pentagon and its recruiting numbers that also creates more cannon for these senseless wars that the United States has engaged in overseas,” Madsen pointed out.'


'Saudi Arabia Supports Terrorism in Iraq'

Several Iraqi authorities have accused Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorist attacks in the war-wrecked country, which run by the Shia-led government.

"We hope that our neighboring countries do their best to help the Iraqi government control the borders and improve the security," Fawzi Tarzi of Sadr movement told a Press TV correspondent on Wednesday.

Members of Iraqi National Coalition said some circles in Saudi Arabia offer financial and moral support to terrorists, who have been behind numerous attacks in the war-torn country.

They added that some religious authorities in Saudi Arabia issued a fatwa that permits killing of Shia people, who make up the majority of Iraqi population, and that the Saudi government does everything possible to make the Baghdad government fail.'


Jewish Girls Urged to Avoid Arab Men

In another anti-Palestinian move, the wives of a group of leading Israeli rabbis have called on Jewish women to avoid marrying or working with Arab men.

The demand, made in a public letter signed by close to 30 rabbis' wives, portrays Arab men (Palestinians) as inferior to Jewish women whom should be regarded as enemies.

"For your sake, for the sake of future generations, and so you don't undergo horrible suffering, we turn to you with a request, a plea, a prayer. Don't date non-Jews, don't work at places that non-Jews frequent, and don't do national service with non-Jews," reads the letter.'


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ivory Coast Crisis is About Oil

An unprecedented disinformation campaign is being orchestrated to justify foreign intervention in the Ivory Coast to unseat the Preseident Laurent Gbagbo and replace him with Alassane Dramane Ouattara, a stooge totally devoted to the interests of multinationals.

Alassane Ouattara is the former Deputy CEO of the IMF, and former Prime Minister of Houphouet-Boigny who in 1990 administered an IMF plan which plunged the Ivorian people into a profound social and economic distress. He is the puppet" nominated" by the major powers to lead the Ivory Coast and to ensure that their interests are not threatened by the presence of uncompromising and patriotic men such as Laurent Gbagbo, a long time opponent of Houphouet (1970-1990's.)

French and American imperialist powers have agreed to remove Gbagbo who is guilty of pursuing a national policy prejudicial to their profits.

After years of negotiations following the failed coup d'etats in 2002 and 2004 both orchestrated and financed by Alassane Ouatarra mentors (mostly composed of the French governing body as well as private investors but also African head of states such as Wade of Senegal and Compaore of Burkina Faso) the warring parties finally agreed to hold a presidential election whose second round was held last November 28.

The US and France" represented" by a UN mediation team have tried to validate in every way possible an alleged victory of Ouattara. In defiance of the Ivorian Constitution which provides that the proclamation of election results is the responsibility of the Constitutional Council, this commission declared Ouattara winner without adducing any serious evidence.

The U.S., France, followed quickly by the Ban Ki Moon of the UN have rushed to recognize Ouattara as the new head of state of Ivory Coast. The international propaganda machine soon launched a campaign to justify this action. Neither China or Russia, or India, or many countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, which together form the 3 quarters of the world's population, had a say.

In short, the "international community" is composed of those in the UN that have enforceable words namely The U.S., France, Germany, Great Britain; the same handful of colonial and imperialist powers that have precipitated people twice in two dreadful world wars to get their hands on the markets and fields of raw materials, oil and gas.

In the mass media Ouattara is presented as "the democratically elected and recognized by the international community after announcement of election results by the Independent Electoral Commission." When the Constitutional Council is referred to, news agencies routinely add the words "favorable to Gbagbo" to remove any credibility from this institution declared officially.

Everything is said and Gbagbo must leave "before the end of the week" threatens Sarkozy. The war perpetrator in chief who cannot forgive Gbagbo for opening the oil markets to American companies in 2002. It was a crime to have opened the preserve of French capitalists to others!

Another intolerable offense was that Gbagbo dared to open the roads leading to oil in the Gulf of Guinea to emerging rivals such as China and Russia! To inflict deserved correction, Sarkozy has rallied to the U.S to crush the recidivist offender Gbagbo and in the process any eventual nationalist leader that would dare frolic with" their oil reserves and minerals"

 We would fully grasp the relevance of the Ivorian struggle once we have realized that the bottom line lies in the following question: Who will control the oil discoveries off the coast of this country?

Who is the man to turn to for the perpetual control of Ivory Coast in its state of neo-colony, 50 years after formal the country formal independence was achieved without struggle and sacrifice? Beyond the Ivory Coast, the neo-colonialists are most afraid that this resistance spreads to former French colonies and that "La Francafrique" is led to affirm its desire for true independence beginning with the denunciation of the puppets of the great French bourgeoisie.

The slogan "respect the democratic choice of the people" is a mockery coming from the leaders of the imperialist powers which have orchestrated, covered up and sustained cruel dictatorships around the world as long as their capitalists 'businesses prospered.

In all cases, although Gbagbo has close links with the French Socialists, who have shun their zeal to defend the neo-colonialist, even if his past alliances allow small casts of doubt on the objectives he defends; the struggle that ensued between the imperialist powers and the great mass of the Ivorian people, appalled by the arrogance of the former colonizers still opt to no longer tolerate the domination and exploitation they have endured for decades.

This struggle is creating a movement that transcends all petty calculations of politicians.

They have served ultimately to act as a detonator in a region that has become a linchpin in the struggle for the energy resources in Africa. Imperialism wants to inflict a lesson on the people. It wants to cut short the Ivorian fight for freedom to deter other nations of Africa.

Assuming that Ouattara had won few votes at the elections with great financial and media support from his imperialists mentors, the historical legitimacy is not on his side. It is not on the side of the minions of the ruling classes.

Legitimacy is on the side of the people who shake the shackles of domination and leaders who lead them in their struggle. The great leaps toward progress are not decided at the polls.

Obviously, the struggle is just beginning in Côte d'Ivoire.


Britons Forced to Work Two Extra Days to Pay Next Year's Tax Bill

British workers will have to toil until the end of May before their earnings are truly their own.

For the first 149 days of 2011, every penny earned will go to pay the taxman.

Despite drastic cuts, Britons will spend more days working to fund State spending this year than last. The so-called Tax Freedom Day will fall on May 29 next year, compared with May 27 this year.'


In the Middle of Europe, a Democracy Introduces Press Censorship

As the world's attention focuses on WikiLeaks and the debate it has spawned about the extent of press freedom in the information age, one European country has taken a decisive step away from that freedom.

Hungary's recently elected right-wing government has introduced a law demanding -- under threat of fines and even shut-down -- that news sources be "fair and balanced," to borrow a phrase from a US news network. The move has critics fearing that it could lead to a silencing of critical media outlets.

Under the new Law on Media and the Freedom of Press, national TV channels whose news coverage is found to be "unbalanced or offensive to human dignity or common morals" could be fined the equivalent of almost $1 million, reports the New York Times, while daily newspaper and Internet news sites could face fines of up to $120,000. Weeklies and magazines could see fines of almost $50,000.

Most problematically, human rights groups say the law is vague on what constitutes an offense, and will be administered by an agency controlled by the prime minister's allies -- a perfect recipe for political oppression.'


Amerika Has Caught Up With 1984

The year 2011 will bring Americans a larger and more intrusive police state, more unemployment and home foreclosures, no economic recovery, more disregard by the US government of US law, international law, the Constitution, and truth, more suspicion and distrust from allies, more hostility from the rest of the world, and new heights of media sycophancy.

2011 is shaping up as the terminal year for American democracy. The Republican Party has degenerated into a party of Brownshirts, and voter frustrations with the worsening economic crisis and military occupations gone awry are likely to bring Republicans to power in 2012. With them would come their doctrines of executive primacy over Congress, the judiciary, law, and the Constitution and America’s rightful hegemony over the world.'


Food and Ethanol Shortages Imminent as Earth Enters New Cold Climate Era

The Space and Science Research Center (SSRC), the leading independent research organization in the United States on the subject of the next climate change, issues today the following warning of imminent crop damage expected to produce food and ethanol shortages for the US and Canada:

Over the next 30 months, global temperatures are expected to make another dramatic drop even greater than that seen during the 2007-2008 period. As the Earth’s current El Nino dissipates, the planet will return to the long term temperature decline brought on by the Sun’s historic reduction in output, the on-going “solar hibernation".'


The Chemtrail Conditioning Program

"Those are normal, Mom. I even saw them on the ceiling of the Las Vegas Paris hotel!"

How clever. Just like how we're seeing chemtrails more and more in advertisements, TV shows, movies....and now artwork. Like every other social engineering project, introduce it without any fanfare and work it into the fabric of the collective consciousness. That, or popularize it as a new trend.'


Britain Forms Plan for Gulf Evacuation in Event of War with Iran

The Coalition government under David Cameron ordered an immediate review of British military planning in the Gulf after the election last May. The Daily Telegraph can reveal that new proposals are being drawn up to coordinate military activity in the region with local allies hostile to Iran, particularly the United Arab Emirates.

Planners have realised they had to tear up existing emergency plans for local British residents. Since the previous review in the 1990s, the expatriate population has grown to more than 100,000 in the UAE alone, while a million British tourists, from businessmen on stopovers to England footballers with marital problems, come to Dubai every year.

It is feared they might be at risk if, as it has promised, Iran retaliates for any military strikes on its nuclear sites with missile attacks on "western interests" in the Gulf.'


Michigan Man faces Five Years in Prison for Snooping on Cheating Wife's Emails

Leon Walker faces felony charges for intentionally logging into his then-wife’s Gmail account on a shared computer. Leon Walker discovered his wife Clara Walker, who had been married twice previously, was having an affair with her second husband by reading her e-mails.

Leon Walker says that he was worried about the affair for reasons that went beyond simply cheating—he said that he was concerned about domestic abuse due to the ex-husband's history. The ex-husband had been arrested for beating Clara Walker in front of her young son. Leon Walker told the Detroit Free Press that he handed the e-mails to the boy’s father, his wife’s first husband. Leon Walker was arrested after his wife learned that he had been in her e-mail account.

Leon Walker is being accused of breaking a law that’s used to prosecute identity theft. He has been charged with felony computer misuse, and faces up to five years in prison if convicted. His trial begins February 7.'