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John Pilger - The Propaganda Arm Of The Invisible Government

John Pilger - Wikileaks And 'The War You Don't See'

Future Megacities - Mass Urbanization & No Car Ownership

Moving away from car ownership, using real-time traffic information to help plan journeys and having more virtual meetings will be vital to prevent the megacities of the future from becoming dysfunctional and unpleasant places to live, according to a study by the environmental think tank Forum for the Future.

The report argues that authorities must begin to plan now in order to create easier and more sustainable ways of accessing goods and services in the world's ever-growing cities. Citizens must also be encouraged to change their behaviour to keep cities liveable.'


The Silent Majority: Hopi Video

Fed Report Reveals Multi-Trillion-Dollar 'Shadow Bailout'

The US Federal Reserve on Wednesday posted details of its multi-trillion-dollar “shadow bailout” programs, showing that nearly every major US financial institution benefited from billions in unreported government loans.

The data from 21,000 Fed transactions carried out between December 2007 and July 2010 involves eleven special lending facilities set up by the US central bank at the height of the financial crisis to funnel trillions of dollars into large financial companies. The money was lent at close to zero interest with no strings attached. The banks and corporations on the receiving end of the massive bailout were not required to even report what they did with the government cash.

The vast scale of the bailout underscores the fraud of the endless claims that “there is no money” for jobs, mortgage relief or even extended unemployment benefits. The publication of the Fed data simultaneously with the refusal of Congress to extend long-term jobless benefits, Obama’s pay freeze for federal workers and the preparations to extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich while slashing social programs and tax benefits for the working class, highlights the naked class interests pursued by the government and both big business parties.'


'Police State' Episode of Hit Ventura Show Covering FEMA Camps Pulled from Air

Alex Jones, a consultant to TruTV’s Conspiracy Theory, can confirm that the controversial episode “Police State,” which dealt with FEMA camps and fusion centers, has been pulled from air and essentially “memory-holed” due to behind the scenes pressure.

In short, the series of inconsistencies with the re-airing and promotion for “Police State” posted by We Are Change and Federal Jack (below) is all true, and more. The episode was de-listed from TruTV’s website, bonus clips associated with the episode were removed from the website, its encore airings were canceled and it was not played during the recent Conspiracy Theory marathon. Alex cannot elaborate further without compromising his sources, but you have heard people associated with the show discussing on the radio how certain unnamed powerful people did not want this impactful episode to air, how shadowy figures have been caught rummaging through the trash of producers for the show, and beyond.'


Madoff Trustee Sues JPMorgan For $6.4 Billion: 'They Were At The Very Center Of Madoff Fraud'

The trustee liquidating Bernard Madoff’s former investment firm sued JPMorgan Chase & Co. for $6.4 billion over claims the bank aided and abetted the imprisoned con man’s fraud.

Irving H. Picard, the lawyer appointed as trustee by a New York bankruptcy court, said in a statement that he sued JPMorgan yesterday seeking $1 billion in fees and $5.4 billion in damages.

“JPMorgan was willfully blind to the fraud, even after learning about numerous red flags surrounding Madoff,” David J. Sheehan,” counsel to Picard, said in the statement. “JPMC was at the very center of that fraud, and thoroughly complicit in it".'


Feds Warrantlessly Tracking Americans’ Credit Cards in Real Time

Federal law enforcement agencies have been tracking Americans in real-time using credit cards, loyalty cards and travel reservations without getting a court order, a new document released under a government sunshine request shows.

The document, obtained by security researcher Christopher Soghoian, explains how so-called “Hotwatch” orders allow for real-time tracking of individuals in a criminal investigation via credit card companies, rental car agencies, calling cards, and even grocery store loyalty programs. The revelation sheds a little more light on the Justice Department’s increasing power and willingness to surveil Americans with little to no judicial or Congressional oversight.'


Fresh Scandal for Swedish Royal Family after Nazi Past of Queen’s Father is Highlighted

Sweden’s royal family - recovering from revelations of the secret affair the king enjoyed with a pop singer - has been thrown into fresh turmoil over the Nazi past of the queen’s father.

Swedish TV4’s investigative programme Kalla fakta has broadcast the first of a two-part documentary detailing how Queen Silvia‘s late father grew rich producing armaments in a factory stolen from the Jews.

When she married in 1976 the Queen’s German father Walter Sommerlath denied he had ever been a member of the Nazi party. That fiction was exposed some years later by a Swedish newspaper which proved he joined the movement in 1934.'


The Freemasons

Sinister Sites – Illuminati Pyramid in Blagnac, France

The Place de Revolution is situated on a roundabout in the rather quiet commune of Blagnac in Toulouse, and a constant flow of cars drive around the monument every day. As is the case in diverse parts of the world, most locals find the monument that adorns their town “nice” and “decorative” without having the slightest idea of its deep occult meaning. To those who have “eyes to see” however, the Place de la Révolution clearly and unequivocally reveals the hidden force which shaped the past and is relentlessly working to mold the future. In this apparently simple structure are embedded the goals, the aspirations, the philosophy and the beliefs of the hidden elite who guide the clueless masses towards a New World Order.'


New Scientist Plants False Story that Pope Approves GM Crops

Talk about psyops. If you can’t get the people to eat your dangerous, unwanted frankenfoods, just lie and say the Pope approves it. On November 30, the magazine, New Scientist, published “Vatican scientists urge support for engineered crops,” which the Vatican immediately denied.

“The Vatican did not endorse an 11-page final statement in favor of easing restrictions on and allowing more widespread use of genetically modified crops, especially in poorer nations,” a Vatican official said in a statement published by Catholic News Service.

In fact, “the Vatican has never taken a formal position supporting or opposing genetically modified foods,” reported CNS.

The study group who issued the report mostly include people with financial ties to genetically modified foods. Four employees of Monsanto graced that panel.'


Globalists Expertly & Successfully Wield Terror Against Koreans

Under the threat of imminent war, compounded by overtly provocative naval maneuvers, the United States pushed through what was thought to be a tenuous free-trade agreement with South Korea.

Indeed, headlines dominating Korean papers included “Military readies live-fire drills to deter North’s provocations” from Yonhap News Agency, and “Defense chief-nominee vows air strikes if attacked” from The Korean Times, as the largest US free-trade agreement since NAFTA silently slipped through.

The free-trade agreement had been shelved during the previous Bush administration three years ago on the heels of massive South Korean street protests and again rebuffed during President Obama’s acrimonious visit to Seoul last November. Now signed, the agreement will make it easier for US corporations to enter Korean markets. This includes the US’s parasitic banking sector, a prospect that might off-set efforts by Korea’s Ministry of Finance to close their markets to the dangerous speculation that has begun a collapse in the West.'


IRELAND: Does 'Protocol 20' Sound Familiar?

How much coincidence can intelligence reasonably bear?

Read below and ask yourself......Is it not clear that Ireland's 'venal ministers' have sacrificed their country on an altar of destruction?

Is it not also clear that this is the fate intended for all nations in order to bring us under the absolute control of some single authority?

You can guess the nature of that 'authority' for yourself.'


Canadian Biotech Company Pushes US Department of Agriculture to Approve Genetically Modified Apples

Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OSF), a British Columbian biotechnology company, is petitioning the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to approve a genetically-modified (GM) variety of apple that the company says does not brown after being sliced. The company licensed the technology from Australian researchers who have already used it in potatoes to eliminate the browning enzyme. The current request marks the first time a company has sought approval for GM apples.

Though the company says the technology will lower the cost of producing sliced apple products like the ones now sold at many grocers and fast-food restaurants, it has not been determined that the GM apples are actually safe for human consumption, even though Neal Carter, president of OSF, insists they are safe for humans and the environment.'


Cable Reveals US Behind Airstrike that Killed 21 Children in Yemen

A diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks shows that the US military covered up the killing of dozens of civilians during a cruise missile strike in south Yemen in December 2009.

The secret cable from January 2010 corroborated images released earlier this year by Amnesty International, implicating the US in the use of cluster bombs. The cable was sent by Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh to US General David Petraeus, saying his government would "continue saying the bombs are ours, not yours",'


Fault Lines - Canada-Israel: The Other Special Relationship

Brazil Recognizes State of Palestine

The Brazilian Foreign Ministry has announced that it recognizes the state of Palestine based on the borders before Israel occupied the West Bank in 1967.

Brazil made the decision in response to a request made earlier this year by acting Palestinian Authority (PA) chief Mahmoud Abbas to President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and also in line with Brazil's support for United Nations resolutions, which demand that Israel must end the complete occupation of the Palestinian territories, Bloomberg reported.'


Hezbollah Discovers Israeli Spy Devices

At least two Lebanese were injured after the espionage devises were detonated remotely in Wadi al-Qaysiyya outside of Majdal Selem near the southern coastal city of Tyre on Friday.

"Telecom technicians of the resistance (Hezbollah) managed to discover a spying device the enemy had planted in Wadi al-Qaysiyya. The enemy detonated its devices as a result of the discovery," said a statement released by the Hezbollah media relations department.'


'Zionists Control US Foreign Policy'

Renowned American author and veteran journalist Helen Thomas says the "Zionists" are in full control of the US foreign policy and its other institutions.

Thomas, a former White House journalist, said Israel can never be criticized in the US because Zionists are in control of the American foreign policy as well as its main institutions.

"I can call a president of the US anything in the book, but I can't touch Israel, which has Jewish-only roads in the West Bank," Thomas said.'


US Immunizes Military Contractors

The United States has given legal immunity from lawsuits to several military contractors abroad in an attempt to indemnify them against their liabilities if they are sued.

According to documents released by the US Department of Defense on Thursday, more than 120 military contracts include indemnification clauses, which require the Pentagon to pick up the tab if contractors are prosecuted.

Airline companies, including Continental and United, and military contractors such as Raytheon Missile Systems, General Dynamics, L3, Lockheed Martin, BAE, and Boeing, are on the list of the contractors subject to the immunity.'


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The Disclosure!

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange has Close Links to the Economist, Controlled by the Rothschild Banking Family

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has won an award from the “Economist” magazine, a financial publication controlled by the Rothschild banking family, and he has also featured on an “Economist” video clip, raising questions about conflicts of interest. Assange predicted a bank run could be triggered by bank data leaks but he does not mention that this would result in the robbery of millions of people because of the way the fractional reserve banking system works, and profit the banks.

Is a false flag bank run hyped by the banker’s media and carried out by a Rothschild operative being planned to rob millions and to implement emergency laws?'


Passers-by Ignored Pensioner who had Collapsed on City Pavement for FIVE HOURS

A frail pensioner who collapsed in a busy street almost died of hypothermia after he was ignored by passers-by for nearly five hours.

Great-grandfather Brian Courtney, 77, was walking to his doctor’s surgery when he fell unconscious on the pavement.

Hundreds of pedestrians and motorists are believed to have hurried past him without offering help until someone finally dialled 999 at 12.40pm.'


Rense & Rifat - Rothschild Hand In The Korean Conflict?

UN and Big Business Push Mercury Light Bulbs

The United Nations and its corporate allies called for a global ban on incandescent light bulbs and kerosene lamps Wednesday at the COP16 global-warming summit in Cancun, claiming in a new study that “energy-efficient” lights would reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. “Among the low hanging fruit in the climate change challenge, a switch to far more efficient lighting must rank as among the lowest,” said UN Environment Program (UNEP) chief Achim Steiner. “Efficient lighting systems is one path that is literally available at the flip of a policy switch.”

According to the report released by the UNEP, the Global Environment Facility (GEF), and two lighting-industry giants during a presentation at the climate summit, the move would reduce the world’s lighting-related electricity demand by about two percent. The paper also claimed a global ban would save money.

“We need to cut the use of kerosene for lighting," demanded chief “sustainability” officer Wolfgang Gregor of Osram, one of the world’s largest lighting manufacturers, during a news conference. “OSRAM has given its firm commitment to the … initiative, as well as to combating the use of kerosene,” he added. His company, along with lighting behemoth Philips, also worked on the UN report.'


Lloyds Bank Charges 46,450,869% APR for Unauthorised Overdraft

If you go overdrawn with LloydsTSB without authorisation for a short time this Christmas you could be charged up to 46 million per cent APR. And other high street banks aren't far behind.

A Daily Mail investigation has found the charges levied by the banks are forcing many ordinary people to take out short-term loans with payday loan firms instead because even their high charges are better value than the banks.'


UN Tries To Blame Haiti Cholera on Climate Change

And Guess Who Just Happens To Have A Cholera Vaccine...

As I mentioned in previous email, the UN has a theory that weather, specifically climate change, led to the Haitian Cholera outbreak. One would assume that any dormant Cholera on or near Haiti would not be a typically south Asian strain, but the UN claims that the UN peacekeepers did not cause the outbreak, even with all of the obvious proof of overflowing septic system and dumping of raw sewage into the Artibonite River tributary. As for the vaccine. It is quite convenient that the south Asian strain was the strain in Haiti, as the vaccine, was fabricated for and on clinical trials in India which has that south Asian strain.

I don't see the mainstream media picking up on this. Amazing (not).'


Madison County Man Being Evicted Off His Own Land for Living Too Simply

Five-year-old Palestinian Boy Witnessing Israeli Soldiers Dragging his Father Away

Another Oil Rig Explodes

An oil rig exploded overnight in a Louisiana bayou just north of the Gulf of Mexico, but authorities said it appeared that any release of oil or gas was limited.

Three workers were sent to hospital with burns after the 10am local time incident in Bayou Perot, below the tiny town of Jean Lafitte south of New Orleans.'


Federal Reserve Bank (a private bank) Doled Out 9 Trillion in Buyouts (not Bailouts)

Fears Over Panic Buying as Transport Chaos Continues

Fears were growing over shop shelves being emptied by panic buyers last night as it emerged that Scotland has suffered its worst early snowfall in 45 years.

Retailers reported a “siege mentality” among shoppers flocking to buy basics such as bread and milk, with lorries struggling to make deliveries in atrocious conditions across the UK.

Transport chaos continued with airports shut, more white-out conditions on major roads and the Forth Road Bridge closed because of snow for the first time since it opened in 1964.

Temperatures overnight plummeted to minus 21C in Altnaharra in the Highlands, one of the coldest temperatures on record for December 1.'


And in the meantime...

WMO: 2001-2010 warmest since 1850

'WMO Secretary General Michel Jarraud said on Thursday that this year's temperatures through October were at near-record levels, adding that 2010 is "almost certain" to rank among the three hottest years on record. '


Notice the dates they use for their records this year, they only go up to the 25th of November a week before the big European freeze started!!!

Radiation Scientists Agree TSA Naked Body Scanners Could Cause Breast Cancer and Sperm Mutations

The news about the potential health dangers of the TSA's naked body scanners just keeps getting worse. An increasing number of doctors and scientists are going public with their warnings about the health implications of subjecting yourself to naked body scanners. These include Dr Russell Blaylock (see below) as well as several professors from the University of California who are experts in X-ray imaging.

At the same time, some internet bloggers are insisting that the TSA's naked body scanners pose no health risks because air travelers are subjected to higher levels of radiation by simply enduring high-altitude flights where cosmic radiation isn't filtered out by the full thickness of the Earth's atmosphere. This comparison, however, is inaccurate: The TSA's body scanners focus radiation on the skin and organs near the skin whereas cosmic radiation during high-altitude flights is distributed across the entire mass of your body.'


New York City to Deploy More Emergency Ambulances to Harvest Victims' Organs

The City of New York recently launched a new emergency services pilot program that seems more like something out of a science fiction movie than a real-life initiative. According to a recent New York Times report, the city has begun deploying two emergency ambulances in response to 911 calls -- one to try to save the lives of those involved, and the other to harvest their vital organs should the rescue efforts fail or be deemed likely to fail.

The city's new ambulances are emblazoned with the words "Organ Preservation Unit" (OPU), and they now trail behind primary rescue vehicles headed to situations where there could be valuable organs involved. And city officials insist that the whole procedure is perfectly ethical because the first rescue vehicle is unaware that the second one is there until a supervisor decides to stop the rescue efforts and make the announcement, which allegedly eliminates the possibility that rescuers will purposely allow a victim to die in order to gain access to the valuable organs.'


Nigeria to Charge Dick Cheney in $180 Million Bribery Case, Issue Interpol Arrest Warrant

The company that Dick Cheney ran prior to becoming Vice President of the United States was atop the tongue of liberals each time his company was awarded a contract in Iraq.

Now the company's name, Halliburton, is being spoken somewhere else: Nigeria.

According to a story filed late Wednesday, Cheney will be indicted in a Nigerian bribery case as part of an investigation into an alleged $180 million bribery scandal.'


US Congress Slams Door on the Unemployed

On Wednesday, 800,000 unemployed US workers woke up in the morning having lost for most what is their only source of income—jobless benefit checks that average about $300 per week. By Christmas, another 1.2 million workers will follow them into the cashless economy, where they will join the far larger number of jobless workers who receive no benefits at all. Millions more will follow next year.

The cutoff came after Congress failed to reauthorize a program that extends jobless benefits beyond the 26 weeks afforded by most states. Leading Congressional Democrats have indicated that the benefits might not be restored for months, if ever.

The tossing of millions of workers—and through them millions more children—into abject desperation is by any measure a social catastrophe. Hunger, which preyed on 50 million Americans last year, will rise sharply. It is reported that soup kitchens and food pantries, already strained to the breaking point, are bracing for record demand. Homelessness and the foreclosure crisis will be exacerbated. Hundreds of thousands more families will lose their utilities in the midst of the winter heating season.'


Joe Lieberman Emulates Chinese Dictators

The US struck its first blow against WikiLeaks after pulled the plug on hosting the whistleblowing website in reaction to heavy political pressure.

The company announced it was cutting WikiLeaks off yesterday only 24 hours after being contacted by the staff of Joe Lieberman, chairman of the Senate's committee on homeland security. . . .

While freedom of speech is a sensitive issue in the US, scope for a full-blown row is limited, given that Democrats and Republicans will largely applaud Amazon's move. . . .

The question is whether he was acting on his own or pressed to do so by the Obama administration, and how much pressure was applied to Amazon. . . .'


Time Magazine: Mossad Behind Iran Hit?

The recent assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist bears the fingerprint of a “custom-made” operation by Israel's spy agency, Mossad, a Time report says.

Majid Shahriari, a top scientist and university professor involved in Iran's nuclear program, was killed on Monday when his vehicle exploded. A second terror attack in Tehran injured another scientist, Fereydoun Abbasi, and his wife.

A Western intelligence expert “with knowledge of the operation,” told the magazine on Thursday that the assassination carried the “signature” of Mossad.'


Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Plan for the 'Endgame' According to Former Insider, George Green

US Gets Ready To Bail Out Europe Through IMF Funds

The United States would be ready to support the extension of the European Financial Stability Facility via an extra commitment of money from the International Monetary Fund, a U.S. official told Reuters on Wednesday.

“There are a lot of people talking about that. I think the European Commission has talked about that,” said the U.S. official, commenting on enlarging the 750 billion euro ($980 billion) EU/IMF European stability fund. “It is up to the Europeans. We will certainly support using the IMF in these circumstances.”

“There are obviously some severe market problems,” said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity. “In May, it was Greece. This is Ireland and Portugal. If there is contagion that’s a huge problem for the global economy".'


Court Orders Monsanto's GMO Sugarbeet to be Destroyed

U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey White in August banned the planting and sales of Monsanto's "Roundup Ready" biotech sugar beets after determining that their approval in 2005 by the USDA was illegal. He said the government must conduct a thorough environmental review before approving the crop to comply with the law.

But shortly after the ruling, the USDA issued permits allowing companies to plant seedlings to produce seed for future GMO sugar beet crops.

In his ruling Tuesday Judge White said those seedlings "shall be removed from the ground".'


Joan Veon: When Central Banks Ruled the World

Insane California Approves Cancer-Causing Pesticide

California regulators approved a pesticide Wednesday for use by fruit and vegetable growers despite heavy opposition from environmental and farmworker groups that cited its links to cancer.

The state Department of Pesticide Regulation will register methyl iodide as a substitute for the pesticide methyl bromide, which is being phased out by international treaty because it depletes the Earth's protective ozone layer.

California's $1.6 billion strawberry industry will undoubtedly provide one of the biggest markets for the chemical, as will the Central Valley's nut orchards and the fresh flower nurseries dotting the coast in Ventura and San Diego counties.

The pesticide is included on California's official list of cancer-causing chemicals, and the department's own scientific advisory panel has raised concerns that it could poison the air and water.'



Nigel Farage: Euro Empire Collapsing, Bailout River Dry

Climate Change Aid Will Cost British Taxpayers £2.9 Billion over Four Years

'British taxpayers will have to fork out £2.9 billion over the next four years to help the world’s poorest countries cope with global warming, the Government said last night.

The Coalition said the 'climate finance' package was essential if the world was to get a legally binding treaty to stop global temperatures rising by more than 2c.

In the last year alone, the UK has paid £500 million for new wind farms, solar panel power plants and forestry protection schemes across Asia, Africa and South America.'


There Is A WAR Being Waged Against The Working Families Of America! Sen Bernie Sanders

German Legal Victory a Slap in the Face to the Genetic Engineering Industry

The genetic engineering (GE) free movement in Germany and all farmers, producers and consumers who don’t want GE on the fields and in the food have a big reason to celebrate!. The Federal Constitutional Court in Germany reaffirmed that the existing German GE law that handles the marketing and cultivation of GMOs in Germany is in line with their constitution. The Court also acknowledged the unknown long-term risks of GMOs.'


S 510 Food Safety Bill Now Dead in the Water Due to Blue Slip Mistake

It is now being revealed that US Senators slipped up in a big way when passing the Food Safety Modernization Act on Tuesday: They added what are effectively "new taxes" into the bill, and according to the U.S. Constitution, only the House of Representatives can initiate legislation requiring new taxes.

Thus, the House is now obliged to give this food safety legislation the so-called "blue slip," meaning that it rejects the law and sends it back to the Senate for yet another vote. This would take time and effort, of course, and the Democrats have very little of either remaining in their lame duck session.'


Former Pakistani General: CIA, Mossad behind WikiLeaks Reports

A former Pakistani army commander said that the disclosure of classified documents by the whistleblower site of Wikileaks is a US plot to create rift among friendly and neighboring states.

"The US has a hand in this plot, and these reports (posted by the WikiLeaks website) are part of the US psychological warfare," former Chief of the Staff of the Pakistani Army General Mirza Aslam Beg told FNA in Islamabad on Tuesday.

He stated that the US could prevent the leak of information if it wanted to do so, and warned that the real plot and conspiracy pursued by these reports will be unraveled in future.'


Pilot of UKIP leader Nigel Farage Crash Plane is Charged with Threatening to Kill Him and Air Investigator

The pilot of the plane which crashed and injured Nigel Farage has been charged with threatening to kill the politician.

Justin Adams, who was at the controls of the light aircraft which slammed into a field on General Election day in May, seriously injuring the UK Independence Party's now leader, has been remanded in custody.

The 45-year-old airman has also been charged with threatening to kill the official who investigated the dramatic accident.'


TSA Frisks Groom Children to Cooperate with Sex Predators, Abuse Expert Says

An expert in the fight against child sexual abuse is raising the alarm about a technique the TSA is reportedly using to get children to co-operate with airport pat-downs: calling it a "game".

Ken Wooden, founder of Child Lures Prevention, says the TSA's recommendation that children be told the pat-down is a "game" is potentially putting children in danger.

Telling a child that they are engaging in a game is "one of the most common ways" that sexual predators use to convince children to engage in inappropriate contact, Wooden told Raw Story.'


Censors Block WikiLeaks Website; Interpol Issues Arrest Order; Canada Demands Assange be Killed

For the past three days, the WikiLeaks website ( has been under a massive "distributed denial of service" attack, "exceeding 10 gigabits a second," according to the world's most widely used whistleblower website. Amazon shut down WikiLeaks servers, it reported today on Twitter. But that's the least of its problems. Yesterday, a senior advisor to the Canadian Prime Minister issued a televised fatwa on Julian Assange. Today, Interpol posted its call for arrest of the website's founder and Ecuador withdrew its offer of asylum.

University of Calgary political science professor and key advisor to Canada's PM Stephen Harper, Tom Flanagan, called on President Obama to "put out a contract and maybe use a drone" during a talk show interview on the CBC News Network Tuesday evening.'


Controversial Drug Given to All Guantanamo Detainees Akin to 'Pharmacologic Waterboarding'

The Defense Department forced all "war on terror" detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison to take a high dosage of a controversial antimalarial drug, mefloquine, an act that an Army public health physician called "pharmacologic waterboarding."

The US military administered the drug despite Pentagon knowledge that mefloquine caused severe neuropsychiatric side effects, including suicidal thoughts, hallucinations and anxiety. The drug was used on the prisoners whether they had malaria or not.'


US, S Korea, Japan to Hold More Drills

The United States has announced new major war games with Japan and South Korea off the Korean Peninsula amid rising tensions with North Korea.

As Washington and Seoul finished their joint four-day naval exercise on Wednesday, South Korean military officials announced further discussions to hold more maneuvers with US forces within the next few weeks or months, according to reports.

According to the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, Seoul will also stage live-fire drills for one week, beginning next Monday, in 29 locations in the East, West and South Seas.'


US Soldier Admits to Sport Killing

A US military court has spared an American soldier from an early discharge from the US Army after he admitted to shooting unarmed Afghan civilians for fun.

Staff Sergeant Robert Stevens, 25, an Army medic from the State of Oregon, was only sentenced to nine months in prison on Wednesday for killing Afghan civilians, after pleading guilty.

He confessed to opening fire on two Afghan farmers in March 2010 for no apparent reason. He and other US troops were acting on orders from a squad leader during a patrol in March, Reuters reported.'


'Israeli Troops Open Fire on Lebanon'

Israeli troops have opened fire on Lebanon from two border posts across the Lebanese southern border, a Lebanese security source says.

The machinegun fire came from Israeli positions near Shebaa Farms on the border between Lebanon, Syria and the occupied Palestinian land on Wednesday, dpa reported.

According to the source, the Wednesday shooting came from Israeli troops stationed in al-Sammaqa and Rwaisat al-Alam positions. No casualties have been reported.

UN sources said that they were checking the latest shooting on Lebanon by Israeli troops.'


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Climate Alarmists Push Forced Relocation At Cancun Summit

Not content with merely pushing world war-style rationing and the complete de-industrialization of the planet, global warming alarmists meeting in Cancun Mexico this week will propose the forced relocation of entire populations in the name of offsetting man made climate change.

The shocking proposal appears on page 6 of the executive summary of the Special Climate Change Program.

As a means of mitigating climate change, encouraging sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions, the document calls for, “the implementation of relocation programs for human settlements and infrastructure in high risk areas.”

Relocation of populations has historically been achieved by force at the hands of an authoritarian ruling elite, to the “substantial harm” of the target settlement, with loss of private property and harrowing social dislocation, and in some cases genocide, being three primary outcomes. The most odious example in recent history was of course the forced transfer of Jews from wartime Germany by the Nazis.'



FBI Creating Police State: Paul Craig Roberts

Wikileaks Cable Claims UK 'Pledged to Limit Iraq Probe'

The government secretly promised to limit the scope of the Iraq war inquiry to protect US interests, according to leaked cables reported in the Times.

The documents on the Wikileaks website could undermine the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war, the newspaper says.

The dispatch says senior UK officials also warned the US that Iraq would attract a "feeding frenzy" of interest in the UK "when the inquiry takes off".'


DHS Whistle-blower: They're Training Local Police to Suspend Rights

Film maker William Lewis had the chance to sit down with former police officer turned whistle-blower Travis Maddox for an interview contained the newly released film Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA Part 2. During the interview, Maddox shares what became his concerns about the extensive training given to the local police department by the Department of Homeland Security in case of a nuclear, chemical, or biological attack.

Maddox, also a former Missouri Constitution Party candidate for office, says the group in which he participated was "trained" to force people from their homes, disarm them, load them onto buses for transport to secured quarantine areas, "and if that weren't enough, from there it gets pretty scary," says Lewis of the interview.

"DHS, parent organization for the Transportation Security Administration, could give the TSA a run for their money," relays Lewis about the information given the viewer from Maddox's first hand experience during training. The procedures for decontamination require removal of clothing, by force, if necessary. Maddox also stated during the interview that when the order is given, no one will have a choice, basically saying that you lose your rights to your private property, your guns, even your own body.'


Treasury Announces Plan To Sell Taxpayers' GM Stake With 'No Concern For Profit'

Remain calm as you read this story from Bloomberg.

Pay particular attention to this passage:

Taxpayers, however, haven’t broken even on GM. The government needed to sell its entire stake for about $44 a share for that to happen. The U.S. would need to sell its remaining 37 percent ownership of GM at $53 a share for taxpayers to be made whole.

Miller and Massad said they aren’t waiting for the stock to reach that level.

“We’re not a private equity fund,” Massad said. “We believe that promoting financial stability means we should exit as soon as we can.”

So the Bush-Obama regime bails out GM against the wishes of the American people, and then later, when the investment finally looks like a win for taxpayers, the United States Treasury announces publicly that it has no interest in breaking even, let alone making a profit.'


CIA Implanted Electrodes in Brains of Unsuspecting Soldiers, Suit Alleges

A group of military veterans are suing to get the CIA to come clean about allegedly implanting remote control devices in their brains.

It's well known that the CIA began testing substances like LSD on soldiers beginning in the 1950s but less is known about allegations that the agency implanted electrodes in subjects.

A 2009 lawsuit claimed that the CIA intended to design and test septal electrodes that would enable them to control human behavior. The lawsuit said that because the government never disclosed the risks, the subjects were not able to give informed consent.'


Flashback: 'CIA, Mossad and Soros behind Wikileaks'

WMR has learned from Asian intelligence sources that there is a strong belief in some Asian countries, particularly China and Thailand, that the website Wikileaks, which purports to publish classified and sensitive documents while guaranteeing anonymity to the providers, is linked to U.S. cyber-warfare and computer espionage operations, as well as to Mossad’s own cyber-warfare activities.
Wikileaks claims to have decrypted video footage of a U.S. Predator air strike on civilians in Afghanistan and that covert U.S. State Department agents followed Wikileaks’s editor from Iceland to Norway in a surveillance operation conducted jointly by the United States and Iceland. Iceland’s financially-strapped government recently announced a policy of becoming a haven for websites that fear political oppression and censorship in their home countries. However, in the case of Wikileaks, countries like China and Thailand are suspicious of the websites’ actual “ownership".'


IMF and EU Hammer Ireland: 'We're all Fucked'

"The facility will include up to €35 billion to support the banking system; €10 billion for the immediate recapitalisation and the remaining €25 billion will be provided on a contingency basis. Up to €50 billion to cover the financing of the State.....If drawn down in total today, the combined annual average interest rate would be of the order of 5.8% per annum."

This is nothing but extortion. If Ireland wants to put its banks on solid footing, there's a way to do it that doesn't involve years of debt-slavery for its people. The government can underwrite the banks with a €10 billion loan from the Pension Reserve Fund that will guarantee deposits while the banks are nationalized and restructured. It is an excruciating process, but it's been done many times before. Ireland does not have to accept indentured servitude if it chooses not to.

And why would the government even consider paying an interest rate of 5.8% per annum? Interest rates should be the same as they are for the banks; 1 percent. Should a sovereign nation get a worse interest rate than a crooked banker who ripped off millions of investors?'


Dirty Little Secret in Natural Soyfoods Industry

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Mother Kept In 'Glass Cage' For Almost An Hour By TSA For Resisting Over Breast Milk

The latest case of TSA tyranny to hit the headlines comes in the form of a young mother who was subjected to enhanced groping and then shut inside a screening box for almost an hour by agents after she refused to allow them to put her breast milk through an x-ray device, a legitimate request that is even written into the TSA’s own guidelines.

The ordeal, which took place at Phoenix airport earlier this year, was captured on security cameras, which Stacey Armato, who is also a lawyer, gained access to, but only after repeated requests and careful editing by the TSA had taken place.'


Industry Bought Congressional Votes to Pass S. 510 Food Safety Bill

Despite an incredible outpouring of public opposition to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) "Food Safety Modernization Act", or S. 510, the Senate voted 73 to 25 to pass the bill anyway. And data presented by, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization, shows that big industry groups and large food producers spent millions of dollars buying off Congressmen to garner support for it.

According to the site, Senators that ended up supporting the bill received nearly $10 million in political contributions from interest groups that also supported the bill. This amount was more than four times as much as groups opposed to the bill spent on overall contributions.'


Why does the FBI Orchestrate Fake Terror Plots?

The latest one snared Osman Mohamud, a Somali-American teenager in Portland, Oregon. The Associated Press report by William Mall and Nedra Pickler (11-27-10) is headlined in Yahoo News: "Somali-born teen plotted car-bombing in Oregon."

This is a misleading headline as the report makes it clear that it was a plot orchestrated by federal agents. Two sentences into the news report we have this: "The bomb was an elaborate fake supplied by the [FBI] agents and the public was never in danger, authorities said."

The teenager was supplied with a fake bomb and a fake detonator.

Three sentences later the reporters contradict the quoted authorities with a quote from Arthur Balizan, special agent in charge of the FBI in Oregon: "The threat was very real."

The reporters then contradict Balizan: "White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said Saturday that president Barack Obama was aware of the FBI operation before Friday's arrest. Shapiro said Obama was assured that the FBI was in full control of the operation and that the public was not in danger."

Then Shapiro contradicts himself by declaring: "The events of the past 24 hours underscore the necessity of remaining vigilant against terrorism here and abroad."

The story arrives at its Kafka highpoint when President Obama thanks the FBI for its diligence in saving us from the fake plot the FBI had fabricated.'


Canada Surrenders Sovereignty and Privacy to U.S. 'Secure Flight Program'

Canada is under pressure from U.S. officials to further comply with American security rules which in some cases, threatens its sovereignty and the privacy of its citizens. As a result of the war on terrorism, the U.S. government now has more power to restrict air travel and is not only dictating North American, but also international security measures.

Bill C-42, An Act to amend the Aeronautics Act would require Canadian airline carriers that fly over the U.S. to provide the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with passenger information. This includes name, date of birth, gender, as well as passport and itinerary details when applicable. Airlines landing in the U.S. already have to supply this information, but allowing personal data to be shared on passengers who are only flying through American airspace essentially shreds existing Canadian protection and privacy laws. Bill C-42 complies with the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Security Flight Program which would take effect globally at the beginning of next year. Most Canadian commercial flights pass over the U.S. while en route to Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe which in many cases would give the DHS the final say on who is allowed to travel to and from Canada.'


Iraqi Concentration Camp Exposed

People are being detained in concentration camps in Iraq under deplorable conditions without being charged with any crime. Many have been there for a year or more and some are now both physically and mentally sick.

In this shocking video, an Iraqi doctor speaks to groups of prisoners, including children as young as nine years, living in these horrific camps. Besides being denied due legal process, no type of standardized education is provided to the children who are locked up here. In defense, the US Military personnel said, "but they have movie night." It is claimed that sometimes relatives are grabbed and thrown in the camps when they come to visit.

The human rights violations in these prisons are extensive and inexcusable. How can this be called justice?

WikiLeaks: Arab World According to Mossad Chief

WikiLeaks documents contain reports of 2007 meetings in which Meir Dagan presented US with five-step program to perform coup in Iran; said 'nothing can be achieved' with Palestinians, denied plans to attack Syrian nuclear site.'