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Reporter exposing child abuse by the Scottish 'elite' held by Grampian police in effort to silence him.

This is why they are terrified of what he is revealing ...

Please contact Grampian police and ask what is happening to him ...

Tel: 0845 600 5700 or email

Please contact Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish Parliament, and demand that action is taken in this case ... email:

Please email Scottish Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini and demand that she stop the cover up of horrific child abuse by the Scottish 'elite' ... email


Angiolini: Covering for Paedophilia?

For those of us following the Hollie Greig case, it is particularly shocking that when challenged about the lack of action from Scotland’s prosecutors and the police, instead of a statement from the Lord Advocate stating her position, a persistent stream of threatening letters from a Mr Callum Anderson of Scottish law firm, Levy & McRae have been issued on her behalf.

The question that sprung to my mind when I saw these communications was, what is Ms Angiolini, the Lord Advocate of Scotland, afraid of that she feels the need to hide behind solicitors letters?

And then, a kind member of the public pointed us to a previous incident reported on by the Telegraph, involving Ms Angiolini in her role as Procurator Fiscal for Grampian, Highlands and Islands.'


Tarpley - Dalai Lama Is On The CIA Payroll

Monsanto 'Faked' Data For Approvals Claims its Ex-Chief

The debate on genetically modified (GM) brinjal variety continues to generate heat. Former managing director of Monsanto India, Tiruvadi Jagadisan, is the latest to join the critics of Bt brinjal, perhaps the first industry insider to do so.

Jagadisan, who worked with Monsanto for nearly two decades, including eight years as the managing director of India operations, spoke against the new variety during the public consultation held in Bangalore on Saturday.

On Monday, he elaborated by saying the company "used to fake scientific data" submitted to government regulatory agencies to get commercial approvals for its products in India.'


Totally Occupied: 700 Military Bases Spread Across Afghanistan

In the nineteenth century, it was a fort used by British forces. In the twentieth century, Soviet troops moved into the crumbling facilities. In December 2009, at this site in the Shinwar district of Afghanistan’s Nangarhar Province, U.S. troops joined members of the Afghan National Army in preparing the way for the next round of foreign occupation. On its grounds, a new military base is expected to rise, one of hundreds of camps and outposts scattered across the country.'


Canada’s Effort to Criminalize Criticism of Israel

Israel’s siege of Gaza has made it a “closed zone” – no access, no exit, cut off from the world. By attempting to shut down criticism of Israel’s practices, Canadian supporters of the government of Israel are creating another “closed zone” in Canada – in which criticism, open debate, and freedom of expression will not be allowed.

Who is doing this? Quietly, without authority from Parliament, an all-party group which calls itself the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism (CPCCA) has been formed to investigate antisemitism in Canada. Not antisemitism as it is traditionally understood: discrimination against or denial of the right of Jews to live as equal members of society. (Members of this Coalition are well aware that traditional antisemitism exists only among fringe groups in Canada.)

Instead, their focus is on something they label as the “new antisemitism” — which they define as criticism of the State of Israel!'


International Bankers Finance Both Sides in War

Zero Bin Waste or Get a Fine

An army of snooping bin police will inspect the ­rubbish of millions of families under a sinister Government plan to create “zero waste” in Britain.

Squads of spies will carry out dawn raids to check that householders are not throwing out any rubbish and recycling it all instead.

People failing to comply with the strict rules face hefty fines. The cloak-and-dagger crackdown from the so-called “Talibin” has been launched in six pilot areas, the Daily Express can reveal, and could eventually apply to virtually all UK households. It is the latest draconian scheme to be forced through by Labour ministers who have already masterminded the hated fortnightly ­collections and pay-as-you-throw bin taxes.'


Labour's '100%' Death Tax

Millions of people could lose almost every penny of their assets under a new “death tax” being considered by Labour to fund care for the elderly.

And poorer people would lose out the most, leaving their children with next to nothing to inherit, analysis showed yesterday.

In some cases the new levy could be as high as 100 per cent.'


Britain’s Inquiry Into the Iraq War and the Israel Lobby Taboo

So, in short, Blair did reveal an Israel connection to the war, that the official gatekeepers of the US (and UK) media have sought to deny, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It should be pointed out, however, that even Walt tends to downplay somewhat the actual extent of the Israel connection. For while it was the neocons who from the late 1990s onward pushed the strategic plan to first attack Iraq before moving on to Iran and Israel’s other Middle East adversaries, their entire plan paralleled earlier schemes developed in Israel, especially by the Likudniks (e.g. Oded Yinon), to destabilize Israel’s enemies by war, starting with a war on Iraq.'


US to Launch Fallujah-style Attack in Afghanistan

As US and British troops prepare to attack the town of Marjah in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, military commanders and the media are openly comparing the operation to the November 2004 siege of Fallujah, one of the bloodiest war crimes of the Iraq war.

The operation in central Helmand province, long an area of intense resistance to the US-led occupation, will constitute the largest military offensive since Washington invaded the country in October 2001. At least 15,000 troops are expected to lay siege to the Helmand river valley town, which has 80,000 inhabitants and is said by the US military to be a stronghold of the Taliban.'


Is Goldman Sachs Responsible for Greek Crisis?

Goldman Sachs tricky derivatives trades may have masked the Greek debt just long enough to hurt all of us again. Goldman Sachs made up an exchange rate that allowed the Greeks to look as though they were only engaging in a currency swap when, in effect, they were getting more than a billion more than they should have from the trades in credit. Its likely that Goldman made a killing on the commissions for the swaps, and then sold the swaps to a Greek bank for even higher profits.

France Falls Under Internet Censorship

The French parliament has buckled under pressure and approved the Sarkozy government's authoritarian plans to censor the Internet.

The government opposed all objections to its plans to filter Internet sites, which have been controversial throughout French society. Today La Quadrature du Net, a French openness group, said that the action would give the government total control over its citizens' access to the Internet. It added that Nicholas Sarkozy was using excuses to clear a path for his rules, whch ultimately would come at the expense of liberty.'


Surveillance Drones To Zap Protesters Into Submission

Illustrating once again that the prison planet being built around us far outstrips anything Aldous Huxley or George Orwell ever imagined, a Wired News report details how police forces worldwide are preparing to unveil drone aircraft that can not only conduct surveillance of protesters, but also zap them into submission with non-lethal weapons.

As part of their ongoing mission to "protect and serve" the new world order, cops across the world are getting access to military drones which allow them to "carry out surveillance on everyone from protesters and antisocial motorists to fly-tippers," reports Wired News.

The report details how the future of policing will resemble something approaching a combination of They Live and The Running Man, with unmanned drones replacing police helicopters whizzing around everywhere torturing and knocking out anyone who misbehaves.'


Is the US a Police State?

US Forces Kill 'Eight Bystanders' in Iraq

US forces have shot eight Iraqi people, most of them 'innocent bystanders,' in a raid in a village southeast of Baghdad, Iraqi provincial officials say.

Iraqi provincial council officials described the US raid as slaughter and demanded financial compensation for the relatives of the victims.'


Friday, February 12, 2010

Godfrey Bloom Lambasts EU Thieves' Cartel

Climategate: A Crime Against Humanity

Climategate may well prove to be the final fight in the war between those who would rule us with lies and those who wish to live with truth. Climategate makes it clear that yes, there really are massive conspiracies between government and the media to mislead the general public. You cannot pretend they don't exist; one is right there before you staked out naked on the ground, exposed for all to marvel at! I leave it as an exercise for the reader to decide how many other such deceptions form what we think we know of the world and of history.'


Go Back To Sleep, There’s No New World Order

A major Newsweek hit piece against the Tea Party movement and Alex Jones claims that the move towards a global government and the fact that governments commit acts of false flag terrorism is all an invention of “conspiracist kooks” who wear “tin foil hats”. Like we’ve never heard that one before.

Self-described “conservative” Jonathan Kay invokes Obama regulation czar Cass Sunstein in railing against ideas he describes as “dangerously detached from reality” by labeling vehemently proven facts as “conspiracy theories” and thereby exposing himself as the only person dangerously detached from reality in his article, Black Helicopters Over Nashville.'


De Facto Military Occupation of Pennsylvania

WPXI in Pittsburgh reported on February 9 that the Army National Guard will remain in the city “indefinitely” in response to the weather. “The guardsmen are paired up with police and medics across town, turning dozens of humvees into welcome wagons,” the news channel reported.

This represents the de facto military occupation of Pennsylvania and martial law. Martial law is defined as the imposition of military rule by military authorities on an emergency basis when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively. This is apparently precisely the case in Pennsylvania. It remains to be seen if the military or the civilian government is in control there.'


Perverse Irony:"Tolerance" Museum To Be Built Atop Muslim Cemetary

A group of Palestinians descended from 15 of Jerusalem’s oldest Arab families lodged a protest with the UN today in a fresh effort to prevent the construction of a “Museum of Tolerance” on the site of an ancient Muslim cemetery.

The project, run by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles, has been dogged by controversy since its launch in 2004. Islamic groups and individual Palestinians complained that the site, in west Jerusalem, was the ancient cemetery of Ma’man Allah, also known as Mamilla, which housed thousands of graves dating back hundreds of years and where even today there are still many gravestones and tombs.'


Greece is NWO Test Ground

The financial minister of Greece announced yesterday that from 1/1/2011 all financial transactions of sums above 1500 euros in cash, will be banned. For any transaction above 1500 euros, only credit cards and checks will be legal. The formal explanation for this law is it will combat those who do not pay taxes. But we all know this is not the case...

It seems the new world order wants to make Greece a testing ground for their new laws. For the past months, Greece have been attacked without mercy. We have been called liars, frauds, cheaters, thieves. They are threatening us constantly with banning from the euro zone and default. [These charges are] not true. ... The problem is, based on their accusations and (the virtual) bad situation of Greek finances, they will pass their experimental laws of their new world order.'


'Anti-Semitic' - The Label That Stops Criticism

Paul J. Balles views the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act, passed by the US Congress in 2004, which defines any criticism of Israel or the Israel lobby in the US as “anti-Semitism” and is in fact an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.'


The Coming Euro Collapse- Euro Crisis BBC Special

The Holocaust: Israel's Ultimate Red Herring

Whenever Israel’s image suffers a setback, mainly because of its manifestly criminal treatment of the Palestinians, Israel invokes the holocaust. Israel does not openly link the Nazi-like brutality meted out to the Palestinians to the holocaust.

However, the implied message in highlighting holocaust commemorations is inescapable.

The message is that what Germany did to European Jewry in the course of World War II justifies whatever Israel has done and is doing to the Palestinians.'


Unlawful War on Iran is Treason; It Levies War Against the US, Our Military, and Our Constitution

Causing unlawful war upon the US is an attack upon our nation, consistent with US Constitution Article III Section 3:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

Causing war against the US is so egregious, it’s the only crime the Founders defined in the Constitution. An unlawful war is the supreme act of betrayal against our military, and a violent overthrow of the US government as we know it by our Constitution. It replaces American limited government under law with unchecked fascism.'


China to Sell U.S. Assets

Something big is happening in China which could have a huge effect on the American economy.

On Tuesday, Reuters reported:

Senior Chinese military officers have proposed that their country ... possibly sell some U.S. bonds to punish Washington for its latest round of arms sales to Taiwan.

Now, Asia Times is reporting: Dollar-denominated risk assets, including asset-backed securities and corporates, are no longer wanted at the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), nor at China’s large commercial banks. The Chinese government has ordered its reserve managers to divest itself of riskier securities and hold only Treasuries and US agency debt with an implicit or explicit government guarantee. This already has been communicated to American securities dealers, according to market participants with direct knowledge of the events.'


Bachmann: America ‘Cursed’ by God ‘if We Reject Israel’

At a Republican Jewish Coalition event in Los Angeles last week, Rep. Michele Bachmann offered a candid view of her positions on Israel: Support for Israel is handed down by God and if the United States pulls back its support, America will cease to exist.

" I am convinced in my heart and in my mind that if the United States fails to stand with Israel, that is the end of the United States . . . [W]e have to show that we are inextricably entwined, that as a nation we have been blessed because of our relationship with Israel, and if we reject Israel, then there is a curse that comes into play. And my husband and I are both Christians, and we believe very strongly the verse from Genesis [Genesis 12:3], we believe very strongly that nations also receive blessings as they bless Israel. It is a strong and beautiful principle".'


Police State USA: Government want to Track All Cell Phone Users

Even though police are tapping into the locations of mobile phones thousands of times a year, the legal ground rules remain unclear, and federal privacy laws written a generation ago are ambiguous at best. On Friday, the first federal appeals court to consider the topic will hear oral arguments (PDF) in a case that could establish new standards for locating wireless devices.

In that case, the Obama administration has argued that warrantless tracking is permitted because Americans enjoy no "reasonable expectation of privacy" in their--or at least their cell phones'--whereabouts. U.S. Department of Justice lawyers say that "a customer's Fourth Amendment rights are not violated when the phone company reveals to the government its own records" that show where a mobile device placed and received calls.'


H1N1- Swine Flu: A Post Mortem

Rarely in the annals of history have we seen such as humongous hoax as the recent “H1N1-pandemic”. What reportedly began in Mexico last spring in Vera Cruz state, at an insalubrious industrial sized pork farm was then upgraded from to a global health crisis. Nine months later it has ended with allegations of an immense imposture on a world-wide scale. A presumably fake flu scare was orchestrated and carefully coordinated apparently from within the WHO’s inner sanctum, in order to boost vaccine sales and the profits of the pharmaceutical industry. Were we all fobbed and sold of bill of goods? Was the “false pandemic” really a hoax or are accusations coming from medical experts such as Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg ( just conspiratorial blather?'


Syria Sheds Light on 'True Intentions of Israel'

Syria's Foreign Ministry has once again condemned Israeli policies, saying Tel Aviv is not interested in peace in the Middle East.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the ministry said that the Israeli parliament is pushing legislation for tax benefits to some 30 Israeli communities settled in the Golan Heights.'


Thursday, February 11, 2010

US' Expanded Weapons Stockpiling in Israel

Approximately 1,400 Palestinians were killed - including more than 300 children - and over 5,000 people were wounded in the 2008-2009 Israeli attacks, dubbed Operation Cast Lead, using advanced American-made weaponry. Now, a year later, Israel and the United States have agreed to a weapons stockpiling deal that will store $800 million worth of American-made arms and military equipment on Israeli soil.

According to a January 11 report in the weekly paper Defense News, the Obama administration previously mapped out a plan that would place $400 million worth of military arsenal in Israel, but that project was exactly doubled after a meeting in December between the Israeli military's technology and logistics branch, and Rear Adm. Andy Brown, logistics director of the US Army European Command.

Included in this agreement is the caveat that Israel, after approval from the US government, would be able to access the American weapon and ammunition stockpile in case of a military "emergency." The terms and definition of such an "emergency," including against whom the weaponry could be used, remain unclear.'


The World Bank’s Role in Haiti

Beginning in the 1980s, the U.S.-led World Bank tightened its grip on Haitian economic policy. Essentially, it decided that the dysfunctional Haitian elite should encourage international investment in export-oriented assembly sweatshops. This was called a "structural adjustment program." Haiti’s trade tariffs on foreign goods were to be removed, public utilities privatized, and all state subsidies removed—including on essential items like gasoline, subject to sharp price fluctuations that can greatly increase transportation costs for workers and street vendors.

An essential player in maintaining the plantation system in Haiti is Obama asset Bill Clinton, who, in addition to promoting tourism and sweatshops in Haiti, successfully campaigned for passage of the Hope I and Hope II trade bills. Hope I and II require yearly certification that Caribbean countries are complying with guidelines that mirror World Bank policies—that is, super-low wages that attract foreign investors.'


It Is Now Official: The US is a Police State

Americans have been losing the protection of law for years. In the 21st century the loss of legal protections accelerated with the Bush administration’s “war on terror,” which continues under the Obama administration and is essentially a war on the Constitution and U.S. civil liberties.

The Bush regime was determined to vitiate habeas corpus in order to hold people indefinitely without bringing charges. The regime had acquired hundreds of prisoners by paying a bounty for “terrorists.” Afghan warlords and thugs responded to the financial incentive by grabbing unprotected people and selling them to the Americans.'


The Great Highway Robbery Continues: How The FDIC Is Legally Transferring Billions In Taxpayer Money To Hedge Funds

Canadian Prime Minister Delivers Global Governance Plan

During the January 2010 World Economic Summit in Davos Switzerland Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the current Chairman of the G-20, presented the upcoming agenda for the G-20 and G-8 meetings to be held in Ontario in June. Many were shocked to hear this Conservative leader declare that “we also know markets need governance. For the new global economy, the G-20 is what we have.” Harper went on to speak as an avowed Keynesian committed to a one world global economy, creating a world “we have been trying to build since 1945”.

He went on to warn the world that national self interest sovereignty must be opposed to stave off a greater crisis than the current recession. For the next several months leading up to and including the G-20 meetings, Stephen Harper will be attempting to convince the world to find global unity of purpose and adopt what he calls “Enlightened Sovereignty”.'


Rothschild Zionist Miliband Loses Torture Cover Up Attempt

Foreign Secretary David Miliband today lost his attempt to block public disclosure of intelligence information relating to torture allegations in the case of former Guantanamo detainee Binyam Mohamed.

Three of the country's highest-ranking judges dismissed his appeal against an earlier court ruling that summaries of information received by the British security services from United States intelligence should be disclosed.'


Labour's 'Secret Plan' to Lure Migrants

The release of a previously unseen document suggested that Labour’s migration policy over the past decade had been aimed not just at meeting the country’s economic needs, but also the Government’s “social objectives”.

The paper said migration would “enhance economic growth” and made clear that trying to halt or reverse it could be “economically damaging”. But it also stated that immigration had general “benefits” and that a new policy framework was needed to “maximise” the contribution of migration to the Government’s wider social aims.'


Insanity! - Citi Plans Crisis Derivatives

Credit specialists at Citi are considering launching the first derivatives intended to pay out in the event of a financial crisis. The firm has drawn up plans for a tradable liquidity index, known as the CLX, on which products could be structured that allow buyers to hedge a spike in funding costs.'


Fighting the Phantom Menace at the Battle of Los Angeles

The Battle of Los Angeles was banner-headline news back in February 1942, but it was something of a misnomer. Lots of shots were fired by us, but no one or nothing ever battled back. Neither the newspapers nor the military were ever able to satisfactorily explain what really happened that night. Even Steven Spielberg couldn’t make sense of the confusion in his not-so-funny comedy of errors “1941.” Today the all-night fight against a never-identified invader is still a mystery, but it’s one that few Americans are even aware took place.'


Why the Oscars are a Con by John Pilger

Why are so many films so bad? This year’s Oscar nominations are a parade of propaganda, stereotypes and downright dishonesty. The dominant theme is as old as Hollywood: America’s divine right to invade other societies, steal their history and occupy our memory. When will directors and writers behave like artists and not pimps for a world view devoted to control and destruction?

I grew up on the movie myth of the Wild West, which was harmless enough unless you happened to be a native American. The formula is unchanged. Self-regarding distortions present the nobility of the American colonial aggressor as a cover for massacre, from the Philippines to Iraq. I only fully understood the power of the con when I was sent to Vietnam as a war reporter. The Vietnamese were “gooks” and “Indians” whose industrial murder was preordained in John Wayne movies and sent back to Hollywood to glamourise or redeem.

I use the word murder advisedly, because what Hollywood does brilliantly is suppress the truth about America’s assaults. These are not wars, but the export of a gun-addicted, homicidal “culture”. And when the notion of psychopaths as heroes wears thin, the bloodbath becomes an “American tragedy” with a soundtrack of pure angst.'


The Occult Symbolism of Sherlock Holmes

Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, the movie Sherlock Holmes brings back to life the famous detective of the nineteen century. The plot revolves around murders that are apparently connected with occult rituals. This leads Sherlock into the mysterious world of secret societies and political conspiracies. Doyle’s works contained some vague references to occultism or Freemasonry; the movie, however, focuses solely around those themes and incorporates elements that are very relevant in today’s context: a New World Order lead by secret societies.

Although no real life secret society are actually mentioned, numerous symbols and references are peppered throughout the movie taken directly from Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism or the Illuminati. Cleverly embedded into the scenes and never really explained, those symbols can almost be considered hints to insiders concerning the real inspirations of the movie. Let’s look at the Masonic background of the original author of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, and how this influence has been taken to the “next level” in the movie.'


Goldstone Facts-The Real Story Behind Israel's Invasion of Gaza

Mumps Outbreak Spreads Among People Who Got Vaccinated Against Mumps

To hear the vaccine pushers say it, all the recent outbreaks of mumps and measles are caused by too few people seeking out vaccinations. It's all those "non-vaccinated people" who are a danger to society, they say, because they can spread disease.

Reality tells a different story, however: It is the vaccinated people who are causing these outbreaks and spreading disease!

Just this week, an outbreak of mumps among more than 1,000 people in New Jersey and New York has raised alarm among infectious disease authorities. The outbreak itself is not unusual, though. What's unusual is that the health authorities slipped up and admitted that most of the people infected with mumps had already been vaccinated against mumps.'


Brazilian Farmers Declare War on Monsanto

Growers in [the Brazilian State of] Mato Grosso have declared war against Monsanto, the multinational corporate owner of the GMO soya technology known as RR (Roundup Ready). After exhausting all attempts to engage the company in dialogue, the growers are now considering legal action. In Cuiaba, Aprosoja (the Association of Soya and Corn Producers Association of the State of Mato Grosso) is preparing a lawsuit. In Sinop (500km North of Cuiaba) the growers are looking to sue the company as well.'


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Child Rapists Protected By The State

In the October 2009 print edition of the UK Column, we reported in our article “BBC Hides Truth of Girl’s Sexual Abuse Ordeal” the shocking ordeal of Downs Syndrome girl, Hollie Greig, who was horribly abused by an Aberdeen paedophile ring, over a period of ten years. After investigating and planning a documentary, the BBC abruptly dropped the case, despite admitting that Hollie was a reliable and accurate witness. It is important to stress that both the police and qualified medical experts have described Hollie as a competent and entirely honest witness.

From the age of just six, Hollie was repeatedly sexually abused by her father, Denis Charles Mackie. Later, Mackie began sharing his daughter with a gang of paedophile “swingers” that has been operating in Aberdeen for many years. The identities of a further seven child victims are already known. There is no question that the gang are well-connected, efficiently organised and totally ruthless. Our frightening story is that they are protected by individuals of “high standing” within the Scottish establishment.

In 2000, after 14 years of terrified silence, Hollie eventually told her mother, Anne, about the abuses. Formal statements were made to Grampian Police, providing all the horrifying details and the names of the abusers. They included a senior Scottish Sheriff, a policeman, social workers, a nurse, a solicitor, an accountant, a fire officer, married couples and others. Some of the rapes were carried out at the homes of these individuals, including that of the Sheriff’s sister. Other children were sometimes involved, including children of the paedophiles themselves.


Please contact Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish Parliament, and demand that action is taken in this case ... email:

The Truth About the Bali Bombings

1951 CIA Experiment With LSD Caused 'Mass Insanity'

Prompted by a new book release, the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research has received a confidential inquiry from the office of Erard Corbin de Mangoux, head of the French intelligence agency, Directorate General for External Security (DGSE), concerning a recent account of American government complicity in a mysterious 1951 incident of mass insanity in France. The DGSE is the French counterpart of the CIA.

The strange outbreak severely affected nearly five hundred people, causing the deaths of at least five. For nearly 60 years the Pont-St.-Esprit incident has been attributed either to ergot poisoning, meaning that villagers consumed bread infected with a psychedelic mold, or to organic mercury poisoning. But Albarelli reports that the outbreak resulted from a covert LSD aerosol experiment directed by the US Army’s top-secret Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick, Maryland. He notes that the scientists who produced both alternative explanations worked for the Sandoz Pharmaceutical Company, which was then secretly supplying both the Army and CIA with LSD.'


Monsanto Plans to Unleash its Latest Frankenfood Experiment on the American and Canadian Public

In the 2010 growing season Monsanto plans to unleash its latest Frankenfood experiment on the American and Canadian public, a new version of genetically mutated corn with eight abnormal gene traits called Genuity SmartStax corn. It is the culmination of an astonishing scandal that has been steadily building over the past decade. During this time Monsanto’s mutated seeds have grown to 90% of the U.S. soy crop and 85% of the corn crop – and wheat is next on their agenda. Their efforts have been marked by corporate bullying and have drawn the attention of the Justice Department who is conducting an antitrust investigation. All the while they have been spending millions on lobbying to fast track their agenda before the American public even realizes what hit them. Monsanto is making an ominous power play to corner the worldwide market on food and seeds. In the process they are adversely altering the very nature of food itself.'


Goldman Sachs Wants You to Pay-by-the-Mile to Drive on U.S. Roadways

His comments came amid recent news of a radical plan to raise $200 billion by privatizing “the motorway network,” as Brits call it. The plan was presented to the three main political parties by NM Rothschild, the influential investment bank, British news sources say.'


I Don't Mean to Say I Told You So, But...

Probably the most controversial claim in my work with John Mearsheimer on the Israel lobby is our argument that it played a key role in the decision to invade Iraq in 2003. Even some readers who were generally sympathetic to our overall position found that claim hard to accept, and some left-wing critics accused us of letting Bush and Cheney off the hook or of ignoring the importance of other interests, especially oil. Of course, Israel's defenders in the lobby took issue even more strenuously, usually by mischaracterizing our arguments and ignoring most (if not all) of the evidence we presented.

So I hope readers will forgive me if I indulge today in a bit of self-promotion, or more precisely, self-defense. This week, yet another piece of evidence surfaced that suggests we were right all along (HT to Mehdi Hasan at the New Statesman and J. Glatzer at Mondoweiss). In his testimony to the Iraq war commission in the U.K., former Prime Minister Tony Blair offered the following account of his discussions with Bush in Crawford, Texas in April 2002. Blair reveals that concerns about Israel were part of the equation and that Israel officials were involved in those discussions.'


PSU Professor John Hall Outs Jewish Agent Provocateur, Gets Banned

British Government Promises Israeli Official He Won't Be Arrested During Visit

After receiving a letter from the British Foreign Ministry promising that he wouldn't be arrested for war crimes while in England, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon arrived in London on Monday.

He is the first Israeli official to visit Britain since a British judge issued an edict declaring that Israeli officials would be subject to 'universal jurisdiction' laws requiring their arrests and trial for war crimes. The ruling included an arrest warrant for Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni.'


Descent Into Barbarism: The US and NATO Wage War on the World

The argument is won: capitalism as an effective system to organise society and provide for human needs has expired. The evidence is conclusive. Trillions of dollars to kickstart the economy in the US and Europe may have given an ephemeral lease of life to the financial class to spin the casino wheel once again, but it is more apparent by the day that the tentative “recovery” has spluttered to a standstill. Gridlocked by unprecedented levels of personal and national debts, the engine of production – the real economy – is in a state of rigor mortis.

This collapse has been a long time in the making. Decades of easy credit was up to now a way for the ruling class – government, corporations, financial institutions – to let the majority of workers subsidise the chronic loss in their livelihoods, which have been drained since the mid-1970s by the oligarchy’s self-aggrandisement from wage cutting, regressive taxation and public spending cuts. The political class – whether liberal or conservative, right or left – have facilitated this giant wealth-siphoning process.'


Court Quashes Student's Terrorism Conviction

A British student, described by prosecutors as a "wannabe suicide bomber," had his main conviction for possessing terrorism-related materials quashed on Tuesday after spending nearly four years in custody.
Mohammed Atif Siddique, 24, from central Scotland, had been jailed for eight years in 2007 for four offences under terrorism and breach of the peace laws, including distributing terrorist material via websites.

On Tuesday, appeal court judges in Edinburgh formally overturned the most serious conviction against him, which accounted for six years of his term, the Press Association reported.'


Police State USA: College Students Charged With Felony Crimes for Throwing Snowballs

Felony snowball throwing charges have been leveled against two Virginia college students for allegedly pelting a city plow and an undercover police car during Saturday's blizzard. Charles Gill and Ryan Knight, both 21, were nabbed by cops in Harrisonburg, where they attend James Madison University.

If convicted of the felonious snowball tossing, the men each face between one and five years in prison, and a maximum $2,500 fine.'


India Puts on Hold First GM Food Crop on Safety Grounds

Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said more studies were needed to ensure genetically modified aubergines were safe for consumers and the environment.

The GM vegetable has undergone field trials since 2008 and received approval from government scientists in 2009.

But there has been a heated public row over the cultivation of the GM crop.

The BBC's Geeta Pandey, who was at the news conference in Delhi, says Mr Ramesh's decision has put any cultivation of GM vegetables in India on hold indefinitely.'


The Theft of Haiti's National Sovereignty

Further, dwarfing George Orwell's most surgical satire, Colin Powell told CNN that he would of course help out if he was asked. He was, he said horrified by the destruction of the palace.

"It hit me very deeply. I've been in that palace. I've been to negotiations in that palace and it's a beautiful building," Powell said. "To see it collapse - and when you realize what that meant to the rest of the city - it struck me deeply, and my heart immediately went out to the Haitian people who have suffered so much."

"Negotiations"? Well, not quite.

"History will record the first black U.S. Secretary of State personally engineered the theft of the national sovereignty of Haiti, the world's first black republic", observed The Black Commentator, after the 2004 coup, which ousted .... President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, accusing: "... global American pirates (of creating a) new order which congeals like blood on the streets of Port-au-Prince ..... Such is Colin Powell's horrific legacy ... Powell personally initiated the overt, criminally culpable act in the kidnapping of a head of state."(2)

Ten days later they pointed out: "Powell returned to the scene of his crime last week to assure Gerard Latortue ... US-installed interim Prime Minister; " We are with you all the way".'


Israeli Warplanes Target Gaza Airport

Israeli warplanes have launched an overnight attack on the southern Gaza Strip, pounding an international airport in the Hamas-run Palestinian territory.

The air strike came Tuesday night when Israeli F-16 fighter jets targeted the Yasser Arafat International Airport in Dahaniya, Rafah.

Locals said the warplanes fired five missiles into the facility, but there were no immediate reports of casualties.'


Israel Plans to Raze 200 Homes in Jerusalem Al-Quds

Israeli officials have given the go-ahead for the demolition of 200 Palestinian homes in Palestinian neighborhoods of Jerusalem Al-Quds.

According to the Ma'an news agency, most of the homes that are threatened with imminent demolition are located in Silwan, a deprived and overcrowded Palestinian community lying just outside the walls of Old Jerusalem Al-Quds and in the shadow of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Meanwhile, human rights groups have warned that around one third of the population of the Shiyah neighborhood in central Jerusalem Al-Quds is threatened with displacement.'


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cell Phones are Dangerous, But This May Be Far Worse...

An increasingly alarmed army of international scientists have reached a controversial conclusion:

The "electrosmog" that first began developing with the rollout of the electrical grid a century ago and now envelops every inhabitant of Earth is responsible for many of the diseases that impair or kill them.
During the past 100 years, we have methodically filled in the electromagnetic spectrum far beyond what occurs in nature.

Recently, several developments have highlighted the growing hazards of EMF pollution and the crucial need to address them.'


The 'Shock Doctrine' for Haiti: The U.S. is Reviving What Haitians Call 'The Plan of Death.'

One month after the devastating earthquake, Haiti continues to suffer under apocalyptic conditions.

The quake killed more than 200,000 people, injured 250,000 and has left over 3 million dependent on assistance for food, water and housing. Contrary to the puff pieces in the media, the relief operation has been a miserable failure. The United Nations admitted at the end of January that had only been able to feed 1 million people, leaving many more without access to food. Whole sections of Port-au-Prince and surrounding towns never even saw relief convoys.

Amid this catastrophe, imperial powers and corporate vultures are circling, eyeing the profits to be made from reconstruction.

The Street, an investment Web site, published an article, misleadingly titled "An Opportunity to Heal Haiti," that lays out how U.S. corporations can cash in on the catastrophe. "Here are some companies," they write, "that could potentially benefit: General Electric, Caterpillar, Deere, Fluor, Jacobs Engineering".'


Newborns’ DNA Routinely Harvested For Government Bio Banks

The government is harvesting samples of DNA from every newborn child in the country, storing them in monolithic bio banks and providing them to outside researchers and other agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, all without the consent or knowledge of parents.

It sounds like the stuff of dystopian nightmare, and it is, but it is also reality.'


Indian Climate Chief Pachauri Endures Attacks at Home

Indian environmentalists have joined critics of Dr R.K. Pachauri, the head of the UN's Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change, accusing him of damaging the country's environment and protecting "polluter" corporations who fund his research institute.'


I Want My Country Back! - Prof. Russ Roberts Testifies Before House Oversight Committee!

Prof. Francis Boyle: Israel Is Committing Genocide

“What we’re seeing in Gaza now, is pretty much slow-motion genocide against the 1.5 million Palestinians who live in Gaza…. If you read the 1948 Genocide Convention, it clearly says that one instance of genocide is the deliberate infliction of conditions of life calculated to bring about the physical destruction of a people in whole or in part,” stated Francis A. Boyle, professor of International Law at the University of Illinois in Champaign.

“And that’s exactly what has been done to Gaza, since the imposition of the blockade by Israel; then the massacre of 1,400 Palestinians, two-thirds of whom were civilians, in Operation Cast Lead. And that also raises the element in the Genocide Convention, of murder, torture, and things of that nature.”


Tony Blair Attacks Iraq Inquiry as Part of Britain's 'Obsession With Conspiracy Theories'

Tony Blair yesterday launched an extraordinary attack on the Iraq inquiry - as the chairman warned that he and others could be recalled over 'gaps' in their evidence.
In an outspoken interview in the U.S., the former prime minister dismissed the inquiry as part of a ' continual desire to sort of uncover some great conspiracy'.
Speaking on Fox News he said critics of the war were obsessed with conspiracy theories, and refused to accept that his motives were 'genuine'.'


Liberals Get a War President of Their Very Own

Suddenly and surprisingly, we have a Bush-like Obama Doctrine. To the applause of liberal hawks and formerly critical neocons, the president declared in his Nobel Peace Prize speech that the U.S. will continue to wage war—though naturally, only “just” war—anywhere and against anyone it chooses in a never-ending struggle against the forces of evil. His antiwar supporters can take seats on the sidelines. It’s all reminiscent of John F. Kennedy and the prescient George Ball, and afterward Ball and Lyndon Johnson. In the early ’60s, JFK—reluctantly, we are told by his admirers—decided to send 16,000 “trainers” to Vietnam to teach the South Vietnamese how to play soldier and to stop the Communists from sweeping over Southeast Asia. Vast quantities of money and assorted advisers were shipped without accountability to the corrupt gang of thugs running and ruining that country.'


White Cliffs of Dover to Be Sold to the French to Help Reduce Government's Debt

For generations Dover has stood as an indomitable symbol of Britain’s freedom and independence.
The town, with its white cliffs, port and sprawling castle stood at the very edge of the nation’s frontier with the Continent.
But now part of that proud history is up for sale and the leading bidder is revealed as the former age-old enemy – France.


Britain, You Better Wake Up

The more I read about the Chilcot inquiry the more disturbed I am. The fallacy imbued in the heart of British ‘democracy’ is staggering. While some commentators are concerned with questions to do with the legality of the war, the most crucial issue here is actually the disappearance of ethical judgment from our public and political life. Rather than being concerned with morality and ethics British politicians are concerned with legalism. In other words, if someone would manage to prove that the war was ‘legal’ then the murdering of a million and a half Iraqis would be well justified. Let’s all face it, our politicians are corrupted to the bone.'


Nurse to Stand Trial for Reporting Doctor

It occurred to Anne Mitchell as she was writing the letter that she might lose her job, which is why she chose not to sign it. But it was beyond her conception that she would be indicted and threatened with 10 years in prison for doing what she knew a nurse must: inform state regulators that a doctor at her rural hospital was practicing bad medicine.'


AUDI's Eco-Fasciscm "Green Police' Ads Preview Environmental Police State Yet to Come

Canadian Pharmacy Regulators: Stop Selling Unlicensed Natural Health Remedies

Makers of natural-health products say they are bracing for widespread layoffs and millions of dollars in losses after Canada's pharmacy regulators issued a surprise directive recently urging druggists to stop selling unlicensed natural remedies.

The order affects thousands of herbal treatments, multi-vitamins and other products, most of them waiting for approval from Health Canada under a backlogged, five-year-old program to regulate natural-health goods.'


U.S Vows To Bury Goldstone Report At UN

Israeli sources reported Saturday that the United States vowed to Israeli leaders to bury the report of Judge Richard Goldstone on Israel’s war in Gaza last year. The sources added that the Israeli government vowed to respond to the report of Goldstone by forming an independent committee.

The United Nations is set to convene soon to discuss the report but did not schedule a date for the discussion. But Israel sources said that Israel will not show “any further cooperation” and that the United States will not allow the report to reach the Security Council.

Last week, Israel reveled that a series of talks were held between Israeli and American officials in order to define the means to counter the Goldstone report and to bury it.'


Monday, February 08, 2010

Unlawful Anti-Terror Powers Planned For Use During 2012 Olympics

Police are planning to use an anti-terror law deemed unlawful by the European Court of Human Rights across the country during the London Olympics, The Times has learnt.

Senior officers are considering using Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 at every Underground and railway station nationwide.

Privacy campaigners criticised the proposal yesterday. The powers would enable police to stop and search members of the public without any suspicion that they were involved in terrorism.

The Times understands that this would be the first time that the powers would have been used across such a wide area. Police said that Section 44, which must be granted by the Home Secretary for a designated area, would be used only in the event of an escalated terror threat. Officers are being trained to use behavioural profiling to spot suspicious characters during stop- and-search operations.'


Tories Plan £200 Levy for All Defendants Convicted in Courts

Every defendant convicted in a criminal court would have to pay a levy of £200 under plans being put forward by the Conservatives, The Times has learnt. Dominic Grieve, the Shadow Justice Secretary, said that a levy or a fixed fee could raise £80 million a year towards the costs of bringing criminals to court.'


Zionists Determine Good and Evil

Alan Dershowitz recently called Richard Goldstone "an evil man" for censuring Israel's Dec. 2008 Gaza War in his UN Report.

If God is synonymous with absolute truth and justice, Dershowitz exposes Zionism as a war on God. Zionists turn good and evil on their head, and define "good" as whatever benefits them.

This is the New World Order folks; "Good" is "what's Good for the Jews".'


Weather Modification And Barky's Jokes About 'Snowmageddon'

President Barack Obama reportedly 'joked' about a major snowstorm that has taken the lives of several, caused multiple accidents and massive power outages. Was it a Freudian slip, or 'Barkism,' that this was a manmade snowstorm? I honestly don't know, though I think it's something to consider.

What I do know is that weather modification is not science fiction, but has been with us since at least the 1960s, when the Ho Chi Minh Trail was flooded out by US forces during the Vietnam War. Nowadays I think it would be safe to say that the majority of clouds we see here in the US (and likely throughout the world) are made by craft spraying trails that proliferate across the sky. If 'we're' making the clouds, then it stands to reason that we're also creating whatever precipitation that falls due to those clouds, does it not? If that's the case, then the American people have just been attacked.'


Kill the Messenger?

The Obama administration has apparently come up with a creative way to deal with the increasingly bleak news regarding the economic position of the United States in the world. It proposes to eliminate the office in the Bureau of Labor Statistics that collects and publishes the comparative data on employment, unemployment, manufacturing productivity and labor costs, among other things. You can find it right there on page 11 among the various programs that it has marked for termination.

Through this voluntary act of blinding, the Obama gang will manage to save all of two million dollars a year, which in Pentagon parlance hardly qualifies as “budget dust.” Lost will be a ready reckoning of how the country is measuring up on the world economic front, which might well be the intended purpose of the program’s elimination.'


Hillary to China: Vote for Iran Sanctions, or Face Gulf Conflagration and Oil Cutoff

No Joke: South Carolina Now Requires ’Subversives’ to Register

Five-dollar registration fee for persons planning to overthrow US government

Terrorists who want to overthrow the United States government must now register with South Carolina's Secretary of State and declare their intentions -- or face a $25,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison.'


Why Has the FDA Allowed a Drug Marked 'Not Safe for Use in Humans' to Be Fed to Livestock Right Before Slaughter?

While researchers and scientists investigate the cause of our diabetes, obesity, asthma and ADHD epidemics, they should ask why the FDA approved a livestock drug banned in 160 nations and responsible for hyperactivity, muscle breakdown and 10 percent mortality in pigs, according to angry farmers who phoned the manufacturer.

The beta agonist ractopamine, a repartitioning agent that increases protein synthesis, was recruited for livestock use when researchers found the drug, used in asthma, made mice more muscular says Beef magazine.

But unlike the growth promoting antibiotics and hormones used in livestock which are withdrawn as the animal nears slaughter, ractopamine is started as the animal nears slaughter.'


German Foreign Minister Backs Idea of European Army

Germany supports the creation of a European army in the long term so that the EU can be a "global player," Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle told the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

"The long-term goal is the establishment of a European army under full parliamentary control. The European Union must live up to its political role as a global player. It must be able to manage crises independently. It must be able to respond quickly, flexibly and to take a united stand," he said.

"We want strong European crisis management. This is not intended to replace other security structures. More Europe is not a strategy directed against anyone. No one has any reason to fear Europe, but everyone should be able to depend on Europe," he added.'


Ken Lewis: If I’m Going Down, Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke Are Coming Down With Me

No WAY is Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis going to be the only one to answer for the acquisition of crappy Merrill Lynch and its crappy bonuses, "a person close to Lewis's defense team" (who may or may not be Ken Lewis himself) tells Charlie Gasparino today on the Daily Beast. NO WAY will he be a scapegoat, alone, for the people who twisted his arm to go through with the Merrill deal by telling him he would be fired if he didn't. "If this thing goes to trial you can expect both Paulson and Bernanke to be on the witness list." If he's going down, he's bringing them down, too. Bringing them down to Chinatown. Order in the court!


Vaccines: Doctor Judges & Juries Hanging Their Own

'Scandalous Abuse' of the Elderly Being Killed With Psychiatric Medications

Elderly dementia patients are being subjected to "scandalous abuse" by being drugged with dangerous antipsychotic drugs, according to a letter by ten influential health organizations, published in The Daily Telegraph.

"[One hundred thousand] people with dementia in care homes are being inappropriately prescribed a damaging chemical cosh of antipsychotic drugs and new research suggests that there is a significant problem in hospitals too," the letter reads. "Antipsychotics should only ever be a last resort. This over prescription is abuse and it must stop. ... We cannot stand by while this scandalous abuse of vulnerable citizens continues."

Although antipsychotic drugs are intended for people with medical conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and are not approved for the treatment of dementia, studies show that nursing homes and hospitals regularly prescribe them to these patients as sedatives, in order to make them easier for doctors and nurses to handle.'


European Emergency Number 112 Now Works in all EU Member States

People can now reach emergency services from anywhere in the EU, simply by dialling 112, the single European emergency number. Now that 112 can be called from any phone in Bulgaria, it has achieved complete availability just before the Christmas period when thousands of people travel between EU Member States to visit family, hit the slopes or look for winter sun. It also crowns the combined efforts of the European Commission and EU Member States to make 112 fully available everywhere so that Europeans will always have a lifeline in the EU.'


Yemen and The Militarization of Strategic Waterways

Among Washington's strategic objectives is the militarization of major sea ways. This strategic waterway links the Mediterranean to South Asia and the Far East, through the Suez Canal, the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

It is a major transit route for oil tankers. A large share of China's industrial exports to Western Europe transits through this strategic waterway. Maritime trade from East and Southern Africa to Western Europe also transits within proximity of Socotra (Suqutra), through the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. (see map below). A military base in Socotra could be used to oversee the movement of vessels including war ships in an out of the Gulf of Aden.'


US Rejects EU Diplomacy over Iran Nuclear Program

Leading US senators Joseph Lieberman and John Kerry inveigh against a top EU official for supporting further diplomatic talks with Iran over its nuclear program.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, the two US officials criticized the European Union Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashto who threw her lot with more dialogue over Iran's nuclear program.

The two went on to claim that Iran has been 'explicitly dishonest' over its uranium enrichment and thus does not deserve further dialogue, or diplomacy for that matter.'


Egypt to Seal Sea Border with Gaza

Egypt is to close its sea border to the Gaza-bound supplies as it reinforces the restrictions against the passage of sustenance into the strip.

Cairo has ordered a port to be built at its maritime border with the Gaza Strip, a security official was quoted by AFP as saying. The security boats there would then "prevent all future attempts to smuggle Palestinian contraband," he added.

The surveillance multiplies the restrictions Cairo has placed along the terrestrial border at a time when the coastal sliver of 1.5-million population continues to suffer from an all-out Israeli-imposed blockade which has deprived it of its basic necessities for almost three years.'


Germany Bending the Law to Catch Tax Evaders

Despites Switzerland's warnings against supporting criminals, Germany has dispatched tax investigators to neighboring France to buy stolen data on tax evaders with Swiss bank accounts.

Tax authorities would acquire the controversial data following a payoff on the weekend in France, German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported on Sunday, citing Focus magazine.'


Sunday, February 07, 2010

Gaza in Plain Language

500,000 EU Computers Can Access Private British Data

Privacy campaigners expressed shock last night after it emerged that large amounts of confidential personal information held about British citizens on a giant computer network spanning the European Union could be accessed by more than 500,000 terminals.

The figure was revealed in a Council of the European Union document examining proposals to establish a new agency, based in France, that would manage much of the 27 EU member states' shared data. But the sheer number of access points to the Schengen Information System (SIS) – which holds information regarding immigration status, arrest ­warrants, entries on the police national ­computer and a multitude of personal details – has triggered concerns about the security of the data.'


How Met Office Blocked Questions on its Own Man's Role in 'Hockey Stick' Climate Row

The Meteorological Office is blocking public scrutiny of the central role played by its top climate scientist in a highly controversial report by the beleaguered United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Professor John Mitchell, the Met Office’s Director of Climate Science, shared responsibility for the most worrying headline in the 2007 Nobel Prize-winning IPCC report – that the Earth is now hotter than at any time in the past 1,300 years.

And he approved the inclusion in the report of the famous ‘hockey stick’ graph, showing centuries of level or declining temperatures until a steep 20th Century rise.'


Hyperinflation: The Shocking Video Obama Doesn't Want You to See.

U.S. Health Officials Urge Second Dose of Unwanted Swine Flu Vaccine for Kids

U.S. health officials have asked parents to get their children under 10 years of age fully vaccinated against the A/H1N1 flu virus as another wave of strike might be coming soon.'


How California can Create its own Credit: Own a Bank!

Cannabis and the Federal Reserve System

Hemp grows 4 times faster than the timber used for tree pulp by Hearst.

Hemp grows annually and can be grown more times

Hemp produces a better quality paper.

Hemp can be grown in any region of the United States.

Since Hemp grew so fast and it grew in every region, Hearst could not stop the middle class farmer from decentralizing the industry. Hearst knew that he could not provide the intellectual property to keep Hemp from destroying his industry and replacing it with middle class producers.

In other words he was afraid of the free market. He was afraid of us… he had to stop it!'


U.S. Counterterrorism Officials Insisted that Crotch Bomber Be Let Into Country

Undersecretary for management at the State Department, Patrick F. Kennedy, told Congress that the State Department wanted to keep crotch bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab out of the U.S., but that intelligence agencies insisted that Abdulmutallab be let into the country.

Specifically, on January 27th, Kennedy told the House Committee on Homeland Security that intelligence agencies blocked revocation of Abdulmutallab's visa because it would have foiled a "larger investigation" into Al Qaeda.'


Bush, Cheney and the Great Escape

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz, Rice, and a dozen other members of the Bush administration, including Yoo and Bybee, are directly responsible for this carnage. They lied through their teeth and broke any number of laws to see it done. They are guilty of much more than the war crimes they committed in both Iraq and the United States. They are guilty of bankrupting this nation with two wars begun on false pretenses and perpetuated to enrich the few, while further cementing the stranglehold "defense spending" has on our growth as a civilized nation.'


$28 Thousand Dollars for Fire Department to Put Out Your Fire

A Bailout Conflict of Interest?

Is it a conflict of interest for the institution that is now the primary owner of General Motors to be the same institution that has the power to determine whether the automobiles of its competition are safe? When the Secretary of Transportation tells a House committee that owners of recalled Toyotas shouldn't be driving them and perhaps unnecessarily scares people off from buying them in the future, is there a conflict of interest due to the business that will likely send GM's way?'


US Military Vows Indefinite Stay in Haiti

Amid allegations that the US is using Haiti's earthquake to occupy the country, Washington says its military forces would stay in the Caribbean nation as long as needed.

"We are in Haiti as long as we are needed," US Army Colonel Gregory Kane, the director of US Joint Task Force Haiti operations, said on Saturday.

This is while Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive had earlier announced that it would take about 10 years to reconstruct the country devastated by the quake.'