Friday, January 14, 2011

Afghan Girl Raped, Killed by US Troops

The daughter of an Afghan politician has reportedly died of her injuries after being raped by American soldiers stationed in Afghanistan's southwestern province of Farah.

US forces aboard five Toyota Hiace vans transferred the teenage girl along with several other Afghan women and girls to a military base in the province. They then sexually assaulted them, Afghan sources, who requested anonymity, told Iran Newspaper on Network on Wednesday.

Medical reports indicate that a young girl died as a result of severe bleeding that was caused by tears in her genitals from violent sexual penetration.

Two other victims were admitted to a nearby hospital and are currently receiving treatment for serious injuries they suffered following multiple rapes.'



  1. Well, this is too shocking for words. I just sat here for a good while thinking about what I just read.

    What are the so called "United Nations" doing about things like this?

    More importantly, what is Obama and his administartion doing about these atrocities?

  2. Obama is too busy keeping America under oppression with his freak police Janet Napolitano and co.

    Janet Napolitano masterminded the Giffords hit, the Tucson AZ massacre was no 'accident'.


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