Tuesday, January 11, 2011

'Investigative' Journalist Paid Off By Big Pharma

I watched Brian Deer’s appearance on Anderson Cooper 360, the one where he closed his eyes for extended periods of time when Anderson asked him certain tough questions, and kept wondering to myself, “Who IS this guy?”

The answers are coming in fast and hard as to who Brian Deer really is, and I must say I am thoroughly astonished at how badly many major news outlets, particularly CNN and Anderson Cooper, failed the US viewing audience by giving this one journalist, without doing background on him or talking to the Lancet 12 parents, such a platform to falsely reassure American parents. The more I learn about this guy, the weirder it gets. This is a long one, so apologies in advance.

Here’s what we’ve learned about Brian Deer.'



  1. It always amazes me when they jump on the fact that Andy Wakefield was paid $227,000 for his work and therefore it should be disregarded.

    Anyone with half a brain knows that this is pittance compared with the millions that Big Pharma rakes in, using their ghost writers, dodgy studies and bribes to doctors. Where are the headlines dedicated to THAT...

  2. Well, seeing as they pay off a lot of people, I am not the least bit surprised. Are you?


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