Friday, January 14, 2011

Idaho: Chinese Communist Invasion?

The Chinese Communist Party is the majority owner of a company that is looking to build a self-sustained city, with international airport, in Boise Idaho. The fact that the Chinese Communist Party also owns the Chinese military, and has made repeated threats against American interests, is lost on Idaho politicians.

"The proposal could get a boost from this year’s voter-approved constitutional amendment that allows the airport to borrow money to build facilities that can be leased to companies on a long-term basis. The airport commission also has the authority to grant long-term leases and landing rights to air carriers, including those from China." (Source)

The fact that Chinese Communists would have the ability to bring in military equipment undetected, if such a lease were given, seems to escape the Governor of the State of Idaho, who visited China and extended the offer to the Communists to do business in his state.'


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