Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Endless Tragedy of the Clueless and Manipulated

It’s not easy being me. Manifesting multiple personalities, in order to survive early horrors, leaves one with a clan of various characteristics, not all of them harmonious with all of them.

I just finished reading David Icke’s recent article on Rothschild Zionism. It seems like that’s the most serious problem in the world. Inbreeding Satanists have taken control of the world in large measure; I used to wonder, when I would see The Forbes List of the richest people on Earth, why weren’t The Rothschilds on the list?

Another thing I wonder about; no one has ever taken control of the whole world and, invariably when they try, the angry mob, the headsman, the gibbet come to claim them. They’re trying it now, once again. What part of ‘this has never happened’ don’t they get? It’s kind of like marching into Afghanistan expecting different results. That pipeline is never going to be operational for long.'


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