Thursday, January 13, 2011

Loughner Still on Posting on Youtube! WTF?

'Classitup10 is supposedly the channel belonging to the Arizona shooter, Jared Lee Loughner. This has been widely reported in the MSM. So how is it possible that he is still posting comments on youtube when he’s in jail? Did he give a friend access to his account? Hell, he HAD no friends!
Or, is this whole thing a big MKUltra operation and the channel(s) were never his to begin with?
You could say that maybe it has been hacked, but given all the strange stuff surrounding this case, I think there’s more to it than that. I think it is some kind of operation. Youtube is one big psy-op!'


  1. Andrew what is this WEBRING? which keeps wiping out my comments when l post them.
    It appears on your website after l press post comment thus obliterating my comment.

    Get rid of it please if its connected to your adverts....its nothing but a pain in the arse.

    Will try posting again.

  2. If this comment got through beforehand dismiss this repeated write out of it again.

    Continued from 5/1/11..

    That word LIGHT.

    Of the 7 UFO's that l was to encounter over the period 1992-2007, none were of the classic silver disc characteristic reported by numerous people around the world over decades nor triangular.

    Out of the 7 that l have witnessed 3 were soft white oval shaped LIGHTS of different size.

    The first one l saw was spotted in 1992 as my twin brother Glen and l were driving back to Williamstown from my cousins place in Frankston Victoria one summers night.
    l looked over Port Phillip Bay to Willamstown on Marine Drive St Kilda and saw this gigantic white oval light above Port Phillip Bay.

    l can pinpoint the year l saw it due to the music that l was grooving to playing on the cars cassette deck at that time.
    It was Do You Dare by Kylie Minogue so that was in January-March 1992.

    As we pulled into a carparking area along Marine Drive to look at it, it then quickly darted behind a huge grey cloud shyly as if it was playing hide and seek, it seemed to know that we had seen it the way it behaved.

    Continue on below because of this site called WEBRING...

  3. Not sure what it is Steevin, will look into it, to save hassle in the meantime if you copy your comment before you post it and it happens just paste it and try again, It isn't linked to my advertising on the site, I know that.

  4. From the nowhere it came and to the nowhere that this gigantic white glowing oval light disappeared to, we thought hundreds of people around Port Phillip Bay Vicoria would of witnessed it, not so.

    Today l get the impression that this type of contact/phenomena is only visible to whom is being contacted personally and not everyone.

    It was through LIGHT that l was to encounter the means of contact interdimensionly by balls of light, flashes of light and laser beams of light, all non threatenly.

    While listening to a researcher and guest on Freemans radio show on oracle broadcasting which l had downloaded onto my ipod.
    l was happy to hear the guest [forgotten his name for now] mention that many people have spoken to him about seeing orange balls of light fly past their window or property.
    Sometimes as if being prompted from sleep to look outside during the dead of night only to witness a orange ball of light fly by their window or whatever.

    This was to happen to my brother and l seperately in 1996/7 at Moama/Echuca which l have spoken of in a far off comment previously.


  5. Where was l?...l got sidetracked.

    Yeah, anyhow l think this is a form of communicating, with light.

    However my awakening was to take a sharp turn of an angle into another direction, because of that Biggest Secret and indeed that friggin' bloodline.
    It was inescapable though and also destiny,
    what a funny way destiny unpulled the wool over my eyes huh?

    Why l don't know but perhaps l'm not meant to know either, anyhow you won't get my experience elsewhere..given up on that attempt and l prefer its kinda hidden here on DotconnectorUKs site cause it isn't for everyone, only some.

    Crickey l can't imagine myself speaking to an audience like the stalwarts of the alternative field do cause mine is hands on experience and not just paperwork in conspiracy...but l hope my experience is a resonater for them with the great work that they do.

    wish they knew...

  6. Sorry Andrew l'm not familiar with the technicalities of the computer age l'm kinda stone age to it..ha.
    l don't know how to copy and paste, heard of it but thats it.
    It's probably simple and people may laugh but l've never been shown how one goes about opperating it.

    l'll just post anything longer in segments :)


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