Tuesday, January 11, 2011

'Making it Easier to Sack Bad Staff Will Get Britain Back to Work,' Claims Cameron

David Cameron plans to get Britain back to work by making it easier to sack staff in the first two years of their employment.

The Prime Minister's proposed 'employers’ charter' will allow companies to get rid of workers without the threat of being taken to an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal.

Under current legislation, an employee can bring an unfair dismissal claim against an employer after only a year, so the Coalition wants to double the leeway given to firms.

And as a deterrent to sacked workers seeking 'vexatious claims' a charge to take companies to an employment tribunal will also be introduced.

Cameron, believes that by relaxing the laws on employment, companies will be encouraged to take on thousands more staff.

As part of the shake-up of employment law, there is also expected to be a reduction in the length of time that firms have to pay workers statutory sick pay - currently at least £79.15 for up to 28 weeks - while some small companies could be released from some shackling employment laws altogether.'



  1. Sometimes David Cameron talks out of his ass.

    When you sack people and they have no money coming in, they will resort to collecting benefits, will they not, or how and what do you expect them to live on?

    Instead of talking crap, let's look for positive answers and solutions to the economical problems that we are facing, particularly in the UK.

    Doesn't it make more sense to have people in work, train them to be better staff members instead of sacking people for some petty thing that can be rectified?

    Just common sense to me, but what do I know, I'm not the Prime Minister.

  2. Oh, I forgot to add that they could also resort to crime, especially if they get desperate enough.

    However, I suppose it's what these guys want. Instead of seeing people living peacefully alongside one another, they love to see conflict, chaos and anarchy.

    The whole thing is just ridiculous and makes me so damn cross, when I hear all this rubbish talk.

  3. Oh, and instead of rewarding people to be out of work for years on end, doesn't it make MORE sense to reward people for being in paid work?

    Wouldn't that drive the economy and get the wheels turning?

    I thought Cameron had some sense, Ithought he was going to bring back family values, committment/marriages, good values in general, having pride in one's work, sensible immigration policies.

    What is the point of getting a First class honours degree in Economics from Oxford but chatting a load of BULLSHIT about the ECONOMY?

    Maybe he paid someone to do his work for him because he just does not appear to have a clue. Yes, I am being mean, because he is mean.

    Oh, I really do not know. These people are really pissing me off.

    Just another puppet and clown being paid to do what he is told. He and Obama suit each other. Both need to put on the clown/joker mask from Batman!

  4. While we are on the subject, I have been thinking about this...

    What is the point of "Investors in people"?

    Those worthless plaques should be thrown in the skip, that tells me nothing about an organisation aside fro the fact that they may have rigged their way into getting those.

    Just like when you are looking for jobs and they want someone with a 2.1. a person with a 2.2 may be just as likely to do that job.

    In fact, I know people with no degree who are just naturally clever and sharp.

    Economics degree from Oxford my arse. What a joke.


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