Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Barclays' Boss Says Banks Should No Longer be Sorry for Crisis (24 Hours After His '£9 Million' Bonus is Revealed)

The head of Barclays today argued that the 'period of remorse and apology for banks needs to be over' - just a day after it emerged he is likely to receive a payout of £9million this year.

Bob Diamond, who claimed yesterday that the size of his bonus is evidence of 'financial restraint', told MPs that banks 'needed to be able to take risks' and that the 'blame game should be put behind us'.

The millionaire banker, added that banks should be 'allowed to fail' but that it was not acceptable to take bail-outs from the taxpayer.'


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  1. Banks should be able to take risks by allowing fraudulent solicitors to run off with millions.

    Oh, I forgot, they are all a tag team, so it's win win for them all.

    I agree with him, however, that banks should not get a bailout and should be allowed to fail.

    Otherwise, everybody should be entitled to a "bailout".

    I'm just sick of that word, to be frank.


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