Monday, January 10, 2011

Vaccine Court Scam Protects Big Pharma

The Vaccine Liability Fund was created as an alternative to taking vaccine injury claims to court and provides a shield from prosecution for drug manufacturers. If someone sues for vaccine injury, their case will not be heard in a normal courtroom, but in a special kangaroo court called the Vaccine Liability Court. Consumers finance both the Vaccine Liability Fund and the Vaccine Court. The special vaccine fund and court are based in tort law (a tort is a civil wrong) and this violates Constitutional due process.

To apply for damages as a result of vaccines, you must first submit to the “fund”. Your case will then be handed over to the Vaccine Liability Court which consists of a panel of 3 to 5 selected individuals called ‘Special Masters’. The Special Masters may or may not lack a medical background and may or may not lack knowledge of Constitutional due process laws. This is the panel that will “hear” your case to decide whether it has any merit. There is no jury. If your case is determined to have merit, you can receive compensation. If the Special Masters rule against you or you are not satisfied with their decision, you then have the option of filing your case with a federal or state court. You will likely be financially ruined by this time.'


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