Friday, March 04, 2011

Ohio Senate Restricts Workers' Rights

Republican-controlled state Senate in the US State of Ohio has followed northern State of Wisconsin in passing a controversial legislation that restricts collective bargaining rights by public workers unions.

The Ohio bill was approved on Wednesday in a vote of 17 to 16, with six Republicans joining Democrats in opposing the measure.

"I've been saying for weeks that we have the votes to pass this bill. It reflects the diverse interests that our members have around the state of Ohio," CNN quoted Senate President Tom Niehaus as saying.'


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  1. What a brave patriot Governor Walker is. If this country does not stand up to Unions the American taxpayer will be squeezed to the point of bankruptcy. It is disgraceful that the public sector employees think they are better than the rest of us and do not have to contribute to their pensions and health care.


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