Tuesday, March 01, 2011

HSBC Bank Profits Double to £11.8 Billion as Chief Executive is Handed £5.2 Million Bonus

HSBC has reported its profits more than doubled in 2010 to £11.8 billion, with every region in the black for the first time since 2006.

The banking giant's result marks a sharp rise on the £4.4 billion posted in 2009 as it continues to benefit from lower bad debt losses.

But HSBC's new chairman Douglas Flint said the group would 'not forget' the financial crisis and support from governments around the world, adding the group entered 2011 'with humility'.'


Humility? The bastards don't know the meaning of the word!!!

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  1. " it continues to benefit from lower bad debt losses."

    In all my life, I never thought that I would have something GOOD to say about any bank in this world, EVER.

    However, HSBC is maybe the only bank I can EVER say a good word about.

    They are not as greedy as many of the other banks, and they appear to make stringent and proper checks with original documents when opening accounts etc

    They are probably one of the fewer banks that have mortgage fraudsters committing criminal acts as well or International students taking out loans and then running off without paying like some other well known banks e.g. Santander (Abbey National), Lloyds Bank, Barclays etc.

    As I stated before, since becoming HSBC, they have vastly improved from the Midland Bank days. Maybe that was a good takeover/acquisition by the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, after all.

    Also, in terms of branches, they have a mixed approach, you can talk to real people, use the Internet banking in branches, use their phones or just pay money into a machine....Customers have choice, unlike some other banks where you spend hours queueing up for hours and then falling asleep or collapsing from waiting so long in the queue.

    I remember that when I was in secondary school, they (well when they were Midland) sponsored our mini enterprise projects, which was a good introduction to business at 13/14 years of age.


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