Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Aussies Ready to Roll Out Deep Penetrating Radiation Scanners at Airports

The next generation of body scanners to be rolled out in airports will literally be able to see inside the human body, as security personnel gear up to trial machines that use deep penetrating radiation, the same kind hospitals use to examine internal organs and bones.

Australian airports are set to begin using the devices should legislation before Federal Parliament be passed, enabling customs officers to use technology previously only operated by doctors in controlled conditions.

The justification for the technology is to crack down on suspected drug smugglers who swallow illegal substances to evade airport security. However, the notion of placing the technology along airport security lines paves the way for its general use, particularly in light of the recent security theatre explosion we have seen in airports over the last eighteen months.'


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  1. Well, personally, I think this is all very over the top.

    It had occurred to me that these scanners would work off of some type of x-ray. So, isn't this oing to pose a cancer risk to people? How woould you search a pregnant woman, would she be scanned in the same manner?

    Small babies, would they be scanned and searched in the same manner?

    Funny how they want to stop people selling drugs, but people are still running amok smuggling and selling them.

    Besides, if the threat comes from inside the organisation, eg airport staff and personnel for example, then it wouldn't matter if people were scanned 100 times, would it?



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