Thursday, March 03, 2011

Cayenne Pepper Stops a Heart Attack Instantly

Got heart trouble? Having a heart attack? Try Cayenne pepper. It will stop a heart attack in its tracks. Cayenne pepper is a very powerful vasodilator . It works faster than aspirin and has no side effects. Sprinkle a capsule worth in your Green tea. Use a tea spoon in hot water and drink it down in case of chest pain and oncoming heart attack.'



  1. If that is the case, then it should be made into a spray that you can spray and inhale immediately, I'm sure that would work faster than eating it, probably make you sneeze too, apparently sneezing or coughing violently stops heart attacks too. I'm not sure how true any of that is though.

    Hmmmmm, I can just see it now, Cayenne pepper tea or even cayenne pepper sweets. I'm sure it would burn the mouth though.

  2. Several of my cousins are Doctors. A few years ago, one of them sent me an email about coughing and how it stops heart attacks. So, that's how I found about about that.

    Anyway, I found a link online in a search.

    Coughing may stop a heart attack


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