Friday, February 25, 2011

TSA Gestapo Searches Nine Yearr Old After Getting OFF Train


  1. What an example this proud fertile mother has shown to other parents who just could be or just maybe, breeding OFF the rail or track suspected terrorists kiddo's in the land of Ameri-qaeda.

    l roll my eyes round and round in a dizzy salute to her silent and compliant bravery, faced with the mighty TSA's magic wand of probery...

  2. Well, it is quite interesting that the children are searched too.

    Personally, I don't think those search methods are foolproof.

    Anyway, I guess if one person must be searched, then all must be searched. I am not too sure what they are looking for, however.

    I can recall many years ago that people used to travel by plane and hide things in their babies nappies, so I'm not too surprised about them searching the children.

    However, I'm still wondering what exactly they are searching for.


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