Friday, February 25, 2011

No Seeds, No Independent Research

Soybeans, corn, cotton and canola -- most of the acres planted in these crops in the United States are genetically altered. "Transgenic" seeds reduce the use of some insecticides. But herbicide use is higher, and respected experts argue that some genetically engineered crops may also pose serious health and environmental risks. The benefits of genetically engineered crops may be overstated.

We don't have the complete picture. That's no accident. Multibillion-dollar agricultural corporations, including Monsanto and Syngenta, have restricted independent research on their genetically engineered crops. They have often refused to provide independent scientists with seeds, or they've set restrictive conditions that severely limit research options.'


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  1. Would you trust eating those frankenstein foods?

    As far as I am concerned, this is one of many reasons why many people now have allergies, the combination of the pesticides (harmful and possibly cancerous chemicals), genetically manipulated and cross bred seeds and plants affecting people's health.

    the only thing I can say about genetically altered crops, fruit etc is that they do not go off or spoil as quickly as orgnaic and natural produce, as nature intended.

    Additionally, the dangers that these pose to other crops and the natural harmonious balance of nature and the food chain in general.

    Another thing, the people who are cheering for genetically modified foods and those who are quick to recommend that the masses eat them would not touch these GM foods with a bargepole and probably have more than enough money to buy up acres and acres of land to plot nice organic produce for themselves and their families to eat.

    Anyway, majority of people are too daft and stupid to figure out what's going on, belive everything they are told without adding their own reasoning and would rather spend money on the latest designer gear (not that anything is wrong with that, by the way) than eat a nice healthy preferably chemically free home cooked meal. So what do you expect?


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