Saturday, February 26, 2011

1000s Die in Libya, Reports of Poison Gas

Libya's deputy ambassador to the UN says thousands of people have been killed during protests, as unconfirmed reports have come in claiming the regime has used poison gas on demonstrators.

Ibrahim Dabbashi, who has turned against the Gaddafi regime, said the death toll is expected to rise as Muammar Gaddafi continues his bloody crackdown against the opposition.

"There are already thousands of people who have been killed, we expect more. They are gathering all the bodies and they are taking them to the desert or somewhere. No one knows where are the bodies of the victims," AFP quoted Dabbashi as saying.'


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  1. Disgusting!

    Gaddafi should just leave. The people have risen up and told him they don't want him. He should just leave instead of killing all these people.

    They just want democracy, not dictatorship, after all.

    USA should keep out of it as far as I'm concerned, but of course the smell of the oil probably wouldn't keep them away.


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