Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reptoids in the News

They come in all shapes and sizes. The above shot has the sub-continental Watusi version meeting the European troll Druid types. They have many disguises, but love places of power and position, and especially anything to do with money and energy.

They also love the military as that's their main play thing, along with science and advancements in eugenics, since death and destruction are such a thrill to their bloodthirsty species.'



  1. Of course this post was humorously poking fun at the reptoid gangsters however its poking out the facts too.

    Yep them reptoids are always in the dull 'news' flogging their worn out image or flogging something of importance [to themselves] upon the ignorantly whipped up flogged mob.
    Its either flogging another invasion, flogging another false flag operation, flogging another hoax, flogging another campaign, flogging another scam, flogging a book, flogging a bloodline wedding, flogging the easily flogged fool another heap of promises and then all year round, always, flogging on about the sacrifices of dead or alive fodder that fight it out within engineered arenas on their behalf, for their benefit and their planned agenda.

  2. Number One on the Fun With Reptoids list

    "They Stalk Their Prey"

    True, true l can vouch for that...yes l can, luckily this prey within reasons got away and for whatever reason can tell his tale to anyone about it so as l have done so in words and there so.


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