Saturday, May 28, 2011

In Further Case of Censorship, the BBC Deny Palestine’s Right to Exist

It seems that the Mic Righteous controversy, in which the BBC censored the words ‘Free Palestine’ from his freestyle on 1Xtra radio, has opened a can of worms the BBC cannot ignore for much longer. Just one day after they released an official response to the hundreds of complaints over the drowning out of the term ‘Free Palestine’, a further case of censorship has emerged. On the very same radio segment, ‘Fire in the Booth’ with DJ Charlie Sloth, just a couple of months after the Mic Righteous freestyle, rapper Bigz made a guest appearance. Over a commercial hip-hop beat, he rhymes:

“Come on Joe, who you know as hard as this? Bringing more fire than the -”

And then silence. The term he used at the end of the line, ‘Gaza Strip’, has been censored out. Not a political statement, not a humanitarian statement, but the name of a geographical piece of land. A simple description of a place that does exist. The BBC’s seeming submission to the Zionist lobby has taken precedence over common sense. The BBC seem intent on completely eradicating any recognition of Palestine’s right to exist from their radio broadcasts, but their actions have had the opposite effect.'


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