Wednesday, May 25, 2011

73,846 US Soldiers Dead from Both Gulf Wars, How They Manipulated the Numbers to Fool You

More Gulf War Veterans have died than Vietnam Veterans. This probably is news to you. But the truth has been hidden by a technicality. So here is the truth.

The casualties in the Vietnam War were pretty simple to understand. If a soldier was dead from his combat tour, he was a war casualty. There are 58,195 names recorded on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC.

But something odd has happened with the Iraq War. The government, under the Bush administration, did something dishonest that resulted in a lie that’s persisted since the war began — and continues to this very day. They decided to report the war deaths in Iraq only if the soldier died with his boots on the ground in a combat situation.'


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  1. So the hidden advice from the US government to all US soldiers is, l figure, to make bloody sure that you die from your wounds and to make sure your boots are planted firmly on one of our invasion playgrounds too, then we'll happily include your sacrifice otherwise you'll just be one of them unnoticed fodder...
    "GET IT!"



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