Friday, April 15, 2011

Public Space in Westminster - Not for the Homeless

Over the last three decades, the number of ways in which state and non-state authorities in the UK can limit access to public and quasi-public space has increased rapidly. ASBOs, dispersal orders, CCTV (including 'talking' CCTV), and growing numbers of private security guards are some of the myriad of ways in which access to ostensibly public areas can be regulated and policed. The Council of the City of Westminster in London has gone a step further and is attempting to introduce a new measure that would effectively criminalise homelessness within a significant section of its jurisdiction.


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  1. Well, this one is VERY simple....

    If you don't want them living rough, house them. After all, UK knows how to house the whole world, so house the people who live here if you don't want them sleeping rough on the streets.


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