Thursday, April 14, 2011

The False Prophet of Obama and his Ministry of Economic Voodoo

A mugger confronts a business man walking down the street, flashing a sharp knife. "Give me all your money. I've got kids to feed," he insists. The business man calmly responds, "Well that's not fair, I've got kids to feed, too." Momentarily flummoxed, the mugger works out a bit of math and retorts, "Okay, I'm gonna take a balanced approach with you. Just give me HALF of all your money, and we'll call it even."

Such is the logic of the Obama administration, which now absurdly proposes that spending America into a total debt collapse is somehow a "balanced approach." Sure, it is balanced in the same way that a man walking a tightrope strung 35 stories above the city street, carrying two suitcases stuffed with hundreds of pounds of T-bills, with strong winds and a forecast of an approaching hail storm is also "balanced".'


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