Friday, January 07, 2011

Britain Braces for More Civil Unrest

The British anti-cuts campaigners, students leaders and union officials as well as hundreds of online activists will meet next week to discuss ways to push forward their agenda.

The meeting on Saturday will focus on connecting local campaigns with anti-tax avoidance groups, student protesters, unions and anti-racism activists in a motion called NetrootsUK conference which has been organized by bloggers and received backing from the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

One of the organizers of the conference is Sunny Hundal, editor of the leftwing Liberal Conspiracy blog.

"There is widespread concern over what the coalition is doing to our economy and in recent months we've seen an enormous buildup of energy from across the country to do something about it. But most of it has been in separate campaigns. What we're trying to do here is bring together veteran campaigners with new movements so we can learn from each other, and use social media to keep on top of what works and what doesn't. It's the first time we have seen anything like this on such a scale", he said.'


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  1. "...ditch the EU!!!!!!! The UK, along with most other countries, is losing their sovereignty."

    Yes, I agree. I saw that statement in the comments section, and I agree. The UK as we knew it, is systematically being ruined by all these ridiculous EU laws.

    I could see that when I was in the School Council and I was 14 then. My opinion hasn't changed much.

    You wonder why UK won't take on the Euro permanently and it is probably because deep down we don't want it. (I'm thinking aloud)


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