Sunday, January 02, 2011

'Big Brother' Police Keep Millions of Innocent People on File Who Dial 999 to Report a Crime

Millions of innocent people have their details stored on police databases after reporting a crime, it emerged today.

Forces across England and Wales have amassed data about people who dial 999 or non-emergency numbers to report their concerns or pass on information.

West Midlands Police, the UK's second largest force, holds 1.1 million records of people who have reported offences over the past 12 years.'


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  1. What is the point of holding these people's details? What quality information are they hoping to glean from this database?

    It is stories like this that actually put people off contacting the police for anything.

    Last time I saw an unattended suitcase abandoned in central London and called 999 from a phone booth just in case it was dangerous. They asked me what is your name, I said I would rather not get involved, thank you very much. Just send someone down to check out the package is not a dangerous device. Bye.

    Next thing, they will label you as a terrorist for trying to be helpful, that is why must people just turn a blind eye to most things. You try to help and next thing you are under suspicion. I guess that is what happens when common sense is rarely in application.


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