Tuesday, April 05, 2011

No Degree, Little Experience, Big Pay Off

Just in his mid-20s, Brian Deschane has no college degree, very little management experience and two drunken-driving convictions.

Yet he has landed an $81,500-per-year job in Gov. Scott Walker's administration overseeing environmental and regulatory matters and dozens of employees at the Department of Commerce. Even though Walker says the state is broke and public employees are overpaid, Deschane already has earned a promotion and a 26% pay raise in just two months with the state.

How did Deschane score his plum assignment with the Walker team?

It's all in the family.'


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  1. Oh well, that's hardly surprising. That's why everything's falling apart in most places.

    There is nothing wrong with family members working in the same place, as long as 1) they know what they are doing and are qualified and have the skills and knowledge to do the job or work 2) they keep it professional.

    However, giving someone a job who knows nothing about the field often ends up in disaster as we find out everyday with all these CUTS and redundancies, when they run things into the ground.


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