Friday, September 12, 2008

Olbermann: Republicans Hijacked 9/11

In a Special Comment, Keith Olbermann talks about the politicization of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, especially by the Bush administration and the GOP who use the event to terrify Americans into thinking the only safe option is to vote Republican “or this will happen again and you will die.”


  1. I have long believed that there is something funny about the 9/11 politically orchestrated disaster.

    That is after you debunk some of the wilder conspiracies.

    I think it was used as a pre-text for the U.S to try and take control of the Middle East, install a puppet Government in Iraq in orderto get their hands on the oil, they so desperately want.

    Could it be mere coincidence that Iraq are about to sign or already have signed major oil agreements with the West. This was reported by the BBC a few weeks back.

    Is is further coincidence then that recently the price of oil has been falling, right in the middle of the U.S Presedential Election Campaign.

    Is it also coincidential the BBC reporting only a couple of days ago that OPEC are holding talks about now pumping LESS oil not more, in order to inflate the price again.

    We are also told that a plane hit The Pentagon, examine the footage closely. It really does not look like the tailplane of an aircraft crashing to me. It looks like something more like a rocket or missile perhaps.

    It looks to me like the Bush Administration are continuing the family tradition of being a bunch of crooks, dating right back to Grandfather Bush.


  2. that was fucking beautiful!

  3. Keith Olbermann is the ONLY honest news reporter and investigator in the media that has the cahjones and Brutal truth behind them to tell us what the REAL common sense brutal truth really is.

    Common Sense Central


  4. 9/11 was clearly a theatre piece which has enabled the corporate elite(look up bilderberg group)aka the us goverment to further push the free masses into a 'big brother' state that will ultimately lead to a unified one world goverment.this will be done under the guise of trade deals(hence the massive collapse in global economy)which is being pushed as the only way for the global economy to recover. this 'New world order' will ultimately use the Chinese communist authoritarian model(which is widely accepted within the international scene(united nations)to be the most progressive and desired)to rule a 'unified' one global economy.this will ultimately lead to the world population being treated as nothing more than mere capital at the total disposal of the state.However even if the chinese model were not used and a moral/utopian one world goverment was installed in the begining, surely you can see the massive issues that could happen in future generations. with no external influences(no other organised power other than the 'one' goverment)what possibility is there of ever changing an immoral 'one world goverment'. therefore i would contest that this should never have been entertained past contemplation, and yet this is what is being pushed as our only hope.I just HOPE people wise up and take there much distracted( purposely so)heads out the sand and make a stand for life.


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