Monday, September 08, 2008

Keith Olbermann Apologises For the Republican National Congress 9/11 Graphic Tribute Video

A visibly upset Keith Olbermann apologized to viewers Thursday night for the graphic 9/11 tribute played in the lead-up to John McCain's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

The RNC Video

Keith Olbermanns Comments


  1. CREEPY!

    So transparent and obviously fascist, as someone looking in on the outside it amazes me that so very few Americans other than those like Keith Olbermann can see that they live in an Orwellian nightmare...

    Nick Archer
    New Zealand

  2. If that person was sorry, than I am a duck with 3 heads...I, too, marvel at the people who continue to be enraptured by the myth and lies that divide us. I am holding a vision of people learning to love, respect, and listen to one another. I know we can do better than this, and it's not called 'Obama'. Oh America - land of sleeping beauties...wake up!

  3. Disgusting how some politicians try to flag wave and cash in on the obvious inside job of 9/11 by playing this video as a call to arms or whatever etc etc and attaching themselves to an event that was paid for in innocent blood. Rudy Guilinao is one that comes to mind, who let the crime scene evidence disappear on his watch. But I digress.

  4. I like the closing sentance.... " we will never let it happen again".....YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE LET IT HAPPEN IN THE FIRSTT PLACE!!! shocking that 9/11 is used as a fear tactic to persuade people. wakey wakey!!!


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