Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vaccines: Human and Animal DNA

What is most likely a very common and somewhat primal fear in societies around the world is the revulsion and fear of consuming other human beings. What may increase this revulsion is being force fed other humans and not knowing that you did it. While we may not, as yet, be consuming other human beings per se, we are being injected via many vaccines with aborted fetal cells that could contain residual DNA, viruses and bacteria.

I am not a doctor or scientist and don’t pretend to be. But even with my limited knowledge I can see not only the potential for great harm to humanity, but the unintended (intended?) consequences of tampering with human DNA, uncontrollable viruses, and bacteria. Science simply does not have enough knowledge at this date to be tampering with the consequences, unintended or not, of human DNA.'


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