Monday, May 16, 2011

Cameras Banned in White House Daily Briefings.They Can Watch Us But We Can Not Watch Them?

We have the most secretive government so bent on concealing their actions from the public in the name of national security or some lame excuse. They want cameras on the highways and in our bathrooms. They want to watch us in our homes and know our whereabouts on the highways.They want cameras everywhere and anywhere to watch every move we make.They want to know how we live our lives and spend our money. They want us under their watchful eye. Big brother wants to know all and see all.

The White House now has banned cameras during the daily news briefings. This from the same man who before he was elected President promised his administration would be the most transparent administration in history. This White house is more secretive and deceitful that makes George W. Bush look like a boy scout. The reason is because this President and his staff are distancing themselves from the press more and more. They do not want to answer questions from the press.'


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