Sunday, May 15, 2011

Libya and the Wizard of Lies

Who are "the people of Libya"? Libya has a population of 6.4 million people, of which in the "rebel-controlled" areas, in and around Benghazi, there may be a million, at best. While in the west of Libya, including the capital Tripoli, there are nearly 5 million. With bombs falling on them, the world doesn’t hear what they want. It is only "the people of Libya" in Benghazi we hear about, not "the people of Libya" elsewhere in the country.

So, the "majority" of the "the people of Libya" have been made non-people, while a minority has been turned into glorious rebels upon whose every word and foible we now hang. What kind of "democracy" is this? So, "the people of Libya" has been made to mean "the people" of Benghazi and its environs in the northeastern districts of Libya who want Muammar Gadhafii to pack his bags. Since when did "rebels" become so glorious that news reports are written from their point of view?

So, America, via NATO, is bombing the 5 million civilians in Tripoli in the west and its environs to "protect," supposedly, 1 million Libyan civilians, "rebels" in the northeast. Did you get that? And, the NATO (read USA) is doing this, as always for the good of "the Libyan people." Just this morning, May 14, 2011, the servile, sycophant U.S. media report the NATO (U.S.) bombing of "high level targets" in Tripoli killed 20 Muslim clerics of 50 gathered to pray for peace.'


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