Monday, May 16, 2011



  1. l must say your not the only one l help out with a donation Dot Connector :)
    Here are others my brother and l subscibe or sometimes donate too or buy their DVDs/books

    Global Research
    Mike Rivero What Really Happened?
    Jeff Rense
    Red Ice Radio
    Jordan Maxwell
    David Icke
    Truth Frequency Radio
    Coast to Coast
    Enigma TV
    and a few others.

    If l was to win a lot of money, yeah right,
    guess who would receive generous donations?
    ALL, plus more....wish l could do so really.

  2. One thing l've learnt over time in writing down comments on Dot Connectors blog about my experience at Attitudes Restaurant with the people l've discoverd to be of the bloodline around me, is that it is not meant for others to understand overnight if at all, only some will understand within themselves maybe.

    Its been an interesting exercise and of course l've made it difficult for one to understand as l'm not here to hand it out FREELY in one written post with all l have to say, those who don't get it well its not for freeloaders or just sticky noses without insight or a shred of lifes experience behind them, they can move on.

    Experience, knowledge, wisdom and wit are intermingled in my narration for those who can get through my way of doing things within comments, l receieved these attributes via lifes experience which are not to be wasted on one without so, and yes l admit l was there once long ago also when l was just like they.

    l had some teenage turkey from Trinidad on youtube trying to educate me WITHOUT lifes experience behind himself which l've come across a number of times also with others of his generation.
    Just out of shitty diapers and they think they know it all which is fuck all to be blunt really, thats how dumb some examples can be, and even its parents too.

    That type can laugh, joke and poke fun all they want freely, however not forever.

    As if lifes experience is going to hand out what is learned and earned to any young buck or old suck for nothing, you must prove your worth and that takes TIME within, in my case a long time for the record, then only to be called upon mysteriously like others in these times we live in.

    There are other things l could say about my experience with bloodline Huw Thomas or myself but l'll keep that to myself and no more shall l say on it.

    Seems like l'm the only one...yes that is so in more ways than one.


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