Monday, May 16, 2011


  1. Welcome to the arse end of the land called
    Aberdeenshire in Scotland, the safe haven where pedophiles are routed into positions of power and given immunity by the MAJORITY of its protectors....its shameful public, braveless, fearful wimps hooked with an attitude of slavitude and padlocked in chains to a toilet bowl system.

    Banned for the fearless few with the courage and spirit brave enough to present to the world why its so at the arses end of Scotland in that which is named Aberdeenshire, where protectors of pedophiles blindly sit on their one celled brain.

    To the majority of jerks who live in Aberdeensire, asheep your are and the devil you will pay someday.

  2. Time keeps on slipping slipping slipping into the future....


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