Friday, December 24, 2010

The Unholy Trinity: Doctors, Dentists, and Attorneys

People are probably not aware that it was the oligarchic Rockefeller family, heavily invested in the oil and pharmaceutical industries, which almost single-handedly narrowed American medical schools to their present focus of being pill pushers virtually to the exclusion of everything else. What is called the AMA is the dictatorial organization that enforces this monopoly on the American people. For over 70 years AMA monopolists have insisted on using fear tactics and implied color of law to inject our children with vaccines containing thimerosal (mercury), aluminum, and live cancer viruses. AMA doctors are pitifully educated in the field of nutrition and instead of helping their patients avoid or cure degenerative diseases, they sell them expensive drugs that mask the symptoms. There is no competing paradigm as anyone competing with the Rockefeller/AMA drug pushers is charged with a crime and locked away in prison.

They are not happy with their current monopoly and seek to expand it with a worldwide UN treaty known as Codex Alimentarius. Should it pass in the U.S., it will be illegal to purchase anything that competes with the medical drug cartel. For example, in parts of Europe it is a crime to purchase vitamin C without a doctor’s prescription and, even then, a prescription only provides very low potency vitamin C that many claim to be useless therapeutically.

Dentists are no better. These elite monopolists have priced their services out of reach for the vast majority of working people. Not being able to get any dental care because of its artificially high price is a funny way of protecting us. Denying us the right to contract with others for service “to protect you from yourself” is insane reasoning. Why doesn’t everyone see this? Could the fluoride in the water and the mercury-containing amalgam fillings that these criminals endorse have something to do with it?'


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